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Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of memorizing a doula and being mindful of the meaning of loss of hands and roles in the COVID-19 pandemic. They stress the need to practice being mindful of words and actions, and emphasize the importance of showing gratitude to the Lord and bringing it to demonstration. The segment also touches on the importance of showing appreciation for actions and avoiding becoming a social fabric.
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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while early he was happy he woman Werner said Mr. Deacon what happened to liking you or a guy two brothers and sisters in Islam? A lot of how it's Anna reminds us in the Quran, what we should do at times of calamities. He should handle without it says for a little

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bit sooner to roll. Well, cos kulu who was a another who shape I don't know can we I'm alone. In this I lost her hair was Alice's if only when our calamity came to them, they took around that is that they humbled themselves that they turned to a lot of hands either in obedience and worship, what I can concept kuruva but their hearts became hard. Was the you know the homeless shavon Oh, my candle Yeah, I'm alone and she upon me what they were doing appear to be good to them.

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The great manifested according to the web, they learn how to be more low data. He says that in this if there is a divine rebuke that is that allows for hence it is rebuking them for abandoning supplication they abandon do I when the calamity came to them. And that is because their hearts were hard. The soft heart, the one that is receptive to a loss of hands on His revelation, the one that is empathetic and sympathetic, the one that recognizes that when these calamities come, they are a test from a loss of hands added to us, and that these tests bring out the best in us if we endure them with patients and that Allah Subhana data does not test any soul with a burden greater than it

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can bear. And we really believe this. And if we put our trust in a loss of habitat, we will make it through this calamity. Bismillah he's added. The important point here to note is that Eliza Joe is encouraging us to do, many are to make dua when calamity befalls. And therefore during the times of calamities and suffering, such as we're going through right now with the covid 19 pandemic that has gripped the world. It's even more important that we turn to a loss of Hamlet Allah at this time and ask him for his relief and his protection. There are many do eyes that we can make, specifically, protection from illnesses or more generally, to be protected from any harm and to remove the harm

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that has befallen. And I'm sure that many of you have seen, you know, lists of blue eyes going around.

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And this is good. I'm delighted that people are thinking about the importance of making sure at this particular time, however, many of those lists are simply that they're lists. And a lot of us don't really know what these do is mean. And it is important to understand the meaning of what we're calling upon illustrations out of for as, as many of the scholars say, and do I see that see that moment, that the eye is the weapon of the believer, when I can see that the body, the weapon is only effective, as effective as the one who is using it. So if we're making these lines, but we really don't understand them, then they're not going to be as effective as they could be if we actually

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know what we're asking the last hands out of four. This is very important. So that as we're learning these two hours that we learned the meaning of these two hours, and today, what I'd like to do is go back to the beginning.

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What I mean by going back to the beginning, is that I want us to memorize a doula

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that is all encompassing and do I that will help us to make more

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and that is because simply because I memorize it, do I or I know the meaning of it? Or have the willpower to make this it doesn't mean that I'm actually going to make it the only time I'm really going to supplicate to a loss of hands out and call upon him is if he aids me to do so. And this is basically what we find in the statement of loss fantastic Yeah, can I will do we're gonna stain every time we resize sorts and fattier or larger as you along that we worship and from you alone we seek assistance that is that we seek assistance from Allah Subhana Allah in worshiping Him and this is

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you know, similar to what we say when the event is being called when the moleben says hi Ursula Highland fella, we don't repeat after the morning we say La La quwata illa there is no movement, there is no power there is no mic, except with a loss of Hannah was added. I don't have the ability to answer that call to prayer to come to success and less alleged parents either aids me in doing so. So as we memorize these two eyes and we know them we know that I'm supposed to say this to either morning or this do i upon leaving the house and so forth. We're only going to do

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If Allah subhanaw taala aids us in doing so, this is what I mean. When I say going back to the beginning, so I want us to memorize it Do I today that we should be saying in every salon and every single salon from now and so the day that allows for parents Allah calls us back. We should be saying this to eye to eye, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught more eyes when he took him by the shoulder, why the angelin on the Allahu China and when he took him by the shoulder, and he said in the little hip book, on why I truly love you. So he goes on to say to live today, Tiger hanafy do really cool the salaat into code. But at the end, we do really quickly. So lots of

