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Nobody knew you, you had no life, you never walked on this earth. You are not born socata mammoth and you were dead. You're nothing. You have to disbelieve in Allah for quantum.

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When you were dead, I'm often aware discipler enough may yet from the letters mean what that has been done to them, you remind them, and at the same time, you also make them realize about the wrongs that they're committing. For example, if a child is not studying properly, the mother says, Look, I don't are joined together a person is alive. And when they're separated, is a person alive then? No, he's not alive anymore. So mouth is what separation of body and soul. So what I'm worth and you were dead, what does it mean by this? You're nothing, you're not living. So we see that the mother is reminding the child of the favors and at the same time reminding him of the mistakes that

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he's making, that you didn't study, then you didn't study them yet you didn't do this yet you didn't do that, what Allah gave you life on this earth, you will die again. And then he will give you life again.

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Double that world, but are you going to be in this world forever? No, somebody you meet to come, then he will give you that when your term is over in this world, he will cause you to die. And then somehow you're here come and then you will bring you to life again, when in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment, he will resurrect you, you are dead, these verses in this manner. We are going to study these verses keeping our eyes fixed on who? ourselves this is what they did. Am I doing the same thing in any way?

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What do we learn in this ayah that amazing is the case of the one who disbelieves in Allah. It's amazing. It's terrified as we study

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are the relationship language in Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yeah, Vanessa, l are children of Israel eel.

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Amazing is the case of the one who rejects Mr. soprano Darla. It says though he's not using his mind. He realizes that he was nothing. He is addressing them. The word Bunny is actually benina bonnin. They're supposed to be a noon at the end. Okay in the original spellings of the word, but the noon has been dropped. Why? Because Bunny is being attached with Islam. Those of you who are familiar, hold off, hold off in a those of you who don't know, think of it as if I never said it was the title of who we are Kubernetes and so our ear is actually a Hebrew word. It's not an Arabic word. It's actually Hebrew word. Yaqoob read Islam. Bunny is Sai eel. What does it mean suns off?

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Yaqoob is an M. But was it only men? Was it only that the word Bunny is used to refer to if Kabila a nation? A Tribe as well? For example, it is said by new acid by new acid does not just refer to the males of that tribe, but rather the entire tribe. Allah subhanaw taala calls human beings. Yeah, Bonnie Adam, also who does it refer to the men as well as the women amongst them? Because if you think about it, how does the lineage continue through through the mail through the father? For example, whose last name do you get? Your father's not your mother's? Okay. So yeah, Benny is three year old children of Israel, you might say but we learned that Bani Israel is only produced by Jews

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and Christians, because at that time, while the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was alive, and in Medina tribes were residing in Medina. The question is, why were they residing in Medina, in Arabia when they were originally from Israel? Palestine. Because Deena at the time when these verses were revealed, there were three Jewish tribes residing in Medina bruleed bocchino, car Balu coryza these streets like Medina meaning the description that they had found, was exactly of the city of Medina. So this is why they went to Medina and settled over there in hopes that the last messenger would come up. Both guru Guru is from that calf raw, Vic, what is the mean? mentioned? Like for example,

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at the tongue or in the heart, but the word they could also means remember what was forgotten? Recall bring to mind what you're not saying. favor? ceremony remember my favor, but remember that the word nirma it appears to be singular, however. Nia what is destiny? I told you earlier duel it refers to do you have jelmer plural, and then you have an ism genes. What is it some gyms isn't what happened? Is it a summer is stolen from their letter seen while Yeah, is the well is to become even to become straight.

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To become equal with something. It's also for when a person has settled on a vehicle, for example, because he's balanced, he's not falling on one side or the other, he's balanced to become equal to become leveled. But remember that when the word is the word is followed by ILA. Do you see the word elaborate here? It gives the meaning of paying attention towards something, directing one's attention towards something, intending towards it anywhere else. Which blessings are these that were given to Bani Israel? these blessings are many, many blessings, numerous Delta causes unrest that makes you restless. So because it causes unrest, it has to be with regards to matters that are

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important that are crucial rape has been used. So we're in quantum theory been in Raven and lay even any doubt at all. mimma concerning that, which concerning have gradually sent down upon our service? Who is our bundeena? Who is this referring to the profits or the lawyers? And what is it that was revealed upon him? We are referring to you, because think about it, if there is a person who is secretary of let's say, the President, or let's say, the CEO, being a secretary means that you're basically they're sort of Abdullah servant of Allah and His Messenger, he likes to be called the servant of Allah.

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Why? Because being the servant of a lot, and when a person loves someone, he doesn't mind being a servant to them. In fact, he takes pride in it. Like, for example, a mother, when she's desica 30 was meant to be Rosalie, and that you believe in my messengers. Fourthly, were observed to move home and that I will forgive for you, your sins, your mistakes, any errors you make, I will forgive them. You pray, you give Zakat you believe in the messengers, you support them, you follow them. yakka only you, yah, yah, only me, for her boonie so you all should fear me, notice the word for the money. It's a combination of three words. So what is our reaction when we learn something in the

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Quran? Amanda?

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We don't say what does it mean by this? How come? And what does that mean? extreme fear should that'll have such fear that makes a person anxious, and that makes a person careful as well. such fear meet, meaning only fear a lot concerning what concerning the fulfillment of the promise. In this ayah we see three commands are being given to the Minister, he knows everything. Everything from the mosquito to the seven skies.

