Unknown Legacies #06 – The Man From Far Away

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The transcript discusses the horrific treatment of a man who died as aippedic and was forgiven by Allah SubENTIY. The treatment is seen as a way to avoid suffering from similar injuries and allow people to follow their own path. The message is emphasized that people should use the Prophet's words in a structured way and not just be a general "has been misguided." The treatment is seen as a way to avoid suffering from similar injuries and allow people to follow their own path.

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This believing man was so sincere to his people. He really cared for them. How do we know? He called his people to Islam, even though they were about to kill him? Yeah for me he called them as his own as his own community. Yeah, call me my people. When he died. He's still thinking about his people. Yeah, later call me and I'm on I wish my people knew. Even Ibis of all the Aloha News says about this man. This was a man who was sincere to his people dead and alive. When he was alive, he was sincere to them he begged them he tried to persuade them and when he died his mom

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, our a very interesting story in which there was an unnamed believer and three messengers all for one specific scenario and situation this is mentioned in Surah trc. Also Panatela tells us basically about the story as it starts off, while the rebel method and was hobbled Korea to injure Hello saloon. Basically, the messengers came to this town in our Santa Elaine with Neva kit that they had two messengers sent to them, and they rejected them. Allah subhanaw taala says viruses now we thought it sent them a third messenger to reinforce them to and to reinforce the message for follow in a in a coma saloon, they said we are messengers to now

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what did the people do? They rejected. They said, You're human beings like us. And eventually they got so angry at these two messengers, they started threatening them, that we're going to hurt you, we're going to kill you. You're bad omens to us, you're bad thing for us. They started threatening them with their lives. What were these three messengers doing? They were calling people to their salvation to their success to their own happiness? They weren't asking for anything personal. They weren't asking for any kind of payment. They were asking or they were calling them to guidance. They were calling them towards Allah subhanaw taala as pleasure what happens in the midst of this

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tension? Allah subhanaw taala tells us about an unnamed individual, the believing man from the story of Surah trc wotja Amin Opsahl, Medina T Raju yessuh. For Leia homie Tiburon, musetti, a man came from where from the FAR part of the city the FAR part of the town the end of the town? Yes, sir. He came rushing very quickly. Y'all call me Tiburon mousseline Oh my people. Notice what? Yeah, for me, my people. He's trying to relate to them. I'm from amongst you. You have called me Tiburon mousseline Oh my dear people. Make sure you follow these messengers it wo Mela, as Eric mentioned on Oahu Mota do follow those who are not asking you for anything at all. They're not asking you for any

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kind of payment, and they are guided by Allah subhanaw taala. There are a few lessons we can take from this believing man already. Why did Allah subhanaw taala tell us that this man is coming from the FAR part of the town and oxen, Medina from far away? Why? This man, the believing man is coming from a part of the town in which most likely he was amongst the poor. And the rich were living in the better parts of the central parts of this town. And today, of course, depending on the country and city that you're in, sometimes the most wealthy of people will live in the center in the highest skyscrapers. And sometimes they live far away in the country with their mansions and palaces and

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their space. This man came from from a poor background. He's taking a risk. He sees tension they're about to this mob is about to attack three messengers of God. So he's saying, follow, follow them. They're guided. He's coming from a far part of the town taking a risk with his own life. I am from amongst you, my dear people, and I'm asking you to follow them not because of anything worldly. They're not asking you and I'm not asking for anything worldly in terms of materials of payment or anything like that. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is being reminded as well, that help might come to you from the least expected places, right? You do your part, you sincerely call

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people towards the truth. And of course be wise and strategic about it. But sometimes you'll be in a situation in which in which you think you're on your own and Allah subhanaw taala will bless you with assistance with help from sources you don't imagine or expect when you are brave enough to call people towards the truth when you're brave enough to speak up in a situation which many people are afraid or shy or quiet help will come to you inshallah Tada from sources that you don't expect. Now, this person was not from amongst the elite. So what happens? He starts giving them persuasive and reasons similar to the believing man from the family of the frown, he starts trying to persuade

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them. And one of the things that he does is he says, How can I not worship the one who formed me the one who molded me, the one who created me, how can I not worship Allah subhanaw taala and the one that we will return to? Why would I not do that? In other words, is asking them a question to make them think intellectually and also spiritually? Well, Maddie, Anna Abu the lady Fatah, Ronnie WETA, he told John we're all going to return back to Allah subhanaw taala. Notice he says about himself. Well, Maddie, he doesn't even say about you guys. He's not trying to be very aggressive or hostile to a mob of people were very angry at that time.

