Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 073 Tayammum Hadith 337 344

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of water during prayer is discussed, including the need for everyone to pray together during busy times and the use of water in relation to various narratives and travel experiences. Water is also crucial for religion and money, but traveling long distances is also important. It's important to stay asleep, drink water, and not give up on negative emotions while traveling. It's also important to follow Prophet's teachings and not let things happen in a certain place, being considerate of people who drink, and not let things happen in a certain place.
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Bab a DI m Phil Huberty a demo performing that I am where Phil haver meaning at home when a person is not traveling. How does the opposite off suffers. So, a person can also perform to your mum at home either lemmya Dilma when he does not find water will hoffa and he fears foetus allottee that he will miss the prayer when he Allah alpha and alpha also said the same thing. So basically, what we learn over here is that a person is allowed to do to your mom, not just in suffer, but also in how the not just when he is traveling, but also when he is at home, when in any situation No, in a situation where First of all, he does not find water, he does not have water. And he's afraid that

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if you wait for the water to arrive, or until he can find water than what will happen, he will miss the prayer, the time for the solar will be over. Because sometimes it may happen that in your house or in your neighborhood because of no power or because there's no water supply over there, you actually find no water. So in that situation, what should a person do? Keep waiting for the water to come? No, then he will do his best to find water. But if that's not possible, meaning despite effort, he is not able to find water than what will he do, he will do tomorrow, and he will praise Allah. And secondly, a person will do time at home when when he has water but he is too sick to use

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it. Because if he uses that water, then what will happen? It will harm him, it will either make him sick, or it will aggravate his sickness, it will cause the sickness to continue. So in that situation, What will a person do? He will do them? Because this question came in the Quran in the verse of time and what has been mentioned, several has been mentioned when encounter Marla suffering. But because of that doesn't mean that suffering is the condition. No, it's not a condition for the permissibility of famine. It can also be performed in heaven in certain cases, because the main reason for the permissibility of thymomas Why not being able to use water,

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inability to use water, no matter what situation a person is in inability to use water he's traveling, he can't find water. He's not able to use what is what what will he do? He will defy him or he is sick. He's at home, he has water but he's unable to use what is what's the other option? them or he's at home? He doesn't find water at home, then what's the option diamo. So what's the main reason that permits that allows a person to determine inability to use water not being able to use water, it's not just unavailability, a person may have water available, but he's not able to use it. What he called a thought and a thought said the same thing. And this is the correct opinion.

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Because in the Quran, what does Allah say? He says suffer and then also follow that you do man and if you do not find water, and this is applicable whether a person is at home, or he is traveling. Now this is something that's clear. What about the person who has water, he's not sick, but he fears that if he uses that water to do we'll do our hustle, then what will happen? Focus Allah, the time for that prayer will be over, he will miss that prayer. Why? Because there's only a few minutes left to catch that Salah let's say a person was sleeping, or he had forgotten completely. He didn't realize he hadn't paid us and then all of a sudden he realizes there's five minutes left all right

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or before the show ends because he also ends when this will lay right. So, he feels that if he goes and does will do or takes a bath, then what will happen before he is done the time for Sora will be over. So in that situation is a person allowed to do there is if the law there is difference of opinion. Some scholar said that no, he is not allowed to do. Why? Because he is able to use water. He is still able to use water The water is there he is not sick, he is still able to use water, but then isn't a solid going to end. isn't his Salah going to be lost? Isn't he going to miss it? Well for that the response is chicken was a mean he said that with regard to because the question was

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asked that if a person has to heat water because it's really cold. And if you start heating up that water then he will miss the Salah. He said with regard to heating water if a person has been lazy and got up late from sleeping, and he is afraid that the time will end then what should he do? Should he do to him or should he eat the water the response was that he has to heat the water even if he's afraid that the time will end because if the sleeper wakes up late that

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Time for prayer in his case is when he wakes up from sleep, and not from when the time for that prayer began, because the prophets of Allah sent him said, Whoever sleeps and misses a prayer or forgets it, then let him offer it when he remembers it. So, he is obligated to pray from when, from the moment that he woke up, or from the moment that he remembered. So, even if he misses the prayer, in the process of taking a bath or doing will do he is not at fault. Do you see what I mean? He is not at fault, why? Because he is responsible use mukalla from the time that he woke up, and from the time that he remembered, so this is the reason why they said that no, he still has to do also or

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will do, even if the time for that Salah ends. But other scholars have said that, no, there is a little bit of time only and if he goes on performing woodwind, muslin, he will miss the prayer. So in that case, performing the Salah is more urgent. And when the mom also makes a person forehead, then in that case, he should take advantage of the mom and not miss the prayer. There is a difference of opinion in this matter what color her son and Hudson he said, finma really concerning the ill person concerning the sick person, in the whole man who has water with him, a sick person who has water, and he may even be able to use water in the sense that the use of that water is not

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going to aggravate his sickness, but while I yeji do, but he does not find mn The one who you now we know who who will give him that what he is sick and he cannot find anyone who will actually bring him that water who will give him that water who will help him do will do it with that water. Then such a sick person, what will he do? He or he will do because sometimes a person you know he may be in a hospital All right, he may be in a hospital and the time for Salah comes in and he's not able to even get off his bed. He can't even go to the washroom and he's been asking, you know the nurses for so many things but you know what happens at the hospital that sometimes nurses even don't

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respond to every call? Isn't it they don't respond at every call. If bringing a glass of water for them for you is so difficult you think they will bring a tub of water so that you can do will do and no they won't. And if a person has family members, definitely they should help him if he has friends. They should help him. They should be there to assist him. But sometimes even they're not there. Even they're not there. So in that case, will a person leave the Salah? No he will do to mom and we learned early that if he's not able to they won't even let's say the sheets are absolutely clean. There is no dust that he finds no natural soil material he can find that what will he do? He

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will pray what Aqua and he came if not O'Meara even remotely Allahu anhu min. ago he from his land, build your roof at your place close to Medina. It was a place close to Medina that was used sometimes as a military camp before expeditions. So even Ramona will or knew he had some land over there. So Aquila, he advanced meaning he came back from there he came to Medina. He was on his way to Medina. Then what happened for Hubble I think at the time for us it came when the model by the Nam when he reached MOBA, the non MOBA Nam is also the name of the location. So when he reached this place, the time for us all came in. So what happened even a month for Salah, he prayed Salah,

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meaning with a moon, he prayed his awesome. Then what happened? After that he continued his journey he went back he continued on his way to Medina. So Madonna Medina de and then he entered Medina was shampoo and the sun mozzafiato it was high in the sky. I mean the sun was still there. It had not set yet for them. You're eight but he did not repeat. Meaning he did not repeat the last little prayer. You understand what happened over here. He was on his way to Medina. He stopped at a place where because so Salah started he returned home he performed the Salah, and then he went on to Medina when he reached Medina there was still time for us but did he pray again? He didn't did he do

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will do and pray again? No he did not. So what does this teach us that if a person performs they Amman because he cannot find water and he prays Salah that's perfectly fine even though after some time he finds water because when he reached Medina he found water right he could have delayed his Salah until he reached Medina but he didn't do that he wanted to pray at the right time at the earliest time so that is perfectly correct. So when the time for certain Salah comes in, you do time and you pray after a little while you find water do you need to do will do and pray again repeat that Salah you don't have to repeat that Salah that Salah is valid. Another thing that we learned

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from here is that if a person is traveling, okay if a person is traveling, and he combines the prayers, okay, it's very good.

