Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P22 229B Tafsir Fatir 15-27

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the neediness of Islam for people to meet their needs and achieve their goals, citing Grace as an example. The importance of working for others and being a god is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to act with their behavior and convey the message of Islam. The speakers stress the need for clarity in communication, proof of actions, and proper language use in communication.
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Yeah Are you her nurse? All people, all mankind? And Tom, you all are every single one of you is a LIFO, Cara, for needy Illa Allah do Allah, meaning those who are in desperate need of Allah. Wa Allahu and Allah. Who is he? Who were he alone? Is Allah honey, the rich free of need? Allah Hamid, the Praiseworthy? Because he is perfect in every way. Yeah. Are you her nurse? Notice how the IO begins? Yeah. Are you her? Yeah. Are you her is health NIDA to call out to someone why, in order to invite them or in order to bring their attention to what is very, very important, and also very urgent. So all people,

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all people and to Moodle for all of you are poor. Fukagawa is the plural of faqeer. And who is FurKid? Someone who's poor, how poor,

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so poor,

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that they have nothing. You see, one is for good. And the other is Miskin. miskeen is also someone who's needy. All right. But miskeen remember, he has something but he just doesn't have enough. So this is why he is in need of others help.

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All right. Like for example, he may have a place to stay, but he doesn't really have food. He doesn't have enough food. Right? He may have food, he may have a place to stay, but he doesn't have enough to, let's say, buy clothes. Right? This has Miskin someone whose needs are not fulfilled. We're not talking about luxuries. We're talking about needs. But Faqir is someone who's homeless, penniless. He is desperately needy. He's got nothing at all. For feed is someone who's suffering from extreme poverty. He's got nothing. And the word fajitas from fikar. fikar is basically used for the backbone. All right, and you see the backbone it's made of one small small bones, all right, all

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in a row.

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So fucker is back breaking poverty. Meaning a person is in such a desperate situation so weak and empty handed, that the stress

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the hardship of that poverty is really breaking his back. It's really taking a toll on him. So all mankind all of you are for it Allah to Allah, what does it mean? That if it wasn't for Allah, you would be nothing you would have nothing. You are entirely dependent on Allah, Martha June LA, you are in need of Allah, in every single state of yours in this life and also in the next.

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If Allah doesn't give you what you need at that time, you'd be finished.

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It's amazing how we are fatigued to Allah, even for the pumping of our hearts. Because if Allah does not allow for the heart to pump, then what's gonna happen? What's gonna happen? We can't live on

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we are Fakir to Allah in every respect in every way. So all mankind realize your neediness before Allah, realize how much you need him. Because whatever you are, you are because of him. Whatever you have, you have because of him. This is your relationship with Allah, ever in need.

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And Allah does he need you know, he doesn't need you because he is a Lani, who is a runny, runny is someone who does not have any Hydra. Hydra is what a need that has to be fulfilled. So Allah is above want, he is free from need, he is rich, he doesn't need the help of anyone. He doesn't need the worship of his servants, the praise of His servants. He is Lenny. He is Hamid, he's praiseworthy. How's your Hamid because he has only favored you? Whatever you have is not because you deserve it. Or because you took it yourselves. You made it yourself? No, you haven't, because every single blessing of yours is God given. He gave it to you. So Allah is Hamid.

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What does this ayah show us? Allah is learning from his creation, not in need of His creation, and his creation is ever in need of Him. So what does that mean? Who's the Lord? Who is the Lord then? Allah is who should be obeyed, then he should be obeyed,

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who should be respected and feared and loved and admin

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tired he should be because we are dependent on him and he is independent of us.

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In Surat Ibrahim I in number eight we learn what color Musa in tactful anthem woman fill out the Jamia and for in hola hola Yun Hamid Musa it's and I'm sad to his people that all of you if you disbelieve in Allah, you and all of those on the earth you deny Allah still Allah is Rich, you can't cause any loss to him. And through the data yet I have 5657 Allah says, well now hold up to general ins OLALIA Boone, I have not created men and Jude except that they should worship Me, Matt woody do men who mill this pin, I do not want any risk from them. We have not been created to work for Allah because Allah needs us to work for him.

