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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi discusses in this beautiful lecture about the Names and Attributes of Allah and what importance it should be of in our lives in the way of perfection of our Deen.

It is binding upon every Muslim to study and memorize the Names and Attributes of Allah. The knowledge of the same is the most sacred type of knowledge one can attempt to imbibe.  Allah reminds us in the Qur’an that “To Allah belong the most magnificent, perfect and beautiful names (Al-Asma Ul-Husna) so make Du’a with them.”

Knowledge of Allah is the central tenet of our belief and worship of Allah and His religion.nothing increase our Iman as the knowledge of Allah and His Names and Attributes.

Allah says in the Qur’an in Surah Al-A’raf, 7:180 – ‘And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them.’


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Due to a loss of Hannah Houma tada the medic kudos to Rahman and Rahim and exalted May he be for having revealed to us the best of all his books, the Koran, the one that is hidden in with Jacqueline, and we thank him for having sent to us the best of all his prophets, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the one that was sent as Ramadan denied I mean, as to what follows my dear brothers and sisters, every single year, we set a theme for the lectures in the month of Ramadan, and this year inshallah tada the theme that has been chosen is in fact one of the most noble and one of the most important topics that every single Muslim should spend time

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understanding and learning and memorizing. And that theme is going to be an introduction to some of the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa Tada. The concept of the names and attributes of Allah is a central concept of the whole Koran. And in fact, I challenge you to even read three or four or five verses without coming across some of the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa tada as we listen to our audio recite the Quran began to pay attention and you will realize that almost every single verse incorporates with it one or two or three names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is why brothers and sisters are knowledge of Allah subhana wa tada is of the most

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fundamental knowledge is of our religion. In fact, what is more important than knowing who is a law? The first pillar of Eman is any man who be law and who is a law, our only source of knowledge with regards to Allah is his names and attributes. We have no other way of knowing who Allah subhana wa tada is, and that is why our scholars mentioned that knowledge of Allah is half of tawheed and the other half of the Hadees worshiping Allah. So all of the Hadith revolves around knowing Allah and then worshiping Allah that's all of tawheed La ilaha illa Allah you have to know who is a law and then you worship a law alone and so in the series of lectures inshallah tada we will be

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concentrating on introducing each and every single day we will concentrate on one and sometimes two names and attributes of Allah subhana wa tada and realize my dear brothers and sisters, that a knowledge of last names and attributes is the most noble knowledge there is nothing that is more sacred, more blessing than a knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Tada. And that is because every knowledge gains its blessedness in proportion to the subject that is studied. And that is why the person who studies the body, the doctor is considered to be a more prestigious job The fact of the matter than somebody who studies let's say, cars, even though society needs both, but what does

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society give the shot off to? What does society give the prestige to the one who studies the human body because the human body has a higher status than any creation of man. So what is the best the best knowledge what could be more noble knowledge than a study of the names and attributes of Allah subhana wa tada since Allah is the most exalted since Allah is the most blessing since Allah is tabouleh, Cava Tada. There is no knowledge that is more Allah that is more blessing and more holy and more sacred than the knowledge of Allah His names and attributes. And that is why in the Quran, Allah has commanded us to learn who he is, there is a commandment on heirloom and heirloom, this

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means learn and know. And it occurs around a dozen and a half or two dozen times in the Koran. And in fact, if you look at every single time Allah says hear them and hear them all, the majority of them are followed by a name and attribute of a law error level and the law for Raheem errorlevel. And the law Hey, dude, why Adam anila know that Allah knows that Allah know that Allah. So the primary command to know them in the Quran is followed by some name or attribute of Allah, because Allah wants us to know who he is. How do we expect to worship Allah? If we don't know who Allah is? How will we love Allah? If we don't know who Allah is? How will we fear Allah if we don't know who

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Allah is? How will we put our trust in Allah, our European, our tawakkol if we don't have a knowledge of who Allah subhana wa Taala is and that is why knowledge of Allah is a central tenant of our Eman and our tradition.

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Our scholars mentioned that there is no science that causes our Eman to increase as much as a knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. A man increases by many ways, doing any good deed reading the Quran giving to the poor, sponsoring an orphan. All of these things increase our Eman. But what is the fastest the quickest way? What is the dosage of the amount that will be the maximum, our scholars say nothing increases a man more than a knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then number two, a knowledge of Rasulullah system which is the serum, these two knowledge is increased our amount like nothing else. And that is why once again, a knowledge of a law and his names and

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attributes is a central component of our worship and our belief in a law. And in fact, if you think about your brothers and sisters, every single name of a law will bring about a new knowledge about a lot that we didn't have before. When we learn the meaning of a medic, I'll produce a Salam and min Allah Mohammed Al Aziz al Jabbar and Musa cap bill or roof r Rahim. And on and on. Each one of these names will bring about a new experience a new yaqeen a new love A New Hope. There is nothing of these names and attributes except that a knowledge of it will increase instantaneously our love of Allah subhana wa Tada. And as I said, there is nothing else that increases a man like a knowledge of

