Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #008 – FIQH is knowing the lesser of TWO EVILS

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of presenting Islam in a faithful and reassuring way, rather than abandoning people's sin. They also discuss the importance of understanding one's worship and the consequences of it, and how people may need to bring their own experiences and knowledge to the picture. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a good person and not just a booster.
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Tao is tricky because there's a fine line. And there's a balance to be had between presenting Islam in a faithful and unapologetic robust way confident way, and also taking people's life circumstances into consideration. Not everybody has the faith once they see the light, or they convert, or they start practicing to just run away and abandon all of their sin that once in a perfect world we would write, but the reality is that many people don't. And so there's always this question. And it's a judgment call in Dawa and it's a kind of a gray area, when you make things sequential, right? It's like, okay, well, we prioritize, and we take the biggest things first, you know, Aki, the issues,

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you know, obviously, the shahada comes first and everything about your worship and your understanding of who Allah is, et cetera, et cetera, then move down to certain issues, right, that can come later. So sometimes you have to tolerate these things. You know, these are things that we discuss all the time with, with the Anima and Medina, Sheikh Abdullah would always tell the story of where once the the armies, they reached Sham, a certain point in Sham, they ran into some sort of tribal chieftain who he said basically, he's like, I'm not going to convert to Islam unless I get to be the Khalifa after Omar then. So the Muslims were shocked by this. And they wrote back to him on

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the lawn, to see his opinion. And now you and me, I mean, in this modern era, we'd be like, That's crazy, like this person is, you know, watering trying to water down a slime and he's, you know, I don't know, whatever you would call them. The SIM for unfit or whatever. I don't know what the terminology is these days. And I'll modify the other one. He wrote back he said, Tell him you can have it tell him you can have it and then he provided his reasoning. He said, Because if Allah subhanaw data can guide him to the shahada, then Allah subhanaw taala can keep guiding him after that people are in flux, right? People are changing. And so if someone takes the first step who

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knows how many steps they're going to continue to take? I had one professor in Assam University of Medina who used to be involved with if tap used to be, you know, a Mufti right. So he would deal with people and their situations, and he would always tell us a story. He dealt with somebody who you know, they were I think they were a Moroccan working in Spain, a young lady and she worked in an alcohol like factory or something like that. And she said, listen, like my my father wants to go to hajj, he hasn't gone to Hajj, I want to send them on Hajj, but I know that my income is haram, what should I do? And the professor was like, I know the Hadith that you know, Allah Spano. Tata only

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accepts what is pure right and I know that the ruling of this but I also know that the consequences of me telling her that you know, like, this is completely false and unaccepted or whatever might be worse, the consequences might be worse than if they were to go anyway. So what he told her was, he said, listen, pay for your father to go on Hajj, and when he goes and he's patho kava, tell him to make dua for Halal risk, tell him to make dua for pure and permissible income. And this happened so she paid for his Hajj she went on Hajj, he may toe off and he made this dua. Later he she reached out to this professor of mine 10 years later, and she said that because that that dua that he made

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changed their whole life that they were back in a more Islamic environment. They started taking their Deen more seriously. She left her job and got a halal income and all these sorts of things. And he told me he looked me right in the eye and he said, If I had just simply quoted the Hadith to her and told her that this is not acceptable, none of this good would have happened. So sometimes in Dawa, you have to take the long view not all the time, not all the time. There's a time to put your foot down, of course, but this is an area where it takes its Jihad and it takes people with one another with people who are farsighted and weighing the harms and benefits and like Sheikh Abdullah

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used to tell us all the time he said the film is not knowing the halal from the Haram is knowing what is the lesser of two evils. And sometimes people need to be brought along slowly. And this is not an excuse for watering down the deen and not for you know, misrepresenting the deen or anything like this, but this is Dow and this is what real data looks like. And we asked the last panel to audit to make us successful and to give us Delphi

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