Taha Karaan – Why We Commemorate Youmul Ashura

Taha Karaan
AI: Summary © The shia's position is discussed, including the importance of keeping a culture strong and not just one, but multiple layers of it. The shia's history includes the shia's position and the shia's history. The shia's actions and language are also discussed, including the "weird" movement claiming to be "weird" in various ways. The shia's tool is important in breaking the cycle of violence between the US and Iran, and avoiding fasting and letting anyone kill one another for the sake of history is emphasized.
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naramata who want to start you know who want to start a few who want to study

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when are older Billahi min. Cerulean fusina was Dr. Marina

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Maja de la palma de

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la mejor de la who Fernando de de la jolla murshida

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was shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah Who are the who luxury kana who fear Allah.

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Wanna shadow anessa udana wanna be Yana Maulana Muhammad Abdullah he also owner is Papa

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik

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wa Taala Hamada Hannon Allah Abdi Guevara zuleika Nabeel omiya sadhana Muhammad wa ala early Hippo hearin wasabi AB been on Tamia whom biasanya nila Yomi Dean

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mavado for Salam Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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usually at the beginning of an address if you were late, you apologize.

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I'm not going to apologize. I came late on purpose. I came late because it will fleet has been a day an ordeal I know However,

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it's very uncomfortable to sit and listen to a description of yourself and you know that there's much more to be said that I'd be ashamed of mentioning in front of you.

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But I'm not

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that I did not come too late. Because I got still at least half of the

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of the Quran by my friend, my erstwhile neighbor we were neighbors in Cairo students to get the Shamrock man and that sets the tone for where we want to start today. inshallah.

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At the end of his gala, he read to us a beautiful rendition

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of olive oil Ah ha ha had

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the very essence of the Dean of syedna Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that though he'd have allowed Allah

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this Deen of ours is not difficult. It's a simple thing to understand. The essence of the dean, this Dean is a shadow, Allah, Allah Illallah testified that there is no Allah but Allah. And that's what the surah is all about. The Majesty the oneness, the greatness of Allah.

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And secondly, he began the dissertation with another beautiful Ayah Mohammed avasarala.

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That's our Deen eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Masha Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, it was began with Muhammad Rasul Allah ended with La ilaha illa Allah and in between the means way by La ilaha illa Allah and Muhammad Rasul Allah was handed down to us, Muhammad was most certainly the most blessed and noble and greatest of the messengers of Allah. But our nahi sallallahu Sallam lived in this world for 63 years of which 23 were devoted to his mission. He passed away after 23 years of effort, and his efforts would not have reached us, had he not been there, there were men with him about him a lot. Allah says, One Latina ma who she does juancho

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Ferrari are ohama over in the home, the ones who are with him. The qualities are such that when it comes to the kuffaar, they are stern against Go for it, because that's what masala salatu salam came to be stand against. When it comes to believers then they are most humble and meek and merciful amongst themselves, Tarahumara ganzo Giada if you want to see their lives, you will come into Medina, you will see them constantly in prayer, standing bowing in record making so you see Mr. Humphrey will do he mean after he showed you the signs of what we found on the foreheads. This was the messengers, companions. And the status of these companions was such that Allahu taala described

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them in this Koran, but similarly described and boasted of them to the previous nations that he came after whom fifth Torah, he spoke about them in the Torah, to Nabi Musa alayhis salam and his people he described the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, who will come in time, they're not there yet, but they are a matter of pride that a lot of boasts about them. One afternoon villingili Kasserine Raja Shaka, then Allah, Allah says, even in the Injeel to resolve the salami described them by assembly, they're like the small little sapling that grows that's when the bees sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was just a small group of people around him. He returns from the cage.

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And he announces to say the howdy genovia law and his messaging see she accepts it. He announces to his little nephew Allium. Now Vitaly will be alone, and he accepts it. He announces it to his closest friend Abubakar Casa de Colombia, low angle, and he accepts it. And from there, a small little group starts growing 13 years of concerted effort and much suffering and much trials and tribulations, but the sapling is growing stronger and stronger. Then comes the command to make the hegira everyone goes on he Jabba Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam decides when I go, my most trusted friend Abubakar will be with me during that particular journey, and the two of them go on his yacht

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there in the cave and allow that and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam remarks to Abu Bakar Baba mamanuca beef ne ne Allahu Sally's oma, what do you think of two persons were allies the third one prison? Can anything happen to such a mission? This mission will come to fruition bother welcome, Medina will be attacked Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam with 330 men will protect La ilaha illa Allah and Muhammad Rasul Allah Bader will happen or what will happen the Battle of the trench will happen one after the other these tribulations and these trials and these battles will come but the sapling of Islam is getting stronger all the time. eventually came a time after 10 years in Madina munawwara

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Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam fell ill he could not leave the salon any longer. And he announced to everyone that Morrow Bucklin values.

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Only Abubakar can leave the salon in my absence when I'm not there. When he felt a bit better. He came out hanging on the shoulders of tools family members, Abubakar Alanna thought for a moment that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam will come and leave the salon as you stand back and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam indicates T Mobile vocal Stay where you are. He sat down next Abubakar he led the Saba Abubakar follows him in the entire oma is following Abu Bakar Adam writing and foreshadowing what will soon come to pass

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for shedding what will come to pass when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam will leave this world and the oma will select either an Abu Bakar of the Alona as their halifa. And the mission will continue but not before the following the last Monday of the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was no longer coming for Salah to eat to come for Saba, they standing in the Salah

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and Abubakar of the aloneness leading the Gema and suddenly a murmur goes through the crowd.

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What is it the curtain of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam house has opened. If this is the main hub of the masjid, in a mom stanza then towards that side will be the curtain from which Rasulullah sallallahu would normally enter the mosquito de la sala and Abubakar viola, viola, another Sahaba got very, very happy to see Rasulullah Salallahu salam, why were they so happy? Because from the corner of the eyes, they could see something what was it, his face was shining like the full moon, he was smiling and he was beaming at them, because this is the moment of your G missoura. Lee Aviva himmelfarb. He was the one who planted that seed. That seed has come to fruition, not welcome to

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fruition. That seed has come to fruition. He stands looks at him for a few moments, smiles, his his his faces and a symptomatic of the Atlanta like the page of a must have shining like the full moon. A few moments he stands looking at them. And a lot of us is yajima zoravar this plum that has been growing. The person who planted that seed can see that seed has come to fruition and therefore he smiles his miles in approval of 23 years of effort. He is ready to leave this world and go to a law.

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Those are the final moments of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now comes the mission. What happens to this mission thereafter? This Mission Continues. The first thing that happens is that in the Arabian Peninsula, people start becoming more. Abubakar vilano sends out the armies against them. And another prophecy of a lot becomes true. What's that prophecy? Yeah, you and arena man Oh, my God. Tell them in command Dini, anyone who's becoming a calf after being a Muslim, anyone who becomes a mortal today know that for Sophia Attila will be pounding your head boom, are you a bona very soon Allah will bring about a group of people that love Allah and he loves them. The Latin

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Allah meaning or is that in lol Karim. Allah repeats Josefa the quality of the Sahaba they are very meek against the belief is harsh against the unbelievers. That quality came through that prophecy came through Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu. So, if I now turn to the other two suitors that were read, there were times when why he came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And there were times when ye temporarily ceased and during those times when ye temporarily sees Rasulullah sallallahu ala mode what he led ever come back again. Because there is a mission to be fulfilled. There is an entire deem to be revealed. There is a veritable revolution of humanity that must take place.

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And that cannot just take place in Madina munawwara it has to envelop the entire Arabian peninsula it has to flow out of the Arabian Peninsula and go to the rest of the world because this Deen was not revealed for the people of Medina omaka alone, it was not revealed for the people of the Arabian Peninsula alone. It was a lady Ursula Rasulullah, who Bill houda de La Creme De La Hoya de Cali. This Deen is for all mankind, and it must have reigned supreme above all other religions. That was the mission. We know that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam passed away when that mission was not yet fulfilled. But how could it be fulfilled by the next idea that comes immediately? Muhammad Rasul

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Allah larina maroto Sahaba with him, they will get it to all parts of the world. So when Rasulullah saw some use to experience a momentary cessation of the law, he used to worry and a lot of people tell him that ma dakara bukoba macula Europe is not abandon you is not left you alone. Isn't it true that you will once upon a time an orphan and he gave you a refuge? Isn't it true that you need things and he gave it so the mission that he that he set for you he will see to the fulfillment of that mission. He will see to the fulfillment and towards the end of the life of Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam he reveals an extra that has come and a Mashallah cassava Oh Mohammed having an open

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for you adjust or whatever an anchor is like the burden that was upon you have we not removed that burden?

