Ibrahim Hindy – The Ropes of Allah

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "will" in drama to indicate desire to avoid loss and avoid confusion, as well as the importance of staying connected to people during difficult situations. They stress the need to be mindful of one's actions and not be afraid of unexpected events, as it is crucial for personal health and well-being. The speakers also emphasize the importance of humility and staying connected to people during difficult situations, as it is crucial for personal health and well-being.
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Alhamdulillah in a monastery in Novi wanna stop the whenever the villa hits our elementary and fusina woman sia t Armani Nah, nah homie de la boo Fela Fela, Fela. Fela de la. Why should all La la la la la sharika while shadow Ana Mohammed Abu hora solo or sallahu wa rahmatullah el Amin. Lockwood watching the moon meaning one Mahajan, the Saudi King, water jets in America, Germany in another lobby Liverpool. Well shahabi is pseudo Warfighter heavy he aryan and omean wide open open Wi Fi for LogMeIn does he hire Ahmed does he tend to be an automatic water sewer Amanda what he what he saw that he was a little most dramatic it was he he was hiding, while engineering minister Nevis when he

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locked up the SLE de la oh

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my god fusi C'mon FC v taco la hinterland? Vina homea tequila, yeah, Jana, Houma Raja, whatever is the common hateful as I said, All praises due to a lot loan. And then we seek aid and assistance and damn we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness, to lehayim Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guides them can mislead and he'll allow leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and everyone is that there is nothing worthy of worship, save a lot alone, and then Mohammed's a lot where and he will send them his both his servant and His Messenger.

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Often people come and they ask, or they complain of a single issue, that they feel a distance between them in between the loss of handles, that they don't feel close enough to Allah subhanaw taala and they say I don't feel that connection. I don't feel close to a lust paradigm What can I do to create a connection between me and between Allah subhana wa tada and alara zoa gel throughout the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when it comes to the topic of quarterbacks of closeness to a life so again, a lot consistently links it with the concept of drama of calling on a live zone agenda of turning to a lot and calling to a lot. And a man once came to

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them and he said to him, call her up Hurry vulnerable una una De Anza. Gentlemen, adji he said, is our Lord close, far away from us, that we should call upon him loudly? Or is he close to us? That we should call upon him softly? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not respond to the man's question, remain silent, even though the question on the face of it is quite easy to answer. But the response came from a loss of Hannah Tyler. And the verse was revealed to say ye that Salah kariba the agony for inequality, Eg Buddha to die either the iron velious the G Budi when you mean ob, La La Jolla, Sharon, there are lots of parallel dialect says in

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this verse, if my servants asked you concerning me for inequality, then indeed I am close to them. With g without a doubt at that time, I respond to the call of the one who calls upon me when he calls upon me, fellas that God did not respond to me and let them obey me that they may be led towards guidance. Now this verse is incredibly powerful and beautiful. First of all, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not respond to the man's question and put an was revealed to directly respond to his question to tell us how important this question and this answer actually is, that this is something critical that the response needs to come from a last panel to eila to

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emphasize to us the power of the both the question and the answer. And the question is about what's the closeness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what's interesting about this verse in particular, is that Allah Subhana Allah begins with either Salah everybody and if they asked my if my servants asked you about me, then Allah transitions to immediately respond to us directly. So he's talking to the Prophet when my servants asked you, who's you the Prophet sallallahu and you send them so he's speaking about the Prophet when they ask you about me. Then all of a sudden the verse transitions in a lot is no longer speaking to the Prophet, rather he's speaking to all of us directly. And this is

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in contrast to nearly every other verse in the Quran. were lost to Pamela to artists and with no naka and in no athletes for coil, if they asked you about you know the time to tell them this if they asked you about this then tell them this. If they asked you about this, tell them that there is no one Academy Award winner. Me Robbie, they asked you about the soul then tell them and each of the other verses a loss of Canada Ireland says when they asked you Oh Mohammed about this question.

