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alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Obama Kala Nabina Muhammad Juana and he was happy

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to meet him about today Wednesday, the 25th of the hijab 1434 corresponding to the 30th of October 2013. We commence with the third lesson of the book. Essential lessons for every Muslim by Sheikh Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Rahim Allah tala

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manana meanwhile shadow none alone you saw the hainaut shadow under Mohammed and aldora pseudo solomani you

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we are in the third lesson of

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important lessons by

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and we are still on the first lesson which the man

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mentioned that everyone every Muslim should learn sorta tel Fatiha and then the Searles from

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Allah until an S and we've talked about it and

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today we are going to continue with a brief explanation of these sewer or these sores and their major themes. Now we'll sort of

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by the racers panting and the producers of sparks one striking and the chargers and the Chargers at dawn

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staring up there by clouds of dust arriving thereby in the center collectively do not stop there. Let's go over these first five is from the client. These are the sources that you hear recited many times in the salon All right, because these are known as what they call

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the short

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at the end of the Koran or towards the end of the Quran.

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They call them because the eyes are usually short, they usually short bias so they're not like the longer irons and we need to understand them because because for the most part many of the Muslims is the first part of the grind that they memorize. Most people start from solo Xs okay and then they memorize diamond and whatever else is easy for them of the Quran.

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So you hear this a lot in the salon well idea t lava hat.

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What is this talking about? And what is Eliza was

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intended for us to understand from these is

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Joe here is taking an oath by the horses and horses with the Arabs were preferred over any other animal when it came to battle. When it came to battle. The horses were what they chose because the horses are fast and they're strong and they're obedient, obedient to the one that is riding getting caring for it. So he

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says here with the idea to bother. He's talking about the horses that are galloping, and they're breathing heavy, okay.

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They had the strikes or the sparks that result is as they as they are trotting and they are galloping. Okay.

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All right, and they are attacking in the morning time, what does it say?

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in English and the Chargers at dawn, okay. So that is that they are that they are attacking, they're going to charge this place

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in the morning time at dawn.

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And as they're riding and galloping through and they are then the what happens, the dust begins to rise. Okay, so you get the

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picture, you get this picture of a battle scene,

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you get this picture of a battle scene with the dust coming up, and the horses going forward.

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A horse. Like most other animals, most animals have a type of intuition they can feel when dangers around.

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You know that from when, for example, if you just walk out the house, you see a cat, the cat automatically freezes, it looks you up and down, it's trying to assess is this person going to be a cause of danger or not? So animals, they, they have this type of intuition. They know when there's danger. And these horses, these horses, they know that they are heading towards a dangerous situation.

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But that doesn't stop them from going straight down the middle.

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In the middle, so they go right to the battlefield, wherever it is that they are charging, and they're attacking and they're putting themselves in harm's way. Alright, so Allah Subhana data here is taking an oath, anytime, anytime a person takes an oath, okay, there's the one that is making the oath. There's the thing that they are taking the oath by. And then there's the object of that. So for example, someone says, I swear by Allah,

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that tonight I prayed a lot to the mother and the prophets message.

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All right, so that person is swearing By whom?

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About what what is the object of them swearing?

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They want to they want to enforce something. And that is that they pray Muslim in the province of light it was someone's

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swearing by these horses, he swears by these horses.

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About what about what read the sixth?

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Indeed 767 and eight, indeed mankind to his Lord is ungrateful.

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So he's swearing that mankind is ungrateful and and indeed he is to that a witness Yani, that is mankind witnesses himself, that he is ungrateful.

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And indeed, he is in love of wealth intense, his his love for wealth is intense. So a lot of data is swearing about these three things. This is the object of the oath, that man is ungrateful, and that he himself is a witness to the fact that he is ungrateful. And that one, that his love for wealth is intense. What is the relationship

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his swearing by

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swearing about I want you to just ask yourself that question right now. Because this is going to come this is repetitive in

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the next time we're going to cover this

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is when we get to

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swearing by the time

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that mankind is in a state of loss. So what is the relationship you always when looking at the Quran? You want to know what is the relationship between these

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so what is the relationship between

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these horses

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that are going to war that have been prepared for war, and the fact that mankind is ungrateful, and mankind witnesses that himself, and that he is in his love for for wealth and money is intense.

