Taha Karaan – A Tribute from Abd al-Ramn Mia

Taha Karaan
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a drama where Jesus Tala uses his pronouns and pronouns to symbolize his culture, and the use of symbolism to symbolize the culture. The transcript also describes a man named Sir Ben Haynor who was supposed to be a comitor but was never hired, and a teacher named Miss Luffy who had a difficult time with her. The transcript also touches on the struggles of teachers in teaching English and the importance of learning different parts of the country, while emphasizing the need for students to fulfill their dreams and find their heart to be strong.
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came on from Milan I mean

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that was Santa Monica Maybe Allah Allah He said he's in our Habibi now Muhammad

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Ali he was offered to him about equal Salam

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I'm about to sow the builder him in a shape on a rajim

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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in Nepal or have been Allah

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the Messiah como Fernando Fernando him whatever homea has an

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answer kind of nom de la hora de Alonso call alto your Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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only Phil Islamic Golden salon who hadn't bought the copyrights in Iraq. For Karnali salat wa salam Amman to Villa he must have been

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more suspect that noble Allah microM for fires of the Quranic Karim beloved elders friends in Islam as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Comments are gathering or salawat and the road upon our beloved Nevis.

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Indeed, Fortunate are those whom Allah azza wa jal has used

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for the production of his Dean,

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and specifically for the production of his column.

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In context, the soma

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has many salient features and specialities

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and one of those

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with which Allahu Allah azza wa jal has praised them, even in the previous scriptures, and Agila Humphrey, so don't worry him.

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That the projection of the kalam of Allah azza wa jal will be

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within the hearts of the soma.

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Amazon had decreed that this amaz hearts will be the treasure troves the protectors of his kingdom.

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Unlike in previous nations, Latin had handed the responsibility of the protection of His revealed word

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to the followers of the various navies

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to the adherence of those Dean's,

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but man is prone to corruption to weaknesses besides on Bellingham, WA salatu salam. And so they would compromise is Allah Allah says time and again, you start over here feminine Cadila. For the mere paltry gain of this world, they were prepared to go to the extent of changing the word or the injunctions of Allah Tala.

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But knowing that our beloved Navi silvassa is the final in the last movie to come.

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Allah azza wa jal had taken the responsibility of the protection of his words upon Himself in nanana, Santa vichara were in the hula half alone.

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And so fortunate are those who commit the Quran of him to memory

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and a use by Allah azza wa jal as the protectors of His Word.

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And how more fortunate are those whom Allah Tala utilizes to be the means

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of ensuring others commit the kalam of Allah Tala to memory

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can refer them The fact is it humanly possible for a person to memorize 6236 verses more than that 77,439 words

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and even more amazing in excess of 323,000 letters to convert it in its entirety to memory

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and many instances would be by those who do not understand

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the language the Arabic language this is only possible

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when Allah Tala makes it and facilitate its means while aka Dr Sarna Al Quran and a victory for him.

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This is of say that I have a man to him oh Lord Allah is one of those luminaries whom Allah Tala had utilized

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at a time

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in the late 1950s Going to the early 1960s

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where there were very minimal number of files literally could be counted on the fingers and the massage it in and around the entire region in province

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would have to bring for fast to some of the major centers all the way from Cape Town and I thought I'd utilize how to drama Rahimullah and some of those Salama who would come in on me smile from Salt River, number of great mushy webself Quran in those parts of the world Allah Tala use

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a lot that I use our respective beloved to start out with Rahman Rahim Allah Tala as the means

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of bringing alive the various masajid in the entire region was tarawih Salah and

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which the entire Quranic alien was recited

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another amazing outstanding feat of our beloved to start having a drama to him Allah

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was his unique capability of seeing the nature of a vessel, and accordingly prompting and encouraging so much so that those who are considered extremely weak and maybe even write offs, as I had made an effort on them, many of them that they became amongst the best for files and best readers in the class. Allah fell his cover was nor, without saying anything further, I call upon one of us it's outstanding students, our respected senior colleague

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at Mufti Maulana Taha Carranza halfa, hula, senior Mufti of the MDC in Cape Town also heading up one of the institutions