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and let it uncover haha that was a weighing so heavily upon you. What are

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you an unknown person in mocha mocha Rama the whole world will you know your name, the whole world will know the name of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam we have raised your name we have raised your mentioned everyone will know you your mission will come to fruition your mission will be fulfilled.

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In grocery you saw in the last three years pharma repeated this difficulty today ease will come the day will dawn when Islam will reach from the Atlantic on the one side into the depths of Central Asia on the other side that they will come when Islam will reach from the Mediterranean down into the jungles of Africa and that they even came when Islam or these these shows of Southern Africa.

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In a monastery there was difficulty there will be ease. So Mohammed Salah Mata mama says to him Via Ferrata, so when you've completed your duty fun sub, then stand up center for a better your connection with Allah Allah Allah Rebecca for your longings. Let Debbie Falah now, now the time has come. So during this last few days before azula salam fell ill he came out of his house, and he spoke to the Sahaba of the allowance says there was a man and Allah gave him a choice. He had to choose between whether he wants to stay in this dunya or he wants to go to his job and someone starts crying. Someone starts crying. So have a look around. Why is this person crying because Lola

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wasn't really telling us a story about a man. That man was a MOBA karate alone who realized what had happened, sort of last a Muslim had been given the tidings of his departure from this world. The one who understood was Abubakar at a low angle, and therefore a pseudo masala made a point at that moment to tell them that now when Abubakar was the only one who understood what I meant, I will tell you something that Logan Tomodachi the min or the hollyland Robbie Lata has to abubaker if I had to choose a friend, and and come back to the word friend, I've had to choose a friend in this world anyone other than my Rob I would have chosen aboubaker this is not just a friend. This is a special

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relationship that Ibrahim had with a lot Allah, he was the hollywell of Allah, that relationship one can have with only one other entity, one other being that can only be with Allah, Allah for Allah subhanaw taala But have they been anyone else would have been this? Abubakar announces it to them, and he said that in the amendment cialia FEMA Lee the one who's assisted me most is this medical amania Rasulullah Salaam is giving indications of where this Dean should head for.

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So Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu is prepared by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for this task. And thus the oma goes forth. Does the oma go on this particular path? They spa they've passed to us this Diem consisting of what La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, the essence of this Deen is this. This essence of this Deen is that we have a creator, our Creator exists, He created us and he communicated with mankind throughout history. How did he communicate with mankind through prophets that he sent. And in our history, in the Antiquities of our history, certain events took place, and those events will continue to be commemorated throughout the course of history. Some of us know

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those events and some of us might not. Our coming together here today is for the purpose of renewing for ourselves, our knowledge of what

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is the day of Ashura all about one of those events that took place in the course of the history of the NBA and the NBA with the greatest men that are placed on this world tilaka Rasul Allah Baba Humala, Bob mean human column Allahu wa Ababa, Honda Raja, they are the messengers, a lot of leser ease them to very high station, no man can be superior to any of those Malala selected for his messenger ship. And for for Prophethood they have the highest of creation and therefore we continue celebrating events that happened in the lives of those ambia we've just gone past Hajj. And what was cool about it was Ibrahim in the family of Ibrahim alayhi wa salatu salam events that took place

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when Ibrahim was called upon to slaughter his son, when he brought him was called upon to build this house, and we continue celebrating that event. And that garba and that Hutch and the middle of the road here that we have is commemoration of events that happen in the lives of the MBR to remind us of the great sacrifices that they had to undergo. If it was not for that they would have been no Dean. If it was not for the fact that some men were prepared to at the drop of a hat at a moment's notice. Allah Allah says Submit. The prepare to submit was Ibrahim Ibrahim was Paula hora boo a slim call Islam to live up Villa de mi nombre de la si submit he submits

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and then from the progeny of Ibrahim al Salah, Elisa Lam khemsa Moosa

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and Vina be about a lot less spoken most in the Quran. The story of the Nabi about whom have most information in our Quran is musallam. His story is repeated several times over and so many different sources of the Quran, because of the great parallels that exists between our dean and his Dean, his people when oppressed people, Islam started as an oppressed little minority in Mecca mukarram as well. His people were oppressed by the greatest oppressors of the time, who these people are placed by fear around, this woman had his own for our inner as well. This woman also people were placing the early Muslims. And eventually a time came when Allah tala gave relief from that particular

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operation. When relief from that operation came about, then the significance of this day of Ashura that we know that that significance was born on that day, and on account of that, on account of in my last three Yusra for an account of the fact that they will be difficulty, but maintain your hope, because at the end of difficulty, they will be easy to maintain that hope, because every difficulty will be followed by the dawn of ease, it will come. Therefore, we are called upon to commemorate this particular day in the way that is prescribed in our Sherry arm. Now this day, was significant to the Arabs in jiahe. Already, it was known because the Arabs in Jia helia were not completely

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without a dean. What they did have was a corrupted form of them. They still have the remnants of the deen of Ibrahim alayhis salam on them, they still have some of that. And in that particular the in this day was a day of commemoration to some extent. So sudo Allah sallallahu Sallam used to fast on that particular day and so did the kurush. But when he moved to Madina, munawwara there was a new community that had not been present in MCC, and those were the Jews. And the Jews used to fasten this day and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam notices that there's a correlation, we are fasting, but they are fasting as well. And on inquiry, they reveal to him that no, this was the day

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on which musala salam was saved from fear and and therefore we commemorated and Rasulullah sallallahu ala makes a point of saying, for Anna Ola be musalman come, I have I'm closer to most of the new I have a greater right to be commemorating this day than you. So whatever past significance there was, a new dimension of significance was added. And now Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam commanded everyone to fast. The command went out in Medina. If anyone had been fasting, let him continue is fast. If everyone anyone has not been fasting, then let him continue the rest of the day as if he is fasting. At that time, the fasting of this particular day became incumbent, but that lasts for one

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year only for that one year. The following year. Sharona Madonna Leon de la Ville peran, Ramadan was revealed cookiebot ecomuseum and this fast of Ashura then became a sadhana was no longer obligatory, no longer obligatory. Now, the obligatory fast was not one day in the year, but there was a great gift that a lot of that given the relief that was given to Musa but an even greater gift was given to us now the Quran was given to us in this month of Ramadan. So we fast not one day, we fast 29 or 30 days. And as for that one day, that becomes part of our super irrigated, super fast, continue extol because it still has significance, that delivery from difficulty, that relief that comes off

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to a pleasure is still very much effect because

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Omar will need to undergo similar trials in his future to come keep it alive. But the greatest gift to this room is not the relief to Busan is the greatest gift for this reveal. So it was replaced by the fasting of Ramadan. It became a sauna, and we continued the oma continued fasting was one the one difference. Well, sort of masala cinnamon said, to make it a point that this fast is part of our Sharia. It's not something that we've imported from another Sharia. It was fasting from before. Now to make a point of difference to draw a line of differentiation Rasulullah Salah Sam says next year, I will force not only the 10th and fourth on the ninth and the 10th together so as to maintain a

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line of difference between ourselves and the al Qaeda. We will commemorate but we will do it with a difference.

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam passed away before that could happen. But the dean as it was passed along was the dean the essence of which was La ilaha illa Allah and Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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Now you might imagine why the focus upon La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul all of us know it. Why do we repeat it over and over? Why do we link it up with what was read in the clear as well? Because

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in the year 11, after Asia Rasulullah Salaam passed away, and this day maintained its significance as it was in a time of Allah sallallahu wasallam at the hands of the Sahaba it maintains its significance and the Sahaba of the lower gnome and the derby, after them used to regarded with a significance it was given here. They continued upholding this particular day in the manner as described in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I have to add something and say that afterwards, many other aha deeds were for fraudulently brought into circulation, which describes the significance to the day of Ashura, which it does not have

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to describe the significance and the connection now is not just to musante salaam, almost other every other Nabhi that came out of a difficulty, some of the other connection was made that this happened on the day of the militia was forgiven in this day, and universally, ceram came out of the belly of the stomach on this day, and he also was saved. No, there is a hadith of that nature. It is not authentic, it's completely fabricated. We don't sit still by any such thing. Yes, there is a hadith in Muslim Ummah, which speaks about the ship of no Halle Salaam, coming to rest upon God. On that day. That Hadith is not a fabrication. It's not 100% authentic, but it's not a fabrication. So

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it has some kind of significance, not absolutely FMD that we won't reject as a as a as a forgery as a spurious Howdy. But that's as much as we can say, about this particular day. This is why we commemorated this why we sacrifice or other why we fast on this particular day.