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cool Allahumma in me, either the clicker will show clicker will host neatly by the tick, he says so don't leave off saying at the end of every salah and in some of the narrations fee coup de Sala in every Salah meaning and what the scholars have deduced from this is that this do it is better to say before the test lien as opposed to after the test lien. So before the test lean, you say this do I owe a lot aid me Help me assist me in three things. The kritika was shook rica or hosting a bad at remembering you,

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thanking you and worshiping you in the best manner possible. Now, this is a great guy and we understand these words. But I do want to go through these three points the lights add, just so that we could get a quick understanding of what it is that we're actually asking the loss of hands Allah for. So again, we're going to see this design every salon and not just the father Tila you're going to see it in your reply to you as soon as you're going to say it if you you know pray Doha you're going to say if you pray so lots of witches on this do It is to be made and every single salon before the testimony Mashallah. Okay? So, the prophesy Sonam is instructing us to ask a law to aid

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us and that is because again, if Allah Subhana Allah does not help us, it's not going to happen. aid us in doing eight us to do what number one fee niconico. And remembering you and addicted has two different meanings. One is the opposite of El hafla, heedlessness or neglect. And this is the dictator of the heart. That is that we remember a loss of data inside of ourselves that we remember his magnificent subpanel. It's out of his generosity, His mercy, that we are conscious and cognizant of a loss of humans at all times that we don't forget him. So there's the decline of the heart. The second type of ticket is the decay of the tongue and this is the opposite of silence. So we're

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remembering a loss of hands either with our tongues and the best of that victory is the recitation of the Quran. And then there are the statements that are most beloved to Allah Spanish Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allahu Akbar sending Salaam Salaam upon the messengers of light it was on a meeting, do I just calling upon a lost friends as part of a ticket in the general sense? So we're asking the Lord to help us in ticket we're asking Allah Subhana Allah to help us not forget him, and also to mention him with our tongues. subhanho wa Taala. And this is the best of our actions tell you. The second thing, part two, the second thing that we're asking for is a sugar.

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We're asking a loss mentality to help us to show our gratitude to him well may be coming emanating from Allah, every Nima every favor that you have is from Allah and those favors may be material favors or they may be spiritual favors. I need the fact that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed you to pray five times a day that you remember Allah Subhana Allah that allies with john has put in you the desire to make a home run to make hydrogen all of these other, you know, to be a person who is concerned about their piety and sincerity. These are blessings from Allah Subhana Allah that deserve to be thanked, as well as the other material blessings that we often think of like having a reliable

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vehicle and a spacious home and, and a patient, spouse and beautiful children and so forth. The fact that last one is Allah has blessed us with sight that he's blessed us with hearing all of these are blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala. They deserve to be thanked, that thanks starts in the heart by recognizing those favors. It manifests itself on the tongue that is when we speak about them, we praise Allah Subhana Allah for them, and they manifest itself on the limbs as well. That is that we don't use these blessings in a manner that is displeasing to Allah Subhana Allah, rather all of those blessings that we have, we use them in a manner that shows that we appreciate this favor from

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a loss of hands and we use them in a manner we use them to increase in our obedience to a loss of Hamlet's Allah so this is all part of sugar as we ask Allah subhana wa Tada.

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for hosting la vida, we asked him to aid us to worship Him in the best possible manner. There are two main elements here. Number one is that all of that worship be sincere, for a loss of Hannah was added that they'd be absolutely hopeless, that we don't turn to anyone else, that we're not doing this form of a battle because we want people to notice it, because we went there thanks, because or any of those things. But we do it sincerely for a loss of handouts and we worship Allah azza wa jal in public.

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In a manner we worship with lots of hands either in public in a manner that we would do so in private, we're not, you know, showing off we're not being ostentatious, we're not looking for anything other than the reward of a loss of habitat. And the second part is that we do that worship in a manner that complies to the teachings of our Prophet alayhi salatu was sent in if it is done for other than Allah Subhana Allah is not personally bad, it is not good worship. And if it is done in a manner that is not sanctioned by our Deen then it is also not good worship. So we're asking the loss of habitat for these three things. Allahumma and me Allah the clicker, clicker was a bad etic

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Allah ate me and remembering you thinking you and worshiping you properly with some Allah who was selling robotic and then Amina Mohammed

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