Abdul Wahab Saleem – Tafseer Of Surah Taha 04

Abdul Wahab Saleem
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ciudad hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah him then he was careful Mazda Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine Olam, Alabama Alabama and federal now when trying to be unemployed I was in a manufacturing surgery where silly Emily Emily Sania Cabo, Callie are visiting your ailment or visiting your ailment or obesity Allah, Allah Masha Allah Allah madrasta who Sarah

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has not either Cheetah Salah we are continuing with the SU sutra, Baja and the story of Musa alayhis salam. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Allah. Ooh Tita sulekha yamasa we left off at a number of the hours that Musa alayhis salam made in this beautiful surah solar power or solar to Cali mezuzah. All of these are names of the surah Mousavi said I made a number of different drugs, he said are beshara so do a lot open my heart up for me. Oh Allah make my affairs easy for me. Oh Allah, untangle my tongue up for me. Oh Allah do that so that people may understand my words Oh Allah. also allow for there to be a minister from my family huddle and who happens to be my brother, Oh Allah, strengthen

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my call and my fears in my back for me as an O Allah strengthen my affair for me. Make him a partner in my affairs. These are all go as he's making. Now he gives us reasonings. He says that so that we may glorify you a lot so that we may worship you a lot so that we may remember you Allah in a cocoon, Davina basura. Now he finishes it off by praising Allah you are ever watching. You have been watching us throughout our lives. Allah subhanho wa Taala answers the call of Musa alayhis salam saying by the Udi, so ilica yamasa all of those questions that you've asked, you have been granted the answers to them, but the Odessa Electra yamasa, your questions have been answered, and Allah

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subhana wa tada calls them sulekha. Okay, so, for Allenby Manorama freuen. Okay, the question the word so it means myschool all of the things you've asked all of your lubac or all over your mythology, all of them I'm giving you okay? Yeah Moosa, oh Musa, one of the men and now they come about and Allah says, I'm gonna answer all of those calls of yours. Right? Of course, I'll do that. Don't you remember that I gave you for my grace. A lot of it before as well, whenever

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there was a lot of grace that we've granted upon you and bestowed upon you in previous days as well in the past as well, right? If we were able to do it, if I was able to do it, Allah subhana wa tada is saying about himself and alluding to this particular statement to musala ceram. If I did it for you before, then I'll do it for you. Now, if I granted you before, I might as well grant you right now. So be sure rest assured that all of those things that you've asked

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I will definitely grant gratitude. So Allah subhana wa Tada. Then he made the test of, of Musa alayhis salam vast metaphorically meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed him to bear all the difficulties which would be coming his direction he allowed him to have the ability to bear these difficulties. Similarly, Allah subhana wa tada made his fear easy for him, Allah azzawajal also untangled his tongue for him so that he could speak eloquently so that people can could understand his speech Similarly, a lot of binaries that he was made

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a minister for him from his family, the same one he had nominated how to win a fee huddle and my brother, Allah subhana wa tada allowed him to strengthen his call. So even when Musa alayhis salam went to go meet Allah subhana wa Taala on the special designated appointed meeting that he had with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Harun was taking care of the Israelites at that time.

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A lot continued and he said, Well, naka de manana Haleakala, we had the Stoller mercy previously as well in our bounty previously as well upon you. So of course, we'll give it to you. Now, what was that bounty, Allah says, is a hyena, either omega nine, when we revealed to your mother, whatever is normally revealed as well. And based on this verse, some people said Moosa must have also been given Prophethood as well, because what he is not given to anyone but a prophet. And this is the long discussions among amongst the theologians about whether there is profit are given to women or not, or whether Prophethood is something exclusive for men as well. Right? This is something that

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theologians discuss the majority of the theologians they say that Prophethood is specifically for men, and women do not get a share of this Prophethood. But a number of scholars do, in fact, consider some of the female figures in the Koran, a few of them, a handful of them, around six of them, some of which there is some discussions around some debates around some differences of opinion around. Even I miss those people who believe that there could be

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there could be logically speaking, there could be a female Prophet, right? You know, even amongst those, there's some discussion about that, almost, that is one of them, right? So, almost, and we of course, discussed this also in our theme of sort of Maria as well at length, because Miriam is one of those figures, about whom the scholar some of the scholars have said that she is, in fact, a prophet, amongst whom, by the way, is

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the famous professor. And this, again, is one of those verses that the scholars use. And there's another verse as well earlier on in the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala said, in a hyena,