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Here, here, the horse

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is obedient

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to his master,

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even though he knows that his masters taking him to a situation that is dangerous.

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He's still loyal.

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And he's obedient. Because his, his owner, his owner, fed him and gave him drink and provided for him a place to shelter them from the sun, when it was hot and sheltered him from the cold. When it was cold outside, he trained them and he cared for him. And so as a result of that he has a degree of loyalty

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to his owner.

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And he's grateful to his owner, to the point that even when he knows that he's going into a dangerous situation, he goes out of loyalty to his owner.

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As for mankind,

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looking at the relationship between mankind and Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Insane man when it comes

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to his Lord

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means not just someone who was ungrateful, or someone who always talks about the hardships that they have, or their calamities, and they are totally neglectful of the blessings of Allah acknowledge the blessings of Allah.

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The exact opposite, the exact opposite of the horse, with its own

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mankind with his owner, Allah subhana wa tada who does a lot more than just provide with food and shelter provides mankind with every type of niche that is imaginable.

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When you look at a horse,

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the horses owner give him the ability to see that he gives them the ability to run.

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So even that ownership is not independent of the fact that Eliza Dell is the true master and the true owner of that of that animal. But as for mankind

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data was given him everything

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commanding mankind to do

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to Islam in totality pray Abdullah gives the cat

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he acts like the money that he has is from his own hands like something he did very special that allies who just didn't give him the ability to do so now when it's time to pay the cat he doesn't want to he's

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busy with something else.

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busy with work, busy with collecting money, busy watching TV busy, busy, too busy.

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Maybe 20 years, 30 years or whatever.

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Not to mention, those who have not even entered the fold of Islam and look at their lack of gratitude towards the one who created them.

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paints this picture for us

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of this dangerous situation and the dust flying and the horses going there because of the loyalty lies with them. put us in a dangerous situation absolutely not everything that Allah subhana wa tada has instructed us to do is because it is for our own good is for our own good. And so Allah subhanahu wa tada swears by the horses. The characteristics that have already proceeded to

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remind us

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the way that we are supposed to behave with our Lord subhanho wa Taala read the last three.

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But does he not know that one the contents of the graves are scattered and that within the breasts is obtained. D Lord with them. That day is full fully acquainted. So here Allah subhana wa tada says, that even though this is the state of mankind, and that they are ungrateful and full of love for their wealth,

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intense love for the world to the point that takes them away from the remembrance of Allah.

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Allah here is reminding mankind that they will be taken out of the grave,

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and then everything that is in their chest, Allah subhana wa Taala is fully acquainted, not just that he knows because there's a difference between

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an alphabet. Aleem is the one who knows everything. And Kabir is the one who is acquainted even with the most precise of affairs. That goes back to the difference between elements in the Arabic language but anyway, the point is that Allah subhana wa tada here is informing mankind that he knows everything about them, and he's fully acquainted with everything that is in their chest.

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So he reminds me

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to fear him

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and not allow that intense love that one has for won't forget the duty that they owe to Allah subhanho wa Taala because even even mankind's ability to strive for wealth

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is due to something that data has given them in the first place.

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gave that person the ability to strive for whatever it is that he's striving for. So don't allow that to make you forget your duty to Allah subhana wa tada and forget the hereafter. And notice that here, lots of what Allah mentions. He mentions that

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he is the one who is well acquainted with man's actions.

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This sort of idea

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comes after

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who was saying we'll see, see the actions. Each and every person himself will see his own action. He will be the one. If there's any good that he's done, he'll see if there's any evil, even an evil that he's done, he'll see it and hear

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that he, he is the one that is well acquainted with the DEA. So, everything that you see

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even more acquainted with those laws even more acquainted with those these likewise, likewise a person

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data is talking about seeing the beat. So maybe a person begins to think that it is

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even acquainted with what is in the chest, Gani those actions of the heart.

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So we see how these two photos intertwine and complement one another when it comes to these actions and that Allah subhana wa tada is fully aware of man's inner and outer beats both that which is apparent and that which is hidden from his deeds. And I forgot to mention that pseudo dx is 40 words and 163 letters, 40 words and 163 letters without any difference amongst the scholars. So the major theme

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dx is

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the ungrateful nature of man. When it comes to

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loyalty to

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me anyway, these type of meetings so when you hear IDs, think about that connection. Think about that connection between those horses and mankind.