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will hear tonight later on from others other senior students as one of the habits of mana unis Daya. Hudson duck razza Have you ever homologue Donna the sheer name of the students of Hazzard tells us the level of Edma that he had rendered to the Muslim community. Samantha had come at a very young age in around 1982 Together with his brother half is on so now we've had earlier in a group number of others from Cape Town an entire Jamaat was prepared so that the same place for me all of our would have come for therapy to run the service he was returning the favor and sending the backers for for us to serve in that part of the world. I know personally that when manana went on was with

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his studies completed in their own room they opened and Martha had mashallah attained the first position in Dora Hadith and as I said received his report what his marks in the final year in Dora Hadith and what's that joy as that would look at it and would show it understanding the responsibility that is being passed on and the honor of having been the means of passing it on to that part of the country we request Martha and his advices.

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Having the New Earth in the AMA who you know who you perfumers either want to share ILAHA ownership

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on a shadow on this are you then I want to be an Alamo Nana Muhammadan rasul Allah,

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Allahu masala Salim Mubarak Ouattara hamata Hanlon and Abdi call so they can not be in on me. So, Mohammed

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Ali, he was happy with that we are in the home. We are certain you know, you only been why are they in our home? Or Hala Rafi

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Lovato for Salam Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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follow data who will love you both of you know me you know the solar minimum

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TV or use a key him or your limo who will keep

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the movie in

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what call as in Ibrahim aka Anna Madang carnita Lila Hanifa will be a comedian who should be keen

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on interviews Allah Allah Allah He was on demand no all in Allah alpha theta we acquire more Yoga will be our Corinne.

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So the colossal Alim

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we will carry you want to share even

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from the beginning of time, a lot of had a system in place.

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And in order to understand the contribution of our noble Allah,

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it would be helpful to understand the context in which his services

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were rendered.

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The services were rendered in the course of something that stretches from the dawn of time and continues up to the present moment. Mankind

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was created for a certain purpose. In order to keep him reminded of his purpose Allah Allah would send them via the last of whom was on a visa Allah Allah Allah yo Salam. His mission being the last Allah Allah made it such that his legacy would be propagated, perpetuated by those that come after him in a continuous uninterrupted line of succession, which continues up to the present day and will continue inshallah upto. The End of Time,

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then spreads to various different parts of the world at the time of Allah Allah has chosen

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and then for the perpetuation of Deen within those reasons Allah Tala selects certain persons.

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To it to describe for this moment, the entire chain of transmission from the visa Muslim down to us right now are the tedious and time consuming and we do not have much of that. The important point is that we ever it had been ordained that Dean will survive, we find that line of transmission continues.

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When the time came, for those of my generation

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to leave home and become recipients of that particular tradition.

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The Cape had undergone a bit of a change.

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The Cape was the cradle of Islam in South Africa.

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And for the first 200 years of its history, that's where Islam was restricted. And that is an interesting story that can be perhaps told at another time. But a change had come about things were no longer the same. There had been a generation or two before that a vibrant tradition of freedom and HIV indicate to the extent that the whole fall from the Cape used to come to other parts of the country to leave the Traviata. Ramona had made reference to some of that, by the time that we grew up, it was no longer the same. And then it is such that those who make an effort for the zine these are the ones will not on a bless a lot on our blesses with it. And the flourishing that will take

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place in terms of the learning and teaching of the is going to be present in an area where Allah Tala places it on account of the efforts made for it. So if it was we made for it here, we had to leave our home from that part of the world come here.

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And there was the various regions this manner of geographical spreading that we find this has happened from the time of abuse of the law. So already, if we look at the way in which Quran was taught, if you look at the way in which Hadith was translated from a sort of loss and analysis, if you speak about Hadith one man, one name comes to mind when kita comes to mind. Imam Bukhari Where is he? He is the son of Zoroastrian forefathers, in the middle of the steppes of Central Asia. How did it come up today, because from Madina Munawwara Hadith spread into sham into Iraq, eventually into Maharana into Central Asia. So we if it was made on it, that's how it was played from there.