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in our own Mimosa, and of dairy, that when we reveal to the mother, the mother of masala serum that she should go ahead and, and nurse, the child nurse her son as well. Right. So that is another way, basically, right. And some people said all of this is in harm. All of this was simply intuition granted to musala, Sam's mother, and others said, No, it can't be intuition, because sometimes we're talking about lengthy, you know, passages detailing the passages of event, the events that occurred in this particular way, and so on and so forth. So it couldn't simply be a an intuition. Allahu taala alum anyways, as I said, there's a difference of opinion about whether there should be

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translated as a prophet hood or not. And it was the fee 50 arbutus, apostrophe phillium that we reveal to Mimosa we reveal to the mother of Musa

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now you have and one of the things by the way, which almost nominates the opinion, which almost makes the chances of the opinion which says that there could be female Prophethood more likely is the completion of the verse, which says, is a hyena in our own Mika. Now you have, when we reveal to your mother, what is normally revealed, now you have it could be translated like that. And with that, we would say that it must be a revelation similar to the revelation given to other prophets as well. Allah continues, he says, an Apple TV, what's this revelation? What's this intuition, whatever you want to call it, and if the de facto tabooed, that you take this child of yours and you place

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him in a taboo in a trust factor, the fee phillium now take this chest and throw it in the river. Now the river that's being spoken over over here of over here is in fact, the river Nile. And the river Nile Personally, I've been in the river Nile it it's till this day, it has a bit of a current it doesn't have a at least when I was there, it didn't have a very strong current but it still has a bit of a current and it's quite a river. It's not a small little river. The people now of course have said that a lot of the water in the river Nile is

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Not like it used to be before. So you can imagine many, many centuries ago how this water may have been adequately had in either case, it's still till today it's a, it's a river that requires you to be on a small little yacht or ship or so on and so forth. It's a bit of a, it's a bit of a water body. That's the point. Right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala saying, place this child inside of a trust, and then throw that trust into the ocean beside

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yah hoo, I do really throw it into the river that is, yeah, what do I do? What do I do with my enemy and his enemy will end up picking up this particular child. And that of course is to their own because if you don't fear is the enemy of Allah subhana wa tada and is also the enemy of all of the Prophet Musa in an extension, all the prophets and believers in general will lie to LA aka mohab betta mini wanted to snag it, but what Allah has done to musala salaam of all other, all other all the other children who are being born at that time was that Allah had placed this special quality that everybody really just falls in love with. Musa alayhis salam at first glance because it's very

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beautiful child, very playful child and your babies, they have quality of attracting attention, some more than others. So Allah subhanho wa Taala made Musa alayhis salam, that baby that would attract a lot of attention, you know, almost like a love at first sight type of thing. So that's exactly what happened. So I won't despite his savage despite his very harsh and tyrannical ways of just slaughtering children because he was afraid for his most of his of his dominion. When he saw masala salami fell, fell in love with him, right? Allah subhanho wa Taala told us of this of this one, he said, well pay to alayka have better money, I placed this special love upon you so that people fall

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in love with you, when he does not allow it. And so that you may be and I did all of this so that you may be prepared. Okay. So Musashi Salam is being prepared. Some bit sometimes there's events that happen in our life lives, which are difficult, essentially, they look to them, they look, you know, they look like to us at least they look like events, which are extremely bad for us. They look like events, which are going to be destroying our future, they look to us. To us, it appears that these events are going to just totally destroy our features and so forth, right? But Allah subhana wa tada knows that those apparently destructive events in your life, they actually have a very, very

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productive outcome. When Allah subhana wa tada wishes to make you see that productivity eventually within your life. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, while Ito SNA Allah is all that all of this is happening to you and musala ceram at a very young age, you're thrown into a trap and the river ends up taking you the Nile ends up taking you towards the the palaces or so on and so forth of the pharaohs, right through the streams that would lead right up to the ponds in front of the palaces of Pharaoh, all of this, this appears to be something wrong happening in your life. All of this appears to be traumatic, and so on and so forth. But I'm doing this because I'm preparing you for a great

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task when it will snap Allah IE so that you are prepared and you are raised under my care if then she took up at a polo holiday when your sister was walking

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and she saw what is happening. So basically when omo musa through Musa alayhis salam into the tablet and the tablet into the Nile and the Nile ended up taking Musa alayhis salam in the current of the Nile right towards the direction of the current of the Nile, the sister of Musa who was also Madame right sister, her name is Maria, she started walking along the Nile to follow to see what is happening to Musa Elisa, right, until she finally found literally that just before the palace or before the house of Pharaoh, Pharaoh. And she noticed that him and his wife happened to be looking at this child trying to decide what to do. And she realized that other other women that attempted to

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breastfeed and nurse this child, it just didn't work. So she came to them and she said First of all, she said, * I don't know comala Mia

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Should I not tell you of someone that can take care of this child for you? Should I not tell you of someone who's who can be the feel of this child for you? Should I not tell you of someone who can literally literally do the undertaking of nursing this child and and being the nanny of this child so to speak for john aka ILA in Mecca kitakata. I knew. All along the loss of Hannah with Allah had a greater plan. The child was had departed away from his mother Moosa Elisa.