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Then you tell them this. Yes, here. It's when they ask you about this question that Allah speaks to us directly. Why the differentiation in this particular verse, and it says, If Allah Subhana, Allah is telling us now when it comes to everything, our knowledge about this religion, we need to go to the profits of the lumberyard to send them. So he tells the prophet to tell us, tell them, please tell them this tell them that we have questions we want to understand how to worship Allah, we want to understand all these different things about our religion, how do we understand it through the prophet sallallahu every sentiment is sooner. So Allah tells the Prophet tell them this, but when it

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came to this particular question, which is a question of what of closeness to a lust penalty either and question of worshiping Allah Subhana Allah, Allah wants to tell us that we are directly with connected to a loss of Hamlet either now for us to turn to a lot. And I'm glad that we don't need to go through any other intermediary, any other person, we raise our hands and ask a line. It's a direct connection between us and the last panel time. So this became the only verse where it was turned out, instead of telling the prophet to tell us he transitions to talk to us directly, to emphasize to us how close he is to panel to Allah actually is to each and every one of us. And he

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says, Would you bow down to dairy events? I respond to the call of the one who calls upon me when he calls upon me. And so here Allah subhanaw taala by the way realized, what was the question of the matter, the question of the man was, is a lot close to us, or is he far from us? Is he close to us? Or is he far from us? And a lot begins the answer by saying for me Purim, I am close to them. Then all of a sudden Allah begins to talk about what do I want the Buddha to die I respond to the dual of the one who calls upon me and a lot here is drawing the link again, between his closeness and between our Do I have Allah subhana wa tada as if Allah subhana wa tada is teaching us and telling

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us that our closeness to Allah subhanaw taala is dependent significantly on how much do I we make to unlock our closeness to Allah, our connection to a lot is intimately connected with how much do you make to Allah? So Allah is transitioning immediately from telling you I am close to you, to telling you talking about your drive. And then Allah subhanaw taala says I respond to the call of the one who makes to AI when he makes to.

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Allah subhanaw taala is leaving almost the ball in our court to tell us I respond to your do I When does he respond to it when you decide to make Dr. When you have taken the responsibility when you have taken the initiative to call upon Allah, Allah saying, I will be there immediately to respond to your thought. He leaves it up to you This is how close he is to paddling to Allah is to you. That he is telling you I'm immediately going to respond to you, when you decide to call upon me when you decide to turn to me. And unless penalty is it would you would that with a daddy, I respond to the call of whom the one who calls. He doesn't say I respond to the call of the one who is with toughie,

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the one who has developed the one who has taqwa. He doesn't say respond to the call of the one who is more religious. He didn't say respond to the call of the one who memorizes the Quran? No, he says I respond to the call and the one who calls upon me.

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He has left it open. The one who was sinful The one who was religious, the one who was developed the one who isn't the one who calls upon the lowest penalty that lies there to respond to your drama.

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And he left it up to you metawidget anybody have one have any widget any and follow up? And even the hard watching? Does anyone have any belief? Was it any that he says whenever he calls upon me he shall find me. If he calls upon me in the morning he shall find me. If he calls upon me in the evening he will find he will find me. It's up to you to turn to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when you want to find a law, you will find Allah subhana wa tada and Allah Subhana Allah says in another verse, we're calling on a Buddha Rooney as the gibler. Allah says call upon me, I will respond to you in the levinas tech bureau Nevada to say the following Agenda Madison in the last pinata, Allah

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says that call upon me, and I will respond to you. Indeed, those who are arrogance of my worship, they will enter Hellfire with humiliation, and unless parents and in this verse, he's telling you call upon me. And then he's telling you those who are arrogant of my worship, as if unless parents Allah is saying either you or those who make dua, to Allah who turned to a luck will ask a lot more begging a lot. Either you are in that camp in the beginning of the verse where he tells you call upon me and I will respond to you. Or you're in the second part of the verse. Indeed those who are arrogant of my worship, the one who doesn't call upon a lesser penalty and is showing an arrogance

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towards worshipping a lot towards turning to Allah subhanaw taala towards turning all of themselves to a large religion. And this is why the prophets of the lung where it was Selim reminds us in the Hadith

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See, there are lots of candidates Allah says, Yeah, you bet the coup combine 11 heading to first adonia de colo khunjerab 11 upon to come, first opening only, colo Kumar 11 consult to festac Sunni axiocam, who own a lady when the heart one of Virginia and festa

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that Allah subhanaw taala reminds us of how much we are in need of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, because when you don't call to Eliza, it is a sign of arrogance. So remember your need to Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah says in this hadith footsy, all the children of Adam, all of you are misguided, except the ones who might have guided. So ask of my guidance, and I will guide you, all of you are hungry, except the ones who might have fed. So ask for my provisions and I will feed you, all of you who are naked except the ones whom I have closed. So ask of my closing and I will put with you and all of you send in the morning and in the night, and I am the one who forgives all the sins, so ask

