Du’aa In Ramadan P3 – A Firm Heart

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The importance of learning to stay firm on one's religion is discussed, as it is crucial for achieving success in life. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to practice their faith in Islam and not try to be a Muslim, as their deeds are not sufficient for success. They also emphasize the importance of practicing one's faith in Islam and not being associated with political parties. Additionally, they emphasize the need for individuals to practice their faith in Islam and not try to be a Muslim.

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Doru son,

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Sherry in English in English in English

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today the data we're going to learn is a very important to AI. And it says that every Muslim should make multiple times in a day.

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That is the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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yarmulke evil kulu

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that bit Calvi Allah Dini

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Oh Turner of the hearts

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make my heart firm upon your deen

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Allahumma some of the narrations Allahumma ye mckinleyville kulu Our Lord Turner of the hearts sub it's called v Allah Dini make my heart firm upon your deen, which is Al Islam. Because Allah subhana wa tada says in Medina in the law, and Islam, the dean in the sight of Allah is Al Islam. So in this jar we are asking along to make us firm upon Islam.

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And it's a romantic love the loved one was the one who narrated this hadith and he was the servant of the prophets of the light it was telling me from the time the Prophet is allowed to Assam came to El Medina, his mother and his mother took him to the province a line that was sent him so that he could serve him

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and he said that they do is that the prophets of Allah it was sent him Canada you see when you're cool he said the province of light was something used to say this dryer often. Yeah mckinleyville calusa with Calvin and Edina alternative the hearts make my heart firm on your dean. So ns as the process of light it was cinema What

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do you fear for us? Are you scared for us like that? We won't remain firm upon the religion of Islam. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him Nam in nikolova Bina is vine even a Soviet Walkman. You can leave O'Hare key for your Sham, a theological tournament he? He said yes. Because your hearts are between two fingers from the fingers of Antoine man. He turns them whatever way he wishes and this has been collected by an amendment tournament he and his jam it became a hula hoop and the Hadees has been greater authentic by many of the scholars of Hadith. Now fine. What I want you to realize is that this is not a drive that only the prophets of light it was seldom used

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to make in the sense of the meaning of the drive to be firm upon this land. If you look at the Dr. Ibrahim alayhis, salaam.

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He said bidjan has been valid, eminent Well, it's called an evil all human. A lot of it had valid eminent was a new one, he was the NEA and nabooda last name. So Ebrahim, he made this

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to a loss of power to it saying, Oh my Lord, my master, my Rob, make this land secure, talking about Mecca.

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And keep me and my sons away from worshipping idols, protect me and protect my sons from worshipping idols. He was a prophet of Allah and from all Adam and Eve from the greatest five messengers that Allah Subhana Allah sent to mankind, he was from amongst them, and he asked the laws of Hannah who was Anna, to keep him and his progeny from worshipping other than Allah subhanho wa Taala from worshipping idols, because no human beings none of us have been given a guarantee by Lawson, Hannah wattana that will die upon this man or that will die upon obedience to Him. So Hannah, who was at some of the narrations of this Hadith, like it comes to Sahih Muslim Aloma Masada refill lube,

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surgery can be at a party, which has a very similar meaning, oh, a lot. The Turner of the hearts turned my heart towards your obedience, turn my heart towards your obedience. So if we look at this, we look at this dose of Ebrahim asking a lot to keep him and his children away from the worship of idols and keep us firm upon the toe Heath. Keep us firm upon worshiping you

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So Hannah, who was at alone,

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alarm So Joe says in the cry we hear this is almost every Juma. Yeah, you're Latina.

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Yeah, you're Latina. I'm gonna talk a lot hacker to Karachi. What are Timo tuna Illa into Muslim moon?

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Oh you believe it's up law hacker to karate fear Allah as he ought to be feared have Taqwa of Allah as you ought to have tough to have him, do what Allah do what he has commanded you to do stay away from what he has prohibited you from, and do not die, except as Muslims

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do not die, except as Muslims. In order to die as a Muslim, you have to live as a Muslim, because you do not know when you're going to die. So this is a command from Allah subhanho wa Taala, to remain firm upon Islam, in the face of all of the challenges. And we recognize today as Muslims,

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many of us who live in non Muslim lands,

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and even those of us who may live in Muslim lands, but who are those lands are not conducive to the practice of Islam necessarily. And there's all types of fits in all types of misconceptions about Islam, all types of desires and lust and who will act and shall walk and everything going on around you. You have to ask Allah subhana wa tada to keep you firm.

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So that you don't compromise your religion.

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Give away everything but don't give away your deen not your deen

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everything else can be replaced. But if you lose this Deen, you will not be happy in this life and you will not achieve success and the hereafter.

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So this to add to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for Tibet.

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Tibet said bits can be make my heart firm, strengthen my heart, give me unwavering faith

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make me be able to stand those tests that come my way.

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This too, is needed by every Muslim, young and old.

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It's needed by

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that Muslim who may be 18 years old, who thinks he's figured life out. He knows everything. His parents don't know anything. He knows everything. And he goes into his first philosophy class,

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in college.

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And in that class,

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they tell him that this world is all about energy and matter.

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And the whole world started from this big bang, conveniently leaving out the fact that even to have a big bang, you still need something to bang with.

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They don't want to talk about that. And then if you bring that up, then the issue is, well, that doesn't really matter.