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had departed away from Moosa, right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to join Musa and Musa alayhis salam together again. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said that through this particular scenario, we return you back to your mother, right? If Musa alayhis salam was with his mother the whole time, then there would be this likelihood. And this possibility of the, of the spies of Pharaoh figuring out that there is a child in town, and he was expecting that there will be a child born and that child is going to overthrow my kingdom as some of the soothsayers that told him, right. So since this child was born, in that year, he was going to kill the child, Allah subhanho wa Taala save the

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life of the child by him being thrown into the Nile and into the palace, and literally driven by the currents right into the palace of Pharaoh. And now a lot of great plan was that the sister told them that there's 190 that I think she's going to be able to nurse this child without any issues. And he's going to like that particular nanny, right. So when when Moosa came, that is exactly what happened. Allah subhanho wa Taala in this way, returned back musala salam to Moosa, even though the people thought she simply a nanny or or a wet nurse or so on and so forth. But in reality, Moosa had been by divine intervention granted her child yet again, follow john aka either omega kitakata When

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we returned you back to Moosa, so that moves us

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so that you become the coolness of the eyes of Musa while it hasn't so that she, she no longer agree, grieves and no longer is sad anymore. Well, Patel turnips and Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving musala some examples of all of the different favours that Allah had bestowed upon him. Why is he saying all these things because Allah subhanaw taala is reminding him, I am going to, in fact, answer your call or Moosa, I'm capable of that. And don't forget, even prior to this, I gave you a lot. Here's some examples. You went into the Nile River, well, money, this is miraculous, think about it, a child thrown into the test, then that just doesn't end up drowning and rather goes with

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the currents of the Nile and the currents of the Nile. As I said, they may not be that strong, but it is a very deep river even till today, despite the fact that the water levels have become lower, right. So it gets driven into the palace of this tyrannical king who kills all child and that King falls in love with a child. And then the sister of that child arrives at the house of this tyrannical King and realizes that that this particular child is not nursing from anyone if they don't find the right nurse, the child might die. She says, I'll bring you what nurse nurse and they bring this wet nurse and obviously, the child will be ready to drink milk from the mother

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immediately. But for some odd reason, the pharaoh doesn't realize that this is in fact the mother of the child. Right? So this is divine intervention, clear sign of divine intervention, through which Allah subhana wa tada is telling Musa alayhis salam your answers are very easy for me to call to answer Allah subhana wa Tada.

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You're calls are very, and your questions are very easy for me to answer. Allah subhana wa tada continues and he says,

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well, Patel 10 of cynefin Ajay Naka, meaning you killed a soul. And we saved you from alarm. We saved you from sorrow and grief. And we saved you from, you know, all of the sorrow that you were going through, what's that then NACA Fortuna. And we put you through a number of different tests, not a single test. We put you through serious test for tune and we put you through a serious test. Fela VISTA see Nina Fei Li Medina imagine so you stayed after that, after all of these tests that I put you through, you stayed a mist the people of meridian for a number of different years for 10 odd years through magic da da da da you yamasa then you came back based on my decree and based on my

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appointed time, you attempted to come back. That is something that I'd already appointed that time was already appointed.

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A law continues and he says was not to Kadena FSI. Now, I am preparing you the whole time I was actually preparing you Selena is different than just a sooner right earlier on a loss at Valley to snap it. So that you may be raised and prepared and fun is not really means to manufacture. So you may be manufactured in my care. Now Allah is seen was dynamic to Kadena FC and I have very carefully crafted you for myself. Okay, how is a lot crafted Musashi sir first of all Alliance printing everything and every

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So why has musala salam so carefully? And how is musala salam so carefully crafted? Right? You see all of the life of musala ceramists tests. He basically, as soon as he came into existence, as soon as he came into this world, he was going through troubles with immediacy, right?