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How do we commemorate this day in exactly the manner that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam did by fasting? Now there's one other Hadith that some of the other came about. And this hadith says,

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Man wasa Allah II vo miasha was Allah de vidas piece of a Sunnah. If on this day, you give

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you give to your family, without holding back, you give to them as much as you can to your family. Then for the rest of the loyalty to your risk around this honey via the alumni of

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the alumni of a large number of them believe is hard enough to be a fabrication. This is not true.

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We count amongst those yBnL josiane is more dwad. He said this hadith is not the correct Hadith. It's a fabrication. We count among those Ava neuralgia and even Damien even caffee. Many have said that this hadith is absolutely unauthentic and a fabrication. On the other hand is a number of Allah who have stated that the Hadith does have some kind of authenticity, even so yoti at the head of them all have is a no Dini rocky Javi luminosity Dena dimensioni have said that this hadith has some significance. So the idea of feeding the family

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liberally on this particular day, it does have some kind of significance. It's a matter of upon which the alumni of the Fed that is not absolutely a fabrication, there is some difference of opinion. But this is as far as we will go. Whether they have Angela, there are many other fabrications, that if you put you put into Minnesota, in your eyes, in this particular day, your eyes You will never suffer from conjunctivitis, that heartbeat is not authentic at all. If you do certain things on this day, then for the rest of the year, there's definitely other will happen. There is no such a thing. The significance of this day is rooted in the fact that Allah Allah gave

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relief to masala syrup from the tyranny of your own and therefore, we will continue celebrating in the manner that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam prescribed by fasting on this particular day. But back to my issue again. So why the focus on the heathen rissalah

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Because that is the essence of Diem is we know that but why do we have to harp on it? Because with the passage of time, something got added to it. With the passage of time something happened that changed the entire vision the entire spectrum of of this Deen of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is all about, we know that Deen is about La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, we can connect that almost just to anything in the Quran. I came in today and I urge you have the Rahman reading Isaiah and I can demonstrate to you to even resolve from the ayah that was read because you can do it from just about everywhere, is the essence of our Deen is all about. But with the passage of time something

00:25:38 --> 00:26:19

happened on this Dean became it came to be under threat by foreign elements, elements that wanted to change not only the structure of this deal, but the entire manner of the unfolding of the history of this oma you've seen with me if you've gone with me through this is what was what is a lotta lotta lingo de la Salas alum, in essence is telling Mohammed your mission will be successful. Why? Because I've given you such men around you, whom I'm pleased with. I've been pleased with him long before they were even born. I boasted about them in the Torah and the Injeel they will carry this DNA of yours forward. So when what he sees is do not fear that success will

00:26:20 --> 00:26:33

will fail incoming success will come because of a sort of La salatu salam did not spend 23 years doing nothing. He spent 23 years preparing a group of men that will carry it forward. But a new vision started emerging from some quarters.

00:26:34 --> 00:26:39

A new vision started emerging what is that vision all about? that vision says the following.

00:26:43 --> 00:26:50

This dean of ours is not just about Joe Hayden rissalah there is something else and that is called Mr. Ma.

00:26:52 --> 00:27:38

What is enamel all about? We know about the mama, the mama leaves us in the salon is our mom. Sometimes the ruler of the country is called the enamel on the pupil. The person who is the Amira, meaning we call him the Imam as well. But here emerged a new idea. A new idea started emerging from certain quarters saying that when Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam passes away, then succession to him is not something upon which the oma has any choice. succession has to be only in the manner that Allah allegedly dictated. What did Allah dictate according to this particular point of view, that when Mohammed dies, then his position must be taken by his cousin alumina via polyp and that is not

00:27:38 --> 00:27:44

a matter of election by the oma it's a matter of appointment and selection by a lot of himself.

00:27:45 --> 00:28:25

And when Ali dies, he will be succeeded by his son Hassan and when his son husband dies, then he buys brother Hussein. And when Hussein dies, and he will be succeeded by his sons NLRB Dean, and he by his son Mohammed Al Bashir, and he by his son, Jaffer Assad and he by his son moussaka of him and he by Sonali arriva and he by Sun, and so it goes on, until they are 12 imams in this particular line. That's not where the idea stops. succession is one thing, it's a kind of thing which they call apostolic succession, appointed by Allah By Allah, Allah, just like Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was appointed by Allah tala. Imagine if the Muslims in Makkah, the early Muslim or early people in Mecca

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decided that, okay, we'll accept Laila in Allah. But this issue of Mohammed being the Prophet, why can't the Buddha be the Prophet recerca Baba john, we want the Buddha you and I will be the first to say that's not Islam. So the same idea comes here with Imam Hassan Hassan dies, this nospace vulnerable worker and Omar who is elected the selected appointed successor is only Ali. So if anyone decides that I want Abu Bakr as my leader, he is as unwise and as ill guided as someone who said I want to I want to be jealous maybe you don't have a choice in it. This is imama this Imam is what they call most.

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To obey him is he was he from Allah tala side like it is to be Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. There is no selection. There is no Shura. There is no election of who will, will lead the oma No, it is by appointment of a Madonna. And therefore, when anyone rejects it, then all of them become more out of the fold of Islam immediately. And this particular group made the statement that canon so Allah read that in battle Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the entire group of 23 years of effort, that entire group with the exception of three or four or five, only three or four or five, how many people who are with Rasulullah sallallahu, Ala Moana de la over 100,000. And all of them

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says this particular group, all of them became more than all of them became mortal except for these few Why? What's the logic behind it? Because they rejected the Imam of the Navy upon him. A new vision was born of the idea in in which rissalah

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Nevada has now been accompanied by a new idea of Mr. Ma. No accompanied is the wrong word. Accompanied is the wrong word. It has been superseded by imama superseded because with the passage of time, this idea will grow, it will grow into something completely different. Now it is said that these imams these 12 Imams, of whom you've heard the name of about eight or nine or some of these imams are superior to the Gambia. They are not just the equals of the Gambia. They're not just a success of the Gambia, with the exception of Muhammad Salah Sunday superior to all of the Gambia to the extent that they require they are the state that you know that ambia committed certain

00:30:42 --> 00:30:43

misdemeanors in their lives

00:30:44 --> 00:31:25

are the Malin Sanam eight of the three when he shouldn't have Ibrahim Ali Salam told an untruth when he shouldn't have Moosa killed someone when he shouldn't have and how did they get over? They get over when they took the shofar the names of these amounts as well and the name of these amounts Please forgive us. This is now what Emma has become something that is not just the equal of Nobu and rissalah something which is superior to Nobu and rissalah a group of men that are absolutely infallible completely above everyone else, completely above everyone exception of Mohamed Salah, Salah, but a superior to Musa and Isa and the use of his heart and iacob and anyone else that you

00:31:25 --> 00:31:41

can think of. Now the first thing that strikes you is that if this was the case, why is the Quran silent about it? Why does the Quran say nothing about it? I mean, we read in the Quran, woman de Tao there was a man or you

00:31:42 --> 00:32:22

know Solomon, we read the names of famous ambia and we even read the names of Elisa and will give will and we sometimes read about Look man, but no way in the Quran do we encounter an alley or a hustler Hussein or a Jaffa robotic we don't encounter that in the Quran. This was on account of the fact that this theory of karma is foreign to Islam. It's something strange it was brought from outside and slept on to grafted onto Islam. When the Quran was completely silent about anything of the kind of an speaks about the Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. It speaks about the MBR before him, it boasts about the Sahaba of the alojado it raises the position above just about everyone except

00:32:22 --> 00:32:42

the Amir, their position is high, very high but not superior to them via so when you come with something as strange as foreign to Islam is this, then you need some very strong glue to make it stick onto the house of Islam. You need some very strong glue, you need some very, very powerful nails to make this stick on, let people to allow people to actually continue believing it.

00:32:43 --> 00:32:49

And that glue was eventually found. That glue was found 60 years after the hegira

00:32:51 --> 00:33:26

60 years 49 years after Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam had left this world for all that time the day of Ashura had it significance as the day of the delivery of Musa from Iran and people faster than that particularly Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Sahaba the alarm fasted, but then something happened, something happened and that was that the new ruler of the of the state had become iezzi Eben muawiya Furthermore, we are the alone that pasta re azido is now Institute is new Khalifa.

00:33:28 --> 00:33:28


00:33:29 --> 00:33:41

grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam say eternal crusade him no Holly had left Medina Mora fled to Makkah, when the Buddha was being taken for years he he did not make baotou yazeed.

00:33:42 --> 00:33:44

Whilst in maka, maka, Rama

00:33:45 --> 00:34:23

there was a city in era called Kufa and from the city of Kufa. They were many malcontents, people who are unhappy with the state of affairs, who were not happy with the fact that he has EAD is the halifa they started writing letters to signal processing. Ask him that come to Cova join us in Kufa and we will support your you lead us in a revolution against this is a legitimate user per yazeed. We do not want him we want you as our leader. He receives letter after letter, messenger after messenger. he consults

00:34:24 --> 00:34:25

Should I go or should I not?

