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Destroyers of Brotherhood – Episode 04 – Cutting Ties

Tahir Wyatt


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Brothers and sisters in Islam, these ads that we recite every Juma that are commanding us with the fear of a loss of Hamlet's Allah those are things that we should keep in mind all of the time. Part of the fear of a loss and with that is that you are not absent from the places that are lost you can without as commanded him to be present, and that you are not present in those places where lots of Hamlet's Allah has commanded you to avoid. That being said, Your mother Juma being at the masjid is one of the places that a lot from Hamlet to Allah has commanded us to be. If you are a Muslim male who has reached the age of puberty, some people walk in casually, they notice about starts at 115 a

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walking casually at 130 and walking casually at 145 to catch the salon. What are they doing prior Oh, they had an appointment that was set up for them or that they set up for themselves at the time of Juma because to them as long as they make it to the slot everything is okay. And it's not a loss of Hamlet's Allah has commanded you at the time of July to be at the masjid because listening to the hutzpah is watching. Listening to the hookah is an obligation which is why loss of Hamlet to either

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prohibited us from buying and selling after the second event of July even though it might only take you one minute. But it's prohibited because listening to the football is an obligation. So don't take selected July like and you should let those brothers know who you consistently see walking in afterwards. And then asking the brothers can move up and make space, you should talk to those brothers on the side afterwards. Encourage them to be on time. In any event. If someone does ask you to make space, please do and don't cause as is happening right now. And don't cause the scene please because it takes away and it distracts from the cookbook. We're going to continue with part four of

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the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, which is one of the most comprehensive and important Hadees on brotherhood. That is the statement of the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam. That too has to do with a tonnage issue. What about on the wallet Addabbo, what are you available for my that V bow will kuno A by the login quinine to the end of the study, in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says do not be envious of one another.

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Do not be deceptive. And, as we said was false bidding.

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And we talked about that in some detail. Don't hate one another. Do not to dab borrow, which is what we want to talk about today, inshallah, which means don't turn your backs on one another. And do not undercut one another in business transactions and be Oh slaves of Allah. And the Prophet Muhammad is reminding us here that we are slaves of a love, that when a loss of hemorrhoids either prohibit us from doing something we have stained, because he's our master. And we're all in this together. So be Oh servants of Allah, O slaves of Allah, be one be brothers, to the end of the ad, which is collected by the man Muslim. And so today, what we're going to do is cover two parts of this Hadith,

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which is the statement of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Last daboo will be abajo kumada de E, Bob, do not turn your backs on one another, and don't undercut one another in sales.

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The first part of this heavy that we're covering is do not turn your backs on one another at a dashboard, which means that a person literally and he when he sees another Muslim, he turns around, he doesn't want that Muslim to see him

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or the other Muslim sees him and he does that thing. They turn away from each other.

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Or they get close enough. And they turn into their faces so that they don't have to give each other slams. This is literally the meaning of to dabble into them.

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And as the scholars of Islam have mentioned, and explaining this hadith that the prohibition here is for a Muslim to turn away from another another Muslim even with his body or his heart such that it needs to a Muslim boycotting another Muslim. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that this is haram don't do it. Lay a Hindu, Li Muslim and and yeah, have a foul focus Allah the Prophet sorry, some say it is not permissible for a Muslim to boycott his brother in Islam for more than 390 more than three days.

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It is not halab Now you look at the beginning of this hadith.

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The prophet SAW Selim said Don't be envious of one another. Don't be deceitful, don't hate one another. Why? Because all of those things are going to lead to the fourth thing which is u turning away from one another. And see here as as the scholars are

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Islam mentioned because when you look at the multiple hodinkee find that the prophets I saw them in his campaigns actually boycotted other Muslims for 50 days. Those were the ones who failed to show up at the Battle of the book, and then they lied about it, and then they came clean. And as a part of rectifying that situation, they were abandoned by the rest of the Muslims. But as the scholars of Islam mentioned, and hedgerow de la, okay, hedger, that is the boycott, someone is a medicine, if you will, it's a treatment. So if it works, then it's good. But if it's going to lead to a greater evil, than it is not good. So let's give you an example. Let's just say your child, he's hanging out

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with the wrong crowd. And so you say, listen, here, don't hang out with those, those people anymore, they're gonna get you into trouble. And then you find out that he's still hanging out with that same problem, but your child loves you to death. So if you tell them this, I'm not talking to you anymore, not until you beat them, we're not gonna have any relationships, I'm not spending any money on, if that is what it takes to turn his behavior around, then that is a good thing and is permissible in Islam, that type of boycott, that type of hedging. However, if by you telling your son Listen, don't even come back to the house until you start hanging out with him guy.

