Nadim Bashir – Elite Followers #39 Umar RA Part 3

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the transmission of the Hadith and the selection of senior personnel. The importance of following guidance and knowing potential danger is emphasized. Leadership is emphasized, and the responsibility of leaders is discussed. The importance of not giving up Khilafah and being mindful of time is emphasized. The history of the title of the book " Khilafah" is also discussed, including the appointment of Khilafah and the importance of not being a Khalifa. The responsibility of leaders is emphasized, and the use of "has" in the title of the book for women is discussed. The history of the culture and its impact on people, including the loss of life and the use of people as weapons are also discussed.
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Solano 100 Local brought me in was someone that was so the Mohammed water early he was so heavy as marine was sitting with a steam on a cathedral cathedral My bad. So Hannah Klarman Isla Montana in the interim Hakeem will be shortly so today we're silly Emery waterlogged and Melissa and Jeff go holy My bad. So today inshallah we want to talk I want to talk about What's matter with you Allah Tada and of course this is a series about orthogonal the Allah that I but today I want to shed some light upon the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, first of all related to Orthology Allah Denine. And not only that, but there are some a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, where he informs or tomorrow the allow that aren't about some of the hardships that are about to come during his time. And this was a way of Rasulullah sallallahu it was some prepping or throughout Rhodiola design for the fitness that were going to occur. Likewise, we're going to cover some important events

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of ortho Rhodiola that iron ore stories regarding last model the alotta on that took place in the Philadelphia of obika of the Ultron and Amara, the Allah Denine. In addition to that, I want to cover the selection of northmen lutein as a Khalifa, I know I did talk about this, but there were some claims that are made by some other people, people who attack this a habit of Viola that I'm home, so we'll talk about that inshallah. So first of all, let's talk about the hadith of Ursula Allahu alayhi wa sallam. It was mentioned that one time Abu Musa luxury Allah did and he's sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the garden, and someone knocked on the gate of the

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garden, and sought permission to come inside. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told told of a Musa that go and tell the person at the door, given the glad tidings of Jannah whenever Musa opened the gate of the of the garden, he saw that it was a bucket of the allotted, he told him about the glad tidings of paradise to whichever bucket or the Ultron he prays Allah subhanho wa Taala after a while, someone else knocked on the gate of the of the garden, and the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him again till Abu Musa that go and answer the gate, go out to the person open the gate, and whoever is standing there, informed them that or give them the glad tidings of paradise.

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When he opened the door, it was amaro the alotta line, when he was informed, he prays ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. The third time there was a knock on the gate of the garden, the Prophet SAW Allah so I'm told Abu Musa that go to the gate and tell the given give that person that glad tidings of paradise, but do also tell them that there will be some difficulty upon them, there will be some difficulty upon them. It said that when he opened the gate of the garden of the garden, he saw that it was Earth man with the Allah Tala and he told him what was Lhasa Allahu Allah, he was sent him said, first of all, he prays Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, but then when he was informed about the

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difficulties that might come his way, he simply said, well, Lawhon was time that Allah subhanaw taala will inshallah help me. The next thing is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time was standing on the mountain of our hood, and it began to shake slightly

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says Ozcan are heard that all mountain of our hood, remain firm and be still a wound know who the robber who big he says that and the narrator says that is as if he struck his foot on the mountain. And then he says Felisa, arnica Elana begun was Sadiq Khan was sure he then that there is a prophet, a Sadiq in reference to overthrow the Allah Tada and there are two showerheads standing upon you in reference to Omoto the Allah that on and off man even iFamily Allah Tala on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also informed that

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he informed oromandibular author of your logline because he says that be calm, for there is no one for there is no one on you but a prophet. This is once again this is the the Hadith about or heard, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam He informed Horace Mann or the along the line not once but many times that you will have to be patient now I want to share with you a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about something that which is a very, very famous Hadith as well. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam, but I don't see it being mentioned so many times. The Prophet saw some says that there are three fitness that are going to occur and whoever can save themselves from these

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three fitness have indeed maintained their Iman, he says Medina, German Salat and fucka Naja. Whoever is saved from these three things is indeed saved. What were the three things number one he says mouthy my death, meaning that the Prophet saw some saying that My death will be a fitna for many people. And if you study the history of Islam, there are many people in Arabia in in the surrounding places who did give up their Islam once they heard that as well so long while your son had passed away. The second thing you mentioned is a De Jong the the general or the as some as some people call it, the Antichrist, whatever you want to call it, the the just the fitna of the gel is a

