Mohammad Qutub – Tafsir Juz 28 #12 – Al-Mumtahanah 5

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "has been forgiven" to describe past deeds and the use of "has been forgiven" to describe past experiences. The importance of showing support for Islam in a authentic and non-blitz way is emphasized, along with the end of surah Taha Bylaws and the importance of peace be upon him. The segment also uses various examples and references to illustrate the issue of not taking enemies as allies and relationships, which is common among Muslims.
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smell of cinnamon on us for love. Brothers and sisters we just continue we have one more I inshallah will finish

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after the previous day where it was pinata Allah

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the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to give the via to give the pledge to the

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women. He also, by the way took this by, as we said from the men, and even from some of the women of the unsavoury that was very important. May the elements of the pledge were very important for all Muslim women to abide by, and to follow any set by

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Allah. And this was part of the mercy in the hearts of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that he sought forgiveness for the believing men and women, as he used to do so even on his own. And he used to even do it for His own uncle,

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who was a Kaffir

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his own beloved uncle,

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who protected him and he used to say I will continue to seek forgiveness for you until Allah prohibits me.

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And indeed, Allah prohibited him as sort of a tilde. He loved that his uncle will become Muslim but

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did not and Allah decreed otherwise but Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Love seeking forgiveness, for those who needs the forgiveness of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah forgive you are stuck for long Allah in the love of Him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, so he forgives, Alonso Shall we forgive all of these past deeds, even if the women as they're taking their pledge, even know their history

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completely contradicts these elements they have just pledged to a was forgiving and Allah is merciful. And it is said that

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the narration were him

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giving the pledge that when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, Well, I mean, we said her reply was

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there. Then when

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she said, we

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were compelled to give up. We raised them when they were young, and you killed them when they became older and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him smile, because her son was killed in the Battle of medicine. He was fighting as a disbeliever. And he was killed by the believers. She said when we raised them younger than you kill them, when they became old prophet Muhammad peace be upon them smile. Then, when he said, Well, I assume that we will be very noble June. She said, that this is indeed something important that no one should commit. What I have seen a few models, she said to him Wallahi we have not come here except to obey. The only thing that brought us here is to obey you in

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everything that you say this is

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who licked the liver of the beloved uncle of Prophet Muhammad, Salah lives and it shows you the vast expanse of the forgiveness of Allah, and even the mercy in the heart of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, therefore never say, This person will never become Muslim. This person is doomed to hellfire and due to his ignorance, in his guidance, you will never know that person might eventually become guided, and there are converts.

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Even amongst us here today, people who reverted to Islam and many of us were referred to Islam though we were born Muslim, because ultimately we were living a life that was so far away from Islam.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says.

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Are they are assuming

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all you who have believes do not make allies of people with whom Allah has become angry. They have despaired of reward in the Hereafter, just as the disbelievers have the spirit of meeting the Companions, ie the inhabitants of the grace and this is one opinion.

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Allah subhanaw taala takes us back to the issue that he started off the verse with, which is the issue of not taking the enemies of Allah as allies, and only taking those whom Allah loves as allies and relationships shouldn't be built on faith, and that craves is what we base our relationships on. So he says all you who believe do not make allies of us

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people with whom Allah has become angry. Some scholars said this is a reference specifically to the Jews, as

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there are other references in the Quran, where they incur the wrath of Allah subhanaw taala. Others, right, as we know, because of some of the crimes and their sins, so that they incurred the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala. How can you take someone who has incurred the Wrath of Allah as an ally, it defies logic, much less faith.

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But the other opinion is that it is general.

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And it relates to all of the enemies of Allah BZ Jews, or be the Christians or Buddhists, or be the basis or be they whatever they want to be if they are enemies of Allah who do not take them as allies.

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Don't take them as allies, because they have incurred the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Their example, assuming an addition to solving a solid wall, that they have this spirit of what

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this is a reference to the Jews, it's clearly understandable. And it is an evidence that the Jews themselves specifically have very little ties to

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and this is a reality that we see Subhanallah

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means zero to a person from the Jewish faith, it means nothing. In fact, this widespread differences between them about what Alaska is and what it involves, and so on. And some Jews don't believe in Alaska and all kinds of things. Accurate means nothing for them. It's dunya. And this is why you find Subhan Allah to a large extent, they have excelled in dunya because dunya is everything to them, and Acura is nothing dunya it's all about what they can do in dunya. Their religiosity is related to their dunya as opposed to their Astra it's related to their dominance in dunya, as opposed to their success

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in the hereafter. In the case that it is applying to all this believers. It's obvious how they have all the spirit of the hereafter. The disbelievers have despaired of the Hereafter, they die in that state. Because the hereafter and success in the hereafter is only for someone who worships Allah, and none other than Allah and follows the way of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala. So they have despaired of the Hereafter, if they die in that state, if they don't die in the state and they repent, before their soul reaches their throat. They have repented to Allah and Allah has erased this since

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the Mercy of Allah whatever they may have done.