00:34:27 --> 00:34:59

His closest confidants come to him and say that Hussein, remember, your father had experience with these people, they betrayed him. Your brother Hassan had experience with the people, they betrayed him to not go these people are not to be trusted. But he says yeah, they let us in front of me. So he takes precaution. He sends his cousin Muslim even appeal is his Muslim you go to Cova and find out for me what is the state of affairs. Muslim goes to Kufa speaks to everyone. He ascertains that

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

already saying can come. The people of goof are ready to give their religions they ready to die for the cause.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:49

He likes to Hussein says Hussein Kufa is ready by all means leave Makkah depart and come to go for us in the bathroom. Become karma man travels through the desert. In the meantime, something has happened in Kufa, in Damascus. He has he got to know that insurrection is afoot in Kufa, the people have moved on to revolt. So he sent a new governor to cover albedo live in Zia descent as a governor of Kufa. He comes into Cova with about a dozen men, not a huge army. That doesn't mean remember the schoolfriends in the 1000s they were ready to support Hussein. They are ready to live and Ziad comes into Kufa what his face covered. So they think oh Hussein has arrived. So they might have been de la

00:35:49 --> 00:35:49

Sol de la.

00:35:51 --> 00:36:35

welcoming the grandson of Rasulullah. So he had to come and find out is the insurrection is foreseen coming. When people think that he's insane. He realizes Yes, there is something happening. The first thing he does is rounds up all the ringleaders imprison them, tortures them gets hold of Muslims, and executes him as well. And the people of Kufa despite the numbers, despite the enthusiasm for revolution, are cowed into silence or cowed into immobility by a man with half a dozen or a dozen soldiers around him. Suddenly they find themselves paralyzed, and Hussein is still traveling to visit. So you know, Ronnie is coming to Cova because you have given him your word that you will be

00:36:35 --> 00:36:36

there at the moment of his need,

00:36:38 --> 00:37:22

eventually arrives at this place called Karbala. And at this place, a detachment of soldiers are sent to him from Kufa. And this detachment of soldiers say that no, you're not passing one step further. Signal Processing realizes that the game is up, nothing further is going to happen. So he puts three choices in front of them says, either allow me to go back to where I came from, to Makkah. Alternatively, let me go to Damascus and speak to me directly. Alternatively, I will depart from here and go to the border regions and spend the rest of my life in Jihad over there. They do not allow you to do so as the orders of obaidul Laban Ziad, a battle ensues, the battle starts, one

00:37:22 --> 00:37:44

of the most tragic stories in the history of Islam. So in the interest of rally around the Alon Omar, over 60 years of age loses son after son, nephew after nephew on the odd sense of Karbala fighting alone, just a small little group of them. And on the other side is who on the other sides are some of those very men that invited him to come to Kufa

00:37:46 --> 00:37:50

standing on the other side, certainly very very loyal supporters of the oma yet state.

00:37:52 --> 00:38:33

One after the other they are slaughtered till eventually the Holy Blood of Fatima son Hussein of 90 of the Alon, Omar Jemaine, is shed seasonal Hussein's heavy severed from his body, the grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, the one about whom he said that this is a Etosha, biani Jana, the chief of the young men of Jenna, his head is taken from his body at the age of 6166 to 62 years of age, after fighting like a lion for a long time losing family member of the family member, his head is taken from his body and is carried from the initially to cofa. And from there to to Damascus. One of the most tragic stories in the history of Islam

00:38:35 --> 00:39:13

who the guilty parties, most certainly those who swung the sword that beheaded per se, now the guilty ones, all of those who are standing on the opposite side, when he told him Let me go to Damascus or let me go to Macau let me go to the border. And they did not allow this grandson of Rasulullah Salaam, that Liberty all of them are criminals in the history of Islam and need to be need to be condemned and regarded as such. They were all criminals, but they were other criminals that Karbala as well. Those who told Jose never come to us and we will support you, and not a single one of them was there to raise a finger in his defense. What happened to them? No, they have an

00:39:13 --> 00:40:00

interesting history. For one year they stayed cowed and immobilized for one year they remain paralyzed in their treachery. A year later, after this date. One year later, they eventually woke up and realized that we have been guilty. We have been guilty of something terrible. We caused the death of the one who we invited. We called him an hour of His need, we weren't there. So a group of them got together and they marched to Karbala, and they spend the entire night before the 10th of Muharram. The entire night before ours euro. They spent it crying, lamenting and wailing over the son of last year, the son of deserving the grandson, the beloved grandson, the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

On a faulty model, the Alona deserted him in his hour of need, they cried the wild and they lamented. That was the first commemoration ceremony of Ashura. They cried, bitterly cried and the next day they decided to go after each one who was guilty for the killing of each one. And they started hunting them down, Shema even little jojen Omar even sad or they don't like one after the other they started hunting him down. In account of hunting them down, they became very popular. They became very popular amongst the people because people are saying now someone is at least doing something.

00:40:36 --> 00:41:12

But someone rose to become the leader of this group. This person his name was matar, even Abby obeyed Assa coffee matar as his name is Sokka he says he was from the tribe of Akif. This tribe was a tribe that inherited this inhabited the city of barf, and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam has a long history of tarrif we know the story are you into Thai himself, and how he made Doha that perhaps one day amongst the people of Turkey, they will be those who will carry the flag of Islam forward from them came Mohammed even Qasim who took Islam to India eventually, but he also said something else you

00:41:13 --> 00:41:43

have version one will be from this type of topic there will come a great liar and a great destroyer, that great destroyer will be Hijazi made use of. And the great liar was this metallic Navy albeit one of the greatest liars in our history, because he was an excellent command and an excellent cause taking revenge for the death of the grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. But it went to his head. And he started claiming that I am not just a normal person, I am actually a prophet.

00:41:44 --> 00:42:22

I am a prophet. And in Makka Moo karma, there is Hussein's other brother, his name is Mohammed Abu hanifa. He is not just a normal man, he is God become incarnate, he is allowed to come to the world like Jesus to the Christians. And he sends me why he sends why and to me. Now when you have a cause, and you have people who follow you, you can get away with a lot of these kinds of things. So he started claiming that Allah has revealed to me that in our next battle, we are going to be victorious, and they fight and they are victorious. And he see that proves it. I'm receiving why and people follow him.

00:42:24 --> 00:42:46

And then he predicts again, next battle will be victorious as well. And they vanquish the enemy. And the idea grows, that Mossad is really onto something here. This was the lie that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam spoke about, but eventually your luck runs out. So one day he predicted that Allah has revealed to me that I will be victorious and eternal the other way, they will not victorious.

00:42:48 --> 00:42:57

So what happens now? Now comes the hijacking of Islam, the hijacking of Islam, what happens here? Most are cannot admit and say that I was a liar.

00:42:58 --> 00:43:37

He cannot admit that I was a liar. So who was wrong? He's not wrong. Is is not Allah was wrong. Allah was wrong when he informed me that we are going to be victorious. He told me that we will be victorious. But he at the time Allah did not know what's going to happen now. We're even speaking some such words. But he didn't know now is realized bodily ly. Allah realized the only now came to know what the future will be like. This moment there was born something called the doctrine, the aqeedah. The belief of Budda. Budda is a belief in terms of what you say that Allah says something now and afterwards realizes that no history turns differently and Allah adjust himself to history.

00:43:37 --> 00:43:49

So what had to be sacrificed at the altar of Mostar allows veracity Ella's truthfulness had to be had to be sacrificed. Allah turns out to be wrong, but mortality is never wrong.

