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Allah subhanaw taala reminds them of another favorite well it photokina be como la hora. What is and also remember this blessing Don't forget this one which one that what is photokina become farrakhan FL rock or fork and fourth is to separate the divide between two things one thing you separated so it becomes into like for example, cells How do they multiply by division one cell divides into two, this is or similarly you have a huge piece of paper and you cut it from the middle divided, so, what it further could have become, we parted Vico with you What does it mean by become meaningly Ergenekon because of you for your sake, we divided for your sake What did we divide for your sake or

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Bani Israel and by the sea?

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The sea was divided into two for your sake. When when musasa went to fit our own and demanded that fit our own should release the money Israel wanted for their own do he refused? Show us this sign shows that miracle punishments are set upon fit on and his people he said remove this punishment we will believe we will let the Bani Israel go every time that was done for our own went back on his word. And eventually Allah subhanaw taala commanded musala center take the Bani Israel Leave, leave Egypt go to Palestine. So when they left Busan s&m he took the Bani Israel towards Palestine and on the way to Palestine from Egypt. You have a seat in front of you.

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I imagine buddy Australian left, not with boats. Not with construction material not with rafts, not with swimming gear. No. They left perhaps empty handed or with the bare minimum stuff. At front of the sea. They're standing there like that sit we're going to be gone. So imagine the scene front of them the army of their own behind them. The people of Messiah Islam said that's it. We're doomed. We're finished with our lesson and said no way never in the Marine Corps A B, C or D with me is my Lord and He will guide me. He told us to come this way he will show us what to do. Allah subhanaw taala tells us instead of the shadow is 63 that for Oh hyena Illa Musa, a new breed of Falcon that

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we inspire to musasa that strike the sea with your staff the same stuff which when he threw turned into a snake the same stuff he was told to throw into the sea fun follow. So the sea parted. And what happened for Ken akula Falcon cathodal are we and each part of the sea was like a huge mountain. So imagine all the water as a huge mountain on your right and a huge mountain or your left and in the middle. A dry path.

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For it Falconer be common Baja. This was done for whose sake? Funny Israel?

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Have we ever heard of anyone else for whom this was done? The sea was parted for them. This is how special the Bani Israel was.

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Well, it's gonna be Komal bahara. So what happened then for angina? Then we rescued you angina, same route noon gene, well, we rescued you, we saved you because when the sea was parted, there was a clear path before them, and they crossed it safely. But when they crossed for their own set, great, I can also go after them. And when he tried to go after them, as he reached right into the center of the sea, what happened

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and we drowned the people of the sea closed in on them. Just imagine the sea closed in on them with a rock now a rock Now drop off work and work is to drown. So we cause to drown who elephant roam the entire people of your own.

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All of them who had come with him or her own and you were looking down loon gnomes are another another is to look to see. So all of this happened before your very eyes. You saw that people have their own coming into the sea. And you saw the water crashing on them. You saw the sea closing on them. And you saw the end of their own and his people they were killed. They died before your very eyes What anthem turned on?

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What do we learn in this ayah? many lessons? First of all, we see that a las panatela is reminding the Bani Israel as to how he saved them, how he rescued them. In the previous verse, what do we learn that Allah save them from for their own in his oppression? And in this verse, Allah tells him as to how exactly he saved them. And this saving was a huge blessing. Remember that a blessing includes two things. First of all, it includes that a person gets that which he wants, what is beneficial for him. And secondly, a blessing includes that what is harmful? What is disliked, is taken away from a person. He gets rid of it. So how is this a blessing for the bunny SRU that

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What was their goal? What was their desire that they should be saved? Allah subhanaw taala given their blessing,

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what was dangerous for them what was harmful for them for their own illness people, Allah subhanaw taala caused them to do a complete blessing, a complete favor.

