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But most of far off, he has enough. I have found no single Shafi party that condemns them only. I have found some sharpei for ca or condemn elements associated with them only while affirming the validity of them only taking it back to, you know, sharpies owners and mock data to allow for by

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innovations to call it innovations. There are two kinds of them that which is in line with what what Sharia says and left which is not in line with what Sharia says. So that is now essentially it'll be up to us a year. It forms part of that will soon

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framework of what the Sharper Image App is all about. Which is why I haven't found a single sharpie to condemn them all leaders such as the Olivas, they admit the fact that the lead is a vida that cannot be denied but they say well it's a bit what makes it happen What makes you say it depends what you put into them only if you put aka recovery on to the more it becomes a bit as a year if you keep it free from that and you keep it as it was in a time of him nobody so stuff about Sharma is the first one he wrote the book against with

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advice Allah incur in Vida Valhalla this and he takes his methodology from a pseudonym wrap this around his teacher who laid out there will be data from Sofia some, is it a bit allergy ready to be done in Dubai is going to be done with arhaan Maha Maha Rama, all five of these you do get. And then he says, Well, I mean axoneme up to Dr. Visa. Molina and Malaysian NaVi, he says is a bit Asana. So if we're looking at this from the point of view of the shark, Mm hmm. This was Aldershot foci have treated many of them have written Maori themselves.

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Even Hajra has a famous answer that he gave us up close it up as a result on is

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what is equally hostile. masiphumelele moly, so how we address anomoly even casino says anomoly but in back then all of them even most of the demons. So on what was the nollie student moly, it was an occasion to celebrate the Sierra and to discuss the CEO of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Last year, the year before I bought the Mali or even NASA has been now even NASA have been at the mercy is also the man who wrote that other book or Abdullah Alam and Zama and among all of you if you've made a mistake on Islam, so what Cassius is defending,

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he's defending even Tamia and he writes about it. He writes him only, so he's only this called Daniel Sr, female only the last half. I want to see what is normally these only comes in six volumes. See what is only what is it is open Sierra, not just the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, his birth, His life, His death, His clothing, his is like Shama, Iliad, Sierra all of that included. So the mole, it was an occasion of reconnecting with a see Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, similarly would be some that would be the Mali that Zahawi, the Somali that we didn't get here and so on, but back then moulage were written in the form of what in the form of Hadith books,

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let's say history books, when later on Mali is assumed a different form. In the time of biology in the time of the data, it assumed a different form now, now Molly's worth an in literary form. No longer hottie form, even Nasr the dean would say, you know our gel Buhari and fuller then he gives the Hadith or original but you have to if della in any will give the Hadith lays on the holy doesn't sound like that any longer. The lowly sounds What's

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up to him law, obviously, that Ilaria probably shaking his head, he probably knows the Molly bath.

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So it assumes a literary form. And in this literary form, this is a lowly that we have come to, to know in our societies, that's the only and that mold isn't restricted to that particular night of the Gulf of Oman oh well, when it is red or to the month of probably will also the month of of YOLO. Well, when that mold is read the reading of the mold, you know of the events recollecting the events, what is the harm there is like a gel Sierra having a gel, so speaking about the fear of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, but when the events are based upon medulla Hardy then we have a bit of a problem with that, and the later Murali do not actually indicate what the sources are. There's a

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second thing and that is the pm and the decree loaded. Well, I mean, how many other projects is to actually in Korea and then some others who are more wholesome Allah Allah you will send them out. Amara Nia, Lozano, this ministry is shining, he knows all about it. And at that moment everyone gets up and solid Allah Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that pIane is a masala sepia. The Amazon was allotted here was a little SLF if you have a kaha will not have a Sharpie. The Sharpie Polka even has a hater mean is fatawa Ardisia. Three is a particular masala and he calls it a bit Asha. He says there was a bit of their PR inadequate Molly B's Ashley amankora. It reads it when he

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comes in he's asked a question. There's a hadith which says when

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we surah was a terminal life and that's the stodgy Windows review for Rasulullah Salallahu Salam and he stood up. So someone asked if we need to do a double Allah can we also stand up you know for the sake of saving the views of Allah and sometimes he says no, you

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Not because Rasulullah Salallahu Salam Souda Bay when he said when the idea came to other Amarula I think Yama has come now. Thank you for that the Sajida we sit down again so the Mavi is for not for today but for that heat at Amarula not it has come it will most certainly come so he says down again. So the suburb for the pm existed for a very short space of time and then he's gone so you sat down from there it goes on and says the standing of the time of equal knowledge. This is with our Shani amankora Some of them were the Assyrian issues as often as any Yemen they have said that no, it was doesn't they didn't find it as there is definitely some sort of delay between the old ama

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personally I'm much more inclined to the view Manager Well if the provider is dying the mother about to be considered like we laid it out previously. Then the view of those without him doesn't really hold water he sees you but there are some flowers so and then they will go certain things they will go the incidence of Yasuki Rafa even even socities I'll see that was recited in front of him. Colleen only have the most powerful hub to be the hub. Allah where you can mean half the asset even better what a yen had a spa for in the summer, he and Sookie stood up and everyone else stood up for Hassan kabhi. Everyone felt very good. So they say, well, Sookie Sudha so we can also stand up.

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This is what we call one particular incident. And we don't say Suki sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we say Tsukuba Hema hula, he's not in a V. And he did it under the impulse of the moment, there are times and you know, when one listens very carefully to the only the person God recited, and, you know, you know the language and you're following the citation. When that moment of the Lord is actually mentioned, you can feel a very strong urge to do something, you want to do something. And when he's in a cartwheel, you're gonna laugh or cry, but some people express it in the sense of standing up.

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Now, if they do is under that particular, of force or sentiment at that moment, that will be similar to Sophie, but it is standing up simply because this is the ritual when once the bid or Hassanal becomes ritualized, then it starts assuming dimensions that are somewhat questionable now, after ritualization when the bids are not virtualized only, but elevated to the level of the regime in the sense that oh your own Santa Fe for your ethos of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, some of them are you don't make them odd and therefore you you no disrespect to Rasul Allah. It's not as if it's a bizarre is tolerable in that sense. But when the bigger hustler reaches those proportions, then the

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very first person to condemn it would be the very same for us, we have approves of it. So they will approve it within within certain limits. And they will disapprove of it when it when it crosses those lines, they would have disapproved of it in their time, it didn't quite reach those, those, those limits. It was only afterwards, as a hacker could speak about it, he had seen one thing which he condemned. But as for the mold in general, he says it's fine. He's got this book called An Yamato Cobra, and in Harlem, be Mali. This is the one of the Adam. And in there, he discusses what the people of Morocco he used to love what they do on the night of Molad. And they all go to the place

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where Allah Allah was born, but then he condemned some of the things they do men and women and everyone else who said that is wrong. So those aspects of the mold which are condemned, Nubble will be condemned. The mold itself in essence was not condemned, but shallow water goes our those who do it or go those do not do it.

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There's no blame mechanism either. I just think that morally denounce society sometimes have been taken completely out of context. It is in made

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much of the fear conduct D and all of these kinds of things, which shouldn't necessarily be those of us who are in control. Those are the monopolies on the Mojave should make a lot of these resume.

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Reform these resume to bring it in line with what the Sharia will demand. And but this kind of Islam will not come about by condemnation. Condemnation only breeds opposition. When you condemn, you don't

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reform you just make the opposition more determined to continue with it exactly as he is. So if he could be both in line, if there's something wrong with it condemned what is wrong, leave the rest.

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And that's where I, you know, speaking in light of what Amanda says, that's where I would leave it