00:43:51 --> 00:44:31

This idea is not restricted to matar and these battles alone, because eventually the question would be asked because Masada went about with this idea now, that from the from the family of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam, the Imams Rama Tabata imams appointed by Allah whom we must obey. So when the question gets asked, but how come there's nothing about it in the Quran? So the answer was, what are we going to Secondly, we used to get defies Allah Himself. Now we're going to sacrifice the Quran. The Quran suffered distortion at the hands of the Sahaba. Those ayat were they once upon a time, you know the sutra that was laid in front of you, alumna Shiva, la casa de la, wa nankervis rock and let

00:44:31 --> 00:44:59

our children know it as well. But go and look in the books of the Shia. As much as they deny these go look in the books of the Shia, you will find it in the following manner. alumna Shahada sadhak well Donna Anka VSAC alerion kabarak warfarin laka v croc br Li n st a rock that's not in Allah's words, that was added to give credence to the idea that the Imams were mentioned in the Quran, but someone today someone took them

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

names out of there because the even the Quran the standing miracle of syedna Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, which is continuously memorized by hundreds of 1000s if not millions of children of Muslims all over the world, which Allah tala himself said that I take the responsibility because I revealed it in nationalism. novica Why have you alone, suddenly we find ourselves in a situation where the value the the truthfulness, the protectiveness of the Quran has to be sacrificed at a certain altar, which alter the altar of this newfangled idea of Imam that has now grown into the phenomenon which you call Shiism. imama means a law appointed certain leaders that we may have to

00:45:40 --> 00:46:20

follow, she has a means those who follow that particular group of Imams, the partisans, the ones who support that particular group of Imams, this thing is born now, after the 60 because of the death of Satan and Hussein or the Allahu anhu, a lot of sympathy was generated, because matar and his followers went about hunting down the killers of Hussein. So they become heroes in the eyes of the people. Because of that heroism of this, because of that status that they had. They could now put anything out to people people will be prepared to accept it allows truthfulness, one sacrifice, the kurama, sacrifice Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had to be sacrificed because he's now

00:46:20 --> 00:46:58

going to be saved that he spent 23 years and he couldn't achieve anything. All of his followers became too far after his death, with the exception of a few Islam had to be sacrificed. The success of Rasulullah Salallahu isn't meant to be sacrificed. But this idea called Shiism, this idea called the shadow that had to be at all costs that had to be preserved. The idea that someone has a position higher than the MBR the idea that there is not just one, then there are 12 of them that are so superior to them via the NBR when they make to have a as the shofar, the vasila of these, this particular group here, the coronet to be rejected, the soon I have to be set aside a new set of

00:46:58 --> 00:47:42

hurry had to be fabricated, had to be fabricated to make place for this particular foreign idea. The glue had to be very strong, because if that glue is not very strong, then any logically thinking rational Muslim, will realize that this idea is not part of Islam, this is not part of Islam. So that that idea, not only did it have to the glue be very strong, but every year the glue has to be renewed again, every aid has to be maintained to make sure that it will stick. So year after year what will happen, people will get together on this day and this day becomes a day of lamentation. Now forgotten in history is Mousavi Salaam, forgotten is the is the first of Ashura forgotten in

00:47:42 --> 00:48:23

history is the reasons why Rasulullah saw some faster Dasha and the Quran was the words of the Quran were distorted and the meanings of the Quran were distorted as well. A lot other speaks about Israel and Ibrahim and a lot of essays in philosophic warfare, the ina who believed in him that his mind was ransom by a great ransom a few years ago in our Muslim views. I was confused in Cape Town, they appeared a full page article in which the author May Allah guide him out of his ignorance Angela writes, on the Tafseer of this ayah wafaa dana, who is married Alison was ransom by who Hussein was the ransom of is Mario.

00:48:25 --> 00:49:00

Hussain is mine was supposed to have been slaughtered, we know the story. But when he wasn't slaughtered then what happened? Our books, even the sheer books of honey they have the same thing. Then Allah brought him out of Jannah but eventually what happens now a mama comes about a mama comes about and everything has to be distorted. So they looked in the clan Where can we find something and somebody say we found something that they know will be the pain of him. The the problem that had to be slaughtered is Jose Hussein had to be slaughtered so that the smile can live forgotten for the moment is the fact that when you pay a ransom, you pay something less valuable to you than what

00:49:00 --> 00:49:01

you're going to lose.

00:49:03 --> 00:49:42

You don't take the son of Ibrahim and ransom him by the grandson of Mohammed Salah Salah because the grandson of Mohammed Salah Salaam is much higher in status according to the Shia than him. But that logic departed from them for a moment and they decided that we have to find some glue to make this stick around for half a day. Now we live in an RV gets passed off as Hussein had to be slaughtered for the sake of his mind, history becomes distorted. The Quran becomes a store that all kinds of facts become distorted so that this particular foreign element can stick onto the onto the body of Islam. It was grafted on. Now, one year you go to a commemoration ceremony of this kind, and you

00:49:42 --> 00:49:53

might forget about it, but to maintain that it has to be done every year. It has to be done every year, and everything about it has to become sanctified.

00:49:55 --> 00:49:59

One of the holiest probably the holiest of spots in this world is the land

00:50:00 --> 00:50:09

wannabes Salalah Salaam lies buried and the Kaaba, the land where the Kaaba stands. We know what significance that holds in our hearts.

00:50:11 --> 00:50:18

But even the Kaaba and the sanctity of that particular land had to be sacrificed for the sake of this particular foreign element.

00:50:20 --> 00:50:21

She has tell a story.

00:50:22 --> 00:50:24

In the book cameras era.

00:50:26 --> 00:50:42

They tell a story that one day the Kaaba was feeling very proud and said, Look, how important Am I People come from all over India and Farah to come and make hajia mean califa genomic and the Kaaba is feeling very proud and saying this and amatola says silent.

00:50:43 --> 00:50:44

Do you think you are holy?

00:50:45 --> 00:51:17

The land where Hussein lies buried is many many more times more superior than you. You should be pleased to be a humble and despicable tale of Karbala, the tale of Karbala, bu the tale of Karbala because it was not for Hussein, Karbala I wouldn't even have created you. And if you continue with us boast I will cause you to sink into the earth. Quiet Aqaba the land for sign is much more noble, much more higher, much more sacred than you. Everything gets sacrificed as this particular altar.

00:51:18 --> 00:51:38

Those Sahaba of the love on whom, about whom Allah boasted in the Quran an angel. Few days ago, I was sitting with some friends, some Allah and we were just discussing the issue of what the ayah in the Koran that make reference to this habit of the alarm in which the status of his hobby is elevated. I started jotting them down.

00:51:39 --> 00:52:21

Within literally five minutes. I jotted down close to 40 I had a few minutes later, one of the colleagues that was with me shows me 100 ayah in the Quran, that shows the highest status of the Sahaba on the low on those people about whom Allah tala revealed so many if you've seen some of them we've spoken about and we can go on speaking about this, if not, for a few seconds, hours and hours, days and days. You can speak about those if they had to be sacrificed, they become the worst of creation, the face of the earth. You know, our youth, our young men, Allah bless them and Allah give them I'll give him guidance and protect them of the ADL. They came a few home long a few weeks ago,

00:52:21 --> 00:52:40

they came to the NGC. In a meeting with our presidency, I found myself in some of the other members of the MDC and they brought us some printouts of checks that people have been having with Converse to Shiism, from our community, they will have us they will one of us and they went over to the other side.

00:52:41 --> 00:52:59

If you see the words that we use the worst elements of Mecklenburg Hanover Park, and lavender hill that you can put together won't speak such words about their enemies. The worst of words are used to describe say either ameerul momineen, Amara blah blah, blah No.

00:53:00 --> 00:53:44

The worst of words is used to describe say than a medium Ababa Casa de capilano. The most terrible language is used to speak about a medium of Madame la familia alone. What is it that makes people that turn people who were who had been breastfed by mothers who are no sooner? Well, Gemma, what makes them turn into such inveterate hostile and downright despicable enemies of the Sahaba the low on what makes it that makes a person overlook 100 Ayat of the Quran for some fabricated contrived extracts from the Quran, which do not even refer to what the Shia want them to say. It's probably time number one, that we start educating ourselves on these the Hadith and most importantly, the

00:53:44 --> 00:54:26

ayah among the about the Sahaba of the olana. Because without that knowledge, more and more of us, can we fear that more and more will become of those that use this very, very worst type of gutter language against us the habit of the alarm, more and more of that can can happen, how does it happen? You will see in a few days time, how does it happen? It happens through the whipping up of emotions during these Ashura ceremonies that the she I have been having for hundreds of years now. This is a very powerful glue that robs the intelligence man of his reason, that robs the rational person of his intelligence and makes him turn into an ultimatum that will believe just whatever you

00:54:26 --> 00:54:28

put into his mind at that particular moment.

00:54:29 --> 00:55:00

Look, what happens in the rest of the world. The emotions are swept up to such a level that a man takes a chain to which he has tied a number of naked blades and he whips it over the over his shoulder onto his back, let the blood flow from it because he wants to experience the pain of signal. Then he takes his little baby and he takes a knife and cuts open the head of the baby so that the blood must flow that is not the Dean of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam there's not the Dean of olive nebia Talib and Fatima Zahra de la Noma there's not the

00:55:00 --> 00:55:33

of the Ahlul Beit Novus harbor the alarm, but when you try and graph such a foreign element such a strain such such an incongruous element onto the body of Islam, your body, they say you need some very powerful glue, you need a very powerful bandage. And that bandage is this. The stories that are being told about how Jose and passed away have passed into the realm of fantasy A long time ago, pass into fantasy and people who normally are very reasonable, very sane, very reliable, people lose their minds completely. And they go on, like people

00:55:35 --> 00:55:40

who have no concern for themselves or for the image of this Deen that is being portrayed to others.

