Concept of God in Hinduism According to the Vedas

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Amongst the scriptures, the most sacred

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they are the Vedas.

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It's mentioned yajurveda chapter 32 was number three, not st Fatima St. Of that God, there is no prathima as I mentioned earlier, prathima as a Sanskrit word, which means an image, an idol, a statue, a painting, a picture, a photograph. So he wrote a chapter number title was number three says, not tested, but the mastery of that God. There is no image there is no idol. There is no statue, there is no picture. There is no painting. There is no photograph.

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It's mentioned that your way chapter number 40 was number eight.

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Almighty God is imageless. NPR. It's mentioned that you'd wait chapter 14 verse number nine and hutmacher Vicente, Yeah, awesome. Whoo, pasty, and that movie darkness, but we shouldn't be Miss entering.

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A summary Samadhi means the natural things like fire, water, air, etc. So, chapter number 40. Verse number nine says they are entering darkness, those who worship the Assam booty, the natural things like fire, water, air, etc. And the worst continues, they are entering more in darkness, those who worship that some booty, those who worship the created things like idols, chair, table, etc. Who says that their job is chapter number 40 was number nine.

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It's mentioned atharvaveda, books number 20. And number 58. mantra number three, they ma See,

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verily, great is Almighty God. And amongst the ways the most sacred is the rigveda.

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It's mentioned degrade book number one, him number 164.

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month number 46. It comes up with Prabhu Dante

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is one God is one. sages and saints call him by a variety of names. And the same message repeated and regretted. Book number 10. him number 114 Mantra number five, that sages and saintly people call God by a variety of names and there are no less than 33 different attributes given to Almighty God in rigveda. Book number two him number one alone.

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One amongst them is mentioned rigveda book number to him number one, month number three, as Brahma Brahma is called

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as the creator.

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It will translate

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into Arabic. It means colleague, we Muslims have got no objection if someone calls Almighty God as colleague or the Creator, but if someone says Brahma is Almighty God has got four heads and on each head is a crown you're giving an image to Almighty God and you are going against so it has a thorough Punisher chapter number four was the 19 received, not tested but the mercy of that God there is no image.

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The other attribute given to Almighty God Nick Wait, book number two, pin number one month number three is Vishnu. Vishnu is called as the Sustainer. The cherisher

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if you translate into Arabic, it's somewhat similar to rubber. We Muslims have got no objection if someone calls Almighty God as Rob or cherisher and sustainer. But if someone says that Vishnu is Almighty God, we've got four hands and one of his right hands. He has the chakra the disk is one of his left hands. He has the conch he's flying on the bird by the name of Garuda, or reclining on a bed of snakes we Muslims take strong objection to it. Moreover, you're giving an image to Almighty God and going against Nigeria with chapter number 32 was the material he says not dusty but the musty of that God there is no image

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it further mentioned in the grade book number eight, him number one manga number one March then Edison said do not worship anyone but him alone. Praise Him alone.

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It's mentioned rigveda book number six and number 45.

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Montana 16. Yeah, it musty he

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brings him alone. And the Brahma sutra of Hinduism is the fundamental treat of Hinduism is a cumbre hum, delta nasty nasty qingshan by one aka Susana, hey,

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Robin here, there is only one God, not a second, not at all, not at all, not in the least bit.

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So if you read the Hindu scriptures, you should understand the concept of God in Hinduism.