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He performs a little bit and also together. And you can do that when you're traveling. And he does join our team, meaning he joins us with his or her team like first. So he joins us awake at the time of.

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And then when he reaches his destination, when he ends the journey, there is still time for us to see what I mean, there is still time for us. Does he have to perform his answer again? No, because he already prayed German. Yes, you can do that. There is no harm in that. You can also prayer so that when you reach your destination, that's also possible, but you can also pay your salary in the journey, whatever is more convenient, whatever is more feasible, whatever is more easy, because sometimes it happens that if you feel that, you know, for example, when the time comes in, in the airplane, and you feel that when you will land, there will still be time for us. But what will

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happen when you land, you will have to go through security and immigration and get your baggage and everything. And by the time you get out, you might miss your asset and also your loan. so in this situation, what should you do before you land once the time for Zoho has come in, prays over so together? Even though there's time for us when you land? Because you don't want to miss your Salah. And if you pray already, when you reach that there's still time do you have to repeat? No, you do not have to?

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If they're traveling, if it's a situation of suffer, then in that case, Yes, they can. But if you are in in your city, in your locality and you feel that, okay, you're outside somewhere you don't find water over there in the park. So you say let me just do a moment. Pray over here. No, you're gonna go home to the Buddha and pray. You can join your Isha with Muslim in that situation. Because if you're there by the time you'll get home, you'll be so tired. You won't be able to pray. Then in that situation again, pray with mother. There's no senator.

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Yeah, because a person who is sleeping or person who is unconscious, if they slept through the time of a certain prayer, when they wake up when they regained consciousness, they have to pray. But see the one who is unconscious and the one who is sleeping, they're similar. Just because they were unconscious, or just because they were sleeping and they slept through a certain salad. That doesn't mean that they're forgiven from that prayer. When they wake up. When they regained consciousness they will pray and whenever they're able to they will pray inshallah another Hadees we learned that prophets Allah loves them the companions when they woke up and they realize that the time for that

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Salah was gone, they didn't pray immediately rather they left they traveled for a certain amount of time and then they camped again and then they prayed. So whenever you are able to remember that if you are in the home or in a Masjid, the Salah has begun or the karma has been pronounced and you realize you don't have to do you can't just do for a moment pray them because there is water you have to go do will do or deal with silver or whatever and then you will join the congregation because especially in the huddle, the roles are outside of the masjid even so if you lose that perfect spot, it doesn't matter.

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Yeah, but you have to go and do will do and pray.

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Because remember that when the prophet SAW the loncin and realized that he needed to do whistle, and he wasn't a mustard farmer had been pronounced. The rolls were straightened. What did he do? Does he do time from the wall at the mercy that everybody's standing now so let's just pray No, he went there to go so returned and prayed. No matter how much the crowd is you can still get out. You can still go and especially if there are other standing and you can pass through you can find ways have the thinner you have double Kayden Carla had gotten a laser on jackfruit noodle Bianca and in ology goddess Amira to remain on mo live near Besson, cada Cobell to Anwar de la hypno. Yes, Aaron. So

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remain the molar who is molar freed slave, the freed slave of even adverse libido and who are made. He said that as well too. I advanced meaning I went and now myself where I've the library asset and our beloved ESL was our beloved Vanessa molar, the freed slave of maimunah zoji Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So there are two free slaves. They went together, had that until the HANA Allah a big haymond near harrity IGNOU sigmatic. I'm sorry. So they went to this companion when they got to him for Karla abajo. Hey me. So I will tell him he said, Aqua Nabeel sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came midnight we from

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the direction of bt gentlemen, from the direction of German location, a name of an area. So he came from there he was on his way from there for NACA hora jhulan. So a man met him for Sunday, Mr. Lee, and he said Salaam to him. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was returning from a certain place, and met him on his way. And that man said Salaam to him, fellow euro de la Hina Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the person

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All of our listeners did not respond to him did not return the greeting to him meaning he did not say while a counselor had that until October, Allah, Allah Gee, Daddy, he went towards a wall for muscle, how big were they he and he wiped with that, you know, his face and his hands, meaning he did a mo by using that while he put his hands on the wall, and he did the Mo. Alright, so Medina his Salaam, and then he returned the greeting. So what does it show that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not in a state of full throttle, meaning he was perhaps instead of Geneva at that time, and this is the reason why he did not wish to use to say the name of Allah Salim in that situation. But

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remember that this is Mr. hub. It is better that when a person you know is mentioning the name of Allah, remembering the name of Allah, and he's not in a state of Genova that he is fine. So the prophets are a lot. It's an immediate thing among from what, from a wall? Was he traveling for the traveling? He was in Medina, he was just on his way back. He was not traveling. But what did he do? He did them all. And he responded to the greeting. So what does this teach us that a person can do to mom at home even when there is necessity? But I will tell MIMO hollyanne for houfy even the most I am the person doing Tiger mom, should he blow into his hands meaning when he Pat's his hands on

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the ground, and his hands, get some dust on them? is he supposed to blow on his hands? Because if he will blow then what will happen? The dust will go, it will fly off. So what is he supposed to do? He is supposed to blow what's the evidence had done? Adam Carolla had done a Sherpa to had the sun and hukam uncertain I'm sorry, the name of the document is observed on a V on a journal Rajan in Amara katabi. A man came to urban photography for color. So he said in me a job do I have become Juniper? phenom O'Sullivan, man, and I cannot find water. I cannot reach water. I am in the state of Geneva. I cannot reach water. I don't have it for color model new. Yes, sir. malvani acid. He said, Leo