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fitna that all the Gambia have wondered people about once again the pulse I'm saying that if you can surpass that time if you can get through that time without giving up your iman indeed you have saved your Eman and finally he says what cuddly Khalifa 10 Most Toby Ren will happy Malta he the province has said that the finally is the Khalifa who is preserving his preserving and adhering to the faith or to the truth and fulfilling his duty and this is once again in reference to automatic not found or the allotted time. Once that one time was lost Allahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting down and he said to me, no, I'm gonna be Allah Allah and that there is the one who is covering his head will be

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killed unlawfully on that day. The once again he is saying that there is a person who was passing by his head is covered this person his life will be taken unlawfully. If no matter what the author says. When I raised my head and I began to look, the man who had his head covered was automatically been orphaned or the Allah Tala and the Prophet sallallahu. It was and also tells the automatic, I find that he and this is a Hadith decorous, who also Allahu Allah, he was sent a fitna 10 fucka Raba. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned some term oil is mentioned some fitness and gave the impression that it will soon come to pass. A man pass by with his head covered

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and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said on that day, this man will be following the right guidance. Once again, this is in reference to Earth metal Rhodiola Dylon and he's saying that this person is on the right path. I rushed in grabbed Earth man by the upper arm. This is narrated by God, even Audra, he says, I grabbed Earth man by the arm. Then I turned to the face of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I said Is this the man that you're talking about? And the person said yes, this is the man that I'm talking about. One time was one time was was something he was talking about or tomorrow the Allah the lion and he says yeah, with man he's

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talking to Earth matter of your dawn he says, yeah, it was man in the water as our gel, our lake Allah and you will be in Allah Azza wa Jalla Allah and you will be coming fun for in a row. They can Munna una isla de Falla, flattop LA who had that and Connie. The problem was I was talking with Matt about the along the line that Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you a commies to where this is and this is a metaphor. This is a metaphorical way of saying that Allah subhanaw taala will give you the responsibility of the Khilafah find a radical Munna * and there'll be some people who are the munafo when some of your enemies who will want you to forfeit your responsibilities and give up your

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responsibilities and step down as a Khalifa the Prophet SAW Selim tells what with manual the Allah Denine fella tough Allah who had that epiphany do not take it off until you meet me mean that these fitness will come your way but you cannot give up your Khilafah finally, I want to share with you one more hadith of

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So so long while he was saying he says in the content owner body fitness and fun, oh call it enough and will fit in that and for Carla who call me a nurse for Melania rasool Allah call Ali can bill Amin or as Javi the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said, you will face turmoil and differences after I am gone and differences or he said differences and turmoil. One of the people sitting around the province said who could help us yeah Rasul Allah, He said, You should be with the trustworthy and the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, the question is, why word Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in form or founder of Yala Denine of all these

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calamities and all these fitness that are coming that will be coming his way. Number one. First of all, it is the responsibility of every leader as we see in the life of a sorcerer salam to inform their people of any potential calamity or any potential danger that might be coming their way. This is the nature of every single leader and every single leader has to adopt this quality number two, compared to oh my god Allah Tala on Earth man or the Allah Tala on was little more he was not as you know, when we talked about Omoto the Allah and we say he was harsh, first of all, he was not it's wrong to say that he was harsh. It's more appropriate to say that Ahmad, on the other hand, was

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firm, he was firm and eemaan. He did not waver in his Eman. He never compromising his Eman. But on the other hand, you had Earth man of your time, who was more calm in nature. And as we all know that anyone who's more common nature, anyone who is not extremely firm the way a person like Alma rhodiola, Don would be, it is very possible that someone could overcome them and someone can overpower them. Or it's mine all the time was possibly a type of that person that the public understands that someone can probably come to ours one or the other time, and northmen rhodiola, and was not the person who wanted he was not the person who was always worried about power, he was not

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the person who was worried about status, or if man rhodiola, on the other hand, was a man who did everything according to the instructions of Rasulullah saw Salem. So he understands that if the person understands that if Earth man is in that situation, and he's being forced to give up his Khilafah, it is very possible that he will probably give up his Khilafah and that's why the province is informing us man in advance that you are never to give up your Khilafah there will be immense amount of pressure upon you. But because I'm telling you, you are not give up your Khilafah whenever that time comes in Subhanallah it says that at that time, and we will talk about this data on how

