Taimiyyah Zubair – EP 4 – Surah Al Fatihah – AYAT 4 to 7

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The confusion surrounding the ownership of Malik Yomi's name, along with the Day of regret, is discussed. The importance of avoiding mistakes and being small and humble is emphasized. The difficulty of praying and the importance of learning and practicing certain behaviors is also discussed. The negative impact of actions taken by individuals with authority on others, including punishment and punishment of those who do not do what they are supposed to do, is also discussed. The importance of showing appreciation for the way people are treated and the potential consequences of actions that do not make people happy are also discussed.
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Alhamdulillah horrible al amin, al Rahman al Rahim, Maliki Ahmed, the Master of the Day of Recompense. This is I do not even have any idea about. We don't know what their name we don't know which messenger was given it. But look the key person, what does he do? He believes that everything that Allah has the Malik is someone who is the greatest in rank in degree in power, there is no one who is above him.

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You understand, who is Malik, the one who is above all others, in importance in authority in power in excellence in virtue in every way. So, Allah subhanaw taala he is the Malik of Yomi de de of recompense What is it a recompense it's the day of judgment. But tell me something is a loss of penalty, not Malik of dunya as well.

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Is he not? Does he not own this dunya and those who are in it? Of course, does he not have complete authority to do whatever he wants? Of course he does. So, why is it said Maliki Yama, Dean only here?

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Why do you think so?

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Yes. Okay, good. Then we see a correlation between our manual our Haim and molokhia media that you recognize your Lord as the one who is very merciful. But at the same time, don't forget that he is also the Master of the Day when you'll be recompensed. Don't get deceived, because of his generosity, like a lot of panels are listed here. Are you in Santa Monica, Rebecca Karim? That we see that in this dunya there are many people who claim to be Malik as well, isn't it? So many Malik, so many kings, so many leaders, so many people who have ownership of one thing or the other. One person is an owner of a huge piece of land, huge property, another person has a lot of authority.

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But we see that all of this authority that people have in this dunya will finish

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and the ownership of Allah subhanaw taala that will become very, very manifest on the Day of Judgment. The presidents of this dunya will not be presidents in the hereafter.

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People who have property ownership today, they cannot carry on their ownership and property to the Day of Judgment.

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Isn't it? Why? Because of the conviction.

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From the route setters Hamza hora and Ashleigh is that which will come at the end. And technically, Akira is what so the well the authority that people have in this dunya it will finish but on the Day of Judgment, only Allah subhanaw taala has authority and ownership will be visible. This is why we learn in the Quran in surah Prophet Isaiah 5217 Allah subhanaw taala says that on the day of judgement, Allah subhanaw taala will say Lima Neil mole Coolio, Lima nil mole Coolio To whom does molk belong to today? To whom does authority belong to today? No one will dare to respond. And a loss of panel data will respond himself lilla Hill we're headed to allow the one alcohol

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irresistible. So on the Day of Judgment, his authority will be most visible, most manifest.

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Because in dystonia, what happens is, we know that Allah subhanaw taala is the master he is the owner, right? But we tend to forget that we tend to forget that why when we see the rich and the powerful in this dunya today. This is why when we see the rich and powerful, we get afraid of them. And we forget fearing the loss of penalty, which is why we obey them and we disobey Allah, isn't it? So? Think about it, isn't it so? So? Malik Yomi been Master of the Day of Recompense. Now the word a dean, a dean, what does it mean Recompense. The day of judgment has many different names. Yokoyama and Carrera.

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Yama had the last day, yo will have the day of accounting for muscle, Cobra. Yo will have for the day of regret, to the day of judgment has many many different names over here in Las panatela uses the word Yomi. Dean, the word Dean is from Dahlia new has done well. If a person has done good, you reward them for their good action. And if someone has done bad, then how would you pay them back for their action with reward or punishment? punishment? So yummy, Dean, it's the day when people will be rewarded or they will be punished and how will they be rewarded or punished according to their actions. If a person has done good, he will see that God has done a lot of good he will see that

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good. If a person has done a little evil, he will see that little evil and if a person has done a lot of evil, he will see that too.

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He will see that too. What does this IRA show to us? What does it show to us? Maliki Yomi. Dean? What do you think about Yomi? Dean? What do you understand?

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That we should be careful about? Every action we do?

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Every action we do will be paid for been sent to this dounia without a purpose. No, a loss of panel data questions as Alexa will insert new and Yutaka sudah inserted. Tiana is 36 that does man think that he will be left neglected. We know what's gonna hold them accountable for what he's doing, what he's saying how he's behaving.

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to worry about the words we say. We should really be careful about the actions we do.