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And those that same legacy was passed on to us as well. And eventually the time come with something like Imam Buhari will come back to Baghdad to bring that legacy back to Baghdad again, someone like him, he will come back to Marina menorah in the masjid of Nabi SallAllahu Sallam where the Sahaba of the alumina had been transporting his legacy. Now someone comes from somewhere else, and transport the same legacy there. In this manner, there's various geographical regions cooperated with one another, according to a lot on this plan. So we came many, many years ago now and became students of our teacher, as an ally ally.

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After his passing,

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after his passing, it's only then they consulted realizing who he was, many have spoken about it. Personally, I've tried to do what the older man previous years have done in previous centuries have done over the years if there had been a great person, his students thereafter would write his biography, sometimes a rocket in prose, sometimes rocket in poetry, try to express some of it in a CoSIDA in a poem in Arabic, that speaks about our impressions or we learned from him and I would like to present some of that to you today. Entire consider is no longer with me as much of it as I can remember, Inshallah, I would like to read in front of and explain what we mean by that. So it

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starts off in the following way that normally the podium that was started by addressing some nominal some notional person that is seen standing in the desert, and someone arrives past him and says, Stop, I want to I've got something to tell you. I want to unburden myself. I want to share with you something great about a person why New York even FIFA hola Nima Carla Sana Allah Khalifa Nikita Billa hipot with donor. Oh, you're either passing me now, to stand still for a moment. Listen to what I've got to say. I want to tell you about a person who was one who lived this life in allegiance with the Quran, one who in our impression was the virtual Oatman the pole axes of this

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world. There are many great there are many, many great father in many great Olia. It was our good fortune to have met this particular volley of Allah Tada. And it's about him I say, this notional person. Listen to me for a moment why

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Have you ever been in a hot

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hot Bill Quran if he had told me, it was half of one that everyone knew the extent to which he loves the Quran till the very day that he passed away. It's something that suffused his entire life. While I'm currently sitting in front of me no but he will say that in his last days when I saw the law they would become

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ill or something like that. The family would call him this company, some Quran, this company some Quran, Allah, whatever problem there wasn't go away from him. I heard personally as many others would have that he would say that Quran merely Quran It's my very it's practically my food I don't need food to subsist on that has become my food have even happened.

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Just about everyone you here's a man who verily lives from the Quran. Now throughout the ages, they've been people like this. It is through them that it is preserved. They miss the herbal mme yesterday. We initially he learned of turbo, Tasha Omar Madonna. It is an account of leaders such as this, that we are able to draw the light of inspiration is an account of people such as this, that this woman is still alive and taking today. There are people to keep it alive. There was a good fortune to have known such persons

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for Matala helped behind I mean are they he feels like she was ill because you don't have stiffness every morning every evening. A lot. And a lot of us mercy a lot on this one. A lot of us pleasure be upon him. How much can we do to repay him? Made morning and evening a lot of us in that manner is one upon him. But kind of see McGraw Hill hayati mustafina, because we're just in halili Miss Luffy Thea Tina, in the beginning of his life in his youth, like many of us, he was also earning his living and we were we had heard from him.

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That what happened a stage came when his father told him or owed him something of this kind for quite a while he worried Tokyo ABSHER sama I'm in the but in this Kahala

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is far away. For me we say my son No one thing mom and dad but in front of Allah Allah Allah His spa, your is your earning event, and everyone is bound to earn is this most certainly, but some need to devote themselves to the teaching of this Vidya do not worry Allah Lucy theories. Wala Hema, some youngsters

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Illa Allah Vida Elana, he barely heard his father's words that he turned away from this dunya and the rest of his life. We know what is less than the service life was the fruits of that system is life. Sitting here it's all of us that are sitting here today. His life was spent in that manner that he created this Majumdar here it created so many places that have come about from there with a lot of Quran the load of the Sunnah of Rasulullah the mood of this deen is shining forth.

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There are a few more lines that I have forgotten, I cannot recall. But one of them speaks about this, that I believe it was the late

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nyali That azmol Samba Lyerly that I was on how many of us ever completed with you?

