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The loss of family members and the importance of remaining true in dams is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need to remember that everyone has had a history of dams and that the "has been a week." They also emphasize the importance of not missing work and not being around people who have lost their jobs. The segment ends with a mention of a woman who was supposed to be a woman named J servava, but died and moved to Afghanistan. The segment also mentions a book called "ITaha pleasant" and a woman named Angela Lavinia who was supposed to be a woman named J servava.

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It was

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February 14 2022. So exactly last night was one year ago

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when our dear beloved brother, Nadal, prayed with us a shot

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literally in the first row

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and February 15 2022, just like today, two years ago, he prayed a shot with us and we buried him. Adore solid in LA LA and LA Rajon Allah have mercy on him and have mercy on all our brothers and sisters that we lost.

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Last week

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our brother had he left his house

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went, did his thing. Pray Gemma

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left the masjid.

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And we prayed Janez on him the next day.

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May Allah have mercy on him and may give his parents the patience?

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So if somebody says oh brother needed was 55, which is maybe younger than many of us,

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then what do you say about brother had us? 21?

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Yeah, one hola he.

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Can anybody deny that tonight could be our last night?

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No one. No one can deny that. Are you ready?

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Please, I want to take this tonight's talk very short, very seriously. Are you ready?

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And if you're not ready, why not? Who gave you the warranty or the guarantee that you have another week? Or a day or two or a year? Or five or a month? Who gave you the guarantee?

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Do you think the parents have had you when he left the house? They knew that this is the last time they're going to see him.

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No, just like my son and your son and your daughter when they leave to school in the morning. We want to come home back and see them right there. We take it for granted. We take it for granted that whoever leaves is going to come back. But we all know that there's a huge possibility that they're never going to come back. But we are so

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involved and addicted to dunya matters that this idea of leaving this dunya for good. It's very far very far. So I want to make a deal tonight in sha Allah Tala.

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I want every single one of us

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to tell themselves and seriously let's we always say this but tonight. I want every single one of us to tell themselves.

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Tonight is my last night

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you went home you sat down on the edge of the bed and you said yourself tonight. It's my last night. Tomorrow is my last day. That's it. By this time tomorrow they already pre Jeunesse on me.

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How would this 24 hours be?

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The minute I sell I tell myself tonight is my last night the first thing I'm going to do I'm going to put my alarm for ish the How should

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my last night

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and then featuring Jamar 100% How can I miss mephedrone? Jamar? It's my last pleasure. It's my last treasure. Tomorrow is my last treasure the treasure of Juma which was the most beloved Salah to Allah. Tomorrow is my last lecture. How can I miss it?

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And I wake up in the morning, I'm going to start immediately arguing with my spouse with my wife. No, no, it's less than I'm gonna see her.

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I'm not gonna argue about those small things that we've been arguing about for such a long time. And our life is miserable at home and the shaitan went and had a throne already in my house.

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No, no, I'm gonna call us let it go. It's okay. To begin today's my last day. I'm not gonna argue with my father all the time. The daughter is not gonna argue with her mother and father all the time. Today's the last day I'm gonna see my parents take it easy. I want them to be my source. My key my daughter Jana. I'm not gonna argue with them. Today's my last day.

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I'm gonna hug my children tomorrow before I leave work, because this could be the last time they see me or I see them true. Isn't that what happened? And when these things happen, why didn't they happen in Arizona or why did they happen here? This is a lesson number one for me and you to wake up. We we still with all that's happening. Honestly, we still think No no, no, no, not me. Not my child.

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Not my child. No, no, not me. I'm young. I'm strong.

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I'm very healthy. I run five miles a day.

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Let me

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I'm not going to argue with the people at work. I'm not going to sit down and worry about the smallest thing in dunya. Today is my last day. What am I going to do with all this money? Let me donate. Let me help. I always tell the people and remind them please, please do not wait for your children to build the masjid for you. Do not wait for your children to sponsor an orphan for you. Go ahead and do it yourself in sha Allah, we hope you send us children that will do this for us. But the excitement trust me is a week.

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And at the graveyard, everybody wants to build masajid for their parents one week.

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They forget

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and the dunya comes and the children and the wife and that and then

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I gave $100 on his behalf it went down from a budget $200

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This is what happens yeah when like the brother who asked me what do you think is going to happen after I die? Exactly what happened with the after with this brother died? Nothing.