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of my forgiveness, and I will forgive you to kind of love this. How do you feel so powerful and it's an analogy for the loved one. When he would narrate this hadith you'd have to sit down he would kneel down to the ground because he felt the power of a loss of handleless Island is heavy. He felt his weakness. He felt his humility before a lot of agenda. I have nothing I have no guidance. I have no food and no water I have no clothing, I have nothing without a loss of Hannah hota Allah, why should I not turn to Allah subhana wa tada beg Eliza to ask Allah subhanaw taala in every waking hour of the day. And the point of this lecture is to tell you this very simple point. If you make

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drawn to a lot of soldier level, except there's a lot turn to a loss of what to ask him and a loss of Hamlet's Island now first,

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what Allah subhana wa tada tells you

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will hold on to Cameroonian simulacrum inilah DNA stick Buna and evaluate. He said coluna Gentlemen, Deputy medalist probiota in that verse, he's telling you what make dua to me and I will respond to you. And then he says, Those who are arrogant of my worship, and it says, If Allah subhanaw taala is equated do I, on one hand, and worship on the other hand, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in an authentic Howdy, and do our whole Nevada, do I is worship it is V worship? It is the worship? What does it mean? Is there no other form of worship? Other than do I have Allah? subhanaw taala? No, the scholars they talk about the 17 year when he talks about what is it bad,

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though what is the definition of worship to a must count to either? What is the definition of very bad that he said he mentioned the linguistic understanding of this early that's an odd that the Earth has become an Arab descending, the Arabs would say, What did they mean by that? If the earth becomes flattened, so that people can use it as a road, they can walk through it, they would say early that's an Earth has become flattened down. The bad the total loss of Hamilton Island means wise, means that you have you know, humiliated yourself before a lot as much as you have shown your humility to a lot of Xhosa, you thrown away all the arrogance, all the pride and you've turned to a

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loss of handle data with the fullest amount of your humility to him Sopranos either. Its submission to a lot and humility before Allah subhanaw taala. And when you do this, then you've understood what worship is. Now some people can fast and they don't really incorporate in their psyche, the understanding of regada they have pride while they're fasting. Some people can go for Hajj and have pride while they're doing Hajj. But it is very difficult for somebody to raise their hands, lower their head, say Oh Allah, I am in need of you all I have nothing without you. Without that person feeling in their heart. That humility before less Canada. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam says why is the worship it encompasses the concept of worship in it the most. You can't help but feel small in front of a lot of the grandness of Allah the smallest of yourself. When you open your hands, you turn to Allah Subhana data with open palms and you say all I need you and I need your help, and I need your support and I have nothing without you. This is why why is the worship.

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And for this reason, as Muslims we don't only make do out when we need something we make, even when things in our lives are going well. Because there is a connection between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and because of this the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam Yes, he would make dua in times of need in times of difficulty in times of hardship, he may do it during the boycott, he may do it during an exam when they came to attack the Muslims, but he may do it in times of ease as well. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam of his drive along linear UI becomes automatic.

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Let me tell you the hi fi thing. Well, if it Nicoletti, which I mean is occultic then what is the purpose of algorithm says all I seek refuge in You from the removal of your blessings. And from the change of your protection you are protecting me that the change this protection, and that from your sudden anger and from every displeasure of yours. So this is the door of the Prophet so long. What do you say send them saying or live in a time in a place of

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Luxury and goodness, Allah don't remove that from me, don't take this away from me. And this is incredibly important for us that we have this connection to a lot of xojo. You know, most people, they don't turn to a lot unless things are going difficult in their lives. If they wake up, and they have warm water in the shower, and their car is running, and their family's pleasant, and their wife is happy with them, they forget to listen to it. But this is the time as well, you still need to remain connected to a lot of xojo. You know, think about a king, you know, the learning method at Apple to a lot belongs to the highest example. But sometimes, you know, these kings are these

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powerful people, they have people coming, you know, praising them, supporting them, helping them with whatever they need. And as soon as that rich person or that King writes them a check, you know, I'm happy with you here, take some money or take this or take that once that person gets what they want. They disappeared. And then the king is like, why did they give him anything? I should have not given them anything and kept them close to me. And think about what type of relationship you want with Allah subhanaw taala if the only time returned to a law is during tragedy and hardship and difficulty, that's the only time you turn to a law, then if Allah loves you, what is he going to