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Mara, your mother, Bobby, he said to him. And that guru? Do you not remember that Anakin know that we were fee suffering in a journey? I know what under I and you, both of us were on a journey for amantha. As for you or for them to suddenly you did not pray? What am Anna and as for myself, who is saying this? Who is saying this? I'm Albany acid. He said as for me, Fatima aktu. So I rolled over in watch in the mud, meaning I rubbed some mud on myself all over my body, you know, from my head to toe everywhere, and then for sunlight. And then I prayed in that condition for the cultural interviews are the longer that you send them and then I mentioned this to the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam that this is how I purified myself using mud for foreign abuse on a lahardee with them. So he responded that in the mechanic FICO hacker there, that indeed, this would have been sufficient for you. What would have been sufficient for you? He showed he demonstrated further of an abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam a bigger failure of the prophets are allowed Islam struck both his hands on the ground. Were never huffy humor. He blew on both of them. Some members are happy humor. And then he wiped with both his hands which her who is faced with cafe and both his hands. So in this Hades, what do we see that a man came asking are motivated or I know that I am in the state of Geneva, I

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can't find water. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to do time? Or am I supposed to wait until I find water and then I should pray? the opinion of or model that I'm on who was that agenda person cannot perform to him. So in other words, if he doesn't find water, he will not pray. Even if that means he does not find water for a month. He will not pray until he finds water does. And then he will pray. This was his opinion. So Mr. vinyasa he was present when this question was asked, and he said, but don't you remember that incident when both of us were traveling? And both of us needed to take a whistle? You did not pray? Because you were not sure? And I did I am. But how did he

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understand that I am in the case of Geneva as an alternate for whistle that just as you pour water all over your body in Gaza, likewise, you have to rub mud all over your body, if you're doing time woman place of that go. So, so this is what I did. And when I told the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that this would have been sufficient for you what just rubbing on the face in the hands. And in that narration, the word nothing is mentioned that he blew, he blew and this is the evidence remember how he is taking that when a person is doing time on then when he will bat his hands he will blow on his hands. And this is an evidence also

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Dust is not a condition for them. You can do time on from rocks that may have been washed clean by rain, you can still do time with them. Okay, as long as they are, you know if their natural state mean they're not sealed there's no paint on them. And what's the evidence that a person can determine as an alternate for whistle beating to come out of the state of Geneva, in the Quran, Allah says Allah Mr. manisa right that is mentioned along with the Mona Lisa or you have had contact with your women and what that refers to is sexual impurity. So, in that situation also a person will do

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that at a moment in which he will have Fany they are more for the face and the hands meaning when a person is doing time he will only rub on his face and his hands This is legit. And this is enough. This is why I do meaning it is mandatory, the hands and the face both have to be rubbed over. If a person does not wipe on his face, is this mmm complete. No, if a person does not wipe on his end is this time complete, no, both are necessary. This is what I do. And it is enough it is sufficient. Meaning he does not need to wipe over his arms. He does not need to wipe over his head or over his feet. No it is not necessary. Whether that is being done in place of Voodoo, or in place of was

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regardless of whether a person is coming out of minor impurity or major impurity had the thinner hijab called a foreigner Sherpa to burn in * come on Zarin Ansari, the knee of the Romanian observe an OBE Kala Ananda he said that Amar said this what that attempt only what you will find that there is only for the face and hence not more than that not beyond that. One of our share of a tomb and Java, he struck via deal with both his hands the ground, some dinner home and then he drew both of them close at dinner. The word dunya is also from the same route. He drew them both near Minh Fie his mouth so both his hands he pat them on the ground, and then he drew them close to his

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mouth. And then some members of Howard who then he wiped his face and then work afraid and both his hands so the face first and then the hands will call and not through another set of burnisher but to Anil hakomi Paris America they'll run your photo and evening of the recommended me observed by the hacker moussaka, Maritza, who may live near Romania and Avi kala, kala Amar. So another narration basically. So in this also, what do we see that based on the narration of our mouth, well below are new in terms of what has to be done. The wiping of the face and the hands had the carbon carbohydrate and sugar, butter and egg Come on doesn't live near

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me observe Avi unknown shahida O'Meara that he was present? Where Omar was he witnessed or look, we'll call it over Amar. And our mom said to him could Nafisa de 18 we were in a city? Yeah, what is the city you

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an expedition on which the companions went, but the Prophet said a lot of them did not go. The expeditions in which the prophets or a lot of them participated, what did they call what was

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happening then both of us became general. And in that situation, what did I do? I the time in the manner that he had described earlier Wakanda and the narrative he said tafolla FEMA, he tafolla tafolla means to blow but as a person blows there's also a little bit of script that comes out so it is the spittle like.

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Okay, one is

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and the other is,

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you understand? So, when he showed them what did he do?

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So tafolla nefa what's happening blowing? The same thing? Had the Mohammed look at a hora Sherpa and then how come I have never met him he observed on our demand calacatta model your model or model sector Roma, the mark two that I rolled over in mud, I rubbed it on myself a Dayton obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have a call. I came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said you know what you woke up. And in another nation we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the face and the hands will be sufficient for you, meaning wiping them was enough. Had the thinner Muslim had the finisher button and hakama underdone man and man, Father Shaheed to a model for Canada who was a

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soccer meaning he narrated that Hades continues, Hadassah, Mohammed Abu Bashar para hacer una Wanda hadis uninsurable to Anil hakama Angelina and habanero recommended me observe abhi para cada neuron suburban abuso de la hora de you send them a big deal out but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam struck the earth with his hands from us or how would you look at it. Then he wiped his face and his hands. So all of these various chains, all of these various narrations they basically narrate the same incident. Okay of ama well below our new of our model below our new author, journey.

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And how both of them, you know responded differently. And the answers the Prophet sallallahu Sallam give, and in this Hadees from this incident, basically what we learn is that their mom is done in place of judo. And also in place of both. Also, we learned that in time of wiping the face and the hands once is sufficient. And we also learned that a person may be extra hidden meaning he may come to an opinion based on his understanding to the best of his capacity, his research, and he may even make a mistake in that, like our model didn't work.

