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what is the Striking Calamity? And what can make you know what is the Striking Calamity? It is the day when people will be like disperse, the mountains will be like

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these first 536 words

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152 letters.

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And it is said that it is the 30th

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that was revealed and it was revealed that

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it was revealed and

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it says

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here and it reminds you, those of you who have memorized

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is one of the names of the day.

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And the word in Arabic

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to hit something severe.

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They use it for example, just to give you

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an example,

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if a person was sleeping,

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and someone came by, came to his house in the middle of the night, and began to bang on the door.

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That person who was sleeping, wakes up and he started.

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Okay, it's not just the normal knock. knocking on the door is one thing and banging on the door is another thing. And then you look at the time. It's very quiet in general, it's the middle of the night, nothing's happening. All the stores are closed and nobody's driving their cars down the street. So it's a very quiet time. And then somebody just comes in bangs on the door. They will say

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okay, so he banged on the door.

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Okay, so it is like this breaking.

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That happened.

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Everyone that hears it, whatever it is it startles them.

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So here

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this this type of style, in any language in the Arabic language, particularly since we're talking about English.

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Your question is, what about the car?

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The car? So your next question is, what about the car? Okay, because there's just a subject and there's no predicate, there's nothing to tell us about the car. So likewise here in Arabic is just the subject.

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they translate is what Striking Calamity they say.

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So it says if someone said what about it, so it says metal cardia?

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What is this Striking Calamity?

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And what will cause you to know what it is? In other words, only Allah Subhana Allah can tell you about what it is because it's from the affairs of the unseen

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and all of the affairs of the unseen. We only know what we've been informed about it by revelation. That is from the Quran, or from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Other than that, there's no guesswork. We can't make PS or some analytical, analytical and logical deductions by the only way we know is because data is informed so he's going to tell us what it is now automatically. A believer

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Because he scared

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mankind and that's why

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it is the day when people will be like

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insects, flying insects

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flying insects do when they see light

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people are going to actually head towards the fire because they're not gonna know they're not gonna know what's actually happening

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when they wake up as if they come up

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and not like bird birds traveling packs all in the same direction when you think about moths and think about think about when there's a campfire for example, the insects are flying in all different types of directions. This this chaos

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is painting this picture for us, showing us how it is going to be on that day. What's the Kunal g by Luca lane

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Okay, and Memphis means that it's been pulled apart because you know when will is to get stuck together, it's not the same as when one pulls it apart now becomes very light Okay, and like strengths. So, what happens

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for as the result of the earthquake and from the mountains now striking one another, the mountains themselves become like this, this wall

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not these heavy structures that you see right now, but it becomes like unthreaded

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cardinal rule, this is how the mountains become. So unless you have a data disorder is warning us. It is warning us about valcartier Yeoman pm claims so what do we do?

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Who is it that is going to be what is going to happen to those people now that are dispersed now? That asked for one whose scales are heavy with good deeds he will be in the pleasant life.

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So here these first this I did this surah has 11 is the first five Allah subhana wa tada is describing the pm and how it is going to be.

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And the next two is he talks about those who have heavy scales. And we know that on Yamaha piano,

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there will be real scales

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with pans

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and the deeds will be placed on them he whose deeds whose good deeds weigh heavy, for whom he shuttin reshooting Ravi,

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then he will, he will be in a delightful existence he will be in gender, he will be in bliss. For he who scales are heavy

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but as for one whose skills are light has refuge will be

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what can make you know what that is? It is a fire intensely hot.

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As for those who scales alight

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their bad deeds outweigh their good deeds.

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They're good. So Hannah law

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no one is destroyed in front of a loss of habitat except for one who has destroyed himself because allies are jealous even for the believers. In this life. The deeds are multiply 10 times over at least and then on your model PMI multiplies the deeds of his servants as well

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as for the baddies that a person does only that the no it's not multiply, it is not multiply it is written as what it is.

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So if a person's good deeds do not outweigh their bad deeds, then that shows that they are at fault for not doing enough to please Allah subhana wa Tada. So here here we have these four eyes that talk about Jenna and that the one whose deeds are light, the one whose skills are light, then he will be in a fire of hell with each other we learn We ask Allah subhana wa tada to protect us from that and make us from the people of gender.

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And we should make that a lot often

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asking a loss of health out of agenda and seeking his refuge from the fire. So here

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what we see in this is

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What we see in this particular surah is that again, we have asila was talking about yomo pm. And then we have an idea, which reminds us of the resurrection. And that allows handout is fully aware of our deeds, and not to be too busy with the dunya. And then we go now to

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cardia, which informs us because this hasn't this hasn't proceeded in this in these two sources that just proceeded from data will idea and we come to our cardia which gives us a description of the piano, and that people will be divided into two categories, some of them in gender, and others in hell, while the other will

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be Smith