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You see, if a person they start a business, for example, can they do all the work themselves? They cannot? Who do they need?

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Workers, right a workforce. And if everybody one day decides we quit, what's going to happen? The business is going to collapse it cannot continue because the person cannot manage all of that themselves. So we see that the employer needs his employees. The boss is in need of his workers. But Allah is He in need of his worshipers of His slaves of His servants. Not at all. Mau od do minimal risk 10 Wanna od do an up remote, I do not want that they should feed Me. Allah does not need to be fed. He is the one who feeds. So yeah. Are you a nurse and Tummel for Cara, oh it Allah or people realize you're nothing without Allah. You're needy before Allah. So call upon Him, ask Him strive

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towards him, because he is your lord. You are so needy before him that if Yeshua he wants you the hip come, he can do away with you. He can take you away, meaning he can finish you he can remove you from this world

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where D and he can bring forth the hulking Jedi with a new creation, Jedi Jeem doll doll new the likes of which do not exist before.

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Allah is so independent of us that if he wants he can remove us from this world. And it wouldn't cause him any harm. Because there was a time when he was and we were not. And Allah was still al Hamid and now we are here and we are here because of him.

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And if he wants he can remove us and still he is the all powerful still he is Al Hamid II Asha youth Hebrew come where TB Hulk injure did

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he can destroy you he can take away the blessings from you. He can easily replace you with another creation. And you would not be able to defend yourselves. Intro to NASA i 133. Allah says Ayisha you they become a Yohannes were to be a hurryin What can Allah Who Ana Valley cup pudiera Allah can very easily do that. Don't we see in this world? How one habitat you know, there's one species one creation that is thriving. And then after a couple of years, what happens? Completely destroyed and somebody else takes over?

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So Allah can also remove us and bring others in our place. What does it show that he doesn't need us we need him warmer and not vaniqa that on Allah upon Allah be Aziz at all difficult, this is not at all difficult for Allah. Aziz over here means difficult, from the same route to iron xyzzy. Out of them as as out of land that is as as is used for land that is very hard. Very hard. So farming, agriculture, very difficult on it.

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But Allah says that replacing you bringing somebody else in your place is not difficult for Allah.

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Because for him to create an entirely new creation,

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not difficult, he can easily do that.

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Isn't it that the angels were there the jinn were there. And Allah subhanaw taala decided that he would create men right in Niger, you don't fill up the Khalifa. So there was a time really when we weren't there. Allah didn't need us then Allah doesn't need us now. And Allah does not need us later either. Wilma Valley con Allah Hibiya Aziz, the point is, realize your neediness before Allah you are not independent of him. You are fully dependent on Him, for your life, for your sustenance, for your growth for your survival. You are

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fully, fully dependent on him. So accept Him as your Lord. It's good for you. Beg him, ask him, strive towards him. Make him happy, strive to earn his pleasure, that is good for you, turning away from Allah, he's not going to benefit you. And certainly it's not going to harm Allah at all.

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While at a zero, Allah says well at a zero, Wallah and not to zero it will bear from the letters well ze ra wizard is Wait a burden that is carried, so not as you it will not bear was the Latin whom are there any bear of burden the word was zero is used for one who's carrying it visited. So no bear of burden will bear Wisla the burden off AHA of another.

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Meaning on the Day of Judgment, no one is going to take responsibility for your deeds.

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No one at all, is going to carry your burden for you. What is this wizard referring to? You see, the Word Wizard is actually used for Hamlin Chedid, a very heavy load, which is heavy, it's cumbersome. It's it's shared by nobody. You alone have to carry it.