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the people came after the life of Earth's mantle, the allotted time until the very end, no matter how much people were forcing them. People were putting pressure on Earth man all the time, because of the instructions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he never gave up his Khilafah you never give up his responsibilities. Now, what about with my mother time during the time Oh Bucher of yoga on first of all, is that like many of the Sahaba or thumbin, with your time had a great he had a great deal of respect in the eyes of

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Rhodiola. At that time, he was considered as a scribe, he would write down the decisions made by ova Rhodiola. At that time, he was someone who was extremely close to overthrow the Allah with an iron when obika are the Allah that I'm the one to send someone to behind. He inquired, and he and consulted with the Sahaba of the Ultron home and everyone gave their own opinion. And then he came to Earth man, what are your waterline and northmen rodeo time he suggested that you should send someone who has been previously sent to that land by Ross wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam and someone who has a track record of being successful and all the responsibilities are it said that Oh, Buckler

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Rhodiola Rhodiola that and he took his suggestion. He, he he took that. And he he gave that precedence over everyone else's opinion. And he sent a person by the name of Allah, Allah to Bahrain, it said that went over the rhodiola, Tehran, he became extremely sick, he consulted with the people, and he asked them who they wanted to take the place as a Khalifa. And many people they said, Omar some people gave other suggestions when it came to Earth man Rhodiola and iron he asked him and Northman or rodeo Don, he said that I suggest that you should appoint on a photography along the line obika Rhodiola. Don, he said that I'm so happy that you gave me this suggestion, because

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your suggestion is very, very valuable to me. So he says that once was man gave the suggestion or gave the recommendation that it should be only for Bob. After that is said that he went further and he assigned Amadeo time the responsibilities of the Khilafah during the time of overthrow the

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For the allotted time, there was a famine or drought that took place. Many people there were suffering in Medina, and they said that while the people were were going through this trouble in this challenge, it said that there were 100 camels who entered Medina, they were fully loaded with food. They were fully loaded with food. So they all came all these 100 camels that came to the house of Who Wants Money, but not a fan or the alotta I'm because this belongs to him. So when the merchants of Medina found out about this, they all rushed to the house of automatic fan all the time. And they said that, oh, us, man, we have heard that you have received a lot of food from out

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of town, we want to buy some of it, we'll give you a profit for it. And we want to sell it in Medina so that we can take care of our needs. Now worth money, but our family really well, Don, he said that how much how much are you willing to give? How much profit are you willing to give? So they said 12, in return of 10? This is exactly the words 12 in return of 10. How much percentage is that? That's 20%. Right?

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And so then it was man or the other and he said, I have someone who's giving me more profit. So then they said that Okay, what about 15? For 10? Well, about 15 for 10. How much is that? That's 50%. Right? And Arthur Monroe earlier on, he said that I have someone who's willing to give me even more profit than that. So now the merchants are confused, like, is there any other merchant in Medina there we're not aware of? And then he asked that, is there anyone else who's willing to give you more property we want to know. And then Arthur wrote on he said that Allah subhanaw taala is willing to give me more Prophet, Allah subhanaw taala is willing to give me 10 In lieu of one

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he's willing to give me 10 In lieu of one day home, so that's how many how much percentage is that? That's 1,000% Right? So he's saying that Allah Subhana Allah wants to give me 1,000% profit, and you want to give me 2050. And when they said that, no, we cannot do that. Of course, we can be direct. No one's gonna give you 1,000% Or salon Reuter. And he said that now that you're all here, I want you to be a witness that all this that I have received from out of town, I'm going to give it away for free to all the people of Medina. And so he picked up everything, and he gave it away everything that he ever received them out of town. He gave it away for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala at

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the time of the Allah Tala. And one thing that we learned about the life of Radovan is that he did change some of the rules during his own Khilafah. There were some things that he did disagree with, when it came to a worker of the Allah tonight, and that's fine. People can disagree with one another, but on the other hand, was respectful to him. But when Obama became the Khalifa, he did change up some and some important things. He did consult with Alessandro de alotta line about many matters, he was an advisor to amateur photography along the line. And there were many times where he took the opinion of Earth man of the Ultron, there may times where he took their opinion of Earth

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man or their time. And he disagreed with Arthur and Rhodiola Rhodiola on some of the things that we find his contribution or with man's contribution, and the timing of Rhodiola to line number one was the one that the one is the records that were kept, when there was a lot of wealth coming into Medina, especially during the time of Omar Rhodiola time, as we know that there was a lot Islam had expanded tremendously during his time. So there was a lot of wealth that was coming into Medina, and they were giving it to everyone, someone began to say that what if we are not able to keep record? Where is all our wealth going? So Earthman or the or the Ultron was given the responsibility, he was