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Then we also learn in this verse, that when Allah subhanaw taala wants to take a person out of some difficulty out of some trial, he can do so by means that we cannot even imagine we cannot even think of good the Bani Israel ever expect that the sea would be parted for them, perhaps a huge ship appearing in which they could you know, board and the ship would take them safely. Okay. But the sea barging for them? I mean, that's a big deal. Who can cause that to happen? Only Allah. So when we want to come out of some difficulty, Who should we turn to? The one who can cause the C split? The one who has the power to relieve you the one who has the power to take you out of your problem? What

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happens to us is that when we are in some difficulty, we make the right to Allah and what do we expect? As soon as we pray? A miracle happens and boom, the problem is gone. Does it happen like that? Not necessarily. The bunny Israel they suffered for one year, one month, one day? No. for many, many years.

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Just imagine Mossad s&m when he was born, the bunny is right, you were enslaved. And this is why the mother who silent salon, put him in a basket and put the basket were in the river. And the people of her own picked him up and adopted him as their own child, who started Islam left Egypt, went to Meridian, and then came back as a prophet. And at what age were prophets given Prophethood at the age of 40.

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That is when he returned to Egypt as a prophet of Allah. Did the Bani Israel leave the next day? No, they left Egypt after many, many years. What does it show to us that problems? They go allegedly, but not quickly? When you're making the law, have patience. When you turn to Allah have patience. You wonder, Why can it not be taken away immediately? There's some wisdom. There's some reason that we cannot see right now we do not comprehend right now. But there is a reason why your problem is not being taken away immediately. Something has to happen or you have to learn a lesson or something or the other that alone alone knows about. But we should have patience when we turn to Allah soprano

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Darla is a lot more patient with us. Of course, think about so many times we disobey Allah subhana wa Tada. So many times we say things that Allah does not like, we hear things that Allah does not like, does he punish us immediately? No, when he doesn't punish us immediately when he doesn't give us our record of deeds and our final fate until the day of judgment, then why are we so impatient, that all lift our problems away from us immediately.

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Another very important lesson that we learn is that it is also a huge blessing of Allah. If a person sees his enemies and before his eyes, meaning a person sees the end of his enemy and not just hears about it. Because the last panel dinosaurs were dumped on the road, the fair honest people, they were drowned, but you saw them drowning.

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Imagine someone you hate. I hope you don't. But just imagine someone has been very, very harsh to you. They ruined your life. They ruined your confidence. They brought a lot of misery and pain to you. You have any good feelings for them? Do you wanna take revenge from them? Of course. Why not? Imagine the state of the money is thrown at you. Imagine one person, one woman her son was killed. Her brother was killed her father was killed. Imagine a man whose wife was raped, whose daughter was raped, whose family was killed. Imagine the sorrow, the misery, the anger, the feelings of revenge they had in their hearts. And Allah subhanaw taala satisfied their hearts when he showed to them the

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end of Iran and his people were unthemed alone. This was an added blessing on them and added favor to them were unthemed on their own. So this is also a huge favorite that a lot of hands on remains the bunnies right off. One more lesson that we learned is fit it all in his people. How are they punished? They were drowned in the sea for their own was a very, very proud verse. He was a very proud man. And he considered himself to be God. Just imagine the foolishness of that man who knows he's not God. But he's telling people I am God. Just imagine and he tried to show his power to the people as well because this is how

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We control them. And how did he show his power to the people? We learned in the Quran into the sacrifi 51 that whenever they feed our own feed homie Kalia comi, la Solomon comecer. He announced in his kingdom that oh my people, this nation, this kingdom doesn't belong to me, isn't it mine, wellhead Hill unhealed and these rivers in Egypt tragedy and the they flow under my control me I have absolute power and control over these rivers. So he will stick to them that he had authority power over even the land of Egypt and the water of Egypt and what happened? He died in that very water. He was killed in that very water. So when a person is arrogant about what Allah has given

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him, then what happens? He is humiliated. He was proud about the water of Egypt, and he was killed in water. Imagine the Bani Israel, they became corrupted in their religion. Yet Allah saved them. Yet Allah rescued them yet Allah sent a messenger to them. What do we think that if a person has done something wrong, they're cursed forever, no good should ever be shown to them. But Allah subhanaw taala His mercy and His forgiveness is much more vast than that. As long as a person is alive, as long as a person is living, Allah subhanaw taala shows his favor to them.