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We should be very concerned. So Maliki only Dean, Master of the Day recommends a year cannot do you alone we worship what a year can us 13 and you alone? We asked for help a year can Marabou nabooda is from rabada. And what does it mean? worship in the Arabic language however, the word to show humility, once smallness, before Who?

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Allah soprano

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to make oneself small, that I am nothing to humble oneself. I need you I need your help.

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To make oneself small to humble oneself before our last panel. This is what everybody is. This is why scholars have said that everybody includes two things small.

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When you make yourself small when you lower when you submit. If you say no, I'm not going to do this. Is that making yourself small? While soprano tada has forbidden yakka Naboo and

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just remember the word

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when you think about the word arriva power the successful just by luck, just by chance, who among

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those who have put in the effort for virtually Johnsons? Can you say I quit? No. You're like some people, they have a very mean boss, and they're just waiting for the day when they can just go up to their boss and say, I quit. There you go. Give me a command. I'll do it. No. All right. So a person who is hired can walk away at any moment, but a person who is owned a slave, he can never ever walk away. And a slave, what is his job description? Do whatever that the master has commanded? Whether you're tired, or sleeping, or hungry, it doesn't matter. You're going to do it.

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As the master has said, don't do this, you're never going to do it no matter who forces you no matter who tells you.

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So all of us are who are very bad the law, the servants of Allah. So if we are the servants of 11, what does it mean we have to do? If a law gives a command? What should the master has complete authority over him?

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Perhaps a slave can run away from the master. Okay, but can we run away from Allah subhana wa Tada. We can ever run away a loss of power. And this is why we're here. In this course in sha Allah, our aim is not to make you experts of the Arabic language. Our aim is to make yourself can you make mistakes? Yes. So life without Koran is a life that isn't darkness. Which is why every day will happen. Our choice does not matter. Somebody else's request does not matter because he is Maliki on the deed. This is why it's so important that iya cannot boo. You alone, we worship

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and wonder about what does it mean to the lunula? To make oneself small to humble oneself before Allah? And which night in particular?

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Lay a little cottage in the Navajo feel a little local? What does it show? Why am I mentioning all of them? And we do this before Who? Yeah, only you only allows a panel that? Would we ever do something like that for another person? Would you ever put your head on the ground for another person? Even if somebody pays you wouldn't do that. You're like, Why me? Who do you think you are? Why do you expect me to do this? Don't walk over me? Isn't it? Oh, we never ever like to humble ourselves before people. This is why he cannot appeal to you alone. We wish. Now I told you that includes two things doing whatever Allah has committed and staying away from whatever that Allah has

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That's a bit difficult, is it not? It's a huge responsibility. It's something very difficult. This is why you see the next part of the ayah where he yakka Mr. Iain, you alone we ask for help.

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We know we understand that we're only to worship you. We are to obey you. We are not to disobey you.

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But as human beings, we are

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A week. And we need the help of a loss of panel data. For example, when it comes time to pray, are we not supposed to get up and pray? Yes, because you're gonna do whatever Allah has commanded. Do it always commanded you to pray right now. So get up and pray. However, you're in your nice and cozy and warm bed.

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Who wants to get up right now? It's difficult. This is why he can uh, sorry. So when you find it difficult to pray, when you find it difficult to do anything of the religion, what should you do? Yeah, Allah help me, whatever. It's difficult. I can't do it.

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It's quite possible that these difficulties come in the way. So when these difficulties come in the way What do we do? Who do is it that staying away from eating? How long? No. Are you bad includes every good deed, every good word that a person does in a way that Allah subhana wa, tada likes him to do it. And he does it for the sake of Allah. So for example, you're coming here to seek knowledge. You're coming here, sacrificing your weekends, to study the book of Allah soprano. Darla, if you do it for the sake of a lot, then what is this act? What is this act? Or there's a worship? But is it not difficult to come?

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To know? No. For some people it might be.

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And it's quite possible that after some time, you might find it difficult. Right now, you know, you're in the mood and you're like, yeah, I'm gonna do this. But after some time, like, I have to do my college, my university look after my home. inshallah, we'll be studying all of the sutras of the Quran. But before we study any Sora, we have to know what the word means what is a surah By the way, I do it without your guidance. And this is very true. If a loss of power without his help is not there, we cannot do anything at all.

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Little things would become impossible. waking up in the morning to pray would become very difficult. Taking five minutes out from your daily routine would become difficult, as we see it is difficult for many.

