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This clip contains a discussion of some important issues related to the pre-dawn meal (suhoor), including an answer to the question: Can I eat after the adhan for fajr is called?

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Sharif, in English in English in English

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right so when is this time of support?

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Or when did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam observe the meal of support

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and is also married in romantic love the love of wine

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that they have been savate

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are the Allahu Allah

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said Teresa heavner Marisol in a sort of Lahore, it was send them from Morocco, Neda Salah, we ate civil war with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And then we got up and prayed. And then we got up and pre meaning.

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So ns asked Zaid,

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he said to him, what was the time between the event and the support or between the support and the event.

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And as for the yellow tiger, and who said Cthulhu from Siena if it was the time that it takes to read 50 eyes.

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Notice here as a side point.

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Notice here how in tune they were with the Koran, and especially in the month of Ramadan.

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He didn't just say it was this amount of time or that amount of time or five minutes or

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they used to use the Quran, I need the reading of it as a as a time of budget. So there was he said the time that it would take to read 50 eyes.

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And it's didn't ask any further questions. He didn't say, Well, how long is that?

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He didn't ask me because that was something that was clear to me.

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The time that it takes to read 50 is it been headjam the one who explains it in the most famous book, The most famous explanation of the harvest pencil Berry, he said that that's approximately four minutes.

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The author of the book that we're reading check with Amy's book on logic with him, he says that it's approximately six minutes.

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It's not much difference, let's just say four to six minutes between the time he finished eating support. And the time that the event was called notice that

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it is not known from the practice of the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam that he would eat all the way up to the event or that he would drink all the way up until the event even though he was the one that encouraged us to delay the support.

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So it is best that you stop approximately approximately five minutes before the event.

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Now, the issue is that some people call the event early and they call the dam before budget.

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If someone is calling the dam before budget, then it is permissible for you to still eat.

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Why is that? Because

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the what is to be taken into consideration what we factor in this case is the time of budget not when the person is calling the event. So the person calls me a day in early like for example, in my neighborhood actually.

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You can hear about five events. There's one guy is always two minutes before everybody else. Always.

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So his and it's before actually the time that is mentioned even on the time sheets and everything like that.

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Nobody is going to stop just because he's gone in them because it's not time for fudger yet and that is what is taken into consideration because Allah Subhana which is in the Quran will kulu was struggle had taken to be another Kemal hytrel Abuja luminol heighten sweaty mineral fetch.

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a last minute it says in the Quran, to eat and drink until the white thread of dawn becomes distinct from the black thread of night. So once fudger comes in once it is actually the time for fudging, then that is when you have to stop eating and drinking not just because somebody called the event whenever he felt like calling the event.

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the purpose of the law audio salon set to the companions

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in Bilal and you as the noble aim be Lal cause the then at night

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What does that mean?

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Not for Asia, meaning that first Adana

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not the budget aside that the true budget but the earlier dawn

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Okay, the one that is before then that is still nighttime once budget comes in it is considered to be mourning.

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So he says that the prophets like Selim said that Bilbao caused the event at night

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for kulu washoku Hector you at dinner even.

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So, eat and drink until 11 o Mattoon. Pause the event.

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Now, here's where it gets a bit tricky. I want you to pay attention for

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the prompts I sent him said that you can eat and drink all the way up until 11. O Mattoon calls the event.

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Correct. But even though Mattoon was blind,

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so he did not call the event until it was set to him a spot a spot

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and you have reached the morning you have reached the morning, meaning fudger has come in. And then he would begin to call there then which means that there was a slight time period, very slight, and be between the time that fudger actually came in and between the time that the exam was called

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam also said,

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and this is the Hadees that many people get confused about.

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This is why I guess all of that was an introduction to this point here.

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Where the prophets of light it was Southern Sunday that sent me I had to call me that well enough who Allah ye D for a bomb factory up the hatchet woman. If one of you hears that then

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and he has the vessel in his hand

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then let him not put it down.

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He should not put it down until he takes what he needs from it.

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if we are to take this Heidi has had these is collected by a boo boo, as well as any man I've met and others and many of the scholars have been rated as hesson that is a fair Howdy.

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So it can be used as a proof.

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Now we take this hadith as it is,

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is that the same as someone who hears the event? And then they said Oh, see, it's time for fudger let me go have a drink.

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Like they used to do here and unmentionable.

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Especially people from one specific country, they would they would swarm the the exams and coolers while the machine is calling they then that not before when they hear while they're there, they race to the to the cooler is that the same as the heartbeat of the problem.

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He said if it's in your hand, you're drinking

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and then the then is called okay. It's also not the same as someone who wears that then and then he rushes to his kitchen and makes himself a plate

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it's not the same

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when do we stop eating the preferred time

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is as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did approximately four or five minutes before you know that the time of prejudice to come in. Because especially for those of us who are living in non Muslim countries, most likely you're not going to hear the event. So you have to go by the time so you want to stop approximately four minutes four or five minutes before the time that you know that salon food is coming in.

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However if

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you were late that day for whatever reason.

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And maybe like a lot of us have these like the budget clocks or whatever and they do then goes off when the time comes in.

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And so you're drinking something or perhaps you're eating something and and the time comes in and the event is called then according to this Heidi, there is no harm and you finishing whatever is in your hand and you can swallow the food in your mouth as opposed to as opposed to

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the majority of scholars

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who say that if you know that the time

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has come in

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and you have something in your mouth you have to spit it out

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mm hmm No, he bought him a hula actually said that if the fasting person swallows it after he knows that budget has come in, because butter Let's all move. His fast is invalid

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And then he said something that is scary.

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He said one last laugh of feedback. He said and there is no difference of opinion on that issue. However, however, it appears that there is some difference of opinion on that issue. And even Okay, in Rahim, Allah tada

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mentioned that this is the statement of the for Emacs.

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But that there are some other scholars who hold the other opinion and who, according to this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam say that there is no harm in finishing what is in your hand. And that appears to be the correct opinion and Allah Subhana Allah knows best However, what the point and the reason why I even mentioned some of these things is because some people have gone too far. They've gone way too far.

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And after the then is called and they have all types of excuses.

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And none of that is according to the texts, we should stop as a last kind of data set once the dawn has become clear meaning that you know that it is time for pleasure that pleasure has entered not time for prayer meaning not 20 minutes after the event is called. But once the the time of fudger has entered then we should stop eating that is the red line.

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And if you stop a couple minutes before that, as was the practice of the process of lining with something that is best shahara Mohan

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