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given the task to create a registry system, not a Muslim registry system, a money registry system? So he put that together and from there onward, everything was put in records, that who is going how much money is coming into Medina, how much money is Medina spending? And where is all the money going? Something else that Earthman Rhodiola and he had a role in was the setting up of the calendar, the hedge the calendar, as we all know that really a lot that on he asked that which month should we start our hingedly calendar with? Some people suggested Ramadan, some people suggested Robbie and Owen. Some people suggested other months or Thurman Rhodiola and he suggested to Oman,

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Qatar, rhodiola, Tehran that we should start after or we should start in Muharram. Now for those of you who don't know, why did some now there are many reasons mentioned by the Allamanda. Why did he start the Islamic year in Muharram? One reason is because and this is a reason that many people give is that Omar really Allah on he said that people go for Hajj in the month of the hijab. People go for Hajj at the mercy of the hijab. And as we all know that there's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that anyone who performs hij and fulfill the rites of hajj when they come

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Back, they are sinless as if they are born today.

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So Omar wrote on he says that when a person comes back from hudge, he needs to have a fresh, this is a fresh start for him. Therefore, the new year will begin after the month of the hijab, this is the fresh new start for every single person. So therefore, he said that this is this sounds right. And so it came right after that. Hijjah so he declared the month of Muharram to be the first month in the Islamic calendar, something else that we find in the life of Ramadan Rhodiola that iron were with mine played a major role was taking the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam for hygiene. Now, there's one thing I want to mention about this, there are a few things that are very

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specific with the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rules that apply only to them that do not apply to anyone else that do not apply to other women. For example, the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam were not allowed to get married to any other person so we know that none of the Wiser resources from got married to anyone else, something else I'm about to share with you.

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You know in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala talks about where he right he talks about where he won one i candidly Bashar in and you can Lima hola who in Washington owe me What if a job or mean we're on a job. What is the definition of a job? You tell me? What is the definition of a job? Yes, it's a covering okay. It is a covering

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the instruction that is given by Allah subhana wa Taala for the women in the Quran and listen to me very carefully. The instruction for the women given in the Quran is not of a job it is for the PMR and D

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the femur and DE

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JANEIRO been Allah subhanaw taala says he used the word be hamari hinda. Allah Gob him, okay. So the instruction given by Allah subhana wa Taala for the woman is that they have to cover themselves. The femur is usually what is in reference to covering of the hair or covering of the head. And the Janabi that Allah subhanaw mentioned in the Quran is in reference to covering of the body, okay, the hijab that is mentioned in the Quran is only actually for the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, meaning that whenever they would travel, whenever they would travel, they would travel like in a box, they had to travel in a box, whenever anyone wants to come and talk to the wives that

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was was Allahu alayhi wa sallam, they cannot talk face to face as you can talk to other women, you had to talk from behind a hijab. Yeah, you know, there are many people who have gotten into this, use a debate or argument, whatever you want to call it. I've gotten to this debate with many people who say that hijab is not an Islamic thing. It is only a cultural thing. First of all, that's wrong. If they say that hijab is a cultural thing that's wrong, hijab is a religious matter. But on the other hand, there are many people who say that hijab is not proven from the Quran for the general women. Now, is this a factual statement?

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It is actually a factual statement, but it is something which our Alma they refer to as Calima to happen or either behind button Kanuma to happen or either be HIT button, it is a right or is a factual statement, but the intent is falsehood, the intent is falsehood. So whenever it was, whenever the wise of us or some would travel, they had to travel in a box there was special accommodations that was made for them. You remember when I shared with you the story of obika Rhodiola that I'm when there was sort of a disagreement in the saliva of America or the Allah and on and on you know, the Allah that I'm which is highlighted in Sahih Muslim. When Oba Daniela Ana came

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when he came to ISO of the Allah Tala, whenever you were talking to her, whenever he even came to other people, they were talking to the wives of a salsa along while he was sitting on from behind the screen. None of them were able were able to come in front of them and talk to them, they had to talk to them from behind a hijab. This was something that was exclusive for the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So now since there's a lot of accommodation that is required in this, or more rodeo time, he understood that the best person I can I can assign this task to is Osman with the Ultron and he gave his entire responsibility to Earthman and Northman are the local and he