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Nobody's going to stop working. Everybody's gonna go to work and one week two weeks you've forgotten nobody is going to mention you anymore.

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All you have done is what you have done above the ground. Now only now we can decide who's that person who's going to be in with me in the grave? Masala say seldom said if we have a lot of great Amell then a handsome good smelling man will be with you and you'll say who are you? He said Anna Anna Luca sada I am your righteous deeds. All other one even mentioned the other guy.

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Tomorrow, my salad Allahu Akbar. You should see my Fatiha tomorrow. It's going to be amazing. You know why is my last Fatiha? I'm not gonna read and like like I always do. 100 out of Bengal. medica No, no. And 100 in here have been. I'm going to enjoy my Fatiha I'm going to enjoy my Subhan Allah, Allah Allah. It's my last one.

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It's my last slot. That's it. Imagine every single day we wake up with this kind of mindset. Allah here, you will have the joy in the dunya and in the cupboard and in the akhira

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because today is my last day

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there is a hobby His name is Dora.

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Dora was an old man when the Sahaba under Salah Salem migrated from

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Mecca to Medina, he was very old and he was very sick, so he could not migrate with them. But after a few months, he could not take it anymore, living between the Mushrikeen of Quraysh and imagining

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the companions are praying behind there so lots. The companions are seeing him every single day. The companions are hearing his new citation. The companions are shaking his hands, and I'm sitting here between these four. So he decided

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that's it, I cannot take it anymore.

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He decided to migrate as he is on his way. What happened?

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He died. He died.

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What happened? Yeah, when he made he he made the intention to go join Rasul Allah in Salem, Hamas. He said that's it. I'm not going to live today's minute stay. Let me go on enjoy to the salah Salem what's going to happen? He died. What happened Jaquan Allah azza wa jal sent Jibreel alayhi salam to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and told him that shouldn't have died on the way to Medina when they you heard you

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were me. Woman

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that a woman who has your Illinois he was truly from Madrid called Mount taka Dwarka. As you know who Allah Allah wa can Allah who have fought on Rahima whomsoever migrate to Allah and his prophet and he dies, his reward is not Jannah

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his reward is with Allah surprise.

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Allah revealed a yet to another this man and some scholars say that the Hadith enamel Anna Lavinia yet some said because of one man who was migrating to marry, and some said because of judo, that number one Hadith and it was because of him, he made the intention to migrate to Allah and His Prophet. And he died. So yeah one

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tonight is our last night.

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Let's plan

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according accordingly.

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Go home and hug your children hug your wife hug your spouse

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say hello

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We live in a sheep farm routine. Get to the oldest sheltering at home. REITs worth Bacara in the house?

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Listen, I'm talking from experience. I'm talking from a person who has, I don't want to say hundreds,

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at least 10s of coals and visits a week about problems at home. And if you look from the outside in Allah He they're all summary of the solution. One word, I'll kill him a Theva sadaqa.

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A good word is a form of charity. That is what's missing in our homes. The husband does not tell his sister told me 12 years marriage, not one Jazak Allah He hated

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12 years marriage not one.

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Is that lucky to his wife? 12 years of marriage

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12 years another brother.

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She said 20 years. One I love you when we get married.

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When I love you, when we get married, and one time he fell around the cabinet and he thought he's gonna die. He texted me I love you. Maybe he was gonna he thought he was gonna die.

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Yeah, when

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I am not a Mufti. I am not a Mufti officially. I can tell you, but I'm gonna give it to her. Tell your wife, I love you.

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It's halal, Allah, it's halal, and you will be rewarded for it. And the salah Selim, didn't he tell us if you love somebody, tell them that you love them. Of course, in case you're not very me. But I'm sure that you all will love your spouse's and the wife that her husband I love you let this happen and modern and Rama that Allah put let it come back to the house. And keep in mind that today is my last night. Tonight is my last night. May Allah make our last deeds or this deeds. Now last words Ilaha illa Allah, may Allah fill all our homes with love and mercy. May Allah subhana wa Taala protect our children from any harm and may Allah protect them from any evil person. Amin rabbil

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aalameen As your treasure treasure tomorrow 6:15am Tomorrow at 615 See you there Angela sounds like

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what goes along of me a young

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family feminine identity, meaning fella is gnarly he woman that I fall off

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is gnarly. hilly man he dunkel what Delco law now our level

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enough to show