Prophetic Lessons on Parenting

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their experience with parenting and parenting in the Dallas area, where they grew up. They share two examples of people who have experienced loss of parents and share a story about a man named Johan who threatened his wife and he would kill her. The speaker emphasizes the importance of respecting parents and not trying to avoid them, and offers advice on how to deal with potential damage from father's success.
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I wanted to share something

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from a particular perspective, something God constantly still learning about. And in the area where I've been personally, so growing and learning,

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he touched on parents understanding, you know, the struggles, the challenges of their children.

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Now, I want to qualify what I'm about to share, through just sharing with you exactly who I am and where I'm coming from. Even though like I said, many of you know myself personally, even my own issue. But I was born and raised here in the Dallas area, just about 20 miles from here, joined by miles from here, in Arlington, I was born and raised, I lived my entire life there, I grew up there.

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I even had the opportunity to become an adult here in the same community, to be working in the same community, to start raising a family and my own in this in the same community, and now trying to raise my kids as well. And the reason why I shared that is because I've experienced, I've started to now experiences from both sides of the issue. And with what he mentioned about each side, trying to appreciate the other is no doubt very, very important.

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If I may, and if you'll allow me, and hopefully no one is really offended by what I'm about to say. But if you are I apologize in advance, and I'd be more than willing to offer a follow up apology in person to you, if it doesn't offend any of you.

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what we need to understand, very serious.

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What we need to understand is that there is a such thing as bad parenting.

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Right? It's not some ghosts or demons.

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Right? Like they talk about the Loch Ness Monster, there's a Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and Batman disappearance? What do they all have in common?

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They're all angry go, what do they? What do they? What do they all have? Because they don't exist? How can you have a battle of some parents?

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Right? That's the logic. That's the conventional logic will be Why do they need?

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Everyone knows to find out?

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Everyone knows that I will be the one.

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Oh, God said you have to respect your parents.

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It don't matter. No matter if they're serial killers. You don't matter that is their band proper. Right? It doesn't matter if they are dictators. You will love your parents love thy parents. God said it. Right. And so there's this weird Muslim myth. About 30 minutes. There's this weird Muslim myth that that there's no such thing as a battle of severe

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And what I will present to you

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as a case study as an example, I'm going to share two things, only two things with you very briefly. And I'll give you references so you can go and read up on them in more detail yourself.

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tells us about Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam, his relationship with his own father.

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Yes, your grandfather, as mentioned in the Quran was not Muslim. But nevertheless, was giving us an example. In that very same genre. It earlier phrases Yeah, yeah, I think you set up the Prophet yahia, the son of cicada who was born miraculously in old age music and he and his wife. And when Allah tells us about Isa the sum of money, who of course we know was miraculously conceived and more than when the love describes both of them. Yeah, and a software cousins actually, and coffins, both of them. When the love describes them us as well, but around BYD that team about an ISA, and about Yeah, this is what what I'll be writing day one. They were both very, very, very, extremely good to

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their parents.

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So the sudo has already set the premise about you kind of respect your parents. Okay, we're getting familiar territory. You got to respect your parents. But then Tyler tells us a very shocking story about me and law. Forgive me for

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If I'm overstepping my boundaries, but what seems to be very plainly Drupal minor developer are a pretty terrible father.

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Then Not only does he not believe, not only does he worship idols, but when his son tries to talk to him about it, he threatens his lady and I'm gonna tell you, the other 200 aka, listen, boy, if you don't stop this now, I will starve you to death. I will kill you. A father threatening his son.

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And then what does he say? What do you mean, Melinda? You are dead to me. I

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I never ever want to see you ever again. Well, you need money again. while drinking and sleeping Believe me very far away. Meaning don't come back. Lose My phone number lose our address. I never want to see you ever again. You're dead? Did I just oh, you

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ate the sun is truly hurt. He says Scott, a salon.

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salon father. So I saw people like, if my lord permits me, if God permits me, I'll even ask you to forgive you for what you've done.

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In the hotel, I mean,

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God will take care of me.

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And don't worry, if you don't want to see me, I won't bother.

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If you are embarrassed by me, I will make you suffer any more embarrassment.

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So this story in the blog, is there for a reason, is it not, of course, a life teaching us in because there is no such thing as a bad parent.

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And I'll share one example from the life of the profits of the levada Center,

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where this is kind of a very specific topic. And this is something that

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you could probably share a lot more insight with your draw syrup and share a lot more insight with you all from a psychological perspective, maybe in a workshop type setting. But I'll just mention this here because it still makes that point that I'm trying to

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illustrate or demonstrate here that there can be back

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at the time of the prophets a lot. He said there was a senior Sahabi Companion of the Prophet His name is Rishi. He was in Ensenada. He was from Medina. And he was a very respected Senior Companion of the Prophet Joseph, a senior member of the community. He had many yet a few children. And they were all like young adults. Okay, he had one son, you know, every every child has their own unique abilities and talents and whatnot. He had one son, whose name was Norma. And I'm not even but she will be along with Alma. And if you even on a cursory level, if you read about the sciences of diabetes, one thing that you will find is that the normal mapping but she got me a lot from Toronto,

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it is the seventh or eighth individual as marriage in the most I have is from the province of a level.

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So what I'm trying to tell you is that academically he was very gifted, intellectually, he was very sharp. So he was one of the star students of the profits.

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Okay. And he was always constantly in the company of the profits along so I'm constantly learning from him, memorize the guy he's memorizing for on us one of those types of people. up and comers, young, young bucks. And so, the father, obviously, can you imagine how proud a father could be? Today, if somebody sharp is like valedictorian, I'm proud of them. Can you imagine how proud parents would be a father would be his son was one of the star students, best students of the Prophet Muhammad is a little lower.

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I mean, that Father, he was so full of just, you know, pride. And so, and it was so particularly proud of this son, that he gave him a very expensive gift. He bought it for something very expensive, kind of like to give you a relevant example, think of buying that a son a bar, he bought him a car, he's like, you know, you have to constantly go to class, and you go around with them, and you do so. So it's like, it's like you bought a car.

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he comes to the profits a lot. And he kind of tells you, he's like, oh, look what my dad gave me. And the profits lost.

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And the profits alone, some call it machine, the father. And he said that she had a question for you, guys.

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The father King, how's he doing?

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And the reflection say great, fantastic. He's over here. He's in class. He's constantly learning asking questions, great students.

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So the proper tool set but however I have a question for you.

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Did you just buy him something like really expensive? We're using the example of a car.

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And he's like, yeah,

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no great kid.

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Great kid.

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And the profits a lot of

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brothers and sisters.

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He said that you also find that nice stuff. Does that mean the same thing but also give them nice gifts? He's like, God, listen.

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I'm a farmer. Okay. simple way. I got that kind of cash. Right? I can't afford to buy all of them like nice stuff.

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But you know he's

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and the profits a lot. He said, I'm saying

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it's not okay.

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And then told him that tape back

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the gift you gave to your

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and he said a little break his heart.

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And he said that the damage of this might cause is significant, significantly less inconsequential compared to the damage you might do to the rest of them. If you don't have to