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created all the tents all the boxes and the whys of the province Salem they were in these boxes and they traveled in these boxes all the way for height and he took the responsibility to ensure their safety and coming back now this is a lot of accommodation. This is a lot of work. All this work was given to us man or the Allah Tala and he did fulfill his way

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sponsibility properly. Now, finally, I want to talk about the appointment of Khilafah. We talked about this before, but there are a few things I want to mention. When was mine

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John was stabbed, he said he created a council of six people. And he said that within three days you have to come up with the next Khalifa. So it said that all these all the Sahaba all these six habits, they're sitting there, there was another hobby given the responsibility of sloth so that there is no favoritism. But then the roadmap and overthrow the Autobahn is one of them, he realizes that to try and to try to choose one out of all the six he suggested that if there is three amongst you, who is not willing to become a Khalifa, then I request you to please step out, please step away and you can nominate someone else. So it said that Zubaydah if he says that I nominate GOD, ALLAH

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that I fell behind Robin obey the law, he says that I nominated was Manuel Rhodiola to nine inside of him because he said that I nominate up Robin alpha, the Allah Tala. And so now they said that all three of us are out. And there's only three left, and Robin alpha. And he said right away, as soon as he begins, he began he said that I pull away my own nomination, I don't want to become the Khalifa. I don't feel like I am fit to take up this great responsibility. And then he asked us man, and he has given you a lot. And he says that, do you feel like that you want to give up this nomination? And both are smart? Are they allowed to dine and are yatta yatta? And they said that no,

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because they felt like that they can take up the responsibility of the Khilafah. And there's nothing wrong with that. See, there is one thing there is one thing that is the Hadith Roswaal salaam, that and that he says that anyone who goes out and they seek that leadership, they see their responsibility that you should not give it to them. And once again, this is very content, you have to contextualize this, like when this hadith is usually mentioned many people they object that why did use of otic Islam suggest that he should become the de casa and why do ye suggests a Why do you nominate himself to become the financial minister. And the alumni they say that because Yusuf Ali is

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some he realizes that he is the only one who can fulfill this responsibility properly. He has seen the dream, he knows the interpretation of the dream. Hence he is the only one who can take care of this responsibility properly, and he can give everyone their due rights and no one's rights will be violated. And that situation if there's no one else that the owner might have said that in that scenario you can a person can nominate themselves the way use of it is some he did but in general, a person should not be now here you don't see that i Lee is saying that I want to become the Khalifa nominate me a vote for me. That's not what he's saying. I do have an office saying that. Do any of

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you feel like you want to pull away? And they said no. And that is absolutely fair. There's nothing wrong in doing that. Now of drama now says to both of them, that if both of you agree, I am going to be the deciding person. Do you both agree? And they said yes, we both agree. Now other harmony for the author and he was given he in this situation he fulfilled his responsibility in a in a phenomenal way. The way he was able to delay the way he was able to take up the matter the way see once again what what is the very first thing that I've dropped my mind off dead before he even took the responsibility upon Himself of selecting the next Khalifa. He withdrew his nomination right? If

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he had not withdrew his nomination, and he says that I do you trust me to be on to to select the next Khalifa is very possible that he could do he could select himself as the next Khalifa. But he pulled his nomination he withdrew his name. And then he said that Do you agree with my subject or my final decision and both aliotta ion and North Magnotta? And they said yes we do agree. Now before this. And I mean after this.

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After the phenomenon for the time he asked, he took us man separately. He says What if I don't choose you? What if I don't choose you? Who do you think is the best person to serve as Khalifa he said it goes on as the best person to serve as a Khalifa. Then he took Ali separately and he says that if I do not choose you, then who do you think is the best person to serve as a healer as a philosopher and he said that Osman Rosane is the best person to serve as a Khalifa then Earthman Mohammed our he went to the other Sahaba of the arm of that council and he went to the some of the major Sahaba in Medina at that time to decide who should become the next Khalifa now this was in

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this in this process of certain and as Khalifa took place in Muharram took place early in Mahara what comes before Muharram the hijab a lot of the leaders in Medina had gone for hajj and they had not returned back yet. They

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I returned. So whoever was in Medina at that time, I go home and went to all of them. He talked to them. And finally he went to one of his cousin's house he knocked on the door he said that I want to talk to a zubaid I want to talk to us side Rhodiola and he called them and they said that look, he says that I have not slept in many days. I've not slept slept in a long time, because this is a very big responsibility on my shoulders, and I want to choose the right person. I want it to the right person.