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Right, both of them were not sure as to what to do a model that I knew, he said, you do tell him for will do. You can do Timon Ferguson as well. Allah says Allah, Mr. Musa, and then for will do, you wipe over the face in the hands, but for most of you have to wash the entire body. So I'm going to rub mud all over my body. That's what he did. But look at how you can say how determined he was to obey Allah, that even if it means that you're rubbing mud all over yourself, you have to do it. Right. He didn't say that. But I'll get all dirty, all dusty. No, he understood that that's what you have to do. So he did it. Yes, he was wrong in his understanding. But that's what he understood. And

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he didn't find it hard to do it. But sometimes we find it hard to do even tail movement. We think for dust on my face. I have a dust allergy. And I'll start sneezing and this will happen and that will happen. That how respectful they were of one another that our model did or No, he didn't contradict or model Danone that no, you are wrong. He said, I'm not as good. Don't you remember when that incident happened? I look at how respectful he was in the way that he addressed or want to lead or who and he reminded him giving the benefit of the doubt that the other person can forget. He can also make a mistake. So reminding him, so this is what you do you get your hands on the ground or

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whatever material that you're using, it could be rock, so you rub your hands on them. And then what do you do you draw them close to your mouth? Why? Because you're going to blow, okay, you blow a little bit of spit comes out, doesn't come out doesn't matter. But the point is that you have to blow then what do you do? You wipe on your face, okay? And that means that you have to go to the tip of the forehead. Okay, from one year to the other, this whole area, and then the bottom of your chin. That's it. Okay, so why and then what do you do? You wipe over your hands.

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This is terrible. Okay. But uh, sorry to play you pure Earth, clean soil, it is wearable Muslim. wearable. What does that mean? Remember, there's a difference between the words wearable, and we'll do we'll do is a, it's a means of purification. Right. So it's the water that is used for purification. So it's a means of purification will do is the act of will do and will do is the water that you use for purification. So it's a means of purification. So sorry, that you will do will Muslim me yet fee him in Alma it will suffice and from water meaning if he has three to four year from which he is doing thiamin, then he doesn't need water. Obviously, he will do thiamin when he

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cannot use water, right when he cannot use water whether that water is not available or he is sick. But the point here is that when a person does stay at home, then he is clean, he should not feel that he has a lesser level of purification. A person should not feel that he is dirty, that he is unclean. He has a complete level of purification, because they are mom is what it is.

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It is something that purifies a person, it cleans a person, it removes the impurity from a person. So in other words, it removes headers completely. It removes headers completely, just like water does. But remember, you might think that washing yourself with water or cleaning yourself with water is better than feeding yourself with money. I mean, the question comes that when you're feeding yourself with money, I mean, you're not really cleaning, you're not really cleaning. So it's not just about cleaning. It's the method that Allah subhanaw taala has taught, because water also a person can use it, a person can wash himself with it, but if he does not perform will do like will

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do is to be performed. Can you call all that washing will do. You can't? You can't call that will do. So, what is more important,

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the method that Allah subhanaw taala has taught for obtaining purity, whether it is through using water or it is the womb using soil. Because remember that it's basically a spiritual state, a person's body maybe 30 clean, very clean. But when he asked to pray, he has to do with him. right he has to do will do. So the objective of will do is not merely the huddle, okay. It's not merely a thought it's more than that. So in dialogue

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Yes, you may still have some impurity on the body. But what can you do? You can't do much. So then you will do them. And in the Quran what is the last palisade? With regards to the mo? That may you read the La Jolla, drala alikum and halogen Where can you redo leotta Hara comb? He intends to purify you. So thermo purifies a person, it's not a lesser level of purity, when a person does stay at home he is completely pure inshallah he is thought his alright. And this means that if a person performs the emblem, then he can pray. He can do everything that a person can will do. Okay, he can do everything that a person can in the state of Florida. Likewise, if a person does time for

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nothing, then can he brief out with that time Yes, he can.

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Yes, he can. He can join you know various types of good deeds together as well. Well, Carl has a new and hasn't he said has anniversary. You'd see over time Momo Malamute this huge Zoo it will suffice him it is enough for him What?

00:31:07 --> 00:31:55

Time is enough for a person madam? Yeah, this as long as he does not have happiness, what is happiness, something that causes the Buddha to become invalid. So something that breaks we'll do something that requires you to do will do to pray or requires you to do whistle in order to pray. So, just like when you have will do it is enough, it is perfectly fine. Until you have had a likewise when a person does stay alone, it is valid until he has had so this means that a person can perform multiple prayers with one time as well. You understand he can pray multiple prayers with one time as well. It doesn't need to perform timing for every Salah as long as there was no hiding in

00:31:55 --> 00:32:36

the middle. A person can pray his nephew he can pray his fault he can bring his son all with one time as long as there was no hazard in the middle. Yes when he finds water because Allah Subhana Allah says fathom that you do man right so when you find water then what do you have to do? You have to do will do anti mo but for which Salah for the following Salah you don't have to repeat the prayer that you performed with them for the following Salah you will do will do or will so whatever is necessary because now you are why'd you do the math you have found water with that they will you can but once you break that thing, okay once you break that there mom, and then the time for the

00:32:36 --> 00:33:28

next Allah has come in, then you want to time again What will you do? We will do will do also whatever that is required. What I'm Abner Besson, and even our personal data on who he ama, what does it mean by ama meaning he led in prayer, he led people in prayer, well, who am with a man while he had done time on himself. So in other words, with time a person can do everything that the person can with his data is complete. And, in particular, over here, this incident, we learned that he led those people in prayer, who had done Voodoo he had done but the people praying behind him, they had done will do but still he left them in prayer. Why? Because what qualifies a person to be a man, his

00:33:28 --> 00:34:17

widow as opposed to the mo no, it is knowledge of the Quran. Right? So based on that he led people in Salah he hadn't done but the other people had done. We'll do we'll call him Mr. Eden and you're having to say he said lab said the celerity there is no harm in performing this Allah, Allah sobre hottie en Sabah what I am moomba and performing thermo with it what is Subbu Subbu is basically salty land on which nothing grows, nothing grows. So you can see that there is hardly any dust on it even. Okay, it's not sand. It's not my that will fall apart. It's salty. So you can do time with it. Why? Because you can do time on with all kinds of sorry, as long as it is for you have meaning by

00:34:17 --> 00:35:00

hit and you can also press on it. What's the evidence of all this? had the time who said they don't have Mr. Eden or had the Santa Clara had the Santa Rosa in on Emraan Cora he said conahey suffering we were on a journey. Martin Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in there and indeed we a strainer we were traveling when in the night is through Night Journey. So we were on an expedition with the profit zone of autism and we were traveling in the night had that until could now we were fee after delay in the last part of the night. So we had entered the last part of

00:35:00 --> 00:35:51

The night when we entered that part of the night then what happened? Well, Carina, we stopped walkathon a stop, meaning we stopped. Why in order to rest while our partner and he says and there is no stop, that is sweeter, or in the MOU safaree do the traveler mainhand Bennett. Why? Why is this the best stop? Why is is the best time of rest. Because if you've been traveling all night, and the last part of the night, if you stop, if you get to your bed, if you get home, if you reach home at that time, and you get to sleep, that sleep, that rest is the best sleep that you can have. Why? Because it is deep, you don't hear anything, you don't know what's going on. You just lost you're