00:55:42 --> 00:56:22

And all the other sufferings of the oma What about the day when Omar Abdullah katavi alone was murdered when of manobo iPhone or the unknown is murdered? Oh, very good that we speaking about the murder of say now from Omar Ali Allah I know, because along with the commemoration of this the year the 10th of Muharram, there is another ceremony, maybe our she has young Cape Town have not yet started commemorating it. But in Iran, there is a place called cash on an incursion, some 345 centuries ago, they discover the grave. And suddenly this grave was made out to be the grave of a person whom they call Baba shujaa. Or Dean, the courageous person of this Dean, who's Baba Xiao

00:56:22 --> 00:57:01

Jian. They say this is the person who killed Omar, the person who killed Omar that was in Medina, in the 2016. After the ILA, he was killed immediately, and his body was buried somewhere over there. Suddenly, 1000 years later, they discover a grave in Iran. And they say this is the person who killed Omar and we are gonna come commemorate the death of Oman, they have a ceremony which they call, give several names to it. Some they call it Omar Kush, on the day of the murder of Omar, and they celebrate that day. And suddenly in the books of Hadith, you'll find that one day Rasulullah salallahu alayhi salam called his daughter and his son in law and his grandchildren and prepared a

00:57:01 --> 00:57:16

feast for them. They say this day was the ninth of Robbie on oh one and he prepared the fees for them. And he tells his grandchildren, eat my children, enjoy yourself because on this day that you're out of this room, I will be destroyed. That was Ramadan Hobbes's this day this Omar

00:57:17 --> 00:57:27

Omar will be destroyed. By the way, say no more alone. He did not die. He was not murdered. In the ninth of the bill. Oh, well. He died at about the 26th 27th of July.

00:57:29 --> 00:57:51

But history had to be what history had to be distorted. And they had to find some day there to find some grave. They come together and they celebrate the killing of Satan or Omar, Abdullah hapa de la Hondo. Amidst all of this. Above all of this, we are being asked to maintain unity, to maintain unity stand together for the sake of Islam.

00:57:53 --> 00:57:55

In 1979, something happened.

00:57:56 --> 00:57:58

Iran had been going

00:57:59 --> 00:58:08

undergoing trials and tribulations turmoil, political turmoil for a long time. You know, the moment you discovered oil in your country, then kiss it goodbye.

00:58:09 --> 00:58:48

Because problems are going to come. So there was a person who had taken over the reins of government aborted or rather got rid of the old Karzai regime and made himself used to be an army colonel. He made himself the rule of Iran. He called himself Reza Shah Pahlavi, and he started ruling the country with an iron fist. And he had a lot of opposition from many people. But eventually he put his country on the way to modernization. But then oil was discovered in Iran. And when all is discovered, then the international power start creeping up on you. And the world was then steadily getting towards the First World War, Second World War and then the cold war that came thereafter. So

00:58:48 --> 00:58:59

it all is discovered, then you're gonna find yourself trapped between the UK and the US on the one side and the USSR as it used to be on the other side. So when he started moving to close in the direction of Russia, a

00:59:01 --> 00:59:39

coup d'etat was generated and he was exiled from there and his son was put in his place. He was exiled initially to Mauritius and then to Johannesburg. He was exiled to Johannesburg eventually died, but he was taken back fine Be that as it may be, some was put in his place. But the turmoil the political turmoil in Iran did not end. By 1979. The pot boil over the pot boiled over the new strong men emerged in Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah and Mousavian Khomeini. The history of the 20th century cannot be told without speaking about Khomeini in what he achieved in Iran. And that's now during the latter years of the Cold War, when the entire world is setting that either you in the

00:59:40 --> 00:59:51

orbit of America or in the orbit of Russia can barely be on your own. You have to be one of those two. So Khomeini came about and Khomeini are all the country, and he came with a slogan.

00:59:52 --> 00:59:59

His slogan was la sharqiya, la jolla. jumhooree. Islamia. We have Islamic Republic, we know the East

01:00:00 --> 01:00:05

No. And he coined a term, the two great shaytans.

01:00:06 --> 01:00:31

Those who will remember from the 80s to great shape and America being the biggest shavon and Russia being the lesser shape on but they say pants, when he said it very, very clearly these are the two shape arms of the world. And Muslims, Sunni Muslims had been very impressed by the rhetoric of Khomeini. What he had been speaking about. Many were very impressed by because few other leaders could speak out at the time. And he spoke obviously,

01:00:32 --> 01:00:37

when Salaam Salman Rushdie spoke about Avi salam wa Salaam in the manner that he did, when he gave the

01:00:38 --> 01:00:45

death penalty on him. No one else in the world did anything of the kind. So people will naturally impressed by what Khomeini said.

01:00:46 --> 01:00:47

I want to tell you

01:00:48 --> 01:00:51

about a person whom I know personally.

01:00:52 --> 01:00:56

This person came under the influence

01:00:57 --> 01:01:01

of the Iranian ambassador in South Africa.

01:01:03 --> 01:01:04

The name of the ambassador was

01:01:06 --> 01:01:07

Islam, Mohammed Madhavi.

01:01:08 --> 01:01:24

This person is from Pretoria came under the influence of this particular ambassador. They might be those of you sitting here that might remember in the early 90s, somewhere around 89 9091, somewhere around the very same Ambassador visited what was back then ecosa

01:01:25 --> 01:01:46

and invited as a diplomat to speak at ecosa the forerunner to the president epsa he was invited to speak there and this Ambassador went on those that will be the way they would have been they can tell you better but I think something half an hour to one hour. Speaking about what speaking about Abu Dhabi allow on who and his role in fabricating Hadith

01:01:47 --> 01:01:59

Is this what we expect from a diplomate? Is this type of diplomacy, our young students, impressionable minds, and you speak about them at length about abora forged ahaadeeth.

01:02:00 --> 01:02:15

Well, very clearly, you can see that this man was more a propagator of Shiism than what was the deployment. And the person that I'm speaking about was one of his convert these he converted this person to Shiism, used to be a Sunni became machinery.

01:02:17 --> 01:03:00

He mentioned the following thing. He says, and 10 years after becoming a CA, he spends the following. He says 10 years ago, I became machinery. Why'd you become a CA because of the slogans of anti America, anti Israel and anti Russia, the big shape and the small shaytaan all the radiation, it was very, very attractive and it meant a lot to me. So that's why I became a CA. But 10 years by the way, the person is Stella she 10 years after being a ga he came to discover something else. He says after 10 years, I've discovered something. I've discovered that the true enemy of Islam is not America, the big shape is not Russia, the small shape on it's not even Israel. The true enemy of

01:03:00 --> 01:03:23

Islam is the novena Jama. The true enemy of Islam is Allison ojama. There might be those who will think that I'm talking, I'm sucking this out of my thumb, I don't want you to go and interrogate the person. I don't want you to interrogate the person if you want to, you can do that as well. But do not interrogate the person interrogate the facts on the ground. What happened to the big shape? And what happened to the small shape on

01:03:25 --> 01:03:35

the leadership of the Islamic Revolution in not in Iran, in Iraq, the leadership of the Islamic revolution of Iraq, were living in Iran.

01:03:36 --> 01:03:38

When George Bush decided to attack Saddam Hussein,

01:03:40 --> 01:03:49

what did the leadership do? The they say? No, we cannot deal with a big shape on you the shape and the bigger shape of the world. We cannot deal with you.

01:03:50 --> 01:04:02

We should keep you away because this is about Islam is about Islamia. Islamia, no, Russia, no America. The leadership came back from Iran and with the help of the Americans were installed as the rulers of Iraq today.

01:04:04 --> 01:04:45

The the big shape on that was so bad once upon a time that all the Arab rulers were in bed with the Americans was said to be puppets received to be traitors. And now iraq became Shia territory on account of the base in Cape Town. They said they said, thank you very much for the reins of government. And they are are the took the side of the Americans then of the allegedly Sunni brothers. And the carnage continues in Iraq up to the present day, a few years ago, not so many years, two, three years ago, there was a conference at this conference, an alum from Iraq was supposed to attend and deliver a paper telling us about what happens in Iraq.