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Who is being addressed in these verses? Primarily? The Bani Israel, which money is right you those present at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now, we're the the ones who were rescued from were they the ones from the sea was parted? No. And what is the loss upon gotta address them? Because if this favor was not shown to their ancestors, would they be present today? Would they be alive today? Remember that a favor of blessing on your parents is a blessing on you. A blessing that your parents have enjoyed is in fact a blessing on you. If your parents weren't safe and secure, would you be safe and secure? If they didn't have education? Would they want to educate you know, a

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favor of blessing on your parents is in fact a blessing on you. And the money is straighter being reminded of their history so that they are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that Allah has been kind to us since centuries, generations one generation after the other Allah subhanaw taala was so kind and generous towards us. So when he has been so kind towards us, what should we do? believe in Him, obey Him, not disobey Him, be grateful to him?

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Then Allah says what is where are the now Moosa? And remember this favor as well what guru in? Where are the animals that we promised? We made an appointment with who musasa the word where our data is from the root letters? Well, the what are the Do you know about the word word? What does it mean? A promise. But where are the you see the lF here Where are the is to make a promise with someone there two people involved here. Do parties involved here? So where are they now? We made an appointment we made a promise with who? musasa so Allah subhanaw taala made an appointment with who musalla center and this appointment was were at the mount tool for how long albarino a Latin 40 nights of marine

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Obara, what does it mean for O'Barry? 40 Salatin 30 so for 14 nights musar escena, wants to be where at Mount Hood, why? Because Allah Subhana Allah commanded him to come there. The bunny is right, you were enslaved, they became corrupt. They wanted to get out of that problem. Allah subhanaw taala sent Masada Salaam who rescued them? Allah subhanaw taala calls the sea to be parted. And what happened? The bunny is thrown at you. They ended up were in the desert in the plane of Sinai. And they were to go back home, they were to go back to Palestine. Even people have been enslaved for years and years, what knowledge they have. whatever religion they knew off, perhaps they're

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forgotten by now, whatever they knew, was lost. Like for example, it is said that the African American people who were there, many of them were in fact Muslims when they were brought in as slaves to North America. But what happened over time, they lost their religion. So that some of them still today have Muslim names. Why? Because those names are well known in their culture, their religion, they don't know they have forgotten they have lost it. So think about the Bani Israel in the same way that they had forgotten their religion and they had to be taught. So musalla sam came not just to rescue them, but he also came as a messenger. Now they were going to have a fresh start.

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They were going to go back home and live normally as free people and as those people whose responsibility was to live according to the guidance that Allah had sent and also tell other people about it.

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And the book The total. How was it given to them through musasa? How was it given to Masada, salaam, Allah subhanaw taala told him to come to Mount

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and he was supposed to come to mountains for how long? Originally 30 nights. They cross the sea when he striders there musallam lefthand wrestler escena in charge of the Bani Israel went to Mount to for 30 nights to get the Torah. But while he was there, Allah subhanaw taala extended that appointment with 10 more nights 30 became how much 40 the Bani Israel back in the desert of Sinai, what happened to them? The set was one for 30 nights it's been 30 nights he's not coming back, forget about it. You know what we're going to make our own God and we're going to make our own religion we're going to create our own ways of worship so let's make an idol and let's worship it.

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Allah subhanaw taala says so much the hostellerie Jolla then you adopted you took it the Huston Hamza ha then a harder to take and it the harder to firmly take so you adopted what an original the calf, meaning you made the calf as your God and you worship the calf, the word or Asian or Indian lamb is used for a calf, you can say like a baby cow and infant cow that is less than one month old. Less than one month old. And this calf, they made it they made it themselves with what with gold. So it was a sculpture a statue of a calf that was made of gold and who made it for them. And then whose name was Sam Ed. He was also from the money Australia. Why did they make that guff? Many reasons are

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given. For example it has been set the money aside when they left Egypt they took with them only the most valuable belongings that they had. Which what could it be called? If you were told in five minutes evacuate leave your house what would you take with you your favorite dishes and your vacuum that you bought and you're so proud of? And your linens and your shoe closet? What would you take with you? Your jewelry your money so they took their gold with them? Imagine you're in the desert and you have all this jewelry? It's like burden someone you said Oh you know what? Let's make a calf let's make an idol out of it to the made an idol out of it and started worshipping it. Allah says