00:35:51 --> 00:36:33

just out basically. And when you're out, then people are trying to wake you up and you don't hear anything. So many things happen but you have no idea. So he's referring to the deep sleep that the people had fallen into fun I call one and then nothing woke us up in that except however Shams the heat of the sun, what does that mean? That the sun was not about to rise did not just rise, but it had risen for quite a while it had risen for quite a while which is why it was hot. And because of the heat of the sun. The people woke up so that meant they miss their

00:36:34 --> 00:37:02

budget what can and he was a one of the first one who managed stapler The one who woke up the first person to wake up full and and was so and so. so merciful and then so and so person so muffuletta and then so and so person, you send me him about a jet about a jet, the narrator he would name them when he would narrate this had these. But fantasy are often but the other narrator What happened? He forgot the names. Some are more

00:37:03 --> 00:37:04

than normal.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:41

I knew he was a fourth one to wake up. Okay, so you remember the fourth one, but not the first three? What kind of abuse along where do you send them and the prophets are about to send them either now, when he would sleep lamb you call he would not be woken up with a call and you would think them to be awake. So yeah, can What does it mean? Yeah, can someone who is awake? So let me move up, he would not be woken up nobody would wake the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he would be sleeping had that until he akuna he would be who he is. I mean, until he woke up himself.

00:37:42 --> 00:38:17

Why? The unknown because indeed we learn a theory. We did not know May I do so what was happening level for him fino me in asleep. Because remember that even the dreams of the prophets, what are they? What a revelation. So I would have so much respect for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that perhaps he is receiving what he when he's sleeping, you know, we should not disturb asleep. Otherwise, we might be interrupting the revelation. So this is the reason why they would not wake him up when he would be sleeping. So nobody woke him up. But what happened for them mistake alarm. But when I woke up,

00:38:18 --> 00:38:56

and he saw may have saw the NES, what had befallen the people, what the people were suffering from that they had realized that you know, everyone has missed the budget for that everyone has missed it. Then what happened? What kind of budget and jelly then and he was a man who was delete. Delete means someone who has studied or we some someone who's strong and very, you know, intense, you know? So he was jellied who kind of Roger Angelina. And so what happened for kabara he said to me, he said Allahu Akbar, and he didn't just say Allahu Akbar, slowly or very softly rather one of our our soldier who beat up beat he raised his voice with the queen, he started out very loud from us.

00:38:58 --> 00:39:37

And he did not stop saying that we were Pharaoh salto. And he was constantly saying it out loud. With that we he was raising his voice with it that we had that until his fateful night he woke up. He saw it because of his voice, who and abused sort of earlier said of the prophets of the lions, because their motto or new one of the prophets that allows him to wake up, he wouldn't go and say, wake up, please. No, a sinner Warlick, wake up please. No, he wouldn't do that. rather he created some noise. He said Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar out loud. And he kept saying it until the profits are allowed isn't a walker. Now furama stapler. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam woke up Chateau la he

00:39:38 --> 00:39:50

they complained to him and Larry asaba home that which had befallen them further, he said lobbies no harm are liable. It's okay. If the halo travel.

00:39:51 --> 00:39:52

Look at the response.

00:39:54 --> 00:39:55

What do we say

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

that you slept to yourself?

00:40:00 --> 00:40:48

shaitan peed on your head. That's true, right? But we say such things to one another, or we get angry. That how lazy are you? And why didn't you set the alarm? You're so irresponsible. We say this to ourselves even. So what happened? He said, If the Hulu travel, move on, don't stay here. Let's go for the Hello. So he traveled for Sarah and he traveled layover either not too far. salmonella, then he listened. Then he stopped further bill web UI. So he called for well do the water for performing we'll do fatawa so he performed we'll do one udia seletti and that's what I was called out, meaning the Adhan was pronounced for solemnise and then he prayed with the people, filament and when in fact

00:40:48 --> 00:41:07

Allah, he was done means allottee from his prayer, either Whoa, all of a sudden he was graduating with a man worth visiting was one aside, let me suddenly my uncle who had not prayed with the rest of the people. When he finished his prayer, he saw there was a man who was sitting on the side who had not prayed with everybody.

00:41:08 --> 00:41:17

Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him moment Erica Poulin what stopped you also in so unto solimar account that you pray with the people meaning Why didn't you pray with everybody?

00:41:18 --> 00:41:37

Allah He said I saw Bethany Jenna button Genova came upon me meaning I was in a state of sexual impurity, whatever and there was no water cycle. So therefore I did not pray. Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said he could read for in New York feek

00:41:38 --> 00:41:46

than on you is sorry, meaning take benefit from sorry, from soil for in New York feet, that is enough for you. Meaning you do time.

00:41:47 --> 00:42:25

Okay, do time and pray like that. Some of us out on abuse are Allahu alayhi wa sallam, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam continued the journey, foster care, so he complained lie to him. And now so the people min and apalachee out of thirst, they were so thirsty. So they complained to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So what happened? Fenella so the prophets have a lot of them stopped again. And then further foolin, and then he called so and so can you send me Abuja in Nigeria who opened same story a village that would remember the name but he forgot what are the yen and he also called it so he called two men one men then he couldn't remember his name but the other man was who

00:42:25 --> 00:43:04

argued over for Carla so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said it however both of you go from Alma and both of you go find water seek water from protocol so they both went on for the lock buyer and they both met him or attend a woman bainer mazet attaining between Masada Thane Oh suddenly heading mazet attain so they have been what are these water bags? Okay bags that are used for carrying water. Okay, these days you have bottle Think of it like a hot water bottle. So it was made of leather. And people would use it to to to store water or to transport water. Even today sometimes if you go to a well

00:43:05 --> 00:43:10

okay, you will see like a leather pouch another bag kind of a thing with which people pull water out of a well

00:43:11 --> 00:43:49

in order to the mosquito. But remember that this is different because it is it is sealed from the mouth. So meaning it has an opening in the mouth that you can close. And it has an opening on both sides at the top and also at the bottom. Because at the top Why? Because perhaps it's bigger, you can fill it with water, okay from there and at the bottom Why? So that you can open and let the water out easily. Okay, so it has two modes. So this woman was sitting between two bags of water I love buried in the house on a camel of hers. So she was sitting on a camel. And on both sides. There were water bags hanging for cola. So they both said to her Anan metal where's the water? Meaning