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Because if the guy that you're talking about is so great, and he doesn't need us, and that's true, he doesn't need us. But that's not the point. The point is that we need him. And we need this deal. So that we can live life's lives that are fulfilled,

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lives that are pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada and in turn, our servitude to him. subhanho wa Taala frees us from the bondage of being slaves to anything else, whether that be our own desires, or to consumerism or any other isms. And that we turned to a loss of Hannah without it. So here, this young man, this young woman who enters that class, and they begin to listen to this philosophy that may even convince them that they don't really exist.

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That you are a figment of your own imagination. Well, you're the winner.

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This youth is in need of gam mckinleyville kulu sub it's called Big Nick.

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That woman who has accepted Islam

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and she goes to work the next day wearing this Hema wearing Hijab and people are looking at her funny and she begins to question her decision. She is in need of ye mckinleyville kulu said with Colby, Idina alternative the hearts make my heart firm upon your deen or if she's younger than that, and she lives with her parents and she decides that she's going to wear hijab and her parents are not Muslim. And they say to her if you're gonna wear that rag on your head,

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then you can't live in this home she is in need of yam will call livan kulu a bit called Viagra. denecke alternative the hearts make my heart firm upon your deen as Muslims who live in societies where they don't have a system of morality.

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Everything is relative.

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Everything is wrong. Anything Goes

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And everything goes except for a firm belief about anything that we will not tolerate.

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If you don't believe that homosexuality is okay, we're not tolerating that.

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Because we tolerate everything except for your intolerance, meaning that they are also intolerant to a degree, but they want you to believe that everything is okay. It's all about where you are, and what the people believe and what people agree on in that particular society.

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And they don't want us to take a stance to the point that being Muslim they make so many laws that it is almost like being Muslim is illegal.

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to practice your faith becomes a test it becomes illegal for you to openly declare certain things that you believe and so in the face of that, we are in need of Yeah, mckinleyville kulu said bits, conviviality, Nick alternative the hearts make my heart firm upon your deen, a Muslim should not yesterday, two years ago,

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believes in the Quran believes in the Sunnah of the Prophet it is not to say that

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believes that.

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For example, homosexuality is deviant behavior. But now because society says that it's okay, and that a man can marry a man and a woman can marry a woman that maybe it's okay.

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Maybe I should just go with the trend of society.

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We stand firm in our belief and the Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we're not going to compromise that. We're not going to compromise that for anybody because yeah, mckinleyville kulu kulu banality, any alternative the hearts, make our hearts firm upon your D?

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We want to practice this now. That doesn't mean we're going to arbitrarily go out. And we individually Muslims, we're going to practice Hadoop. No, this is not for us to do.

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This doesn't mean that we are going to scold people, that we're going to judge people that we know but those things which is slam has already judged. Then we take the ruling of Islam and those things

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and the societies where we can practice what we can practice of Islam we do so and where we cannot We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make it easy for us to practice our Deen. But the point is that as Muslims

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whom Allah subhanahu wa tada has guided to the faith of Islam. And who has made us firm with that firm word you sent me to LA who Latina eminonu bill Kohli savety Phil Hyatt Jr. glasner. Allah azzawajal makes firm the hearts of those who believe with the firm word with net Illa Allah in this life and in the Hereafter, for those who have been guided to that for those whom Allah subhana wa tada has given that degree of strength, they need to be asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to keep them firm, to give them strength to strengthen their hearts to make their faith unwavering in the face of all of the challenges that we have today as Muslims so this do I was to do either the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make frequently and it's a dramatic about the Allahu Allah and he said Can a young Pharaoh and the prophets of light was seldom used to say a lot he used to say often.

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Yeah, mckinleyville kulu that bits can be added in an alternative the arts, make my heart firm upon your deen and this hadith was collected by Allah Mohammed ceremony. So we're going to before we go to the last chapter of the book, which is dealing with the cattle fitter, we're going to learn that do i right now inshallah. Alright, so it starts off with by saying, Yeah, mocha lidded mocha live like the word con but Okay, yeah, this is your fun your heart and don't say kelp because it kelp is a dog.

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Okay, so you want to say hello? With a cough? Okay, so you say yeah,

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I want I want everybody to say because I want you to learn it. I want you to learn this do I? Yeah, mocha

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Yeah. mocha lib.

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Alka lube.

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Yeah, mckinleyville kulu.

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Okay, you got that part. What's that mean?

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Oh Turner of the hearts. Okay. That Yeah, yeah, is what they what they call an Arabic house and need that is when you're calling. You're calling upon it. And we should only use that in terms of we only use that for a loss of Hannah who attack.

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A person should not go to the grave of anyone and say yes, then we call upon Allah.

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He is the one who controls our hearts. And if he wills He guides us out of his mercy. And if he wills we have sent the straight due to his justice and due to what he knows about us the evil that may be in ourselves. So we ask Allah and Allah azza wa jal alone yeah mckinleyville kulu

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tight set bit

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set bit yes with a thin set bit

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kalbi my heart My heart called his hearts. If you put the yeah at the end call be okay my heart okay that bits calbee

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Allah denecke

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Allah Dena. So if you memorize it, you can memorize like this. Yeah. mukaan leibold kulu

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sub bits calbee Allah denecke Okay, so three segments, each one of them only two words. Yeah. mckinleyville kulu. Oh, turn off the hearts. Set bits can be make my heart firm. Allah Dena upon your deen. Now, Sharon Shahada, Ramadan and

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Ramadan in cinema Vienna in Milan.