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AI: Summary © The heart and actions of the tongue and actions of the Vehicle are well known, and the ultimate decision is the heart's actions. The holy spirit is important in the holy eye, and the use of words in religion, including the Prophet's statement, is discussed. The holy eye is seen as the ultimate decision, not the ultimate decision, and the importance of faith and showing one's true faith is emphasized. The increase in conversions to Islam and the need for people to trust in Islam is also discussed, along with the importance of showing one's faith in achieving spiritual]].
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Hello Robin Lanham in shadow law in the low new Saudi hin shawanda Mohammed Abdullah rasuluh viar toe long Rahmatullah Lana mean. Lama Salli wa salam o radical and Amanda and Amina Mohammed. While early he was five years, Reina my back. Okay, we're going to move on to Hadith eight be the lights on. And then we're going to do a little bit of skipping but not much. And we're going to cover a number of devotional acts of the heart. And that's where we're going to make it up to until a certain shallows at

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this first Hadeeth is under a new book, the book title is Amen.

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Which we commonly translate as faith. Does anybody want to take a shot at what he meant? Is that the definition of a man from the standpoint

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not the lexical definition, but the legislative definition of Amen.

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Okay. Yes. What do you say?

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belief? All right. Yes.

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Uh huh.

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Stay Uh huh.

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Okay, nice. Mashallah. So it's a belief in the heart statements on the tongue action of your limbs, and it fluctuates, right? It increases and decreases. All right. reason why I'm asking is because let's take the word, a salad salad. Right.

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What does that mean, linguistically?

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It means do I, right? simply mean? So somebody said, Yeah, I pray five times a day, said, and you and they went away, and they came back? 10 seconds later, so or 20 seconds. So what did you just do? Said I prayed.

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And then he said, What do you mean? says why I made prayer I prayed may die. So lost. Does that count? They do that five times a day? Does that count is the the daily prayers? No, even though linguistically? It's fine. But Eman is the same way. linguistically, you can say it means to sleep, even though and in some later scholars would disagree with that as a linguistic definition that it doesn't just mean belief. But regardless, the definition of Amen.

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From from an Islamic Ghandi in terms of legislative perspective, is Colin Wyman, which he talked about, but I'm gonna break it down a little different statements and actions, statement, statements and actions. Okay. Amen. statements, the statement of your heart,

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and your tone,

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and the actions of your heart, and your tongue and your limbs. So that's five categories.

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The statement of your heart

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and the statement of your tongue. What do you think the statement of your heart means?

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The statement of the heart is what was referred to earlier and that is your affirmation, right? This is something that comes from your heart, to affirm in your heart, and to firmly believe in La ilaha illAllah.

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That there's no true God except for last time. And by the way, the word God in the English language, by itself with theologians, it means the deity worthy of being worshipped.

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It's actually what God means it means the deity that deserves to be worshipped. So when you say that there is no true God, except for Allah, that's good for La Ilaha Illa. Because it does mean that there's nothing worthy of worship except for Allah. Okay.

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That is the statement of the heart. The statement of the tone, what they refer to in this hadith is to testify to let Li Lola actions of the heart are different. What are actions of the heart, it's what goes beyond that statement. So now, you love a last minute and you love his messenger. You fear a loss of handles and

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you have reliance upon Allah tilaka these are actions of the heart.

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You have actions of the tone, so everything that goes beyond testifying to let Allah is considered to be an action with song like what?

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Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala. What else

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citing the Quran, okay, these are actions of the tongue and then actions of the limbs are well known. That's your saliva.

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Making hydrogen so on and so forth. Okay, so this is the chapter called Amen.