00:43:49 --> 00:44:41

Where are you coming from? How far is the water on and she said it means my time with the water MC yesterday How do you Sarah? this hour. What the statement means is that this time yesterday, I got water and since then I've been traveling. So it's basically 24 hours away from here. The water is how far from here 24 hours away from here. Wonderful Mona and our people the rest of our family or you can say group who do fun once behind meaning I'm here but my my people are coming behind. They're also coming with water color. They both sent her to her in philosophy then go on then pilot she said IRENA Where were you telling me to go because I said to her okay go on. So she said where

00:44:41 --> 00:44:53

Allah devoted either Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam Pilate, she said, Allah Do you call the hasami? That man who is called a father, who is a father,

00:44:54 --> 00:44:55

a Serbian

00:44:56 --> 00:44:59

what was the understanding of the Arabs who was a Slavic a person who has

00:45:00 --> 00:45:29

left the religion of his people of his forefathers. Right So you said that man who was called a Soviet Allah they said who Allah Vitara Nina he is the one whom you mean turning from urine from meaning Okay, thorny meaning Yes, he is the one you mean meaning Yes, that person whom you are referring to. So in other words, they did not affirm that yes, that Savi nor did he say no, but they just said he has the one whom you mean, family, so go on.

00:45:30 --> 00:46:17

We have so they both brought her Elena beistle Allahu alayhi wa sallam had the Tamil Hadees and they told him the whole story. Honestly, he said, first stanza knew her. So bring her down, unburied her from her camel, meaning let her come down. welcome her. What I never use of the language and you send her Bina in and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called for a container. So that woman she got off her camel the prophets Allah has called for a container for fun rather fee. Then he poured in it min of where him as a detainee from the mouths of the water bags with Sophie had a knee. So basically what he did was that he asked for a container of vessel and he poured a little bit of water from

00:46:17 --> 00:47:05

those bags into the container. And then what did he do? What Alka of wahama he set aside some water in a container. And then he died oka from wicker he died of word of mouth the mouth of those bags. So in other words, he closed them what up law? But he untied from it luck for that, because what to untie a knot right? So up law he untied Allah zelly the bottom mouth, so basically the mouth of the bags that were at the bottom, he opened those. So the top ones he poured water out from any close them. And then the bottom ones, he opened them up. Why? Because a little bit of water would trickle down from there would come out from there. It's like opening a tap. In other words, okay, so like a

00:47:05 --> 00:47:52

little bit of water was coming because if you open a bigger mountain, what will happen? All the water will come out at once and be finished right? So he opened up the smaller ones, the bottom ones, and then what happened when new definisi and the announcement was made in the people who drink was stuck out and give to drink, drink yourselves and also give water to drink to who do your animals drink yourselves and feed your animals festival calm and share. So whoever wanted he drank was the farmer. And he wanted to feed his animals. He did that. What can he do that? And the last of that was an alpha that he gave a linear solver to Genova to the man who was in the state of Geneva,

00:47:52 --> 00:47:57

the province of a lot of them gave to him in a in a container of water

00:47:58 --> 00:48:06

parlor and he said to him, it helped go for a thrill or a lake and pour it on yourself meaning go and take a bath.

00:48:07 --> 00:48:11

Why? And she was mean that woman was important. She was standing

00:48:12 --> 00:48:34

she was looking ILA may you find to be marry her? what was being done with her water? That water that was so precious 24 hours away. And here and announcement is made drink and give to your animals to drink. And then Amanda's told go bathe yourself. So she's standing there watching what's going on with my water.

00:48:35 --> 00:49:21

What are you most likely or Wei mala II? This is basically awesome. It's from your mean from your mean? Amen. Okay, and that has been abbreviated to ame or Wayne. So way more light by Allah La the cochlea and it was returned to her What in the Who? And indeed it led you hide yellow elaida you hide yellow from thinking okay from assumption that it appeared to us. We thought when we saw it, it appeared to us that another indeed it a shadow mill at a minha it was more in mill at an infill means the water bags when they were returned to her. It seemed that they were fuller than before hanging up further afield compared to the time when he began from them.

00:49:22 --> 00:49:29

Okay that they seem to be fuller than before. Despite the fact that so many people had used that water for drinking and for washing

00:49:30 --> 00:49:41

for automobiles that Allah whoever you send them to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it Marula gather for her meaning collect different things for her we have to give her something because we used her water.

00:49:42 --> 00:49:59

So we have to give her something so each Marula gather together something for her for Gemma. Ooh. So they gathered law for her Min vainio edge within from between ardua where the Pisco ardua the best kind of date the peacock flower. And so we've got so we learned earlier about this

00:50:00 --> 00:50:02

I told you in detail so we have what is it

00:50:04 --> 00:50:46

like crushed grain okay that is used for drinking as well that you mix water in it you can make cereal out of it's it's very beneficial so basically they gave her cereal you can say okay multipurpose you they gave her dad's flour and cereal. So many different things happen until Gemma Allah health Armand they gathered for her lots of food for Dr. Lu heffy celban they put everything in a cloth and then Warhammer luhur Oliver area and then they helped her family who had they loaded it. Okay meaning they loaded that so with everything in it, I never really had on her camel. So they help her up on the camel. They helped her stuff up on the camel, well while they are sober, and they

00:50:46 --> 00:50:59

place the soap that cloth with all the food veiny they have before her in front of her. So when she was sitting there put the bag the cloth full of food in front of her so that she feels Yeah, this is mine.

00:51:00 --> 00:51:26

Part of the hat the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to her that Amina you know that man was it now we did not reduce it means nuts. We did not reduce me Maliki from your water shade and anything you know that we have not reduced your water at all. Not even a little bit. we're lacking the law. But Allah who led us on, he is the one who gave us to drink.

00:51:27 --> 00:51:44

This is all he said to her for her. So she came to her people. What are the opposite on him and she was kept away from them. Because helps us what to do restraint. So she was restrained from them. Because remember that she was on her way home and her people were behind her.

00:51:45 --> 00:52:33

Now she came here the people went home, and she wasn't there. And she was kept away from them. She wasn't allowed she wasn't able to go home. So although they said mahabis akia kulana do What kept you away also and so she said olahraga amazing, something astonishing, something amazing, lovely Neela juliani do two men met me further by the end and they took me in I have led to this man whom you call the vasavi who is called a Savi for foreign al Qaeda worker. So he did such and such for Allah He so by Allah in no indeed he the US how nasty. He is the most strongest of people in magic. Men veiny heavy, we're heavy. between this and this. We're caught up and she said meaning she

00:52:33 --> 00:53:21

indicated with us bury her with two of her fingers, which ones and was thought the middle one was savetti and the pointer finger. So she pointed with both her fingers. Okay, and she said baina Heidi what had he thought of I told her so she lifted both of them. It was summer to the sky dhania summer when she meant the sky and the earth. So basically, she said that he is the strongest in magic of all people between this and this meaning you can't find any person who is like him in magic. This is what she said oh or in a hula suit ally happen? Or he is surely the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam in truth meaning either use a messenger or he is the strongest magician. He's the most

00:53:21 --> 00:53:22

powerful magician

00:53:23 --> 00:53:33

for Canada Muslim moon for the Muslims. They would burn erotica after this incident, Yuliya Runa they would use Luna What does the Luna mean?