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But if they continue in that in their evil and transgressions, and they die in that state of disbelief, indeed, they have despaired of the Hereafter, there's no chance in the hereafter. Yes, we

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a talk.

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Then the spirit of rewarding the hereafter just as he's giving you an example, just as

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the disbelievers have the spirit of meeting their competitors, this is one meaning

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the disbelievers

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after their brethren and their family and their relatives die as they don't believe in the resurrection, or they claim not to believe correct. They constantly argued with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him about the resurrection, if we become Dustin bones and so on Allah azza wa jal is going to bring us back Subhanallah

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as they disbelieve in the resurrection, they feel

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they despair of meeting their loved ones, again,

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their loved ones who have died.

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And as they don't believe they will be resurrected, this is the final separation between them and their friends and relatives and so on. This is one meaning, and this is what the translation mentioned, as the disbelievers have the spirit of meeting their companions, the inhabitants of the grace, they will no longer see them because that is the final destination, according to their belief. The other meaning is that men here are the essence of heaven.

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Meaning that the disbelievers who are in the grace

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the disbelievers who are alive have despaired of being successful in the hereafter and

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The disbelievers who are in the grace, can I sell to farming of

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That clear people who speak Arabic?

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Can I sell to fall, when

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not all fall? And who are a pilot for?

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The second time, can I hasten to fall?

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The first meaning is clear.

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The first meaning is clear, the spirit of meeting

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the other meaning

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as the disbelievers who are in the grace, the spirit

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of how they're

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the ones who are in the space of being in the grave.

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they don't know, because they are in the grave. So they despair of success in the hereafter as they died in the state of disbelief.

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There's no chance and this is why the Jonnie Allah subhanaw taala, saying how can you take these people as allies, people who have despaired of success in their after exactly as those who died in disbelief.

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In other words, for the disbeliever, whether they are alive or dead, if they are in that state, and they continue in that state, there is no success in thereafter. And really, brothers and sisters, when you think about it, it's ludicrous, that a pious Muslim, who fears Allah takes a disbeliever as an ally, someone who is despaired of reward in the Hereafter, not only taking them as allies, taking them as examples, taking them as people that I follow, though this person has disparate

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time to give me an example, to show you in what state of despair of success they are on there after and then you go and follow them.

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You know, this person, if they continue in that way, is going is is in complete despair, of any success in the Hereafter, and you take them as an ally, or you take them as an example to follow. No, no pious Muslim would do this. It is said Allah Allah,

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in an authentic hadith, or narration, that there is a reason for the revelation of this. And that is that even Allah, Allah who they didn't have it used to take some of the Jews they used to show affection towards some of the Jews. So Allah azza wa jal warned them in this ayah Subhan, Allah, these are the companions of Allah on showing some affection to the enemies of Allah, these are the companions, Allah, they have Allah to warn them and to remind them, where are you in Me, and the state that we are in Wallahi we need revelation on a daily basis, such as this to say, don't take them as allies. They have the spirit of the Hereafter, as the

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disbelievers of the spirit of meeting their companions in the graves, and so on. And this is the end

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of sort of Halon Allah azza wa jal has ended with the same topic that he started the chapter with, for Hannah, my dear brothers and sisters, Yanni,

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a matter of a chapter, full of laws and verdicts as we as we saw, there's a lot of fix in it, most of it

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concerning the relationships between Muslims and non Muslims, and in that it is a constitution to follow.

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Because you see from the beginning to end, it's dealing with that, and it shows you the balance of the message of Islam, in that in the same Surah

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where a last hello to Allah, Danny severely warned of taking the enemies of Allah as disbelievers. In fact, the whole first page was talking about that, and how we should take Prophet Ibrahim Ali salaam as an example and those who are with him, because they disbelieved and they exonerated themselves, of the disbelievers and so on, but in the same chapter is, now in hukou law. Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you in the religion. This is the balance of the message of Islam, and it shows you that the ones that Islam is a religion of peace, and it's a religion of

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harmony, and kindness and mercy and so on to all of those who do not show enmity to the religion of Islam. But

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it also shows that those

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To our

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proclaimed enemies of Allah and proclaimed enemies of Islam, that we are the biggest enemies to them. And this is something praiseworthy and not blameworthy. Allah azza wa jal forbids you from taking those as companions, and allies and so on. And then he speaks about the

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behind the verse of examining the belief of the believing women, and so on, and the Treaty of Davia, all the way up to the pledge, and the elements of the pledge, which Prophet Muhammad this report them took from the women. And this blesses pledge, brothers and sisters, is something that our blood sisters should pledge today.