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After taking everyone's effort after consulting with everyone is said that on the it said that in the next morning after something Fajr of drama, I'm gonna offer the Athan, he got everyone together. And he's and he declared the Khilafah of horsemen or the Allah Tala on now, here's where the problem does occur for many other people, not for them for not for the mainstream Islam and Muslims. But for many other people. There are many other people such as the the the Lafayette or some of the people who belong to the shia sect, who say, and they use this to say that first of all, there was favoritism that was played between Abdullah have been out for the Con and northmen Rhodiola.

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Tonight, because they are related to one another, or their families are close to one another. And in the older Ma, and the older Ma, they have, such as ignored, they need they have gone into history, and they have after doing their own research, they realize the family of the drama man over the old time and the family of worth my time are not close to one another. They don't even come from the same tribe. In fact, in fact, the tribe of Andromeda over time is more closer to the tribe of our ego, the ultra non so if not a theme, he said that there is there was no favoritism that was played. In fact, it said that when as soon as I know the other one was told about his final decision. He

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never said anything. He gave his allegiance to Earth malleable now I found with Yoda, and some say that he was forced. Some say that Oliver O'Donnell was forced to give up his nomination because he saw that everyone was inclined towards or smiled when I found out time and that is not true either. Why? Because when I'm gonna have an owl for when too many of the major leaders of Medina at that time, even though majority of them said that Earth man should become the Khalifa. There were many people who said that no Alene should become the Khalifa. So that's why Abdul Hamid Oh, that's why this claim of the of these other people it is absolutely, it is flawed. And not only that, but it

00:32:34 --> 00:33:17

said that when Abdul Rahman said that when Osman Rodon was sitting in his home and the people were coming after him. It said that only God Allah and he sent his own two kids that go and defend the life of automatic law firm or the autobahn. Now, if ally rodeo time was against the Khilafah of Earth man rodeo rodeo later on, if he had a grudge against Earthman nodata on that he will not send his own two kids, he will not put the life of his own two kids on the line to defend northmen Rhodiola. And not only that, but during the entire Khilafah of Earthman. Or the along the line, because he served as a cadet for for 12 years of all the qualified regime. He's served the longest,

00:33:17 --> 00:33:45

his tenure was the longest, it said that the first six years was very smooth, there are many things that are fine, or that I was able to accomplish. And then the fitness began to occur in the last six years of his Khilafah. But throughout the entire tenure of oarsmen, or the Ultra, I'm not once did aliotta. And he objected to Earthman Reuter I'm not once the he expressed his frustration, or his anger, or his

00:33:46 --> 00:34:22

or, or his unacceptance or you know that he was upset about it. He never expressed any of those type of feelings, or those sentiments to anyone else in Medina had he had something in his heart for Earth man, he would have shared it with at least someone but he did not share with anyone. He was someone who was extremely close to Earth man, now the Rhodiola and he was one of the closest advisors to Earth, my brother Yolanda. And so when people say that there was favoritism involved, there was no favoritism involved. There was no there was no such thing called up to the husband of was closer to Earth man. That's why He gave him the responsibility. Or he gave him the Khilafah.

00:34:22 --> 00:35:00

There was nothing of that type. There was nothing that suggests that allele Rodon was forced to give up his nomination. There was nothing that we find of that type. Now we do find this and I will say this, finally, is that many of the sahaba. They did feel that Earthman was more qualified than Ali or the Athan to serve as Khalifa and there's nothing wrong in that. There are some people who are more qualified than others. Everyone has certain skill sets. So when people had to decide between arithmetic and audio all the time, there is no doubt in the fact that in many things offline or the whole time he was more qualified in that particular situation.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

Question and hence he was given the Khilafah. Now inshallah starting next week we'll be talking about the kidnapper of Earthman whether your time the some of the things that he conquered because Islam did expand

00:35:14 --> 00:35:49

into Europe during the time of asanoyama time, he was the very first person to send a group of people to China. It was a very first group of he was a very first hobby to send a group of people or Muslims to Serie Lanka. So inshallah we will be coming to Indonesia so inshallah we will be talking about all that in the in the next one or two weeks inshallah and then we'll get to the part of all the fitness that occurred during his time I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability to act upon what's been sent her to me, Allah Subhan gave us the ability to follow the footsteps of the Sahaba Viola to line home does that Kamala Hey Soheila we humbly Subhana Allah

00:35:49 --> 00:35:55

Allah Muhammad, there's the internal stuff Luca wants to be exactly what Hey, Salaam Alaikum Hello Brocato

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