01:04:47 --> 01:04:59

He could not make it and I was asked to read his paper. There were places in his paper where I couldn't read any further. He speaks about, he speaks about the inhuman manner in which all our mouths

01:05:00 --> 01:05:45

No sooner kill, you know, you're gonna kill someone what do you do with the bullet in the back of his head? or do something of the kind put in front of a firing squad or something? But what kind of hostility what kind of devilish insanity is it that makes you hold down and allow him and take up drill and draw holes into his head to kill him? What makes what drives people up to that level? If that is not too bad as if that is not too bad. What makes a group of people take a little innocent Sunni baby whose only crime in this world is that his name is Omar. Only crime in this world in his name is Omar, take him, put him onto a tray, put him into a pizza oven, fry that little child to

01:05:45 --> 01:06:33

death. Take his body out, garnish it with key pieces of potato and tomato and sin this body back to the parents as the years your little Omar. The insanity. The insanity that you see being perpetrated in Iraq today is not equal, not even equal by the words that Israel's presence has to offer. What kind of hatred is it? It's the hatred that is worked up in the 70s of the Shia year after year. It is their glue by which this idea of EMA is forced to seek on to this Deen, only that kind of hatred can bring about this kind of thing. And that was the big shape on that was a few years ago. And right now in this moment, as we said, and last week, when the bombardment of holla May Allah protect

01:06:33 --> 01:07:15

people and not protect all of scileanna people. But when the people of Serbia stood up against some unjust and oppressive ruler, then those people were four years of the European proclaiming to the rest of the world that the message of Karbala is that oppression will not go unchecked. When you stand up to revoke my consent, we will be with you. Those people where were they? Where were they Where are they from from the west game is one law from the east game Iran, and from the north game, the small shape on Russia, and all four parties together, Bashar Al Assad's forces, his molars forces, Iran's forces and the criminal forces of Russia all of them together, bombarding hospitals,

01:07:15 --> 01:07:58

bombarding schools, but bombarding doing things, again, either on equal footing or even worse than the Israelis have. Because the Israelis have a certain level of hostility, it does not come close to the insane hostility that exists within the hearts of the Shia, towards the Sahaba, viola No, and towards the descendants of the olana. How does that austerity get maintained? Every year you whip yourself into a frenzy. Every year you whip yourself into a frenzy and remind yourself that these are the people that are responsible for the killing of San Jose, we know who are guilty of the killing of sine and cosine. And we know who are guilty of the betrayal of Satan and Hussein as well.

01:07:59 --> 01:08:32

The very betrayals of sine and cosine are the ones that took the name of a sign afterwards and told the world that we are going to take revenge in his name, and the story of this dean of his grandfather salallahu alayhi wasallam to their own needs. They took this Dean and made it when it was the Dean of tawheed and Rizal and Nobu. They made it into a dean of imama that superior to everything else. A Dean that can tell you the following thing. That was sudo la sala Maria de la quinta mirage. And when I arrived at the house of Allah tala, he found that Allah speaking to him in the voice of olive nebia Bali,

01:08:34 --> 01:09:16

the same group that can tell you that this Quran, Allah Zi is undertaken to preserve it, but no, he couldn't. Abu Bakr and Omar and of man and the rest of this harbor distorted our finest achievement in history was cast aside, the truthfulness and the absolute unquestionable knowledge of a lotta was cast aside, the entire history was distorted overall, so that this foreign graph can sit onto the body of Islam, and he continues eating at the house of Islam. It has continued eating away, like a corrosive acid has been eating away at this body of the oma avasarala sallallahu wasallam. When Islam when the time came for Islam to spread, who carried the flag of Islam to North Africa, who

01:09:16 --> 01:09:29

carry the flag of Islam into Spain, who carry the flag of Islam into into Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, it was always the Mujahideen the da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da.

01:09:30 --> 01:09:59

But after having given all of our sacrifices for the now we'll come along, a group of people that will tell you a completely different history and will pour into the wounds of the soma. The essence of the show that will break up break up this room macaroni eat away at it, because now what happens the fight is internalized. The fight is no longer to the outside. We could see what happened in the days when there were slogans when we said we all Muslims stand together in one soft but we see what happens at

01:10:00 --> 01:10:39

The slightest opportunity where whether she has standing, where was the land standing? Where was his Hizbollah standing, committing the types of war crimes against an innocent people that even Israel was never guilty of? Israel did a lot. But they will have to go very far to come on par with what the Shia are doing at this moment. As you and I sit here and have been doing for the past five years, while the entire world watches, no one will interfere. Why? Because who needs to worry about Muslims when they are busy killing themselves? It's happening in Syria. It's happening in Yemen. The old ideas come back. What is it, don't fight them, make them find themselves, make them find

01:10:39 --> 01:11:23

themselves by doing what? Just spread some rumors around about the Sahaba have a few capetonian spread ideas Abubakar Sadie and almost a die. Let them say things about our mother I shall have the allow and what will happen. Do not make the mistake of turning this into violence. Our young men you are going to be you're going to be tested. You are going to they are going to have flown the ideas in front of you will the idea of making you be the one to throw the first punch making you want to fire the first shot. We are the children We are the descendants We are the followers of the Sahaba voila, him and mine. When they work, they work for the cause of Islam. They did not work for

01:11:23 --> 01:11:33

internal rivalry. They did not work to overthrow this and overthrow that one. When they work. They work together to raise the flag because they were trained by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

01:11:35 --> 01:12:07

The 10th of Muharram is celebrated as a day commemorated by the Shia as they have this great tribulation, this great sacrifice of signal Hussein. That was in the year 60 after the hegira and all of them know them the bottom 60 after the hegira Why do they not look at a few other dates as well. There's an interesting date we have we now we seven eight of them somewhere around the next month is suffer and the second day of suffer should be an interesting date as well. Because on that day that grand some of Hussain also revolted

01:12:08 --> 01:12:13

the grandson of us and also started the revolution against Omar yet his name was Zaid ibn Ali.

01:12:14 --> 01:12:48

Zaid ibn Ali Ali. He started the revolution in the city of Kufa. Let me tell you about the revolution. 15,000 men have * I've given him a a. They said they'd come with you lead us we will evolve with you. There's just Kufa alone from the rest of the area outline Kufa, hundreds and 1000s more at given Libya, he could easily count upon the support of 30,000 men, much more than his grandfather, we had barely 70 men. So now, if every revolution was going to succeed, it would have been this one year.

01:12:49 --> 01:13:33

But you see the debate, woman of truth. There aren't people who hide their feet away. There are people who, you know, in front of you say one thing, and when someone else comes along, then they say something else. As a matter of interest, we focused on this particular day of Ashura, the CEO will tell you don't fast. Why? There's not only there is a day of great harm to the alphabet and if you fast on this particular day, then you are actually showing gratitude for the giving of a saying don't Father's Day. And then we come to discover that in Allah How can you say don't force in your own books. So in Alibaba Talib told the people too fast. Even jafra sada told the people too fast on

01:13:33 --> 01:14:14

this day because they have the collection of Musashi ceram. So they have an answer for us. No, that was said in tequila. There was a Sunni present in the gathering. So Imam Khalid nebia Party said this just to flabbergast that particular Sunni Shia Sunni person, but when he was gone, then he said again, they don't fast. They have all kinds of explanations for this, this be the most ludicrous of them, but they have several a hadith which tells you fast on this day of Ashura. Now they say recently is fast because of we hide the unknown by Allah is our witness that we love them beta fossil masala, we love them and we take issue we take offense when someone presents that noble Lion

01:14:14 --> 01:14:42

of Alibaba Valley as a person who's too afraid to speak lies just for the sake of pulling the wool over someone's eyes. That's not the holly that we know. The lie that we know is someone lie half of lie No matter if he has no one and comes to speak the truth. He will speak their particular truth. But remember, if Allah truthfulness could be sacrificed, why not Allah? If Allah truthfulness Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam courage could be sacrificed? Why not only sacrifice as well? These are people who claim to love the unknown by

01:14:43 --> 01:14:57

and what do they do? They give us a picture of the animal by spineless people who cannot stand up for hoc. spineless people who resort to speaking lies just for the sake of let's pull wool over the eyes. That's not

01:14:59 --> 01:15:00

that's not

01:15:00 --> 01:15:30

The family of our souls Allah Allah, Allah Allah. They were men of truth who stood for truth in their noble veins was flowing the blood of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. One of them was this mindset of not only courageous as his grandfather before him. So he starts a revolution. And he gets 30,000 people to give him a a, but the idol they believe one thing and the car they believe something completely different because they were schooled by the followers of Mozart. They were schooled. They were taught the deen by Mozart, the liar and debate What do they believe?

01:15:32 --> 01:15:39

They came to say don't know Holly, just before the battle, they say say before we go into battle, one question please.