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Left as you were zero tune with raw okra. You're responsible for yourself

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what in and If 38 calls, meaning it calls for who must color tune, most other one who is heavily laden and the word thicker, thicker, heavy, that which is heavy, and most of all, is that which is burdened with a heavy load.

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You see, sometimes you're carrying a heavy load, but it's not that difficult for you. But if you're carrying it for a very long time, or if it's heavier than you can manage, then what happens then you become a muscle.

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Because you're carrying something too heavy for you to carry. It's not possible for one person to carry it. So then what do you do in that situation? You call someone for help. Right? Like for example, if you're moving a table from one part of the house to the other, let's say you pick it up, and you think you can do it yourself very confidently, you go and pick it up. And then as you're walking you feel that you can't carry yourself, what will you do, you will call for help.

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And it's possible that somebody will run and hold the table from the other side and help you carry it. But can this happen on the Day of Judgment? No. We're in together almost collateral. If a heavily laden soul calls Isla Himley her to its hemel humor, meaning he called somebody else to carry some of its load. And you see the word hemal has been used. Humor is that load which is carried

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with dislike meaning you're really not enjoying it.

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And also Himalayas that which is carried on one's back or the maximum that one can carry.

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So if someone called out for help that come help me carry this layer your hammelmann Who che la not your normal men who it will be carried from him che on anything, meaning nothing of it will be carried. Why? Because no one will be willing to share your burden. And even if they tried, they wouldn't be able to well Oh Canada CORBA even if he is a close relative meaning on the Day of Judgment even a close relative cannot come to aid.

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Why? Because firstly they will never want to that is a day when Father will run away from son. Mother will run away from child yo maya fiddle model. Min Fe and secondly that is the day when each is responsible for himself.

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That's how much okay, so Hamill, with a fatwa on the heart is a word that's used for pregnancy. All right, Haman Hamill is in the front, okay? And Hummel is carried happily, lovingly, human is on the back. It's like you're doing hard labor work. You're not enjoying it. It's a burden. You just want to throw it off. All right. So difference of Fatah Casula the meaning changes alright. So when are Canada Poorva in nama tune the row.

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So in this ayah so far, what have we learned that all mankind realize your role, realize your status realize your neediness before Allah and remember that to him is the ultimate return and he shall reward or punish according to your deeds and you will be responsible for yourself. No one's going to come to your aid and no one will be able to

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A new intro to Nathalia 25 It is said Leah Milou alZahra homecare militant yarmulke Yama, they will carry their burdens. How? Kameelah 10? Completely.

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No one's gonna share it. Did you understand something?

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So in the mornings, I usually dropped my sister off at the bus. And one day we were running late. So we were both panicking, right? And I was like, my sister was trying to get ready. And she's like, Oh, I helped me and then I was like, How can I help you? I have my own stuff did like do and at that time, I remembered how everyone will be running away from each other on the Day of Judgment. I felt so scared and sad that like my little baby sister, you know, she's asking for help and I can't help her. And this is such a small thing. This is just a bus that we might be missing. Which along the low we got, but you know,

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yeah, yes, I mean, there are times in this life where you know, especially when you're sitting in the plane and they tell you that if there's you know, lack of oxygen or something before you help the child next to you help yourself and it's so harsh every time I see that just to even think that if there's less oxygen I'm not supposed to help my child first was supposed to help myself it's like you have to give preference to yourself I mean, it's a different situation but it reminds you of how each is on his own.

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To each has to do something to save themselves on that day in nama indeed only done the Euro you can warn a Levine as shown on a boom believe those who fear their Lord in the unseen were accommo Salah and they established Salah you can only warn such people, what does it mean? That when you warn such people, they will benefit from the warning who those who truly fear Allah even when they're alone, or they fear Allah even though they haven't seen their Lord and they established the salah woman does aka and whoever purifies himself for in them than indeed only yet as a curl enough See he purifies for his own benefit. And what is this pesky does Kia is basically of two steps. The first

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is the clear. The clear, what does it mean?