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And Abdullah anytime you see Abdullah with nobody after him like no even I best or no even Omar that Abdullah is going to be in the midst of YOLO China and so I belovedness who said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yet lions follow a hidden fee called V with Carlos Huberty. How did he mean email? Well, I had full agenda ahead of he called me He must have but he has done in min Kibriya. The prophet Isaiah salatu salam said none will enter the fire. Who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of a man and none shall enter Jenna, who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride and this is collected by Hon Hardy and Muslim you have 30 seconds

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because we're running short on time you have 30 seconds to come up with a title to this Hadeeth with your partner Hello Bismillah

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wake up I know you all ate you feeling real good. sleepy now. Want to talk to your partner? talking in class always helps you stay up.

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Remember the general theme?

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Sound heart

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Okay, that was your 30 seconds. Who has something for me? Bismillah who has something? Yes.

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contents of the heart. Interesting. Yes.

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Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

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the weight of destination

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Uh huh. Okay, are you

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You should get together with the brother in the back and you guys can write a series of books

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with no pages just covers they'll sell inshallah. Bye.

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All right.

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The actually the issue the issue that I was actually going for here is that is that he man? The seat of a man seat as in the home of a man is the heart. Okay. Now, you hear a lot of people say don't judge me. My man is in my heart right, which we'll talk about later inshallah. But that is the reality of shaker the same between me and him. Allah to Allah said that the scholars of Islam have consensus that the apostle of Amen, right, the base form of email is from the heart. Allah spirit, Allah says in the Quran quality, Prabhu, and Calum took me know what I can call Islam now while America decoded email fi kulu Beco, right, the Arab widows, the better ones, they said that we are

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believers. And they said we have believed

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say you have not believed but say, Islam now that we have submitted and Eman has not yet entered into your hearts and there's a lot of other evidence from both the Quran and the Sunnah that indicate that he man, that the home of a man is the heart and what we see in terms of action, and what we see in terms of these actions are also considered to be a part of Amen. legislatively. But where's the home of a man? The heart okay?

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This this hadith is very interesting. I'll do my best to explain it as quickly as possible none shall enter the fire of hell was in his heart, the weight of a mustard seed of a pipe, we do know

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that there will be some Muslims

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who are punished and purified in the fire. Correct.

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Let me ask you something. Right. I know this is like, may seem a little weird.

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to people praise Allah for being punished in the hellfire.

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Somebody said yes. Is there some evidence for that?

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see any evidence for for that?

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Okay. The short answer is everybody who goes to hell praises a lot.

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Everyone who goes to hell will praise Allah and

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The reference for that is in sort of coffee.

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And for some reason, I can't think of the beginning of the eye. But at the end, we're kealan hamdu, lillahi, Rabbil alameen wa coulda been a humble hack, we'll call the abena, whom will hack any last minute data now is talking about the not the believers, he's talking about the non believers who are going to be punished. And he says, we'll call the avena home bill hack, and the decision will be made with justice and in truth, will kill Al Hamdulillah lillahi Rabbil aalameen. And it will be said, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen they will praise Allah subhanaw taala Why are they praising Allah? Because they know that he is just that what he did was fair.

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And if you think that strange, there are criminals in this life, who, when they stand before a judge or jury, and are the decision is made, that they are to go to prison, that they actually think the judge

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that the decision was the right decision, they will praise the lost parents and

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even the Muslims, those Muslims who are punished in the fire, that punishment is a purification process, because everybody who enters gender has to be pure. Feather hula, Allah Subhana dalisay you have become pure, so So enter. So here we know that there are some Muslims who are going to be punished in the fire correct. There's no difference of opinion about that. By the way, that's not a it's not up for discussion. But here the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam says, none shall enter the fire, who has in his heart, the weight of a mustard seed of a man. And we know that every Muslim has at least a mustard seed of faith, a mustard seed of a man in his heart. So how do we understand

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this? How do you understand the issue here? This has nothing to say. And if you have this in your heart, you won't go to you'll never enter the hellfire.

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But so many other you know, I added a hadith that indicate that some Muslims will go to Delphi. So how do you understand that?

