Abu Bakr Zoud – Advice at the end of Season 1 of the Shield course

Abu Bakr Zoud
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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam as I told you, there is no rush. Those who are reading that have gotten sober Halal Messiah all of them Alhamdulillah Masha Allah continue in that those who had no clue what of gold or silver walima said, Those who were on and off those who knew half and left half. My advice to you is these four of care that he would have taken focus. Take these full, see them every morning and every evening.

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Don't worry about the rest. If you believe that this is overwhelming, and I'm just going to be saying words not understanding what it is. And you're not going to find that encouragement and motivation than at least for better than nothing, for better than nothing. And we went through some extremely powerful of cow, the Quran will say you don't still farm while smartness for her Maquila and when you ask Allah azza wa jal for the goodness of the day in to protect you from the evilness of the day. stick to that. sha Allah Allah, our next season of explaining the rest of the Afghan will be in a couple of months be if Nila HIDTA Allah find some time to come back. And we'll conduct

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something but by then your project your homework is to memorize these fall to consumers no and what are we that most know us Barnhouse Muhammad Allah and I'm saying I'm so mocha Allah will say you the list of all memorize them, perfect them, learn the meaning understand them, go through all these recordings again, right, every single meaning down, write down. I've sent the handouts and I never saw anything with anyone. National good, because you'll forget Yanni there was some students that would go to Chef de means house and they had questions. And then he would be shocked and surprised. He says to them, didn't you bring the voice recorder with you? They said now Alicia, how are you

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going to connect what I'm going to say to? How are you going to record it may we'll forget that as a result. This is important humbler technologies available today is Allah. Our brother Ahmed has made the effort. We've done all this. Everything's been uploaded all that kind of my recommendation. Sit with you and your family again, maybe yesterday along an hour, 10 minutes, every lesson limit you cut it up 20 minutes, you watch it over the week, every single week, you watch one of them and write down most importantly write down and once you write down, go to your friends, go to your family, whoever it is sit down in a gathering and mentioned these meanings to them. The only way you're

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going to really understand and never forget is to teach. But this is it even if you have to read them to a wall. Record river do whatever it is teach someone teach the wall teach someone talk, talk talk in the deen of Allah subhanahu wa then let a day go by like this you know you're not making any mention of Allah who calling others to Allah azza wa jal. This is the biggest job of a believer to the point where Allah would give this job to Prophets for calling to Allah azza wa jal and the most people that are in need of this are your family or your family and those around you so Pamela and I, I remember watching a clip for our sheriff Sheriff abortion peepee in where he said that the way the

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deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala is overcome is to methods the enemy of Allah, the this they plan to destroy the deen of Allah with two methods. Number one method is

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for the Muslim to

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be distant from knowledge to remain ignorant. The deen of Allah azza wa jal

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big becomes destroyed, who it doesn't destroy Allah azza wa jal would always raise his D. But in the people site when they are ignorant. So he said, these are people that are sleeping in the mornings, eating at night, playing at night, and that's his whole life eating, sleeping, clean, eating, sleeping and playing. That's the pattern. That's the cycle. If he doesn't know his deed, he doesn't know anything about his Deen. And the other way, the silence those who want to preach Allah is Dean see these two things. If the young youth if the young Muslim, that is cycle playing, eating and sleeping, he remains ignorant. And if the call was to Allah remain silent or were silenced? How does

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the deen of Allah spread? How would people know the right and wrong? Will Islam is full of goodness? Well, Islam is full of justice and Islam is the solution to the entire world. How are people going to know about Islam? If the believer remains ignorant about his deen and the one who knows doesn't speak? If the believer remains ignorant, and the one who knows doesn't speak how does the deen of Allah subhanaw taala spread very difficult. Jonnie Ahmed Deedat I still remember Ahmed Deedat. In a clip of his he was asked

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about the deen of Allah and and the slow spread of it. He was

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or something along the lines. He said it's because you people haven't spoken yet. This is why it hasn't reached and this is why people are still absent and kept away from Islam. Because you people haven't opened your mouth yet. This is what he told the crowd that is in front of him. So this is a big job, a big responsibility and it's got a huge reward to it on my national colon in Mandara Illa Allah, there is no one better that would call to Allah azza wa jal, whether it's your family, your friends and anyone it is hold to Allah azza wa jal of Allah azza wa jal, he says, but also in an insane LFV hos in absolute ruin and loss except illa Levina Amazon what Amazon saw they had believe

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and do righteous deeds that's for you what the law so we'll help you with that. Also the salt encouraged and enjoying the goodness and remain patient upon it. And that's $1 in Allah azza wa jal mo ask Allah subhanaw taala to figures and to give us strength and motivation that we carry his message and deliver it to others. It normally with helical powder Allah Who Salam wa Salam o Velyka I don't know if you know Mohammed, one and he he was so big My name is

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