00:53:34 --> 00:53:52

You Leona is basically to keep one's horses away from somewhere in battle. So in other words they would avoid so they would avoid our lamb and holler her on those who are around her men and wish to gain from them which Leakey

00:53:53 --> 00:54:12

meaning if the Muslims ever attacked that area, or they had a fight in that area or anything, then what would they do? They would always avoid her area. Meaning not just her but also the people who are around her. Whenever you see buena and they would not attack a sigma, the tents and lady here

00:54:13 --> 00:54:52

that she was from because this was somewhere in the desert, right? So if ever there was an attack over there, they would never ever attack her family, her people, they would always fear them for all that. So she said this woman she said Yeoman one day she said leave Omaha to her people. Now, I don't see I don't think that under her or that encounter that these people either own or come they leave you're on them deliberately. after they leave you deliberately meaning there has to be there is a reason why they're sparing you. It's not just like that for hanekom. So do you have Phil Islami in Islam meaning to have any interest in Islam? I mean, come on, these people are respecting you so

00:54:52 --> 00:54:59

much. They're not harming you at all. So what happened for Allah so they obeyed her for the holidays.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:04

And they all entered in Islam, they all became Muslim.

00:55:05 --> 00:55:06


00:55:07 --> 00:55:20

long Hadees, but full of many, many lessons. But basically the reason why I'm Buhari has quoted this hadith is to prove that what's the name of the bat that a serie the player will do and Muslim female?

00:55:21 --> 00:55:56

That pure Earth clean soil is the means of purification for the believer. And it's a fight isn't from water. Because the prophets are allowed us and until that man who was you know, that you should have prayed? How, after doing that would have been sufficient for you, that would have been enough for you? What are some of the things that came to your mind? This is all my risk? I got it. If I gave it to you, what about my kids? What about my lawn? What about my arranging my money? What about my stuff, but panela Look at that, if you did for sake of Allah subhanaw taala

00:55:57 --> 00:56:27

that woman didn't really have an option here because two men are taking her she wasn't given a choice. But obviously, there were Muslims, and they would treat her in the best way. And they wouldn't when you throw them on her. And if water was taken from her, she was also given something back in return, and her water was not reduced. But we see that if a person has earned something too hard work through so much effort, 24 hours, and that's what you get, do bags of water. And if there's somebody in need, and you help them, Allah will not deprive you, you will be given something in return as well.

00:56:34 --> 00:57:13

So many people saw that hardship. faced, like that 24 hour, it became the biggest source of blessing for her. Yes, we see that dow is in different ways directly and also indirectly, silent way over here, the companions, they didn't ask, Are you Muslim or not? And why are you calling the prophets of Allah Azza masabi you know, nothing like that. They just said, Yeah, you know, the one whom you meet, and then they used her water, but they gave her something better. The problem is that a lot is assured here, look, we have not reduced any of your water. And then the attitude of the companions changed towards those people that this woman, we used her water, we saw the miracle of the Prophet

00:57:13 --> 00:57:22

sallallahu Sallam with her water. So they kind of respected her because of that. And as a result, she embraced Islam and so many other people embrace this.

00:57:24 --> 00:58:03

I was thinking about how long she travel. And we have here in cafeteria water for 25 cents. That's why the water is everywhere. When we look around when everybody go home, sometimes I stay late, me and my friend. And then I see water bottles everywhere. And I feel like really this is not right. because water is 25 cents, they made it make it easy for you not to just leave it everywhere. The Companions, they could have really taken the water from her and just left her there and taking their word but Subhanallah they were just in their nature that they wanted her to get that award. They didn't do anything until the decoded the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they told him the whole

00:58:03 --> 00:58:36

situation the waters 24 hours away. And this woman has two water bags, what should we do? So the profits or losses and decided what should have been done? The other thing I was thinking sometimes we're embarrassed to ask somebody for something when somebody else needs it. So over here, like you see, they had no embarrassment whatsoever. They're like, Okay, take it to that person over there. And the other thing was, even afterwards, you see that they're, they're being so kind to her, there was no command from the Prophet says that I'm to do this, they took this initiative themselves. So that I found amazing. Going back to the beginning of the incident, we have only a few minutes left,

00:58:36 --> 00:59:02

I'd like to give you the main lessons. Definitely there are many lessons that can be learned. First of all, we see that when people are traveling in the night, going back to the beginning, right? That journey is very difficult. And finally, when they stop to rest for the rest of the night that rest and sleep is the best, which is why people will have very deep sleep very comfortable sleep. Now at this point, the companions could have been told to stay awake until further pray and then sleep.

00:59:03 --> 00:59:40

But given their situation, they have been traveling all night. This journey was not a vacation was not for enjoyment. You know, it was an expedition it was war expedition. So it was exhausting. That journey itself was very tiring. And then on top of that the last part of the journey was even more difficult because of traveling in the night. And then when they stopped, they were not told no, you stay awake until you pray fudger and then sleep. No, they were allowed to sleep the prophets of Allah to them himself slept. Obviously, when you will sleep at that time you have the intention to wake up. Alright. And you have, you know, set the means you have the means to wake up. So for

00:59:40 --> 00:59:59

example, you set the alarm clock, or you have you know, you tell somebody please wake me up. But sometimes what happens despite effort, you're not able to, you're not able to. Now remember that this is not something that was a habit of the companions that they would sleep through their budget. No. This was something that happened rarely, rarely. So

01:00:00 --> 01:00:18

If because of human weakness, if this does happen that once or twice, sometimes if a person does lead through the Salah, then don't be too hard on yourself. When you are missing your prayer every other day, once every week,

01:00:19 --> 01:00:27

mostly throughout the summer, then definitely be hard upon yourself. Do something physically, mentally, spiritually, prepare yourself to wake up.

01:00:29 --> 01:00:33

But if it's a rare occasion, if it does happen, then remember that you are a human being as well.

01:00:34 --> 01:00:43

Just like the prophets otherwise, and it was just like the companions were, but also question yourself, always analyze that why did I sleep through my Salah?