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It won't be the ultimate destination. That's the that's the basic answer here. And that's important that when we study a Hadith, even when we study the Quran, that you don't take one text in isolation, and try to understand it without the other texts that have

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similar meanings without other relevant texts. So a tournament the Rahim Allah tada who also narrated this Hadith, he said that the scholars of Hadith say that the meaning is that les Lu, that he won't go to the Hellfire forever. Other scholars say that what this is referring to the prophets like some is referring here to the fire that is eternal and that is the fire of the non believers. Whereas there is a fire that is extinguished, if you will and that is the fire in which the Muslims who have committed major sins will be punished in philosophy with Allah doesn't forgive them. Allah knows best no shall enter Paradise who has in his heart, the weight of a mustard seed of pride.

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Okay, and we're going to discuss the issue of arrogance as we go on again. If a Muslim has in his heart some pride Okay, that doesn't mean that he'll never go to gender but it does mean that there's a purification process that will take place and a lot of data knows best pay we're going to skip hiding number nine go to Hadith number 10.

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Hadith number 10 is interesting, because

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it is not actually a statement of the Prophet it is selected.

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However, there is a lot of benefit in it. And it is collected by lahardee. He narrated that even I best said I was informed by Abu sufian

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that Heraklion said to him

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by you who was able to hear

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the leader of Mecca, okay, play Yanni he he was from the nobleman of Quraysh. And at the time of the hegira of the Prophet it is salatu salam

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He was still not Muslim. He didn't accept Islam until later. His son was who?

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Why are we?

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Well, the Allahu Allah and his daughter,

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Ramallah what was her? What do they call her own? What

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have you been okay. But you also have again said that Heraklion is said to him, this is when he when he went to to Rome, he said, I asked you, whether they that is the Muslims were increasing or decreasing.

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You replied that they were increasing. So the number of Muslims were steadily increasing. And in fact,

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now, and in fact, this is the way of true Amen.

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These are his words. This is the way of true faith.

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Because as you can imagine, had Taya Tim until it is complete in all respects. I further asked you, whether there was anybody who after embracing his religion, and he that is after they accepted Islam became displeased. What Ted Dujana said that

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they became an apostate or they left the deed. You replied in the negative, none of them, not a one. And in fact, this is a sign of true faith. When it's the light enters the heart and mixes with the hearts completely. No one will be displeased. No one will dislike the faith. This is collected by Hon hardy by take a 40 seconds 30 seconds with your partner and come up with a title for this Heidi.

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You're not excused?

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Remember, we're talking about faith in the hearts and these type of things.

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Hey, this fella who's got a title, yes.

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The level of event Yes.

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Sorry. contentment of the heart. Ah.

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Signs of event.

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True Faith.

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The light of faith. Okay. Excellent. So the idea is this here.

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Many of you have probably heard the statistics, right.

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since 911.

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This is an American statistic, but I'll tell you about something here and debate.

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Since 911,

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over 50% of those who converted to Islam left Islam

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since 911,

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they converted to Islam.

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And then they went back to whatever it is that they were doing before.

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Here in debate,

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those who are working in Dawa

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have similar numbers,

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those who are accepting Islam or not staying Muslim.

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Why do you think that is?

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Here in this Hadith, we have those who with the Prophet alayhi salatu was sent in the ones who accepted Islam in Mecca. They were being boycotted, meaning what, for three years, they barely had food, they had to leave their land and go to Abyssinia. They had they faced so many difficulties and so many problems, but yet they what they remained Muslim, there was no worldly benefit for them whatsoever and becoming Muslim none.

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There was absolutely nothing in the dunya that would have kept the Muslim not like today.

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I becomes Muslim he gets showered with gifts, for example, or whatever it is it maybe he gets married for he wants to. He gets married, he gets he becomes Muslim because he wants to get married or something like this.

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There was none of that during the time of the prophet Isaiah SelectUSA. But yet they stay firm on Islam. Why? What did what did Eric lie say here?