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Does anybody know?

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There is a word in Urdu Holly Holika Karma What does it mean? Holla in Arabic color what either Hello eluxury Ltd when they're alone. So Hala to take away to make empty basically to make it so taglia is to remove to get rid of that

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something that shouldn't be there. The dirt the filth that's there you get rid of it, you take it away, but then it's empty. And if it's empty, who's gonna come check on is gonna come? So then what do you have to do? The Halia what is the holy I mean? Helia

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adornment you have to adorn, adorn with what? With good, so remove the bad and adorn with good. This is this gear, you get rid of the bad habits bad words, and you replace them with what good habits good words, good actions. And this is not easy. It's really not easy. It's difficult to get rid of bad habits to stop yourself from doing something wrong. And in its place to do something good. It requires effort. But Allah says whoever doesn't, then he's only benefiting himself while Allah he'll mislead and to Allah is the destination.

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There is no running away from this destination. So prepare. Get rid of the bad now replace this bad heavy load with what with good deeds.

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If bad, if evil has become a part of your record, then replaced that with good. How through is the fall through Toba? By increasing and good deeds and if you do that, benefiting only yourself, we're in Allah and Mosley's then Allah says Wilma and not yesterday he is equal what is not equal alarma the blind person will bleed and the singing person one person is blind unable to see and the other person has vision he can see. Are they the same? No, they're not. There's a huge difference between them. So likewise, the one who is ignorant and the one who's knowledgeable, are they the same? No. The one who is blind to the sins that he's committing? Is he the same as the one who can see the

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wrong he's doing and are not the same? Because one will be negligent and the other will be regretful and careful. And he will seek forgiveness. They're not the same Wallah and nor have little Matt the darknesses will a north and Northern Light, darkness and light are not the same either. They're very

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Different when it's dark. You can't see you can't tie between what is what and light enables you to see to recognize to understand.

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In darkness, we can make huge mistakes in ignorance we can make huge mistakes. And when there is light, we know what we have to do, what we should avoid when a will Lou and nor is the shade will is shade will hobble. Nor who is heat how rah rah. Remember the word harm. We read into the Toba on the moon Africa and said that do not go in the house in the heat. So they were told that Koneru Johanna, a Shahara. Right. So how real is basically the heat of the sun when you're in the heat? One is that you're in shade, and the other is that you're exposed to

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the sun. Likewise, how old is used for hot wind or heat at noon time or in the summer? What is the shade referring to Jana? And what is the heat referring to hellfire. And even in this world, if you think about it, is that the same? Being in the sun and being in the shade is such a huge difference? Maybe we forgotten the heat because it's been cold for a while. But in summertime, even if you're standing somewhere in a line, waiting for your turn or even in the car, being in the heat is so difficult, it's so painful. When a window well Haroon, they're not the same warmer yesterday, and they are not equal. Who are here all those who are alive when those were dead. Those who are alive

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and those who are dead are not the same. Who is alive, the one who's got Iman and who's dead, the one whose heart is dead.

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The one who doesn't have faith, they're not the same.

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In Allaha, indeed, Allah yusmeiro He makes to hear my Yasha whoever He wills wanna under and you cannot be most smearing at all, one who makes the other here who Manfield KUBU those who are in the grave. Allah allows people to hear and those who are in the grave, you cannot make them here.

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The prophets on a lot of cinema is being addressed over here, that those who are already dead, how can you convey to them how can you tell them meaning those who are living with dead hearts, those who are not willing to accept this light to walk in this light, those who are comfortable in their darkness, they're happy with their blindness. You can rescue them

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when they're under the most Mary Manfield KOBO.

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You see over here opposite things are mentioned. And what is being emphasized that these opposite things are not the same.

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And likewise, Iman and Cofer are not the same. believing in Allah, recognizing Allah, knowing Allah is not the same as being ignorant of Allah. Living a conscious life is not the same as living a negligent heedless life.