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some of the hustler Aegina you took the car for worship mimbar the after him after who after Musashi Salaam went to the mountain. He was gone and you made the cut for worship. What untuned early moon and you were wrongdoers? You were learning how when you made the calf and you started worshiping it? lolly wound is the floor enough volume work lamp mean one What does one mean? oppression, injustice. So you were unjust people? Meaning you were guilty. There is no excuse for you. You're not innocent at all until the moon How was the planet because they were committing *. And remember that initial color woman Arlene chick is the greatest injustice we're until the moon but Allah says so

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much then our phoner uncom we pardon to you our phone I infer Well, our phone and our for alpha is to wipe off something to erase something our phoner our who is forgiveness pardon in such a way that you don't inflict any punishment on the person who has done wrong. They've done wrong but you don't punish them. Just imagine that Allah subhanaw taala sent any immediate punishment on them. No. later on. Yes, they had to do Toba and part of the Toba was that they had to take the legal punishment. However, Allah subhanaw taala did not annihilate them. He did not finish them. He did not punish them immediately are phoner unkown. We pardon you we forgive you remember the Delica even after that

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even after you're worshiping the God, why there are local guru, so that you would be grateful. The word Allah Allah, what does it mean? It gives meaning of reason. Remember, there are lecan that

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah gives me a reason. So why did Allah pardon you? So that you should be grateful? A question was asked if the bunny is right had become corrupt and why did Allah save them? Exactly. This was a huge favor of Allah when they worship the calf. Why did Allah forgive them as a favor so that they're grateful? This is how forgiving Allah soprano Darla is not our local dish guru spoon. The spoon is from sugar Shin Kapha and sugar is what gratitude, gratefulness to show thanks to give thanks for a favorite that has been done to a person from the root letter Shin Kapha is the word Shaku. Shaku is used for an animal that is very healthy, that is very good. that produces a lot of milk does a lot

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of hard work. And when you see an animal like that, what do you know the master is very good to it.

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He really takes good care. If you see a car that is shining, even if it's like a model that is five years old, there's no scratch on it. No dents on it, no chip on it, nothing like that inside, perfectly clean. What do you think the owner really loves this car, the owner really takes care of his car. There's a person on my street, he has a huge truck. And anytime I go walking, most of the time, I would say 75% of the time I see him cleaning his truck, massive truck, huge truck, and he cleans it as if he was cleaning himself, vacuums it and polishes it, he's sitting on top of it and polishing it and cleaning the windows, why he loves it. So a clean car represents the good behavior

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of the master, a healthy animal represents the good behavior of the master. So sugar is what sugar is to show happiness, to show gratefulness that Allah has done a favor on you. But if we appear to be the most miserable people, sad and gloomy and upset, and angry that we don't even take care of ourselves. It's as though we're saying Allah has not done any favor on me. When we don't take care of ourselves, when we don't take care of our responsibilities of our body of our health, when we don't do something good that Allah wants us to do. In a way we're saying Allah has not done any good to me. Sugar gratitude is not just saying and hamdulillah it's not just saying thank you, Allah.

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Sugar is an attitude. It's a way of life. This is why the scholars have said that sugar is expressed in three ways. First of all, sugar will call in the heart. And this is that a person believes he confesses, he realizes in his heart that whatever he has, has been given to him by whom, Allah soprano realization of a blessing. He lien believe that it is from Allah, Allah has not deprived me. Secondly, sugar is also expressed through the tongue. The results expressed how through the tongue, that a person says words of gratitude. So for example, he says, Alhamdulillah he says, Thank you, Allah, when he is sitting with people, he's not counting the problems that he's facing, what does he

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count the blessings. He doesn't say the glass is half empty, but rather he says the glass is half full. He talks about good things. And thirdly, sugar is also expressed through jawara through the limbs of a person, how that a person does those actions which Allah likes. Because when a person performs those actions which Allah likes, then what is he saying? A lot. I'm very happy. I'm very grateful. I love you for all the favors that you've done to me. This is why I will obey you. This is why I am doing this. So sugar is not just words, what does it include? The heart, the tongue, as well as the actions. It's a way of life. It's an attitude. So Allah says, larhonda come to school,

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we pardon you so that you would be grateful. What do we learn in these verses? We learn over here. So microphone ankle mimbar de Delica La La Quinta, Sharon, should we be grateful only for the car that we drive the clothes that we have the family that we have the food that we eat? What else should we be grateful for? That Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for the crimes that we commit for the sins that we commit. We seek forgiveness and Allah forgives. So gratitude for what for forgiveness.

