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Sara Monica Welcome to LA vaca come to level Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam ala hottie was seldom about I know we have a early early morning inshallah tomorrow so I'll only be maybe five minutes in chat law maximum seven, maybe eight inches.

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Hello grant this Tokyo.

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I've handled that we've had a lot of adventures, a lot of laughs and handling. It's been a wonderful experience sharing with all of you some of the blessings of what we are blessed with and surrounded with and haven't done enough.

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And I just wanted to mention two things. One of them in the verses that I just recited in Saltillo, I insulted I shot in the first article. It's the final three or four verses of sort of medium which is the 19th chapter of the Quran. And Allah subhanaw taala says, y equals cinema.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says welcome Alekna popular homing calm hello to histamine hoomin add in our test merola who laughing riqueza Allah says as a final warning to the people of Croatia, ask the people of courage how many nations how many peoples in how many places from what you know have and those who don't know of how many generations before you and how many people before you have I laid to destruction

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that when you walk in there places now you don't even hear reeks not even a whisper and so candlelight it was this is been going through my mind the last three or four days. Every time we walk into that beautiful Masjid is just quiet. And there isn't a whisper every time you walk into you know one of the schools those ancient schools and universities it's quiet there isn't even a whisper. Now lots of kind of went to Allah elevates and humbles and it was so beautiful today walking into the meal Allah madressa and seeing it use seeing you know even reading in the language of the Uzbek you could still make out what the subject classrooms are. If this one was off either

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this one was history. This one was Arabic salsa night. And it was a blessing to see that Subhan Allah Allah subhana wa tada sends us off when he wants how we want and where he wants and upon whom he wants. And but it also made me feel a bit worried. Because as an educator Subhana Allah, Allah has given a warning to those of us who have ame and to those of us who have wealth, there's two things that Allah bestows upon us knowledge and wealth that we are supremely accountable for. And the nations that are destroyed before us were destroyed on account of those two things, knowledge and wealth. What did you know? And what did you disobey a lot?

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And what wealth did I provide you and who did you hold it from? or How did you gather that wealth? Who did you transgress upon to gather it and if you look at anyone that came before you who was destroyed by I love that a lot Chronicles in the Quran it's one of those two things. You know, if you look at Pharaoh he gathered wealth, but how from whom who did the harm how many people and if you look at others, you see that it was knowledge knowledge would be sent to them profits would come to them yeah, later, whoa, me alone.

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I wish my people you know, the man dies, his own people killed him. He said, I wish my people knew we might have to be the forgiveness My Lord has shown in the kindness and the agenda and this and that.

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And therefore May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from those who are fortunate, and make us from those who are aware of the signs of the narrow mouth of Allah upon our life, that we take advantage of it before we are from those who are recalled back out of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala may you and I always remain in the mercy of Allah. The second one was also in the second Raka insalata Asia I also recited

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from the end of Salton as at the last half page of swords. So the first one I got was the end of money. Second workout was the end of

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the 33rd chapter of the Quran. And in salt Allah, Allah Subhana Allah ends by saying in our ordinance Amana and SMRT when he went to bed, I gave an Amana to the heavens to the earth even the mountains nothing no one wish to sustain it were hammered and inside but mankind took it upon themselves to have this Amanda Amalia Salah Yeah, I can do it.

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In the Hawker Nova lumen yehudah mankind is prone to putting themselves and into oppression and

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out of their ignorance of what it constitutes, and some kind of law those two words are words that I also see in the streets as we walk today, Luton and J, which are the opposites of you know, in the Enlightenment that we're talking about in the places of knowledge that we're talking about. The two are synonymous with each other. Anytime you are jahad, ignorant, you are prone to transgressing transgressing upon your own self and transgressing upon the rights of others. And therefore, the key to all success. The key to the resurgence of this blessing land, the key to the resurgence of you as an individual, our own as a whole is to reconnect ourselves with what Allah wants of us and to make

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our best effort as individuals and then as communities to enact it. And every one of us who has a responsibility who has an Amana must do their best to fulfill it. I have an Amana as a teacher, as a father as me man, as a son. As you know, an employer as an employee. There are so many different ways that Amana and trust has been asked of me and put upon me by Allah Subhana Allah Allah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if I knew if I knew what this Amana was worth, I would be as smart as a mountain that can withstand so much and say I can't withhold, I can't withstand my I'm unable to, I should just back away the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked us not to back away,

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rather, he says to put our trust in Allah. And although there is jack and bulan that can come of us there is also sand and righteousness that can come.