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And over here, this contrast, what does it show? You know, there is light and then there is darkness, some are in light and some are in darkness, some have vision, and some are blind to that light. The question is, who are you?

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Where are you? What are you heading towards?

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This is what we need to think about.

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Some people are in light, some people are in darkness, some people will be in comfort and some will be in burning heat. Some are alive and some are dead. Who are you? And sort of who they are. 24 Allah says methadone for the plane can Arma well Asami will proceed. He was Sameer polyester, we only Matala

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that the example of the two groups which two groups those who believe and those who don't. Their example is like that off, blind and deaf on one hand, and on the other hand, those who see and those who hear are they the same? No, they're not the same. There's a night and day difference between Iman and Cofer.

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They're completely different.

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In Anta the Prophet sallallahu sallam was reminded in Anta you are not Elana V except a Warner, your job is to convey and then recipients are all different. Some will accept others will refuse some will accept the light and some will be comfortable in their darkness unwilling to come out of that. So it's not your fault. If they don't accept because you are a warner in our cell NACA indeed We have sent to you will help me with the truth but she as a bringer of good news, one of the law and as a Warner, your responsibilities to convey the good news and all

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So to convey the warning

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why, because this is what Allah subhanaw taala does he sends messengers he sends Warners what in and not men Olmert in any nation Illa except holler, he passed fear in it now the Iran a warner color from the same root column Well, there is no nation except that a warner was sent to it. A Warner passed through it. What does it mean? The warner came, and then he left he conveyed his warning and he went, so you are also here to convey your warning. The message that Allah has given you

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what in and if you can, the book they deny you. If your people deny you, the Prophet salallahu Salam is comforted again. Then fuck off then in fact, give them a Latina and coddling him. Those before them also denied

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Jah atone. It came to them who came to them Russolo home they're messengers with what Bill by hinnat with the clear proofs, proofs that you could not miss, what is Zuber and with the scriptures or ordinances, the Buddha is a poor and opposite who

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and what is about that which is written literally, right that which is written that which is written, what does it imply? Firstly, scripture, and secondly, command ordinance. So the messengers were signed before you equipped with proofs and equipped with written ordinances with scriptures, meaning the message of the prophets could not be ignored. It was very obvious, and they were sent were Bill keytab, Bill Mooney, and with the enlightening scripture. Maneet is one that radiates light one that gives no one that shines, meaning the truth of it is very clear. Its guidance is very clear. So the previous prophets brought it that way they all believed in did their people believe in

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them not that didn't. Some has to some more than others do. I seized AlLadhina cafardo those who disbelieved for kafer So how was Canon A Kia Kana it was Nikki, my reproach. How was it? You know exactly how it was? What happened to the people around the people of the moon the people have moved to La Santa. What happened that the prophets not bring clear proofs, clear arguments, clear message, clear command commands pure laws they did. It wasn't that the message was not clear. It wasn't that the proofs were not there. Everything is there. But a person who's blind he cannot see the light. A person who's in darkness he cannot see the hug.

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So what's the message of these verses? The truth is clear. The prophets they conveyed they did what they had to it's not the fault of the prophets if the people denied for cave akan and the keys Nikita is from Northern California we have done this word earlier also What does Nokia mean when that is not recognized? Meaning such punishment that was unimaginable unexpected? And you see Nokia de la has a customer that indicates my All right my Nokia meeting how was My reproach the punishment that was sent upon these people

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will listen to the recitation

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to Moodle for all law you will law horn wanting you

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II shall use Heather qumola TV on

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judging one

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more Hibiya

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what was

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wrong we're

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almost ala tune in I

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mean Moshe

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show now on

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Does that girl enough? See? We're in a law in mostly

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one I still will

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bleed 12111 is doing

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one of y'all what

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on earth are the we were able can remove Katha

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camellia him

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Do you want the zoom or you have been kita Bill Mooney

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to levy in a CAFO like a Becca and anarchy

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