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When did when did the light of faith enters the heart? Nobody leaves it. It doesn't matter if they were going to be cut in half. It would not take them away from their faces. The messenger sallallahu wasallam said Why do you think that we have people today who would

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This land and then leave Islam

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because they haven't the delight of faith has not entered into their hearts and Subhanallah a lot of this. And I'm saying this out loud because we have to correct certain practices. A lot of this is because we are concerned about numbers.

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We want all we want to accept Islam. Yes, my Marquez has 2000 people except this name mine 3500 mine this, so that we can just tell people that type the issue. When they accept this lamp, then what then what happens? What have we done to help them taste the sweetness of faith? You see Subhana Allah.

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At the time of the Prophet, it is too late to sin.

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They accepted Islam because they truly believed in Allah.

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And then they became a part of this body of Muslims

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who worship together who think the last parents added together, who did everything together, they functioned as a community.

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A lot of these people, because I've read some of their stories.

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It's not that they it's not that they lost

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faith in Allah and Allah per se.

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It's that they never actually felt like they were part of the Muslim community.

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And so they just consider themselves not to be Muslim anymore. Even though if you really drill down and you ask them, Do you believe in something other than La la la la? They'll probably tell you, no, I do believe in learning Lima. But they've left the army, they're not praying anymore than are fasting, because they never actually felt like they were part of a community. And a lot of times, it takes that community to help the man enter the heart. It's not simply the Shahada, and there's a lot of things that have to happen after that. In any event, think about this Hadeeth because we're going to cover next we're going to talk about the sweetness of faith in shallow tap, like

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part two actions of the hearts. Okay, so we're talking about here devotional worship, devotional worship actions of the heart and the next 16 Hadeeth or 17 are all under this category of actions of the heart play

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Okay, let me let me say something real quick before we before we go on to this.

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Any of you know the story of

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of the magicians in Fira.

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Okay, so Allah Subhana Allah mentions that story in more than one sorta in the Quran. And so in sort of an hour off,

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Allah Subhana Allah says, He is informing us about

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the magicians, who said that Moosa himself was a what? He's a magician, he's a sorcerer. Okay. So fit around, gathered up, the greatest sorcerer is that he could find. And he promised them all types of great things. And they obliged and they said, we'll,

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we'll come and we'll meet him and we'll show that his that our sorcery is greater than his right. And then what happened?

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What happened?

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The opposite happened. And Moosa la salatu salam, when he threw down his staff, and it became a serpent.

00:24:07--> 00:24:09

The sorcerer is knew what

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they knew that he was a messenger of Allah. And they believed in Allah carlu and men NAB Europe Believe me. They said we believe in mobile, Allah me.

00:24:24--> 00:24:29

Pharaoh said what to them. Now mind you, how long have they been Muslim now?

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30 seconds maybe? at the most. Okay.

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Fair answers to them what

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we're going to,

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I'm going to cut and slice your hands and your feet from opposite sides. Similar or suddenly when knuckle measurement and then I'm going to crucify all of you.

00:24:53--> 00:24:54

What did they say?

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

They say it doesn't matter. We are

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We are going to return back to a bellami. That is in a mate to me. That's just an amazing story

00:25:10--> 00:25:12

that in that short period of time

00:25:14--> 00:25:15

that they had that kind of

00:25:17--> 00:25:20

resolve. But what do you think it was?

00:25:22--> 00:26:05

It was that firm faith. It was the firm belief. And what will Allah mean? Because they knew that that couldn't be magic, it had to come from marble Atomy if you believe in the last hands out of everything else becomes easy. It becomes easy, it takes over your heart. And this is why I sit with him a lot of data. And he says, when he talks about the fidelity of tawheed, or the virtues of toe Heath and the person really having true faith in Allah subhanaw taala and worshiping Him alone. He says, woman album, if without any heat, and the whole you have a little lab, miracle math, looking that from the greatest virtues of tawheed is that it frees you from the bondage of creation. And

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that's the reality. Your heart is attached to Allah subhanho wa Taala