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And then he just goes, that's it. That's the end of the relationship. They become his friends, they become the ones that he is loyal to and loyal to, and it leads him down a path that is of greater destruction, then that is not permitted in the trim. Again, this is a medicine, medicines that you take, if you don't meet them, they're not good for you. They go into harm, they'll destroy your kidneys, they do all types of things. But if you need it, then it's something that's good. So that boycotting is of the same type and some people unfortunately, we have plenty of them in this city. They boycott other Muslims. Not for Deen. See, because when you do it for the deen, that's one

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thing. But what are you doing for the dunya? But it's really because of hacer is really because of envy and jealousy. It's really because of hatred that's in the heart.

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And then it's disguised as being something from the deen that's not helot now you're helping the Muslim and Yantra focus it is impermissible for Muslim to abandon another Muslim for over three days when they meet your Eagle head for Euro you do that when they see each other this returns to that returns.

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Well, hi, Matt and Lydia that will be stolen in the best of them is the one who starts with the CNN

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and that's because it is the celeb that breaks the boycott all right and so this is why if we look at what actually is the problem that he said I'm saying when he's saying don't dabble don't try and get back someone because when a Muslim meets another Muslim What are we supposed to do smile at your brother smiling at your brother is Southern with brothers at the end of the day. smiling at your brother to probably subset of Southern giving your brother this set and just sent out why they from the province why some said I show that's 10 what are you that's 20 well bought a cashew that's 30

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where's that if you turn your back the prophets like Selim said Mammon was the main the young, tough to Yanni forget the softer hand, there are not two Muslims that meet each for yet to solve a hand. And so they shake each other's hands in love, who feel another whom at the end of Telecom, except that they'll be forgiven before they split.

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Now, there's another Hadith that talks about the sentence falling off when people shake each other's hands, like they fall off of a tree that I think is not authentic. So sometimes you see a brother it's very awkward. He wants to shake your hand for a minute and a half, because he thinks that his sins are falling off. But that's that's that he does not often. And but the point is that if we shake each other's hands when we meet, then it'll be in the man will be forgiven by a loss of hematologist for shaking hands. And as you never know, your child has said that there's a

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consensus amongst the scholars that shaking hands is sooner in the telepathy, the shaking hands is sooner when you meet.

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And likewise, if you meet your brother or your sister in Islam, and you say something that is nice to them, then you are also following the Sunnah of the prophet it is today rather, in fact, Allah Subhana Allah says we'll call it nasty gooseneck and say that which is good to people, and the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam said that from the best actions is called a pseudo Adam

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is to bring happiness to a believer

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So when you see your brother in Islam,

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and you saw that he lost two pounds, and you know he's on his diet for two months, Mashallah, you looking good brother. Okay, that's something that's sooner. That's good to say if you see somebody that doesn't, it looks like they're going through something. And he says, if there's anything I can do, let me know. This is bringing happiness to your brother. So you got smile, the rewards and give us the lamps, the rewards for shaking hands, the rewards are saying that something good, all of that gets lost because of

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turning your backs on one another.

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And so you sit back and you think right now you need to be real with yourself

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as they're Muslim right now. But you just can't stand.

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Somebody who you don't give slams to

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somebody who maybe you call them a week in a row, they didn't answer your call. So now you're not you're never gonna talk to them again.

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Or they don't answer your text. So he says something about you that he shouldn't have said.

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You have to think right now. Is there a Muslim? That if you were invited to a function, and you found out that that person was going to be there you try your best not to be there?

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If that's the case, think about this Hadith of the Prophet Isaiah.

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Where he says truth to whatever level of gender Yeoman is naini Well, yarmulke nice

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How do you say Muslim? The doors of Paradise are open on Mondays and Thursdays

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for you follow me

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as the most meaning yes Chateau La ilaha illallah wa usually will be shared. And so every believer that testifies to lay lay the law does not associate any partners with their worship. They will be forgiving.

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Every believer every single Muslim is forgiving. With a sense, money Mondays and Thursdays This is a special begins from a loss of habitat in level julienne. bainer. Who will baina he shall

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accept more in person

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who has

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I'll do a colloquial translation, some beef with another Muslim.

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a grudge between this Muslim and his brother. They've got problems and they're not trying to solve.

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They don't get that

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Allah subhana wa tada says to the angels, unbelievable has he had to study had unbelievable had he had to study hard. On the one hand, he had to study how to delay them. And so they work things out, delay them until they work things out for the third time delay them until they work things out.

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And so a Muslim who is prepared the abandon and boycott and turn away from another Muslim

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has to be prepared

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to ask himself, is it really worth it? Or am I prepared not to have my sins forgiven by loss on that Monday and Thursday, like the rest of the Muslims.

