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Dr. Paul,

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can you kindly address the issue of virtual jawans? And I mean by virtual room? Was that an Imam standing in a Masjid? Where he has only one more oven? And people following him at all? What is your take on this network? When you say following him at home? Are you referring to them?

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Just listening to the hook by making two records?

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That that is that is invalid. And I and I'm 100% of that opinion. I don't have any doubt about that not being valid. Wow. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm rushing you because I know I can I'm looking at the time now. And I'm being alert and I do have a lot of questions. What about individual Jim was at home

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What is your take on this?

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I also do not think that that is valid and we have a substitute for Joomla

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the absence of Joomla which is so lots of right. So there is there is absolutely no delora to us or absolute necessity to establish Juma in the homes or to follow the Imam who is doing the Juma and domestic now for people who want to listen to the hookbait yani because I know that many emails I'm I actually do Juma and, and my messages as well make it very clear. Before we turn off the best the I need the live stream because we don't live stream the satellite, we only live stream de hookipa. And I make it very clear before we turn off the live stream. If you are watching at home, you have to pray. So lots of good. Okay, so the hook by is just so that people are hearing a timely message,

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right? Something that is relative to what is happening at their particular time.

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So they're listening to a talk,

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you know, in essence, and then they need to pray. So lots of books. So I'm not against that. But in terms of following any man, virtually. There are 101 problems with that.

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That would make that salaat invalid. And a person should not do that even for so lots of total we're people need to be

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praying in their homes and not following any Imam

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over the internet. I was sent the Fetzer today, that has been signed by I don't know 10 or so humans in the United States, and mentioning the permissibility of

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following the Imam in a total, we're virtually. And I heard that this FET twits and I didn't see it in English, I saw it in Arabic, but I heard that it is gaining some traction. And I just would like to advise people to be cautious with your deed.

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Don't just take any fatality that you see,

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you know, without doing some type of investigation, and this particular factor is self contradictory.

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In their second point of defects were, they say you start to do the manual McCann

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for the validity of prayers. So in other words, people have to be in the same place and it has to be at the same time. Now, what they mean by that is that as long as you are in the same city

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as the man that you are following, then it is permissible. Obviously, if you're in the same city, it's going to be the same timezone.

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But the reality is, if you say that they have to be in the same place, why are we limiting the place to a city?

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The reality is, I may be in a city, and I'm actually closer to another city than I am to the master that is in the same city limits. So how are we defining place here? I mean, the factory itself, doesn't doesn't add up when it comes to being in the same place. And obviously, if I'm 10 miles away from you, there's a river between us. There's roads and all types of stuff. How are we in the same place? It doesn't make sense, but but more importantly, is that a lot of these fatalities are going around

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to this effect. They're saying that this is based on a doodle era. You know, right now we're in a situation where it's good

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Order where people can't come to the master. I think we need to take a timeout and say, wait a minute, what makes it the order? First of all, if selected total, we're in the first place is not why zebra. Now, when I say that it's not a great thing to do. There's not a great war sooner more accurate to the end of the weekend, we can say all of those things. But at the end of the day, nobody's going to say that it's wacky, but it's, it's not. And so therefore, where does the necessity come in? okay to do something that in the first place is not an obligation upon us. That's number one. I think the second thing that that would be important to mention here is that when there

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is a substitute, then there doesn't cease there ceases to be any but order. So

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because I don't have to pray in the master and I can pray at home, then again, we don't have any little water. But the point being is this, many of the people who are talking about this being permissible, they're using fick technicalities from the Maliki method, there is acid in all of them happen to want to be Maliki overnight, which is amazing. Because prior to now, they were whatever method they followed, and now they're saying, Oh, no, but in the Maliki method, and,

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okay, let's just say based on fixed technicality, it may or may not work out. And it depends on which Maliki shape that you ask,

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why subject the salaat of the people to being invalid? When there's another option? Right? Right. So that's number one. And then number two, if it's valid based on technicality, it doesn't cease to be valid, because COVID-19 doesn't exist anymore. It's either valid or it's not valid. It doesn't become valid, because we have COVID-19. If it's based on filk, then it's valid period, or it's not valid, which means that and I think that the people are giving us fretwork are very short sighted because they looking at, oh, we need to, you know, give people away for this year, and so on and so forth. But the reality is, is once you open that door, you can't close it. So you're gonna have

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people next year and a year after into the end of it, and forever, you know, trying to pray via live stream. Again, the majority of the problems related with this festival are many, I would encourage people, and I know we're short on time, she couldn't but just give me give me a minute to just say this last point, you got it. I would encourage people. I think that we have an opportunity this Ramadan, I think we have to make the most out of a difficult situation. This is a difficult situation. Nobody wants to be away from the masjid.

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That feeling of praying Tuttle, we're in Jamaica.

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It's it. There's nothing like it some kind of law. You don't get that when you pray by yourself. But there's a different type of sweetness that we may get praying by ourselves or praying just with our families that we may never experience going to total weird. And that's because when we pray Tada, we're in the masjid where we're actually giving the responsibility to the man. So I'm going to the message I'm telling the man just Hello hate him for doing all this Raja revision of the Koran because all I have to do a stand behind you and as I'm standing behind the man, the man reciting a little longer than I'm used to so I kind of don't knock those off but like I start daydreaming,

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traveling, you know, different country, I come back all in my select, Mashallah.

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And so what happens is a result is I'm not putting forth the same effort. And this is why we find that a lot of people who pray the entire 30 days of Ramadan, right, they pray every night. You know, what happens when they eat and then the day after they eat? They start praying the night gone. Yeah, it's gone. Because they were relying on the man to do all the work. Yeah. Well, now what happens is, wait a minute now we've got like, individual responsibility. Like I have to pray at home. Emily's family. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Right. But But what happens as a result is now I'm actually getting used to the idea of praying every night. And so hopefully, this will be the Ramadan, that we

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actually now establish the night prayer on an individual level, because we're not allowing I love your positivity here.