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And his answer is answer something that impressed I came to know. And he had some very very laudatory words to say about it. He will say that, I don't know. When I go to my cupboard, only then I will know, up to two hours ago,

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two hours ago, understood these words in a particular way. And this was that maybe he never kept track of it. Maybe he just never, you know made note of how many of you are

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just about to two hours ago, I came to see a list that have his up Rahmatullah they had kept from the 1960s up to 1991. Over 31 years, every student that had complete completed his, his name and the date that he completed, all of that recorded. So when he had it recorded with such detail, why did he say he doesn't know, this was his class? These are the ones that completed only Allah will know. And only macabre. Well, I know how much of that had been accepted, they're not gonna, it's not a matter of statistics. It's not a matter of I've got so many of those. That's when you know, it's a matter of till the end, I don't know whether my needs have been acceptable, or Tada. Why would he

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keep that list though, he will keep a list of that he because I believe that everyone in that list, everyone in the Atlas was mentioning these two assets and some time on the other. Because it was even another list. Together with it. There was another list of those that started in did not complete might have gone to complete somewhere else, even at this point that was kept. The side of him that we saw was in the manga, the side of him that we got to see was in the motherland. We never got to see the private side of his life. We're early in the morning, and the hours of tahajud he would raise his hand and need to ask for each of us. And those of us that can tell about it can say

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that you can see the traces of his influence in your life in ways that you can and could not even have imagined. You can and could not even have imagined he's in he's intervening in your life through his doors what he had done back then in even more ways than that as well, in so many different ways has he

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A impacted upon the lives of, of us sitting here and so many other people, that it becomes very difficult to enumerate each and every instance.

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One thing that we definitely know one thing that stands out in that particular history was Ramadan. matassa

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yawata Remember Ill behaved up Ramadan Rehabil Quran if adamancy Luna, what the wonderful atmosphere was not in Ramadan, we're in the company of the Quran we spent the entire day. It wasn't something there are certain people. There are two things that we have in the zine of ours. And in general, like we have persons and then have institutions, human persons, and then just abstract institutions, and executions, institutions fulfill certain functions, and humans will fold some functions in Islam we do not separate those two from one another. Therefore, the Quran itself is an institution so to human, so the institution that could be there, but the Quran would not be given to mankind, except

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with a living exemplar than a Heroku Holy Quran Rasulullah Salah some together came with the Quran. It's not just the Quran, Naka Jacquin when Allah and Orion Wakita Bumblebee in the Quran comes from Allah Allah son has to come with it to show us what it was all about.

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So even osmangazi Allahu Anhu. When the time came for writing the massage, the massage would be written to preserve the Quran, and most half would be sent to every each of the main cities, not just the most half together with a thought he would go to teach the Quran. So you do not believe that we thought he brought the Allahu Anhu in Easton had to contend with the fitna of the highridge. The Howard he says the Quran is the judge between us.

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Only Allah can judge so say now Libnah batalik says okay, fine, the Quran will be the judge open the Quran, speak to the Quran you judge in the Quran doesn't judge. The Quran has to be exemplified by people who love it. And those are the people who live with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, what do you see from him, yet luring him if he were he is the key him when you ask him who Makita Well, hikma they see for him in triple all three of the functions of Naboo he read to them the Quran, he purified their souls and then he taught them what the Quran and Sunnah so that you can transmit it to others afterwards, if that link is broken, if it's just an institution, you take the Quran alone,

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then what we find we find perverted interpretations of the Quran. So the human element, the institutional element has to go together. So yeah, Ramadan, everywhere Al Hamdulillah Ramadan, the Quran is a lie, but we know what our experience was. That experience was not just, you know, a school a madrasa with a certain it was one person who by the sheer dint of his personality, created the ambience in which the Quran was recited here at the Sava hamfest Now Tila, what I mean GEMA didn't have your lean MRP him in one, you would come early in the morning, and I we got to see in his 60s 70s Others will know even better, but he will come early in the morning, we comes and

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listens to everyone who's gonna go out to eat and listen to everyone on one of the cottages. The entire day is when he doesn't go home in between. It was quite old at that time already in the 70s

00:23:05 --> 00:23:42

Jacobina ha raka the entire these things like that then comes out sometime after hacer tomasik This Subak the noble students to complete Saba not a break in between practically all the how far they've read now comes a little children, they come leave this after modeling responses with further students. And then suddenly, you're suddenly thought ah, are we happy at ca M and laka? Who then do not? Then here is the lobby, he would stand in 20 Rakata. Today, people of city 14 So if you're sitting on chairs, he was 70 and 18 would stand in history. That's after spending the entire day. This was a person that was the Dynamo was the energy within them. And then it wasn't over. Then the

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rest of us it went out totally have to come back. It doesn't go home. Now it takes you it takes report what had happened. What happened? How did you know how many mistakes were made?