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That's a pledge they should take today. It's a blessing pledge that cleanses the community. And as the enemies of Allah knows perfectly well, that the most important tool they have, in order to destroy the Ummah, is women, they continue to try to destroy the elements of this blessitt. planche. And they want women, they want to distance our sisters today

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from this blessed pledge, that no, we want sisters, to take this pledge again, and to live by this pledge which Prophet Muhammad peace be upon us gave to the women and by this Insha Allah, we rise up to the level that we all seek, and Islam comes back again. And the glory of Islam, which every Muslim desires, comes back and Salah was following our religion, following these elements, that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him took as a pledge from the men and women and all those that follow them. And this is the end of surah Taha By Allah's grace, we finished it we hope in sha Allah that it will be an argument for us and not against us on the Day of Judgment, and until I see you next

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time in sha Allah, I live in the protection of Allah set alight

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any issues, questions, comments? Yes.

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proper way of sending

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blessings upon Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the most complete is the one who saying the end of the prayer

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that I kind of got to the end of the follow up.

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But you can also say, Allah, Allah, Allah Muhammad.

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You can see

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there are different

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ways, the most complete is what we only mentioned before, saying Allah Muhammad, Allah, Muhammad.

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a valid way to send peace and blessings upon Prophet

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If you continue it is the most complete. If you continue with like the one in the prayer, this is the most complete way to say even that there are slight differences and there's also other nourishes wrote a book about this.

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One of the

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Savior Mohammed was YG he was Reethi come up later Allah and

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Muhammad was wondering whether the SE Coronavirus

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different ways authentic ways which are narrated by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon. If you say the one at the end of the prayer, this is the most complete alone.

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And if you also shorten it, it's fine and it applies. And it's it's a valid way to send prayers upon and inshallah Allah azza wa jal will send 10 multiples upon you. But the point is trying to the money, try to save as much as possible on Fridays, specifically on the night of Friday, and it's

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starting from negative Thursday, up to another Friday. This is Friday, the night of finance the day of Friday. This is the best time the Senate lessons on the line and

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a lot of

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other issues.

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The Jews and the Christians

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have also been referred to as the Mushrikeen in the Quran, at some places, because you said this believer there is a category.

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There is an exception to that category that we are allowed to marry them. Okay. Well, there isn't but there was a condition

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also referred to as

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places in the fight.

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I know it's it's a topic I'm opening up

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summarise it there is a rule

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when you analyze the Quranic language, which is

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two terms which are normally synonymous, if they come together in the same area, they are not synonymous and they are referring to do two different things. And if they

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separate then they're referring to the same thing

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they say either step

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by step

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in other words coming together in the verse often

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they they're they they separate in meaning by

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its location they come in different places

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that situation

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however, if they come in the same

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in one way or another, it shows otherwise I'll give you an example, when Allah says in the Lavina kappa

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Those who disbelieve the People of the Book,

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they are in hellfire. Right? And they will be Halloween appear they are determined. It's clearly telling you that these are disbelievers.

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Right, they're clearly disbelievers.

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Now, when Allah subhanaw taala says, for instance

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and do not

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marry the wishes of the cat.

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You might say, well, how come? Well, I can learn that just on the cushion. But the other is clearly delineated that the Jews are the Christians you can marry. Right? That's an exception that that that is exactly exactly an exception.

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when Allah azza wa jal is referring to the wishes of kin, are Jews and Christians, we should have kids. Absolutely, absolutely. That's why Allah says

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in Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, someone might come and try to say, no, they're using Christian different levels. They're not really

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they're really they have disbelief. So yes, they are wishing to kill the associate partners with Allah with in some places and in terms of some

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differentiated between them and give them a higher status. And they wish they can. People who are not they are polytheistic they have no traces of monotheism, that's a different issue. But when Allah azza wa jal refers to that we shouldn't get in general. Of course, this refers to all the kin, all who associate partners with Allah and that includes using

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business as

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well, yeah.

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A little more on

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topic, one of the Fridays that may want to know more about the economic system was

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hard to do in his time, there was nobody to take. So I want to know how practically he implemented that. It's very interesting.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:24

In English,

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I didn't find it. Yes. Now there are things we know 10 bits we noted. But do we have a full economic system? This is a very good subject for a PhD for Islamic finance students to study this model and to try to

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