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And I'm going to end you know, today we had such a wonderful dinner Alhamdulillah and, you know,

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I felt it was such great boon upon the people who, you know, came to enjoy themselves, you know, it's a family function, you could see it's all family and people were enjoying themselves. And they wanted to play a little bit of their traditional music and have a little bit of a dance the girls with the girls and, and I thought to Pamela, every so often someone's telling him put down the music, there's people there. And you know,

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it's important for us to understand that how

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we make other people feel in the rights that other people have upon us are not always rights that have been asked of us. And sometimes it's better for us to lose out on something then to gain them to impinge upon others. And I'm going to end with this hadith of one of the great imams His name is evenin Josie. Now remember that in Josie was a Rafi Imam. And he was a master of all of the disciplines. So had he in depth See, he was a researcher of the whole iron with a beautiful voice. He was a hottie he was the hottie but that no one gave Holt was in July, everyone attended his Juma, that kind of thing. He would have 10,000 people sitting in front of them. And in one rewire, you

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know he said to himself in a poem he said he made your art to Allah He said, Yeah, I'll be my Lord. I look upon me upon 10,000 eyes. So with my eyes I see 10,000 looking at me in his class, there were 10,000 people looking at him trying to hear what he says. Yeah, don't be that your eyes dibny Oh Allah. If you determine I'm to be punished in jahannam do not punish me in front of them. For la a Hulu I've ever who and Lady Dinah LA for no other reason that they will not say the one he summoned us to is the one who punished him. I don't want them to think of you Oh Allah greater than your magnificence. Like I'm worthy of punishment. Oh Allah punish me but don't let them know. Because I

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don't want them to think less of your mercy. Oh Allah. That's the kind of man he was. So at the moment and Josie is sitting with his students on the banks of the Euphrates and it's a special Hades class. He's teaching them the Hadith of the prophets I send them and as he's teaching them, you know people on the other side of the river they're having fun in an on clean, non halau way, you know, boys and girls and music and mixing and doing the things that they shouldn't be doing. And the students every time they keep looking getting offended, and they say that Hello enough with a lovely la chef Victor. He was known as Mr. Jab with

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his dad is always answered chef may do that a lot just turns him away from it gets him out of here. It does something to them.

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And the chef made a very simple and he said Allahumma come after him for dunya visit him for an

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hour long as you made them marry and enjoyment in this life. They're having fun as you've given them an enjoyment now. Let them have

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Their greatest enjoyment in

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which his way of saying Oh Allah lead them to tell that it's such a different way of looking at the world. I met lots of Hannah Montana makers from those who seek to give people their liberty, their happiness, their enjoyment their time, even if it's in something that we might not agree with. But that we ask Allah Subhana Allah to turn their hearts back to Allah xeljanz to make them from those who are best, and to make us examples of it. And that's one of the main themes that I've been, you know, it's been in my heart ever since traveling through these lands. It's very easy to look upon others in condemnation. it's even easier in your mind to dismiss people. But it is the way of the

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prophets or SLM to look into people from the eye of al Qaeda. And they're really mad they would say, whenever you see someone doing something that you don't do and wouldn't expect for a Muslim to do something you don't like to do. fumble la Hagar I know other look at them with the eye of faith. Perhaps a lot could have fainted that you grew up in the way they did and learned what they learned and been through what they learned. And you'd be doing maybe worse than where they are in their life. So look at their other, appreciate them from the fate that they've been given not just the actions that they perform. May Allah make our fate the fate of Alison that the people who value the

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tradition of the prophets I sell them and those who lead others to righteousness along that I mean, also Lila Selim osito verticality, Dinamo, Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam some kind of a lot of morbihan decrescendo La La Land to suffer quite to relate with Santa Monica more affirmative ly more casual. Let's have a good night's sleep and Sharla 345 I'll see you in the lobby is the law. He