00:23:53 --> 00:24:18

And sometimes you would get some hiding they will say something went wrong. Only after that he goes home. When he after that he goes, How does this happen? Where does the energy come from? This this energy is generated by the love of Quran which ALLAH had given him and possibly it has been imparted to all of his students. Salah and Illuminati Apolo Santa Ana raffia la Madonna Mandara horna we can't blame anyone if he says I've never seen a better Ramadan than what I've seen here.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:49

In Cape Town at that time, they are meaningful for us but the practice of reading the Quran was not there, Johannesburg and Durban to bring the Havas on Cape Town the cape they want to make the honey rotten wouldn't be made back home when the time came by the middle 80s that we started going back home you could count on the fingers of your one hand not to one hand how many massages are making some of the Quran 20 years later cities data you can count on the fingers of your one hand how many massage you know not making the Quran

00:24:50 --> 00:24:57

today it's become such we don't even scientifically for optional in the masjid any longer. We often face so many so many use.

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

So many you now guys

00:25:00 --> 00:25:34

completed the Quran in such a lot of infrastructure, a lot of shock and look to the Quran hamdulillah it has spread it has led and then those of us that don't find opportunity there anymore, you make your own tsunami and now you know, you don't have to just one and a quarter Jews anymore. I was in Geneva there's a student I spent Ramadan there. And our senior colleague mckeeva him strategy came, he spent the time there. So terravision The magic goes as normal. He tells me come here with me in the room, maybe three hours a night. So myself and him. Students, let the traffic go on we'll do in the room. I must stand behind I give look my head is the tarawih. And having learned that from

00:25:34 --> 00:25:48

them, I'm sure another for many of the students, the students that lead the terrarium as you go in the masjid in number Salah in the house somewhere. We make that our way every 10 days, every few days. The Quran is made. That's all part of that energy that have been

00:25:49 --> 00:26:06

put into all of us. You know, Ramadan comes, it's almost like you feel compelled. There's something within you that says Now we put everything else aside, work aside, this aside, that aside, this is a month of the Quran because we spent it in a company of a person was a living exemplar of love of the Quran.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:31

Allah Allah is maqam in person was very high. But we didn't know it. We were little kids sitting there reading, reading door now and then having to be disciplined for things as well. We didn't understand the caliber of the person in whose company we were so fortunate to have that years later, little bit little by little aspects of that will reveal itself.

00:26:35 --> 00:26:59

But there are certain aspects of the soul of that he made part of history and teaching without even realizing it, aspects of it that would normally be regarded as part and parcel of tarbiyah anti Ischia. He made it part of his 30 years of teaching people if it wasn't just a matter of teaching, you know, your character would be molded in ways which you understand sometimes, most of the time that you did not even understand. So someone wrote a biography and he says, no.

00:27:02 --> 00:27:38

You know, from back then people used to give a writing I was like, no, no, no, we got it as well. Haven't really got the timing. But nearly there was a hiding given with an intention to harm or to hurt. You will come back many years later. Now your adult graduated. Which teacher does this and then he asks you please forgive me for the hiding? Which teacher does something like that? doesn't remind you of our interview? SallAllahu wasallam Have you heard someone not even by his intention? He says yeah, open myself come take your revenge on me. Because I've established to say please forgive me and deal that's the moment yes tears coming in our eyes. So how could we ever you might

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in some of us, that's what made us is if we have reached anyway today is basil's boss not by anything else. So he made the part and parcel of it. There were aspects of it sometimes you have luck sometimes Yeah. But these little was life. We became used to reading certain was life after, after, for after. These things we thought he's just part of the curriculum used to go on with all of that is part of how Nabi SallAllahu has termed the Sahaba from a generation of idol worshipers into Hallo multinuclear Jacqueline, nurse of the Prophet Allah Ali had a great liking for of God but not just any type of scar, scar from the Sunnah in his house, there will be a copy of I'm going to be on