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And if that's the case, then all you have to do is after July today, whoever that Muslim is in your mind, hopefully it's not more than one and just send them a text somebody was just thinking about you. I hope everything is good man lost friends, Allah bless you. And we've got

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a break that don't allow there to be that to dabbler because the Muslims in them and me noon, because we are nothing but brothers. And when we look at what Allah subhana wa tada says, For tough love, Fear Allah part of that is what what asleep, that's a baby come and fix the relationships that you have amongst yourself. A lot of times when we say a slide, we use the word reconcile, but a lot of people don't even know what that means is slack is the same word that they use. For example, if your car is broken, and you got to go to the mechanic,

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say Yo, you gotta fix your car. So it's the same thing we talked about Islam that's in beta, fixing your relationships with people. Once the end you start in your home, what's the relationship like with your spouse? A lot of times we go way outside the house. What about what your children your parents, fix those relationships because that family is the building block of the rest of the community. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us and to fix our relationships are cool. Oh yeah, that was something lovely will happen in the warlock world

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Shadow no hamedan angle was

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mean, last Sunday was radical and Iran and Amina Mohammed. While early on Safi as my

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next part of this Hadith, the prophet alayhi salatu salam says, what are your view? Babu? kumada v bow, none of you should undercut another in business transaction. What that means is, and let's not get focused on the words themselves and let's not get caught up in the words themselves because there's a broader principle here that we need to talk.

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In this heading the problem like Saddam Hussein, for example, if

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someone sells a car to another person for $10,000

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another Muslim should natural say, How much did you how much you get that?

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He says I bought it for 10,000 he saw me I can give you one that's even cleaner. Better than that for 9000.

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That is called a bay.

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A bear. And in other words, you're undercutting in sales, and that is haram. It is not permissible for you to do and it's the same thing. See, just think about whatever business it is that you may do and don't get caught up in the exam is the same thing. If you go to work at somebody's house, you say what was the other guy will charge Muslim, your brother from the mesh? What was he gonna charge, I was gonna charge me 6600 I can do I can do the same thing for 450.

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That is Han. Now, it does not mean that for you, as the consumer is haram for you to bargain hunt, that's what you're supposed to do. But what it does mean is after the deal is done, the Muslim can't go now. And do at the very least what's going to happen is you're going to cause your brother to have regret.

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And that's how long to make it just like the probability Some said that from the best of beats is to bring happiness to your brother, when when he paid 600. And he could have paid 450 How do you think he feels

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he feels like a fall and you're the one that made them feel that way.

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And you can't do that. That's not allowed.

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Or it's going to cause problems between you and the other Muslim who is the seller of whatever product is. And so it's going to cause enmity between the two of you.

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What it could also mean to is that the consumer will make up some excuse, oh, no, you sold me a defective product, the product is fine, makes a defect so that he can give it back to the original person that he purchased from and then buy from another person, which causes all types of problems. And so this hobby is generally used for a broader principle in Islam, which is then anything that causes enmity between the believers is hot. Anything that causes enmity between the believers is high. And that is why the Prophet is allowed to sit in immediately after mentioning these five things. Don't be me.

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Don't do false bidding, or be deceptive. Don't hate one another. Don't turn your backs on one another. Don't undercut one another, the price of a sudden mentioned five things. And then he said well who knew he by the law he is why now be Oh servants of a law because that's what you are. Be brothers. Avoid those five things. do the opposite. Don't be envious of one another one for your brother which you want for yourself. Don't be deceptive, be honest. And a Muslim should be known for that. Even the prophet Isaiah aside from Sam here by mentioning two things related to sales is interesting.

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Because one of the first things that we do after ritual acts of worship is buy and sell. And so the prophesied sentiments teaching us as Muslims that we have to be ethical in our business dealings. Muslim should never be known to be a cheater. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam saw that man who, who put some wet dates under the good day. So I'm going to tell you someone reached his hand in the bio and he saw he said, Why didn't you put the what dates on the top?

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Why because the man was trying to

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be deceptive.

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He was showing his product is one thing when it was really something else. And so the private side some told him and machine flh a minute. Whoever cheats us is not amongst us. He's not from us.

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And so here the prophet SAW Selim is laying out his qualities that are necessary to ensure

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that we are real brothers, that the Brotherhood that we share as Muslims is stronger in fact, than the Brotherhood that is simply because you came out of the same womb or because you share the same father.

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This is the Brotherhood of Islam. And and it's so strong that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that shade pine has despair. And yeah, but yeah, Buddha who must be Muna Fiji 02. Now that the that the Muslims

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of the Arabian Peninsula worshipping Well, I can tell

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but he, so what so he's just gonna cause problems between you all.

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Not that there's going to be major shooting or something like that, but just to cause problems between a believer because that's the next thing that destroys the oma. That is the next thing that destroys the oma. And so we have to do better as Muslims to recognize the rights that other Muslims have over us and to fulfill those rights and stay away from all of those prohibitions that the prophet Isaiah Sadam mentioned, so that we can be as a loss of hands on what to add it says brothers so that we can really be brothers and sisters in this man