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being forgiven is a blessing. And this is why a person should be grateful. Another very important lesson that we learned in these verses is the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala in appointing 40 Knights for giving the book to most artists, for the book not be given in one instant, good and not be given in one instant. It could be very easily but Allah subhanaw taala total solace and we have to come here stay 30 nights and then 10 more nights were added 14 nights and then the Book was given. Why? Because the knowledge of the deen is unlike any other knowledge. The knowledge of the deen is not like learning math equations or physics concepts. All of that know the knowledge of the

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deen is not just to be memorized and learnt. But it has to be absorbed and understood and internalized. To understand something to fully absorb something to fully internalize something you need time. You need time. For example, right now, we could have been going through these verses very quickly. I could be telling you Oh, this is what this word means is what this word means is what this quickly we could go through it. But why am I spending so much time? Because we need to understand these verses, relate them to our lives so that we can absorb them so that we can live according to them. This knowledge is not like the knowledge of math and science. No, it's different.

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This is why time was taken. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, how long did it take?

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For him to receive the Quran, a total of 23 years, Allah is guarded over giving the Quran to His Messenger in one day, less than a day for 23 years. Because this religion this knowledge in requires time and attention from us. So one lesson that we can take for ourselves that when we're learning the deen, if it takes time for us a lot of time, don't become impatient. You need to give it time. Without time and practice, you cannot internalize you cannot fully understand. Another very important lesson that we learned is that musasa was called to the mantle away from the people away from all distractions that he would be they're fully and completely devoted, receiving the dollar.

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Similarly, if we want to understand the dean absorb it, internalize it, what do we need to do? Give focused attention to it focused attention. So when you're learning your lesson, when you're doing your assignment when you're doing your homework, don't sit in front of the television, please don't have your phone on. Don't have your iPad on with your Facebook and your Twitter feed constantly reloading no Focus, focus, focus, turn off everything. Pay attention, just like musallam had to pay attention at the mountain all by himself alone, not even one other person with him no distraction, because if we were distracted, we cannot absorb. Another very important lesson that we learn is

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about the complete and absolute ignorance as well as in gratitude of the Bani Israel who saved them from Quran, Allah soprano Darla who caused the sea to be parted for them, Allah subhanaw taala. And who did the worship when they were saved? A statue that they made themselves. I mean, if it descended from the sky, okay, something special, if all of a sudden it appeared out of nowhere, okay, something special. If it did something, something special, but a graph that you've made with your own hands? What's so special about it? Nothing, nothing at all. So what does it show their complete ignorance, and it shows how much they needed the hedaya how much they needed the knowledge

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of the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala how mentally enslaved they were the people of Egypt, what were their polytheists they used to worship idols and the Bani Israel as soon as they were freed, they imitated who, those people who had control them. And unfortunately, many times we do the same thing as well, then we imitate other people, just because we think what they're doing is very cool. I mean, gold seems very impressive, very attractive, golden, bright, attractive. So they made a statue out of it. Perhaps when they saw the Egyptians worshipping their idols, they were very impressed. So they wanted to do the same thing. And we do the same thing. We follow other people

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without even thinking about what we're doing, for example, or this person or look at her. She's so bold and confident and look at how she swears all the time, I should do the same thing. One of these, this is what we have become. It says that we have no identity and we just imitate other people all the time. This is why we can't wear the hijab. This is where we compress Allah. This is why we can't fix our language. This is why we can't fix our actions. We just imitate other people without using our mind. This is not being cool. This is being foolish and ignorant. Why should you do what other people are doing? Why? Why should you imitate them? Why should you be a sheep? You

