Du’aa In Ramadan P2 – Guidance And Success

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Ali reported that Allah’s Messenger (ï·º) said to him, “Say, ‘O Allah, guide me and make me upright.’ When you mention guidance, keep in mind the right path and when you mention being upright, keep in mind the straightness of the arrow.

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today, we're going to take a different route, which is the Do I have it by the love of China angle. He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him to say Allahumma Dini was said Didn't he Allahumma Dini was at Disney. And another narration of the same howdy alum in ESL oka alhuda was the de la mini silicon who there was a dead end This is collected by an email Muslim. So let's go over the words one by one so that we understand the drive that you're making with Neela.

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This this to Allahumma Dini or along in the local Buddha, it's the same as the dryer from yesterday. So you're asking the loss of Hanna what Diana for guidance, which is inclusive of beneficial knowledge, that beneficial knowledge may be something that is specific or something that is general. And it also is that Eliza gives you success to follow that path. So he guides you to a path and Eliza Joe gives you the ability to follow that path. Allahumma Didi was said did me a Sadat in the Arabic language, it means it is equivalent to the word is the karma to be upright, and to travel across a moderate path. So to be upright and moderate. Now I want to mention to you the last part of

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this Hadeeth because it's important the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told it early alone, he said, when you think of he Daya, when you mentioned he died,

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think about he died to put it that you are being guided to the path.

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And when you think about the sadak,

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think about sadad is seven.

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Okay, so that means think about the arrow. Now, if any of you have ever done archery, you know that target is setup, okay?

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The person puts his arrow in the bow, he pulls the bow back, he wants to hit the target.

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If the arrow is not all the way straight, right? If it's even if it's just slightly crooked, what's gonna happen? It's not, it's also not going to go straight. when it's released from the boat, it's going to it may start off going straight, and then it's going to go whatever direction the arrow is pointing. So Sudan, Sudan, the province I sort of told it, it'll be a long one, to think of straightening the arrow. We remember what we said that word said, then it means to be upright. So when you ask a lot, you're asking the Lord for guidance and to be upright, you're asking him for success. Right? So he says, to think about that arrow, think about how the arrow was crooked. And

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then someone came, and they straightened that arrow out that is a sedans and sedans. So that is because a person a person may know the path that he's supposed to be on. But if he goes on the path and he doesn't have Sadat, he knows he died, he dies, you're on the path. That is the path. So for example, just so that we're clear.

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We're praying what direction that direction is what?

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South so the character right.

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If someone said what is the path to Mecca?

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They said this way north would they ever get to Mecca? No, because Mecca is that way so he diet is to be going in the right direction. You ask the Lord So Joe for he diet to be on the right path.

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As Sadat Now what happens is you may start on that path going to Mecca, okay, but you don't stay on the path that is well trodden. So you go off to the left or you go off to the right, and perhaps you get lost. Sadat is know to stay straight on that path until you hit the target. So you hit that target. So when you ask a love for a sedan, you're asking him for success and getting to that target. You had

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for guidance and success, we understand the difference between the two, because a person may be on the path, but then he falls off he goes left to right. With Sadat. No, you hit your targets, you are successful. You're upright, and you travel a moderate course in doing so you don't go to extremes, not extreme to the right or to the left. So to do it again is Allahumma Dini, I want to hear you say because you're gonna memorize this now. shala Allahumma Dini

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is the other one easier along mania Celica. alhuda. That one's easier. It's the same guy. Okay. Allahumma inni, Luca alhuda. That's from yesterday, aloha mania, silicon Buddha.

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Let me hear you say

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a lot many. So local Buddha was dead,

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was dead. Wha so dead was a dead fire alarm me as a local Buddha.

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Let me hear you say Allahumma in ESL Luca

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as a local Buddha was the dead

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now the Prophet sallallahu wasallam didn't just teach out to the love line this day. He told him when you make the do I think about being on the path and think about the arrow being straight. And this is from the beautiful teachings of the Prophet it is selected with Sadam that not only did he give him a theoretical concept, but he also gave him a tangible something to think about tangibly. So you're thinking about when you're asking the Lord for He diet, you're thinking about being on that right path, the path of knowledge, the path of righteous actions, the path that leads to gender. And you're asking him for sadad to keep you upright to keep you straight on that path.

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So the dragon is Allahumma. Everybody, let me hear Allahumma Iniesta, Luca

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alhuda, was sadad five who narrated the Hadeeth

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alley event Have you thought about the law of wine, the cousin of the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam in the fourth of the Colorado she did. And he wrote the logo and it was collected by an even Muslim in His sight here. This is the second time if you make it a part of your life, don't just learn it here and No. Your homework every day is to take the drive and teach it to someone else from your family. And then give them the homework as well. So that we can begin to learn the drives that the Prophet is allowed to send me because they are the most comprehensive lies and they are the ads that contain success for us in this life. And the next that guidance, that sedan being successful, this

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is what is going to give us real true and honest success in this life. In a direct shot.

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A minute

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