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About the mocassin of Islam, but Islam

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has come to

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preserve, if you will. All right. And the first one is preservation of being. That's number one, have a D, preservation of the deen the divine religion of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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The second one is preservation of self, or preservation of life.

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The third one

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is preservation of honor.

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Yes honor.

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And some say the preservation of lineage.

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And it kind of ties into one another. That's the third.

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The fourth is preservation of the intellect.

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And the fifth is preservation of wealth and property.

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And so

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the commands of Allah subhana wa Tana, and his prohibitions actually go back to one of these five, one or more of these five particular essential principles. So for example,

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trivia question, I guess. If If someone steals something,

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what is the penalty in Islamic law? And I'm leaving it like that for a reason.

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Not you. You'll get the next one, man.

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I have ha ha.

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You ruined it.

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Depends on what you steal. Five. Okay. Tell me that.

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All right.

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What is the head?

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Yeah, head What is it?

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Okay. It's not just the legal punishment for a crime. It is a prescribed punishment. All right, because some of the punishments, and it's now I'm talking about this for a reason, and we'll get to some of the punishments in Islam are prescribed punishments, and others are discretionary. Okay, so they're left up to the discretion of the judge. All right.

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Go ahead. Finish.

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All right. You went too far.

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cycle. Okay. All right. Fine. Let's I need an easier answer. It's gonna give me an easy so what's the what is the head then? What is the prescribed punishment for stealing in Islam? Yes, it depends on what is stolen, but not only what is stolen anything else?

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Hmm. Why is stolen that that could that could come into play, but not necessarily by your chance? redemption?

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five, that's then they mentioned the amount. How much by

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the person? Pay it was something else I'm looking for?

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Where are you stealing from?

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Where are you stealing from? Is it in a hidden is it via is it protected? So for example, for example, if someone steals a car, okay, and now this, this would defer to, if you were if you were in a neighborhood, that you're not supposed to leave your windows down.

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And if you fulfill your norick, that's most of the neighbors, you're not and you leave the you leave the keys in the car and the car is running, you just run into the store to get a soda for example, and someone takes the car hire

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that islamically would not bring about the prescribed punishment. Because what was stolen was not protected. It wasn't in a protected area. If you were in the suburbs, and you left the doors unlocked, and that was common, and someone came and did it that could be a different story. Fire. So the point is that it has to be a specific amount of wealth that is taken from a protected area and here's an I don't know better way to translate

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Right now, the point here is though, what is that punishment? What is it therefore, we talked about these five essentials, why is there a punishment for that?

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Protect What? Protect your wealth, and protecting wealth is from the Sharia.

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You understand? protecting wealth is from the essential principles of this Deen. So that particular ruling, which is that someone will lose their hand, if they take someone's well is to prevent people from unjustly transgressing upon another person's well. Because you will think twice. And for those of us who have lived overseas and have seen certain punishments instituted, you will think twice,

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before you do certain things. Like

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what is the punishment for Xena? Or for adultery?

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By father depends.

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Five he says it depends if the person has been previously married or is married at that particular time, then he has one ruling. Okay? That is islamically. He's to be stoned to death. Okay?

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If he is a bigger and a bigger as someone who is has the ruling of a virgin has never been married before.

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A lot of people don't understand that concept. Sorry, let me just bring that back. Because we have a little time.

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The person who adultery in Islam is not just for one who's married. So anyone who has been married period, that person is considered to be an adulterer and not just a fornicator. You understand? Whereas the one who

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has never been married is considered to be a fornicator. The fornicator is not to be stoned to death but the adulterer is all right. tell you that rolling protects What?

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Huh? Yes, it protects the honor and the lineage.

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All right, fine. What if someone kills a another Muslim?

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intentionally? What is the punishment for that?

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what is it?

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Blood Money.

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type that that's if they if they if they accept the blood money, then yes, further.

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Capital punishment needs to be executed.

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Yes, intentionally now than he used to be executed. Why? What does that? Where does that go back to? If we look at these five, overriding principles, universal non animal.