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Well, Leila of the Sunni, you would expect I've gone from there in the book that get compiled over the years on those of God the expects would be there not just the fallout of that car which Kitab of Hadith comes from he had a great love for all of it. So to solve is not just a matter of you know, reading any review and and connecting back to the Salah, Salah cinema all the time. And it was not just a matter of teaching shifts of the Quran. He was a phenomenon of pedagogy, a phenomenon of education in so many different ways. You complete your Quran instead. After that he didn't stop now you start doing what few other languages can you imagine one person teaching so many people at the

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same time I studied under him at the same time, four languages at the same time. Today in our schools, two languages we need to teach he taught four languages. At the same time. You have to do although you have to do Farsi, there are many that sit here that can still remember I'm done Anna master Armada, mozzie Mukluk and so on. Yet we'll do Farsi, Gujarati as well. And my basic Arabic started too late Mr. Han Quran teaches fall and we and each of these languages from a different a different language family, one of them for languages. In addition, we South Africans tend to be bilingual already. There's English in Afrikaans often another language that Edie teaches for four

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languages anyone class is not like, first this period and that period all of them at the same time. Alhamdulillah today is this that come to us from all over the world. People want to know, what does the Shafi Amon have say on this, but people often don't realize is that my first Kitab that reading, just Yes, it was read to have the drama for the law. Not one three doesn't get off

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the top of the one that my late father, translated, I read it in order from beginning to end

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You have this apartment hola Ali. So even that script was from the Arabic came from the US from there. If today we are able to read 60 70% and understand Farsi came from a certain Rahmatullah Ali, a phenomenon of pedagogy. Where do you find teachers that do all of the laws that are given him that Baraka, look at that given such great baraka and his time, that he was able to give us all of that. And then as you get older, and you come visit him from time to time, he would give you advice, as many of those of you private we, it gives you a person that's meant for you and for you alone. But you know, when the time came

00:30:36 --> 00:30:50

that most of it to leave me us from it will be this himself that he made is the heart of a long time, he made istikhara and the last Ramadan that he was on me as one, he says, three days in a row he made

00:30:51 --> 00:31:29

and he had the same dream, three days in a row, he had the same dream. And then he tells me many whose credibility I made the interpretation of the dream myself, he says, he saw three lights going to the sky, dispersing in three different directions. So this was a sign that he would leave. But not only himself, he said he would go He and two of his students different parts of the country, they will go and establish institutions is one is this where we are right now with the Hong Kong and the Madras everything. This was the one the other was the Satalia Medina, as the Mufti Brahim, Saudi, Hatfield, Allah, and others along with us in Cape Town as well. He included us in there,

00:31:29 --> 00:31:39

because I think I was about 13, or 14 years old, one night after maghrib sitting in order to class reading, and suddenly out of the blue, it tells me, you have to go back to Cape Town and starting,

00:31:41 --> 00:32:14

I had no intention of starting anything, I had no intention, all we wanted just complete quickly go home, life goes on Wednesday had to stand for a long time. But you see, when the value of Allah Allah places his sights upon you, and even raises his ensalada, your life is then charted, the cause of it is charted out, you don't have a choice anymore, you become the instrument of what Allah has inspired him, none of that the creditor doesn't acquire doesn't accrue to any of us, whatever is happening, he has made the to offer it and it continues up to the present day, you know,

00:32:18 --> 00:32:18

few moments.

00:32:20 --> 00:32:23

So he would even intervene in ways you know, from the

00:32:25 --> 00:32:30

starting in the madrasa, there was never any intention, you know, what do you earn not so much to

00:32:32 --> 00:32:53

own a house and in the rental household in all these years, and but as it would be the family, the wife from time to time, start saying that, you know, what, that we could have either bought our own house by this time, you could have put it down for a downpayment and then say, look, leave it, this is the way it's going to be. One morning, the wife wakes up and tells me I had a dream. I say what I saw

00:33:00 --> 00:33:02

how did he know? He's obviously the one? I just knew it was him.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:09

So say, What did he say? He says, he asked me, Why are you troubling him for a house?