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know what sheep do? They just follow the crowd. Wherever the sound is coming from that is run there. They don't think themselves. Which is why even if one ship falls off the cliff, all the other sheep will follow. And this is what we do. She said this bad word. Cool. I can see that. There we go using it against our parents and against her sisters and family members without any respect for anybody. This has not been cool. This has been absolutely foolish. We learned about the Bani Israel Institute of AI number 138. Allah subhanaw taala says which I wasn't everybody is right Ellen bahawa. Further Allah Coleman Jaco funaro Let us know in the home that the Bani Israel Allah subhanaw taala caused

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them to cross the sea and they passed by people who were very devoted to their idols. So they saw this in Egypt and they saw this right after the cross the sea when they saw that Auto yamasa they said oh Musa aegir Elena Ella and Kamala Alia you also make a god for us. It says they have so many gods, you make an idol for us. It says they have so many idols, we'd love to do the same thing. We'll say this and I'm set color in

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Europe, people who are ignorant. They imitated the people they wanted to imitate musar Listen, not listen, he went to the mountain. What did they do? They made a calf by them. So we must use our mind. Use our thinking, reasoning before we imitate other people before we do what they're doing. similarity. We also learned this idea about the vastness, the tolerance, the generosity of Allah soprano data that how generous he is how tolerant he is that the save the Israel whom he saved, started worshipping a calf. And there was no Thunderball that fell from the sky finish.

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All of them. The water of the sea did not come and swallow out of them. No. Look at how forgiving Allah is. Samira Foner uncle,

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then Alyssa, Dana moussaka, and recall remember this favorite as well when we gave the book to musar listen I'm entertainer Hamza, Tatia? atta is to come and atta is to give. So we gave to Musa What? Al Kitab. The book which book is this? that a lot, so we gave him the Torah, one for Connor. And also the for con, for con is from the letters foul cough, What does farakka mean? To separate to divide, and for pond is a noun, which means that which separates that which divides, and it's translated as criterion for con over here is a description of the kita. It's a description of the book, it appears to be something different, but it's not actually something different in Arabic,

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there is a rule of ups, and sofa, sofa being okay, those of you who are familiar with these words, get it and those of you who don't know, remove it, as if you didn't hear anything. Remember this rule, whenever I say something of grammar that you don't understand, ignore it. And if you know benefit from it, okay, so there is a rule in Arabic which is off of cifa arlon. Most oof that you join the attribute the adjective with a while in the middle, but it's not referring to something different. So for example, over here, I'll keytab a welfare corner. It appears to be two different things. But un*in is actually a sofa. It's an adjective of what, Al Kitab and in the middle there

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is half off. Wow. So the keytab the Torah, how does the last panel describe it? As criterion something that's separated? distinguished between what? Right and wrong, good and evil?

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The bunny is trying? Did they have any idea about what right was what wrong was when they left Egypt? Doesn't seem like it. Because what's the most important thing that we must know about our religion? That Allah alone deserves worship? You ask any Muslim? Even if he does not know much about religion? What does he know? Who is our Lord? Allah? This is the basic principle basic. But imagine the Australian had forgotten even that. So this is why I lost Panasonic given the book, which served as a criterion guiding them. What was right, what was wrong allocatable for Karna? Why learn local data, so that you would obtain guidance that they don't have earlier

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that you would obtain guidance, and remember, he is of two types. One is he died off his shed he died off in and the second is a die off the field die off. Armand. So over here, it refers to both things.

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That you're guided, meaning you know what you're supposed to do. And when you know what you're supposed to do, you may do it. What does it show to us? That the sending of books for the people, a loss upon the data has sent many books for people for their guidance. This is one of the greatest favors that a loss upon God has bestowed in mankind. One of the greatest favors, because if the books were not sent, if the religion was not revealed, how would we know that how we're supposed to give the heck of a law? How would we know about the best way of giving the heck of people we wouldn't know human beings, they have this fitrah in them, there is a being who has made me Where

00:33:37--> 00:34:02

did I come from? Where am I going? Why am I here? Every person has this Allah soprano data center books to guide us if he had not sent the books, it would be very difficult for us to find the truth, very difficult. So the revelation of the books is a huge blessing. Why because through these books, we learn how we're supposed to live properly, give the hug of Allah and also give the hug off the creation of Allah.