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So what is a person able to worship Allah subhanaw taala when he has the help of a mock, this is why when you stand in prayer, and you say a year canal Buddha, you're gonna stir in, save from your heart. You helped me Allah. Similarly, you want to memorize your lesson one lady, she raised her hand, it took her an hour to memorize the lesson she might get disappointed one hour, and this is only sort of fatica thing in order to get some benefit in order to ward off some harm.

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We see in this ayah iya canister in you alone, we ask for help doesn't mean we can for help.

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Now, if you notice over here, a loss of paneled artists is yakka, Nabu. iya canister in the way necessary is for marine well known and our own is help. And st Ana is to seek help from someone to seek cooperation from someone for what in order to do some specific set of verses. And obviously those verses the teachers many things, many lessons, many concepts, many themes. And the word Sora also has another meaning which is really to someone. So for example,

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a person is still unwell, sick. So what do they do? They? What's an ayah

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a verse of the Quran, the literal meaning of the word ayah. It's used for a sign and indication It's also used for a miracle type of esteana

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is moussaka which is cooperation that you ask someone to cooperate with you so that you do you know some of the names put on

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foot on? What does pecan mean? criterion. It's from Farah coffin is dead. They're integrative. Can they do anything for you? They cannot, who can do something for you someone who is alive someone who has the ability. So we ask people for what they can do you understand?

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in the manner in which they can actually help us with they're able to help us they have the ability

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for example of a person and sometimes you know, you look around you in this dunya there's so many ways people do things one person is doing one thing one way another person is doing something the other way started only he gives it you understand. So this is a very important thing that we must realize because sometimes I know when we're sick when we're ill we just go to another city

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they might say why are you doing it?

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Don't you know what you're supposed to do already? You know you have to pray you pray anyway. You know that you're watching we pray for a dinner Soraka Mr. Kane the right path the right way. The word he denies from the root letters had Alia from the word he died and he dies guided learning this is the previous ayah that ask Allah for help.

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Make dua to Allah turn to a look and what's the first or last panatela teaches us what he did. He was one on 100

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It was revealed to, for lots of hands on it says reminder for you.

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If he needed that reminder, do we not needed more in 500 meters turn left.

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And it tells you again and again to the point that it gets annoying sometimes. Right? So he Daya is what to make sure that's supposed to do. Another person says, follow me, I'll take you there. Is there a difference? Yes. For example, the GPS, what does it do? It tells you turn right. You can that will be coming over here. What are you doing, collecting a part of the Quran, taking a part of the Quran? And as you take each part of the Quran, rejoice over, not always. So he dies. One is to know or ill, and the other is, amen. So when we say dinner Serato mustafi. What are we asking for the Daya tofik to give the ability to do what a person is supposed to do? by for example, many

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times, you know, you're supposed to be you know, you're supposed to do many things, but are you able to do it?

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People who learn it, people who teach it people who implement it, people who recite it, people who memorize it, people who understand it, you understand? So enough for almost 30 minutes for almost half in the right way was talking was from off while he was talking is that which is that which is a pride that which takes you to the destination? That's our destination? What's our goal? To get to Jenna to earn the pleasure of Allah? So Allah tell us which way leads to your pleasure, and give us the ability to do that as well. So we're asking for

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more than secondly,

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remember, these two terms are even more NAFTA. And secondly, I'm also earlier so in a sauropod was talking now what is the straight way, the straight way is the way that Allah subhana wa tada has taught, the way the last panel Tata has revealed to His Messenger sallallahu sallam, for example, instead of a 153. We learn what unheard of sloppy Mr. keema factor biru, who the messenger sallallahu Sallam was supposed to say that this is my way, which is straight how you feel, or something you that you have learned.

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And when I make you stand up, it doesn't mean go to the cafeteria.

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When I make you stand up all for levena Ananda lay him The path of those people on whom you blessed. What is the straight path, the path of those whom alignment that a person is living it it applies to wealth that a person may have it applies to family members, anything that improves the condition of a person. Understand that is what near? How many can say that? Yes, when I hear the Quran, I know what it means.

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Very few. If a loss of panel data has, isn't that a huge favor, it's a huge blessing. This is why we should value this blessing we should take the best out of this opportunity. We should thank Allah for

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a loss of power without a call this religion of Islam his nierman aleo like Motu Lacan, Tina calm. Today I have completed your religion for you as a man to eleiko near Mati I have perfected my blessing upon you near Mati, what is the name of Islam? This religion to salata, Medina and Antara in the path of those people who your favorite. And think about it, heard Allah subhanaw taala show favorite to the one whom he is happy with? Isn't it so? So the path of those people whom you are happy with

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him, not the first of those people whom you were angry, would have been the norm those people who were in a strip, what doesn't even have to be on a hemoglobin some other and other such anger that translates into taking revenge.