00:33:10 --> 00:33:34

Why are you troubling him for hours, you're gonna have us come and show you your house. And you showed a beautiful mansion, say this is your house now don't have room for us. He's left this dunya already still caring for us to make sure that the path that he put us on, we must fulfill that nothing was coming between. But as it would be wiser like that's why I said you know, hamdulillah so they will not bow she says no, no, he said in my house, not your house.

00:33:37 --> 00:33:42

So in so many different ways, I was likely that intervene

00:33:43 --> 00:34:20

in our lives to make sure things go to their fulfillment, because all of this is part of that bigger picture. that bigger picture is that our this Allah, Allah, Allah came with a mission, the fulfillment of that mission depends upon that there should be men, who together with the institution of the Dean carried forth from age to age, from region to region, nothing should come in between the two stop it. Allah Allah chooses for that humans do, they will take those of us as much as we don't deserve it. Well, you become part of this group here, you got to fulfill this particular function, and then you've got no choice, but it's our good fortune. Therefore, we see the last few lines of

00:34:20 --> 00:34:22

the poem is kind of the heart insofar as

00:34:23 --> 00:34:25

we're calling him ha Allah.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:49

When there are many hustles and there are many great teachers hamdulillah because there's many great teachers, but when people you know mentioned was private visa, SATA, and they take pride I'm assuming the Fernando's not gonna honey Allah Comala Assa t become, you know, best of luck to you with your SRT that a lot of you all heard about aka Abdullah Rama and if the Ibrahima

00:34:50 --> 00:34:51

our role model is

00:34:54 --> 00:34:57

all good tidings to you all blessings to you, but I will start with

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

lotsa even RB

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

It was our good fortune to have beanie students for

00:35:04 --> 00:35:33

Hala Hala episode Edom. Bina Allah We were fortunate to have been his students. So we asked you on the Day of Kiama make him happy to see what has become of us. make him happy. Give him the blessing, the blessing to be able to see that these students were color who are up ethereal Khurana work cubby and say to him as a hadith says that you can only saw him in Quran on the day of the AMA, it will be set to a soluble Quran an end of the Quran and have you ever known as I will put on like

00:35:35 --> 00:35:52

what a lot ethereal Quran say to me Allah read the Quran what a copy and raise and raise in stature Illa gene Ernie returned to the highest levels of Jana today found to find find your heart's desire, that is our dua follows

00:35:53 --> 00:36:09

me I'm not gonna give us a trophy can he die to always be mindful of his legacy to take lessons from that wonderful inspirational life. It is something that we can speak and speak and speak about without getting tired. These are a few thoughts that I've thought to share with yourself and

00:36:10 --> 00:36:17

work in Darwin and in hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi.

00:37:12 --> 00:37:55

Just coming off Alan to mana danza for those most beautiful words and calculated in the poetic form may Allah Tada commander since Yamaha button very important and the backside of these gatherings to talk about the solid mean and achievements on such gatherings descends the Mercy of Allah Tada, but of extreme importance is the qualities that we have heard of, that inspires us to imbibe those qualities, and we go away from this gatherings inshallah inspired that what was IV for those of us who had the extreme honor of induction, whatever, in whatever form it may have been, but to continue that legacy, this MCSA the objective is, to inculcate those qualities and to continue the legacy so

00:37:55 --> 00:38:01

in line with has this profound love and hotbed for Quran Kareem Inshallah, Quran Sharif will be recited now.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:41

It means of instilling this Mambas in love that really as I will start with always emphasize, whatever you do, we do for the love, the pleasure, the happiness of Allah Tada, the Quranic Areum, permeates our entire bodies, our flesh, our blood, love for the Quran of him. While reading we also make the NeoGraft insha Allah that Allah that access from us, versus the reward onto our villa inhibition Allah the salam harbor Jalon which mine and the entire home of Nevis of Allah this alum the Muhammad and to the entire home of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam inshallah read the Quran for a while now, until about five past six draft a short dua will take less time will be given if one has

00:38:41 --> 00:38:49

to get ready for marketing because there will be talks between Marguerite Benicia in a short break between negative Anisha and a short talk after he shares religion.

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