01:00:44 --> 01:01:25

Was it really physical fatigue? Or was it my irresponsibility, and if someone does sleep through, then please say something nice to them. Unless they have developed a habit and they need like a push or a you know, they need to be shaken out a little bit so that they realize what they're missing on. That's a different case. But if you know it has happened all of a sudden without any intention, not deliberately at all, then in that case, be easy because the prophets have a lot of them look at the easy words that he said. In the Quran. Allah says welcome Islam ethylenically that established the prayer lyrically at my second meeting when you remember. So a person is forgiven until he is

01:01:25 --> 01:02:04

sleeping, and until he remembers but once he wakes up once he remembers, then he has to perform the Sunnah. Now the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he commanded the people to move on. He didn't tell them okay, immediately, what are you waiting for? What are you arguing about? Get up and pray? Come on. So so and so pronounced he, as I know, this was not done? What were the people told? Let's go, it's okay. Let's go. Why? Let's go. Because when you move on from there, first of all, when you go, then, you know you leave those arguments behind. This was in the habit of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when people were being very sensitive and touchy, then what would he tell the people? Let's go

01:02:04 --> 01:02:05

travel. Remember what happened at the book.

01:02:06 --> 01:02:42

It made them travel for so long, because when I 15, we're doing so many things to create discord between the Muslims. So he told them, let's go Keep going, keep going. So over here, also, he told him, let's go. Also in the way of Muslim we learned that he said for in the header, Manson habarana, he shaped on that in this place, Japan was there with us. This is why we missed our prayer. So we're not going to pray here with shavon, one against us. Let's go away from here and pray somewhere else. So after a short while they camped again and they prayed over there. In another Hadees. Another narration of Buddha would we learn that he said that the holder of mechanical morality or solid

01:02:42 --> 01:03:07

configure that move on from the place where lafleur overcame you. So remove yourself from there. And this is something very important that if you feel you're missing your Salah, because you are sleeping in a certain place, or sleeping in, you know a certain type of environment, or eating something that's making it difficult for you to wake up or sleeping at a time that's making it difficult for you to wake up, then do something to change that.

01:03:08 --> 01:03:47

Do something to change that I know of a person sleeps on the floor deliberately so that they can wake up and go to the masjid. Because as they say, that is the sleep on the bed. They're just too comfortable. They're too comfortable, they cannot wake up. Likewise, if your bed is too soft, too cozy, your pillow is too cozy, it makes it impossible for you to wake up, then please go get a hard mattress, do something that will help you wake up easily. Don't make your bed too comfortable, that every time you fall into it, you're gone. Don't make your sleeping place in a place of law don't have to be a place of law. Because we see that a place where there are pictures, their images, and

01:03:47 --> 01:04:11

what happens angels don't come there. So if there are such things in your room in your house, then it is not going to come there. So then how will you wake up. So always check what happened, what went wrong, and fix that mistake so that it doesn't happen again. Then we also learn over half the profits or losses, and I'm the leader, he appointed the companions to go and find

01:04:12 --> 01:04:49

the water. So likewise, the leader can appoint people with whatever work that he finds necessary for the rest of them to go in search of water or to to get wood, you know, he can distribute the tasks basically. Then we also learned here about the miracle of the prophets on a lot of seminary, that this was basically a miracle that there was limited water in those saddlebags. But yet, so much water came out so many people used. And yet the original amount was not reduced. It only increased. If you think about the profits or the loss and could have prayed to Allah for rain, that it will lessen rain upon us so that we can use it. And this is what we do. We don't do anything ourselves.

01:04:49 --> 01:04:59

And we just say that Allah should help us Allah should help us. Right? We expect that Allah should help us and we shouldn't have to do anything. But the prophets are the laws and I'm sent to people go find water

01:05:00 --> 01:05:44

You have to adopt the means yourself and the help of Allah will come and then miracles will happen, amazing things will happen. And then we also see over here that the Prophet sort of all of a sudden gave the water to the junior person that go and fulfill who already pour it on yourself. Based on this hadith scholar said, that the hustle for Geneva, it is sufficient that a person pours water on himself 30, making himself wet, that is enough. If he has done that he is clean, obviously has an intention to clean himself. So in other words, it's not necessary to follow a certain procedure, it is best it is. Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did that, we see that the Hadees that's what

01:05:44 --> 01:06:23

the narrate a certain method of performing the hustle. However, if a person is not able to follow that method, or he forgets, you know, you have the intention to take the whistle. But as you're taking the whistle, after the whistle, you realize, Oh, I didn't, you know, wash my, you know, myself in that method I didn't do I didn't do before I poured water on my body, or I didn't wash my head before, you know, I poured water in my body, or I didn't do clean, I love the hair. So don't think that your hosel is invalid, it is still valid, it is still valid. Why? Because the profit or loss of them said, I flew for it on yourself that look at the kind of words they said to that woman,

01:06:23 --> 01:07:06

you know that we did not reduce your water, so that she doesn't go with any bad feelings. And also, we learned a very important lesson that when we benefit from someone, even if we have not harm them in any way, but still, we have benefited from them. So what should we do, we should benefit them in return, the water was not reduced for her at all, but still the profits or the loss and all the people give something to gather up for her. And they gave her the best different kinds of food, and especially thinking that she had to travel 24 hours to get water. And they lived in tents in the middle of the desert. So they were poor people. So give according to your capacity. And like this

01:07:06 --> 01:07:30

person gives send silent messages. This is their way. You know, if you think about it, you know living in this society, we were also impressed by the good, the good man or the good etiquette of the people here. And we always praised and we always talk about them. Is it because they tell us that look, we are so good in our manner. Is it? No, it's because their actions show all the time. Their attitude that shows all the time.

01:07:31 --> 01:07:50

That what a good quality the prophets of Allah had, that he was so considerate of the people who were with him. If someone did not pray. He asked him he noticed him. And when people were thirsty, he stopped because they were students that Be strong. Be men. Where did your manhood go? You know you're supposed to be on jihad. Jihad enough's, know.

01:07:51 --> 01:07:59

If someone is thirsty, they're thirsty. They need water. Everybody stopped. Let's find water. How considerate he was of their feelings.

01:08:00 --> 01:08:05

or disease in our lives. gnarly, man. I need to hire you sooner or later.

01:08:07 --> 01:08:17

She could have been five miles away but she happened to be there. Yeah, the main shot. So Chronicle longer behind the crescendo, La Ilaha Illa antenna stuff. Coming out to LA Santa Monica.

Lesson 73 – Chapter 3-6 Hadith 337-344

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