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Such anger that translates into taking revenge,

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right? Or, for example, into giving punishment, because if it's on the part of someone who has authority, obviously it will be in the form of punishment. So Blue burlingham are those who earned the punishment of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala punish them. But remember that the other is not just that you're angry for no reason and therefore you punish the person? No, it is such anger that you have for someone when they have done something wrong, and they knew they should not have done it.

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You understand? What kind of anger is about the other person who does something wrong? And they knew they should not have done it. You told them not to do it. You warn them you made it very clear to them still they do it.

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For example,

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your father gets your cell phone and he tells you you're only allowed to use these many minutes. Your bill should be limited to $25.

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It must not exceed $25. And what happens when the bill comes through

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$35 $50 is it going to be happy or upset

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upset, he might punish you and say that's it, you cannot have your phone anymore. Is that justified?

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Is it justified? Yes. Because he told you he warned you he made it very clear. This is what all of this. So now move on to him are those whom Allah subhanaw taala told what they were supposed to what they were not supposed to do. Yet they did it anyway they did the wrong they disobeyed and as a result almost trying to punish them.

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This is referring to all those people who have earned the punishment of Allah, the anger of Allah, whether it was the people of New la Santa,

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Allah subhanaw taala, sent the messenger to them, they didn't believe in the messenger, therefore they were drowned. Similarly for their own and his people. They didn't believe in the messenger. They didn't follow. they disobeyed, the guidance was very clear. So they were punished. So it's not just one nation, it's any nation that just think about it. We're not talking about you know, people of the past, let's relate this with ourselves, who is malubay him? Those who know what they're not supposed to do, yet they do it? Anyway, those who know what they're supposed to do, yet they don't do it? What is it bother? You do what you're supposed to you don't do what you're not supposed to do

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by name opposite of that. We need to ask ourselves over here.

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We need to question ourselves over here. Whatever I know about the commands of Allah subhanaw taala? Do I follow them?

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Do I follow them if I don't follow them? What am I bringing upon myself? the pleasure of a law, the anger of Allah, the anger of Allah.

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So I want you to think about it. Do this homework, reflect, whatever I know.

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Do I live by it? Or do I prefer my own desire over the commands of Allah? Because that's very dangerous. One of baleen, a band leader, those who are a stray canal, what does it mean by misguidance? What does it mean by a bola Pollyannas? when somebody does something wrong? Why out of ignorance, and they choose to remain ignorant?

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You understand? They do something wrong? Why on the basis of ignorance because they don't know. And they choose to remain like that they never bothered to learn more. Simone Lu burlingham. Who are they? They know, but they don't do of Bali. They don't know and they don't want to know. So who was successful at the end? alladhina and underly. So this is shows to us that there are three types of people. First of all, those who are allies happy with who are they?

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Those who do what they're supposed to do. Secondly, those who Allah is angry with Who are they? Who are they? They know, yet they don't do? And thirdly, those who don't know.

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And they choose to not know. What are we asking for the way of those people who Allah subhanaw taala is happy with and who are these people instead of the Messiah 69 Allah subhanaw taala says we're making up our soul for Ola Kamara, Allah Dena Anam Allahu Allah him. whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, they will be amongst those people whom Allah showed favor anomala Who are they? Who are they? The Ayah tells us meaning they've been first of all the prophets write this down. The prophets, obviously, who's a loss of parents are very happy with his prophets. For example, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he did whatever he was supposed to do. And this is why we learn in our

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planar qualcosa Allah subhanaw taala rewarded him so abundantly. So first of all the prophets. Secondly was with the pain and the truthful ones, thirdly, was Shahada and the martyr is those who die in the way of Allah And fourth, he was slowly hain and those who are righteous. So such people are successful. And when we recycle

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at the end of the solar we say, I mean, what does I mean mean?

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Oh Allah accept

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or Allah accept. So what is the show to us at the surah is also Dora. It begins with the praise of Allah soprano Darla Alhamdulillah Hello Bellamy. It reminds us of our end Maliki oma Dean. It reminds us of the purpose of our lives a year cannot Buddha year kind of staring at the end. We pray to Allah that He or Allah, you show us the way you make us live on the way that you want that you like that you are pleased with. Me last panel Darla, give us, all of us, every single one of us the hedaya there in to be on Serato Mr. Kane and not just reading, but also Armand and we are lost penalty make us amongst those people whom he is happy with in this dunya as well as the hereafter.

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So Chronicle lahoma will be handicapped

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Chateau La ilaha illa Anta nesta fuuka one or two brillig Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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