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Allah's names and attributes. And dear brothers and sisters, realize that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that there is no being who loves to be praised more than a law. And that is why he has praised himself. You see any one of us when we praise anyone that prays is half true and half not true. Because none of us is perfect. But when a law is praised, that praise does not even do justice to a lot. You see, when I praise you, there are false that you don't that you have, and I don't know about. And that is why we're told not to exaggerate in praising another human being. No human being is worthy of praise unconditionally, only a conditional praise. You are a kind

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person, sometimes nobody can be kind always you are a gentle person sometimes, but no one can be praised unconditionally, other than one being and that is Allah subhanho wa Taala. And whenever we praise a law, we will fall short of praising Allah, we cannot do justice in praising Allah. It is reported in the editing Sahaja that one of the nights of Ramadan Isha was trying to find the Profit System and you should couldn't find him. And she, her hand moved around, it was pitch dark, and she finally felt the foot of the process in such depth. And she whispered in or she listened in to what the processor was whispering. And he was in such the in the middle of the night praying to God, no

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one else was awake except him. And he's murmuring. And he does not he does not know that I she is paying attention. And I she overhears and he says subhanak la or sleeth, Anna and alayka. And to come up with Nita identify, how Exalted are You over law, I cannot do justice in praising you. Now pause here who is speaking, the best human being the most knowledgeable human being? When is he saying this? insalata tahajjud in such depth, can you imagine the greatest human being, doing the greatest act of worship at the greatest time imaginable? And he's in such the and he says, Oh Allah, I cannot do justice in praising you law or sleeth, Anna and adek, whatever words I utter, cannot do

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justice and who you are, and cameras need to identify only you are law can do justice in praising yourself. So what is this got to do the names and attributes? The names and attributes of a law are the highest form of praise. There's nothing higher than these names and attributes. And that is why Allah reminds us in the Quran in four times four times this occurs in the Koran, what Allah Hill usma, Prusiner for the rubia four different times Allah says the same thing and to Allah belong the most magnificent and the most perfect names and a smart listener. I want you to memorize this phrase a lot of calls his names and a smile who snap and snap is the feminine have accent and accent means

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as we all know we should all know accent means the most perfect has said means good. Us and me is the most perfect allows names are not Hasson Allah's names are not just good. A last names are son the best. There's nothing more magnificent, more beautiful, more perfect, more majestic than the names of a law. What a law he is smart enough to allow belong the most precious

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Perfect, the most majestic, the most beautiful names. So what do we do with those names? feather, whoo hoo, we

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make dua to him using those names. And one of the meanings of, by the way isn't just raised your hands up, one of the meanings of da is to worship.

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And so further on who behalf, worship him using those names. So one of the main goals of the names and attributes Allah is to worship Allah with that knowledge, and therefore the brothers and sisters, this entire series, we will be concentrating everyday will do one name, sometimes we'll do two and the final. The Hadith for tonight is the beautiful Hadith that really should strike us about how necessary it is to want to learn this knowledge. We should want to learn a lot of names and attributes, and being eager to learn a lot of names and attributes is a sign of a man it is reported in a body that a Sahabi would recite certain laws in every single regard before he began another

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suitor Who would have thought there had been a clause then another pseudo and the other people complained he was leading sada and another message in the other people complained and and they said, We don't want you to recite a clause in every locker. And he refused and he said, either you choose me and I do as I please, or you go find another Imam. I'm not going to change what I want to do. So they complain to a lot of pseudo muscles and they said Yasuda law this guy recite sort of did it last every single rocker between the father and what he's gonna recite, so the Protestants said go back and ask him that I want to know what is his reason? Why is he resigning his loss in every

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locker? So they went back and they asked him and he said Lee and tasi for a man whoa hey boo and across the photo because Susan loss it describes who is alright man and I love to read a lot of descriptions on who Allahu Allah will summon them yet it What am you with that one on your coloca one? I will explain every single name in the course of these inshallah 30 lessons. So he said because it describes a right man. Do you know what the prophets of Salaam said? He said, go back and tell him that his love for this surah has caused him to interject now. Why? Because when you love a law, you will want to love Allah's names and attributes. And when you love laws, names and

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attributes, then Allah azza wa jal will love you back this whole series inshallah, we will insha Allah increase our love of Allah and increase our love of Allah His names and attributes, and we will study as many names as we can and We'll also discuss some of the other aspects related to the names and attributes of Allah. May Allah subhana wa tada cause this knowledge to be beneficial to all of us which is akmola, who was set on wanting to broadcast