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Yes, preservation of self preservation of life. And that's why I love Dallas and Nicaragua come from the saucy hyosung indeed you have in the practice of key sauce. Okay, which is trying to do as well.

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Huh? retribution

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retribution type in that in that system, there is life.

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Even though someone is actually being executed, there's life play.

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Now, all of that to say

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all of these all of that, that we just went over. Can we do that in America?

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No, that's not even a part of the *ty as for us here in America. Why? Because that requires a judge requires due process. We don't have vigilante. We don't have vigilantes in Islam. You can't just go now because someone has stolen your property, and you take him down in the basement of your house and you chop his hand off. You cannot do that. That is impermissible. It is hard for you to do that.

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Even in a Muslim country, you can't do that. You have that person has to go before a judge upon the American law, they have to go to a court.

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Even at the time of the prophet SAW the light it was something they were taking to the province of the law, it was silom who would judge in those affairs. It is not something that each and every individual does. those aspects of the Sharia

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that the Americans are so our people are so infatuated with and highlight not even something that is

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Practice by the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the dunya. Not to mention here in the United States of America.

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Why? Because it can only be carried out by those who have authority.

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And it has to go before a judge. And a lot of people don't understand that. A lot of people don't understand that. It's not something that so why why is the system considered to be so barbaric?

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Every nation has a penal code. And this is the Penal Code of Islam. And that's what it is. I mean, there's no nothing that would make it any.

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That would make it so barbaric. Why because there is due process and a person has to go. As a matter of fact, there's nothing like the *tier the Sharia is perfect, and is from Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is why a brother informed me that he in one of his, for one of his classes, he did a study on crime in Saudi Arabia, and compared it to some other nations that I'll leave out that I won't mention. But needless to say, Saudi Arabia was at the bottom of the list.

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And why do we mentioned Saudi Arabia because they are famous for implementation of the shediac that aspect of Sharia fight

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along with these general principles that we have, and I'll close it up soon, inshallah Tada. Along with these general principles that we have in Islam, we also have an all of us know, there are specific,

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or specific rulings that we practice as Muslims, and they are part of the Sharia, as well. And we practice them, just as they were practiced at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, because the Sharia has been preserved.

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we know exactly how the prophet SAW a lie, there was something maybe we'll do, don't because we have these a hadith

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that indicate to us and show us exactly how the prophet SAW the lie. There was something maybe we'll do like the hadith of prospective Nfn are the Allahu Allah, where he made will do and he said, this is how the prophet SAW the light of the sun of may will do. We know how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the many narrations that come in. We know how the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam. And the companions fasted and since Ramadan today, I don't know whether it's the first of Shaban was the 30th of Rajat but regardless we have approximately one month left and then we'll be fasting in Ramadan inshallah So when do you start fasting in Ramadan?

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Though Yes, pious you start fasting in Ramadan Jade I got that part

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once the moon is sited and Ramadan comes in and type during the actual day if you will, when do you start fasting

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type data hmm

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when the sun comes up, sunup to sundown we're gonna go with that one.

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sunup to sundown you start fasting and

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start fasting

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I have Gemma Gemma Gemma right now hold on a second okay. Someone's asked you well how long when do you fast and Ramadan from what from when to win?

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Don't say sunup to sundown. Hmm I'm glad you said that because that's a big misconception that that exists.

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sunup to sundown. And the reason that I know is a misconception is because I've come across a lot of people have that misconception. sunup is like an hour and a half after fudge almost.

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If you fast from sunup to sundown you didn't fast

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you did not fast so now you fast from budget or right before budget up until mother's fudges they call it the dawn and that doesn't really mean a lot to a lot of people so for us you just say fight. Alright, so you fast from budget until negative Why? Why do you fast from fighting to mother

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because that's the prescribed time as was prescribed in

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the Koran so and then we see how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam implemented that and it was preserved.

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The Quran was preserved. The Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah it was some of them was preserved and you abstain from certain things during that time that you're fasting. And you know that because the dean has been preserved now.

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This is