01:15:40 --> 01:16:20

By all means, what is your question says What do you believe about Abu Bakr and Omar? Not about allied is also not about Quran and Hadith not about gender and gender. What do you believe about Abu Bakr and Omar? Because under the impetus of the School of matar, even Abby obeyed the photography, they had been learning a deed which says that Abu Bakr and Omar are the worst that you can find. But now they came to hear someone says that z doesn't share your idea. Yeah, who is honest. He believes that the rest of the people are believing. So they decide before we go into battle with someone that we don't know whether he's outside or not. They come to the aid and they asked him,

01:16:21 --> 01:16:23

Lindsay, what do you believe in Oklahoma?

01:16:24 --> 01:17:03

So being the courageous lion, some of the courageous lions, some of the courageous lion, grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he doesn't hide anything away from anyone. And he says Karna was Elijah de facto Allahumma. waratah bahrami, Noma, those were the ministers of my grandfather. Those were the right hand and left hand, my grandfather, they were the assistance of my grandfather. So I have nothing but friendship towards them, and I'll never dissociate myself from them. And then they look at one another and say, we told you, this man is not to be trusted. And they left him 30,000 men, they left him was just about 300 men, all of them left the battlefield and say, No, you can't

01:17:03 --> 01:17:08

be trusted. So what did they say when they turned around and they walked away? This is our home.

01:17:10 --> 01:17:46

You've done with me as you've done with wholesaling before. You led me down the path and said, we're going to be there for you when the need is there. Yeah, I'm alone. 300 men also along with me, but a courageous lion doesn't back off. And he fights till he meets each other. He fights still he means martyrdom in the path of Allah, Allah, we actually have nowhere to be found. Why? Because the debate believe one thing and the Shia believes something else. But the other lady will be sacrificed at the altar of the Shia. The she I believe something that will be done somewhere completely else. Why else do we have great great amounts of the family of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. On top of him Shafi

01:17:46 --> 01:17:54

in Abu hanifa, even humble Marie given us great amounts of them if they grandfather had a deal which is different to the deen of Allah subhanaw taala.

01:17:55 --> 01:18:22

He has some of them might have been deceived and gone over to the other side. But you tell me if your great grandfather, if your great grandfather had an idea of Deen and he was appointed Bama and he was superior to the Amiga, and he had knowledge and he was infallible and in his custody was one of the early people in the later people and all that. Amir, why would you want to follow a fallible person like Bukhari and Muslim and even humble and Mohammadi Marisa Shafi

01:18:23 --> 01:19:06

so what happened here was this foreign element, this foreign element came into our Deen and this element has been one of the most destructive, corrosive, divisive forces that we can ever find in this oma. It's been around from day one has been around from day one, it will remain with us It has come to our shores as well. I caution once again, do not be the first to get provoked, and do something that we will regret because the moment the first punch is thrown, the moment the first shot is fired. This is a type of violence which never ends. The day when say the man or the woman was murdered by people of the same ilk that had been working against the the march of Islam. They

01:19:06 --> 01:19:45

realize that the strength of Islam lies way in the unity of this ummah behind one Khalifa bin Othman or the Allah Han who has killed so in Abdullah libel Saddam was one of our lamb of the money is ill and was Havasu la sala Salam came to those people and told them that do not draw the sword forth. Do not kill this man. Because Verily, there is a sword that has been shaved against this room up to now. The day you shed the Holy Blood of of man, that sword will never again be shaved. Never again will this man know the type of unity, fraternity and friendship that it exists that had existed with it for the first few years of his history and history testifies to the fact that up to the present

01:19:45 --> 01:20:00

day that sword remains unsheathed the soma is still continuing to kill one another, be it in Yemen, in Syria, be it in Iran, how many of our olema how many of our young dogs how many of them have already been killed and continued to live?

01:20:00 --> 01:20:39

languishing, she, in the jail's of Iran up to the present day. The list of them is very, very long. And if you want to start speaking about them, it'll bring tears to your eyes to think the extent that people had to sacrifice for the sake of the UK by people who claim that unity of the oma unity of the oma and let's forget all the differences, the differences are real. And if we don't take note of these particular differences, we are our children might fall prey to them. And after 300 years of struggling to maintain La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah alive when all masajid equi mata shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, a group will come along and tell you that we

01:20:39 --> 01:21:19

have to add the third chakra, which is a shadow Anna Lee and Maria Allah wa hollyford. Oh, Bina fossil, that as well, we'll have to have a new idea of the but this new idea is Dean is not just another man hub. It is not just another month of like they are shaffir ism, hanafis and Malik ism harmonies, no, not something like that. It's a complete new vision of Kitab Allah of the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, of how we view Allah in His as Mani Siva, of how we view the success of the mission of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam how we view the entire edifice, an essential structure of Islam, and the differences are so stuck, that inevitably, invariably and inescapably,

01:21:19 --> 01:21:59

it will end up in violence. wherever else it has been, it has always ended up in violence. Several years ago, I conducted a series of lectures at the behest of our shell farm, our president in the southern state budget at that time, I said, just about way, in the Sunni and Shia exists together, with exceptions, just about everywhere, they end up in violence against one another. And they back then I said, just about every way, at the present moment, and that that time, you know what I was thinking, what two exceptions. two exceptions were were three exceptions. Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. And what can you tell me about Syria in Yemen. My exception which I made back then has been

01:21:59 --> 01:22:09

overturned, wherever the unloosen and the Shia exist together, they will come to violence, it is something it is a unique, a unique

01:22:10 --> 01:22:19

tool of division in this oma, a unique tool of division, that's shavon Lana, Allah has been so successful with this particular tool, wherever this

01:22:21 --> 01:22:42

this item this entity has entered equals a split, it causes blood genome families, apart from one another, people will eventually kill one another for the sake of the distortion of history that goes back 1400 years, the fight won't end because it's sort of almost being unsheathed again, this one might well not in is a person.

01:22:43 --> 01:22:49

She a alum, not just an alum of the Shia, but you know there's an organization called Hezbollah.

01:22:51 --> 01:22:56

Hezbollah, he organization in Lebanon, he was the first secretary general of this organization.

01:22:58 --> 01:23:40

His name is jack subtree of profiling. And those that understand me can go look at the speech that he gave that one the quote here, it's on YouTube, you can even have a look at so Cato faily, not a speech and interview in which he condemns Hezbollah's entry into the Syrian conflict. And he says all of those of his mullahs caters who are dying in the Syrian conflict are going to join them they are not sure either. And he then he makes this particular point. He says for hundreds of years, for over 1000 years, we have been telling the world that Karbala signifies Ashura signifies resistance to oppression. When a when a ruler becomes oppressive, then you stand up against him as president

01:23:40 --> 01:24:04

stood up. And when the opportunity presented itself, so you were able to see what happened to the lesson. They weren't on the side of the oppressed people, they took the side of the oppressor and therefore it says he not I not you, supervisor he says that all the lessons of Karbala and Russia I've been forgotten. Why? Because the ancient rivaling hostility asserted itself. Remember what the person said, he came to realize after 10 years of the real enemies Arsenal, geomar.

01:24:06 --> 01:24:46

What defenses Do we have against this particular disaster? The only defense we have is that we educate ourselves, learn about our need, learn and teach our young people, but who are the Sahaba of the unknown, our history is neglected. It's when our history is neglected, that people can come and insert every kind of idea into the mind of a student, a young man, give him something to read the story his entire view, if we weren't the first to teach him the version of history as really unfolded, someone else will come along and teach him a different version. So there's something that is required from the members from memory Hobbs in omaka. tv Norma Doris, what needs to be taught is

01:24:46 --> 01:24:59

not just the history of the Seal of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, but then after all of these important points that need to be distorted in history. Every child needs to know the father of the Sahaba the Allah know every young

01:25:00 --> 01:25:43

Man must grow up knowing what a lot of us said about the Sahaba. In the Quran, what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about them in his authentic hadith, not just anybody, it is authentic. In this manner, he will resist. In this manner, we will resist the corrosive influence of those that would the store the history, this wonderful normal history of a pseudo Los Angeles alum, and there's a lot of light on it. With these words, I conclude, asking a lot Allah to guide the soma, to raise from the soma, that angle of his through which it's falling into all of these trials and tribulations wherever it might be in this world to save this particular part of the oma in the

01:25:43 --> 01:25:54

southern tip of Africa, in this country of ours from the division, the corrosion that might set him on account of this particular element called Shiism that we do not fall into something similar.

01:25:55 --> 01:25:58

Minas, Virgina kurata, rU

01:25:59 --> 01:26:10

tacchini mama poppin off Ilana rihana Latina Saba Qunari Lima and Wanaka janhvi luminosity London darina Mano Ravana in Makarov, Rahim,

01:26:12 --> 01:26:14

reliable alameen wa salam wa sallam

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