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give you? tragedy and hardship and difficulty, if Allah loves you, and wants you to keep making grace to him, that he's gonna keep giving you tragedy so that you keep turning back to him? What type of relationship are you setting up between you and between Allah subhanaw taala Why can't you have a relationship where when things are good, you're still worshiping a lot, and you're worshiping him a lot as well. So Allah subhanaw taala says this servant of mine, I love him, I want him to enter genda I will keep giving him blessings and ease as well. What type of relationship or setup Do you want with a law? Isaiah 10. And this is the important point that our do is a worship we need to

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be constantly connected to with a lesser penalty either. The third point that I want to mention today is for us not to be hasty in our diet. The Prophet Silla love where it was send them send us two gentlemen, I had the melon agenda. Do I have any of you will be accepted? So long as you are not hasty? The companion said to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Okay, fair. How is a person hasty, and they're too hot? The profits little love what you said, and what does it mean to be hasty? You say, Oh, look, give me give me give me like, what does it mean? The prophet SAW along with news and them said, you're going to run

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out? Well, I'm early Java fans for catwalk. He said, The Man will say I may draw. And I may do I may do and I haven't seen the answer to my do I plan to do it. So he abandons making law at all. And this is something people do, like for instance, someone's child might be sick. So you make a few times a few times a few times, you don't see a change, and the person just gives up, they stopped making do it entirely. You know, they don't see a change, they give it up entirely. The reality is, we may not see the change immediately. In our apparent dounia. We may not see the change immediately, but a lot of response to our da immediately. When we make the door outlaw response

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immediately. We may not see the response in our eyes right in front of our eyes right away. We may not feel it in this dunya right away, but the answer has happened. And you need to remain the promises remain. Keep making that door I don't give it up. Because if you give it up, that's when Allah will respond to you anymore. Keep making that door out no matter what. Now a person might say why is the apparent response delayed? We know the response is happening. Why? Because Allah Subhana Allah says,

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the only

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one says call upon me, I respond to you. Right? And the scholars they mentioned this that allow us to it responds right away. Human beings are the ones who delay the ones who dislike when you ask them something like the scholars even mentioned, when prophet when the children of Yahoo came to Prophet Apple, they said, Yeah, I've added stuff from Linda and I couldn't afford it. And they came to their fathers and all of our father, seek our forgiveness, we are sinful. But so first off, it will happen. He said, I will in the future, seek your forgiveness. So that means in the future, and some of the scholars say Yaqoob wanted to make at the end of the night, where the door is more

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accepted, as mentioned in the books of Tafseer. But other scholars they mentioned they said every human being even the father who loves his children, he'll delay his response to their request. And only Allah is the one who when you ask him he does not delete the request that you ask him some kind of with it. And so Alice paradigma response to our do I immediately and Allah Subhana Allah says we'll let him smell his natural love along the Most Beautiful Names. Why is it beneficial for us to know that the Beautiful Names belong to a law firm the rule will be hard, so call him by them turn to a lot ask him by his names. What is the benefit of you knowing that a lot is a lot food is the

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most forgiving. So yeah, the food is silly. Are you who's forgiving Forgive me. What is the benefit of knowing that Eliza rezept is the one who provides you know Zakat is open to white one who provides provide for me, Allah tells us His name tells us about himself why so that we can connect with him and call upon him some kind of way to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala also says pulmonaria and that will be Qumran below that. Allah says to the Prophet, tell them who's them

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The cofounders of Quraysh tell them what man yeah I know we can Brumby my lord doesn't care about you know, let's do it, except that you make to the people who are fighting the Prophet, Allah saying, Allah doesn't care about you except that because you make to Allah still responds to some of them. Even the non Muslim who's attacking the Prophet, Allah might respond to some of them. Because Allah subhanaw taala is full of generosity. And unless paradise shows us the immediate nature of his due out a lot, so dimensions profit and war for the outer battle anymore, whoo and fantasy, and he makes try to a license online, overcome so supports me. And Allah causes the change of the creation,

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the rain to fall, and the earth to give up its water to save new ideas set up and to support him. And this is the power of law. But why is it sometimes we make do it and we don't see the apparent response immediately. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the law that you absolutely Jabba the miasma and hide it, oh boy. Sometimes Allah will delay the apparent response from his servant, so that he may hear the best of his Toba and he may hear the best of his humility. We said, Do I worship all of it is about humility. The person might make dua to Allah Oh Allah give me this whole love Give me this little love Give me this he doesn't see the response. A lot is