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With immediacy, we're talking about a man who came into the existence with immediacy, there's a chance that the tyrannical King, under whose rule he happens to be, and he happened to have been born, might kill this child. The mother takes the child throws the child into a river, okay, with a chest, the chest goes right to the house of that tyrant, from whom the mother thought she was saving him by throwing him into the ocean, from whom the mother happened to be hiding in after he was born. She was so afraid, that perhaps even the midwife that had that had helped her through the childbirth might go in and form and perhaps an informant may come. And the informants have a pharaoh are all

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across the city looking for any midwife's anyone who would perhaps have any news of a child coming into town, they would want they would kill this particular child, right? So there's this serious gang danger upon that danger is thrown into a river, a very deep one that is, at a dark moment, a very strong current in one as well. And those currents leading into the house of the person from whom the mother is afraid, and from whom the child may be afflicted by a great difficulty, perhaps death itself, right? So Allah subhanho, wa Taala, saves him from all that, then he goes back to his mother, now, they can't live in a normal relationship, even though there are mother and child,

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right? The mother can't expressively talk about the fact that this is in fact, my child. She's simply a witness, according to public perception, and so on and so forth. I mean, a lot of difficult fears. Then suddenly, as musalla, Sarah grows old, despite being this person who's, who's revered in society, because he grew up in the house of the king, right? He,

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he accidentally literally accidentally ends up killing someone, right.

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And now that accidental death is not considered accidental in society. So there is the danger now of being put to put to account and put to judgment in a wrong way. Because again, there this was an accidental death, right? It wasn't an intended murder, and so on, and so forth. So now what happens he has to now run literally, despite the fact that he hasn't done anything wrong in that he didn't intend to kill anyone. Right. So now he has to leave the city, he has to leave the city, he has to leave the city running towards another city, a place where he doesn't really know he doesn't have any friends family. No one else who goes to this country stays there for 10 years working, literally

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a labor job. And that happens to also be the man for his wife, as well. And now he's coming back and it was dark, he lost the directions. All of the life happened to be a lot of tests. And there's more than this as well. These are some of the ones that i'm i've just highlighted right.

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So test after test after test after test difficulty after difficulty, you know, a child raised pretty much without a mother and the father in some ways because the mother can't really expressively say I am the mother right and so forth. So all of these difficulties Allah subhana wa tada says, these difficulties and these trying times I was putting you through. He says all of this was a cleaner I was preparing you by not to get enough. See, I was preparing you for myself. Right? So now when you're going through difficult times in your life, perhaps Allah subhana wa tada is preparing you for a greater task. Remember the story of Musa alayhis salam, all these difficulties

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that he's going through, they are actually preparatory tasks, or a series of preparatory tasks that he has to go through in order for him to fulfill this great grand task with which he will be commissioned by Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is the task of prophethood. And that is the message of Islam that is going to be delivering to these people. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he says he has a hook goal you and your brother now that I've given you and your brother both prophet owed, you and your brother both go and give your Tao br Yachty with my signs that I've given you some of the signs Allah subhanho wa Taala detailed already in the beginning, right? Allah subhana wa

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tada spoke about the the staff of Musa alayhis salam or the stick of Medallia ceram which when musala ceram through it, it became into a snake or a van or a hyena or a john and

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Allah subhana wa tada also spoke about this hand which

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When was that Elisa Lam would place it under the armpit and pull it out, it would become white and vice versa when he would do it again, it would become his normal complexion yet again. So Allah subhana wa tada says, Take my signs, what are 10 eofy decree and don't become weak in my remembrance don't become weak in my mentioned and so on and so forth. So those people who have been tested have calling to the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala or who plan on calling to the path of Allah subhana wa Taala. There are great tests that will come your direction, remember the word victory, right? What's up the Miss salata? decarie stablish your prayer for the sake of my wicked? Why not then eofy the

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kitty do not become weak in my wicked right? Now there's two things as we mentioned in a previous episode already, the first thing is that when you mentioned what my remembrance means, remembering Allah yourself. The second thing is when you remember Allah, Allah remembers you as well. Right? Whoever mentions me is Allah subhana wa tada says, in a hadith could see in a gathering, I will mention him in a gathering even greater than that gathering. So Allah subhanho wa Taala remembers those people who remember him, if you become from Ole Miss the people of the remembrance of Allah, that in your trying times and in your difficulties and in all those problems that you have that you

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thought were unsolvable, Allah will be there for you. And Allah will in fact remember you and when you when a law remembers you, then your difficulties are solved already. Right? So Allah Subhana Allah Allah will remember you when you remember Allah subhana wa tada and that's why the one advice Allah gives to them, why not? Ania physically go to go to the pharaoh Moses and huddling Moosa and Harun go to fit our own right and when you do remember one thing golden with my sign, so have clear signs, make sure you have a reason for him to believe, if he doesn't believe or you're afraid of the fact that he might start to act obnoxious and tyrannical and so forth. Without any IV victory

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remember me and I shall remember you as well. I asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us a trophy to remember him. So he remembers us as well. Just like him allow her and for listening. Also Allahu Allah say Ed Nam Ramadan. Well, Allah He also had big marine said I want a como la vaca

Episode 4 of the series Tafseer of Surah Taha – Ramadan 2017.


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