00:34:03--> 00:34:35

Allah subhanaw taala gave the Torah the Bani Israel. What has he given to us? The Quran, the Quran is a blessing. Take it as a blessing, be grateful for it, because it is in reality a blessing. We also learn from this verse, that the reason why Allah subhanaw taala gave the dollar to the bunny Israel was what so that they would obtain guidance? What does it show? That guidance comes from where? From where your ideas, your reflection, your own thinking, your own observation? No, where does guidance come from?

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

Unless upon Third, the revelation that he has sent the book that he has given that is the source of guidance, law, law, contact the dude. So if we want to improve ourselves, we want to better ourselves, what should we turn to the book of Allah? If we feel we are lost? We have so many questions. we'd like them to be answered. What do we need to turn to the book of Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

So for example, today we learned about why we suffer from problems, why we go through difficulties and trials? Where do you get this answer from the work of a law not anywhere else, not our local data.

00:35:12--> 00:35:54

And we also learn in this verse about the virtue of the Torah that Allah subhanaw taala give to budding Israel. Tina moose Al Kitab. Ah, well for Connor Allah describes it as for corn at another place in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala describes it as nude guidance. In South America. I have 44 lessons in that and Zen Natal, Rafi her who then want to run new light. What does light do? It shows you the way Imagine you're in darkness. You won't know what is what where you're supposed to go where you're supposed to sit, stand anything, you're lost, confused? Light. What does it do? It puts everything in its place. And this is exactly what the book of Allah does. It's a light

00:35:55--> 00:36:40

through the Bani Israel grateful, Allah saved them. He rescued them where they're grateful. No, why do you say that? Exactly. That instead of giving the hug of Allah, what did they do? They gave the help of Allah to something else. What is the right of Allah, that he should be worshipped? It is his right. And especially when Allah save them, it was more of his right that he should be worshipped and he should be thanked. But what did the Bani Israel do? Instead of worshipping Him, they worshiped something else, an idol that they made themselves. And we need to learn from this as well. Many times Allah subhanaw, taala takes us out of problems and difficulties. But what do we do? What

00:36:40--> 00:37:18

do we say? Thank God for that medicine. Or we're saying thank God, but many times, we say, Oh, you know that medicine if I didn't find it, I'd be gone. That doctor, he saved my life. That doctor is amazing. We say such statements, and in the back of our mind, okay, we know you're a lot of the Savior. But who are we actually truly grateful to? Allah subhanaw taala or other people, other people many times, unfortunately, it happens with us. That doctor came right in time that person came right in time, this thing happened right in time. Think about it, who caused it to happen, Allah alone caused it to happen.

00:37:19--> 00:37:55

So when he caused it to happen, we should thank him the most. When we are in extreme difficulty, then we turn to Allah alone. We turn to Allah, Allah when we've tried everything when we've tried the medication, we've tried the doctors, we've tried different alternate medicine, different things we've tried, nothing works, then we turn to Allah. Allah alone saves us. And then what do we do? We say, I don't know what worked, something worked. I tried everything. The answer should be Allah subhanaw. taala helped me. He's the one who cured me. So one lesson that we can take with ourselves today is what? Thank Allah.

00:37:56--> 00:38:38

thank Allah for being here, being safe. And thank Allah for all of the blessings that we have. If we just change our thinking, instead of focusing on the problems, we start focusing on the blessings. Instead of focusing on what we don't have, we should start focusing on what we do have. Because remember that Allah has not deprived any person of good, every single person, Allah subhanaw taala has given them something special. Typically, we say that the blessing of health, the blessing of a body, the blessing of a hand, the blessing of an eye, but think about it. Realistically, if you have terrible in laws, it's quite possible you have a very loving mother, very loving children. If you

00:38:38--> 00:39:00

think that you have poor health, it's quite possible that you have a lot of good education, you have a very good career. You have very good friends. chevonne makes us focus on what we don't have. And in the process, we forget everything that we have. So focus on what the blessings This will make you happier.