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pushing you to reach greater depth of spirituality, greater depth of humility, greater depth of connection to Allah subhana wa tada that because of this need, that you have that is making you desperate that you keep calling upon a lot, and you feel more desperation, and you call upon a lot more and more you reach a better level of a man, you reach a better level of humility with a last penalty either, and that humility might be the reason you enter agenda. So the reason alone might delay the response in your life might be because he wants you to enter agenda. And the way for you to enter agenda is for you to become more desperate and calling upon Allah subhanaw taala with more

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And we see this even in Musa alayhis salam when Fidel is attacking him and Musa Alison and mixed against Iran. And he says,

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to Allah, Allah moussaka in the karate tournament woman, oh, Xena, 211

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Sabina Roberts was added to him, what should I put over him fetta means

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that he makes this why against Allah destroy their wealth will obliterate what they have done makes their hearts hard, will not destroy them. He makes sure it gets down who is killing their children, who is saying that he's a law. And not only is Moosa the Prophet of the Last character, the Messenger of Allah making dry, someone is with him saying I mean, another prophets have an audience to know. Because Allah, Allah says in the next verse, calling today I went to a coma. I haven't accepted both of yours to Ohio, who said hello to profits praying to a law against the worst person, like the Prophet said about Abu jihad. He is the fit of our own of our own. So the Prophet is

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comparing Abu Jamal to fit our meaning is worse than ours, the worst person and to prophets of Allah, messengers of Allah are making against him. Why is this important? Because immediately after the week, Allah says, I've accepted your drive. But even if he had mentioned in his tip seed, well, it means it will either benefit or only live in Asana, that the punishment that Moosa asked for that will last that I have accepted your while did not come down on fidelity except 40 years later. Moosa May Allah say they accepted your da he didn't see anything for 40 years.

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Unless pedowitz Allah has his wisdoms, and Moses didn't give up making dry he didn't give up he didn't turn away from a light didn't say it was not listening to me. He understood a lot has his wisdoms. A lot has his reasons. And he may do and he knows that as soon as he makes sure I was expecting it. But he may not see the response immediately in their lives. And this shows the humility that we have when we turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Apollo called Hello stop loading dock himself rolling over rockin

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Allahu Allah, Allah, he was so happy he Manuela

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you know, I just wanted to end maybe with one other point at a couple of points maybe we don't have enough time to go through it. But there's Adam in the diet that we make 12 loss penalty either and that we need to have in our job

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is to have certainty that Allah subhanaw taala can respond to hours while law mentions the drives that could easily have sent them the correct the correct the correct material because there was actually isn't that many damn coffee. That alarm says remember at the mercy of your Lord upon His servants Acadia when he called upon his Lord quietly. Why did he call upon his Lord quietly some of the scholars they say as a kid, he was afraid of someone hearing his throat because if they heard him making grotzinger like give me a child, they would say you're an insane, crazy person.

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Your old Your wife is old you there's no way you can have a child. He is afraid of people making fun of him. So he made his daughter very softly, very quietly. And when he makes the drive, he knows themselves. The science doesn't work. It's a little mini when allogrooming Neustadter associada. He says, All I know I'm old, and I'm very weak, and I'm feeble, and my wife is old, and she's barren. And I know this. But he says, Well, I'm at Columbus, Ohio, Bishop here, he says, but I have never been unblessed I've never been saddened, I've never lost because I need to talk to you. Anytime I make, do I have to I find blessings, when that can be accomplished up here. So he makes the dry and

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he makes the dry with certainty a lower answer and below blessing the low will give him and a low so don't give him what no one could expect. And sometimes we make two out for people. We think you know, we're making dry with our tongues now with our hearts. You see a brother who's sick or brothers in a wheelchair, he's a male you speak but you you don't think in 100 million years that anything's gonna happen. We see our brothers and sisters in Palestine and India and all these countries and the terrible things that are happening to them and we make to our with our tongues, not with our hearts, we don't think Allah is actually going to do anything for them. That's a

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problem with us. We don't have certainty, nor do we remember them in our day, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala in an instant if you wanted to change our situation, have that certainty and to make that constantly knowing that even if I don't see the drop the answer of the drop the second Allah data, for sure is going to give me blessing from the drive that I'm making. When an Ecuador I cannot be so clear. I have never been unblessed in making brought to you subhanak with an island

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