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Imagine how tiny a mosquito is as well. And just as a bunny is right, you were given worldly blessings, religious blessings, are we not given the same? Think about it. The fact that you're a Muslim? Isn't that a huge blessing person were to offer the entire Earth's fill of gold. Imagine the entire Earth made of gold and everything in it of gold as well. We get light from it, we get heat from it, we get vitamin D from it, we get food as well. Because if the sun did not shine like it does, would there be plants? Would there be animals when asked for it? We were born in a Muslim family raised in a Muslim family. Ask those who were not born in a Muslim family, what struggle they

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go that thing. So with guru near Mati, we should not forget this blessing. We should also remember the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us worldly blessings, really unknown to our label. And remembering the blessings means what being grateful for them. Secondly, the bunny is trying to work commanded to do what fulfill their promise. I am number 88. There are many places in the Quran where Allah challenges people to bring something that is like the have they been able to? And just looking after this dunya

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Think about it. dishes are made Why? So that we can use them not so that we cry and weep over them?

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Do you understand what I mean? That if one breaks, it says though a part of our heart has been broken, that if one gets cracked, never gonna let me do this. How can I do this in front of them? We're afraid. But Allah says fear only me. When it comes to the religion when it comes to the matters of the shaded for who? Allah soprano.

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I'm not saying don't wash your dishes, wash them, use them, but don't obsess over them. Anyway. Similarly, snakes and Okay, anything that's harmful for you. And this is a natural. We learned about musar Listen, people are taught from a very young age that you are to serve this world.

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We are not to serve this world This world is to serve us. These are law

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Just as when it comes to loving Allah, we should love Allah the Most more than anything anyone. Similarly when it built for us, what does it mean? Everything is permissible for us to use to consume unless otherwise specified. So for example, I remember once I was listening to Quran for a very, very long time and there was a lady with me she was not a Muslim, she just said, this is so peaceful, this is so peaceful, what is it and eat them unless a Lost Planet Allah has told that this this this this animal you cannot eat for example, pigs, dead animals, animals with nails, sharp nails and sharp teeth.

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Everything is halal unless specified otherwise.

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All right, this is the general principle.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala says over here whether the hollow Kanaka method or the Jamia

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Why do you think Allah subhanaw taala is telling us about this, just so that we may know that everything was created for us?

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Yes, so that we become more grateful and we become more obedient. All of these verses What are we being told to do?

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worship Allah, remember, it began from the UN NES or with Laura buco. This is an entire discussion that has been continued from their custom made suitable for you.

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If you think about it, if somebody gives you a gift, why are they giving it to you so that you come closer to them? It claims are false. For example, I told you in the example that we learned about the NFL team methylome camarilla, the so called an arrow, and I pointed out to you the different protests, all of these things, so that we are naturally inclined towards worshipping Him. But it's unfortunate that we forget the one who has given everything to us and we are lost in the things that so if you're not able to do so, able to do what produce something like the Quran, even one surah and the fact is that one under falou, you will never pump it honestly, if you read it. It'll make you

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laugh, or lift dhara or frog, what are you Oh frog, you live in the water and you produce the sound and

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because Allah knows everything, and when he knows everything we learned earlier, we are going back to him, he's going to question us, he's going to recompense us and knows everything, that it means that we should be careful, careful with regards to our speech careful with regards to our actions careful with regards to our feelings, a person can only enter gender when he has belief in Allah as well as belief in all of the messengers of Allah.

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If a person denies even one messenger his n stones workload is from the letter as well of the and workload is used for a few what is few something through which so you should come out come across as a good person anyway, just because they're not Muslim doesn't mean we can treat them however you want. No. Remember, I told you that a smart other another as well. For example, greeting other people? Is it something necessary? Yes, it is. It's a moral act. If you don't greet someone, the other person will feel threatened by you that she saw me She didn't say anything to me everything. Okay. She's wearing the hijab and she looks more and more religious. I wonder what's going on? I

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wonder if there's a security with fire igniting further increasing the fire.

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I want you to imagine this. Think about it. fatahna allottee, Boko Haram, but what is soft compared to rock? Now imagine if rocks are being used to fuel the fire? how intense would that fire be the settlement following him?

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Those are disbelief for them is a fire of hell.

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for them is a punishment of hellfire.

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They're evil is better than the person who cuts off from people lives by himself and does not have anything to tolerate or be patient about

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one person is us. See, what we learn over here is that little caffeine it has been already prepared for the disbelievers have chosen the Hellfire is actually present right now. Just as Gemini present right now held us to worship because they're also made out of stone, many of them the very idols that the people used to worship, they will be thrown into Hellfire as well. Allah has maintained ties with them. If somebody is a bad influence on you, you feel that every time you go to them, you visit them, you start using bad words, you start watching movies with them that are not good. Or you start saying things that are not appropriate you feel you get influenced by them, your children get

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influenced by them. Again, it doesn't mean you cut off from them, but you can limit your interaction with them. All right. And the other question, okay, they don't insult you, but they insult your religion. In that case, when they start insulting the dean, you get a proffer. If you look at its properties, it is such that it catches fire quickly. It's highly flammable, it produces a foul smell and it also produces a lot of smoke and understand

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This girl was telling me the other day that she visits one of her aunts who has a young daughter and her aunt is not practicing at all. But she visits her just to maintain ties with her. And she said that when once you visited and her daughter, little girls she was going to start eating so she said to her say Bismillah to the girl said, What is Bismillah? What does it mean? A child six years old or something has no idea what Bismillah is. This is one of the basic things that Muslim children are to be taught. She had no idea. Now if the sister says that Oh, my aunt is not practicing if I go there and want to start doing bad things, no, she should not do that. She should strengthen herself.

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She should go there and be influenced to them. They also have a right

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anyway, we should end over here because there's a lot of discussion to do on this topic, but inshallah as we study the Quran, many things will come up. So Chronicle locomobi Hamdi Ganesha to La ilaha illa Anta Mustapha Luca wanna to boulais