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And then he says, if we didn't do any earlier, am I going to take besides God because they believe in the God they believe in the Creator, but they also worship idols? Am I going to take God's basically idols partners? Besides him, these partners cannot even benefit me they have no shefa they have no benefit to me whatsoever. If Allah decided that something was going to happen, something was decreed they can't do anything for me if I did that, in New Eden, a few more than they will be, I would be far from guidance, I will be so misguided. If I worship idols, he's saying I would be misguided. Notice what his approach is very interesting. He says in the urban to rural become smart.

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I do believe as well and your Lord, for smart. So listen to me. He doesn't say you are misguided. He doesn't say stop worshipping idols. That's dumb, or that's foolish. He says, If I were to do that, that would be very foolish. If I were to do that I would be so misguided. How can I do that? I believe in the same Lord as you. So listen to what I'm saying. You have home your home. Yeah, for my people, my people, my people listen to what I'm saying. And there are a number of other lessons we take from this. First of all, in terms of his wisdom, the man was in a situation in which there was so much tension, a mob of people ready to keel over what they wanted. And what did he do instead of

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being aggressive and reactive to what they were saying and just going all out and attacking them. He said, you know, wisely, if I were to do that I would be misguided. And also I'm not a different person. And I believe in God, right? I don't believe in idols, but I believe in your Lord for smell. And so listen to me, you're going to go back to Allah subhanaw taala you lay he told your own, you're all going to go back to him. Now, of course we take the we take from this the lesson that sometimes in Dawa, you don't attack the opposing ideology. Sometimes in certain scenarios, like this example right here again, it was a matter of a mob and they were ready to kill the messengers.

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Sometimes you have to use a different strategy. The point here is not about what strategy you should use in every situation because it will vary from place to place and time to time platform to platform individual to individual. So use the lessons of the Quran in terms of Dawa, use the etiquette of the Prophet soloists and use what you learn from the sahaba. And use what you learned from your teachers about giving Dawa in a very wise strategic way. Although Elizabeth Arabic Bill Hikmah, call to the way of the Lord with wisdom, call to the way of Your Word with wisdom. Some people don't know how to give Dawa, sadly. And what they'll do is they'll go all out, just attacking

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insulting everyone in anything. And they think, Well, this must apply to everyone. Because everyone's so sensitive, we have to just say as it is, and they think that's equivalent to speaking the truth. They don't realize that you can speak the truth. But the way that you say it matters, the approach matters, your sleep, your style, your approach all of that it matters, and you might be more effective. Ultimately, what matters most is that you are impactful that you are effective, rather than saying to someone something as inappropriate as How can you be so dumb to do that? You might say, You know what, if I were to do that, I would feel very misguided. That's a very different

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approach Subhanallah the intent and the objective is the same. And what happens here, this man believes he calls his people tries to protect these three messengers. And the very next thing that Allah subhanaw taala tells us is clean at halogen. It was set to enter Paris on a later omiana Moon he said I wish my people knew BMO thoroughly your Obi Wan journeymen and Muslimeen how Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave me and made me amongst the honorable meaning the people of Jin, what happened? It was a sudden shift in the story. We went from hearing about him defending the three messengers, calling these people to Islam. And then he died. He's told enter Jannah. And of course,

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we know what happens in between. What's the tip seed here? The sudden shift is because they ended up killing the scholars say was a very brutal mob death. Allah subhanaw taala does not mention that detail. Because the story is also being addressed towards the people foolish. They're being reminded, they're being reminded that they shouldn't worship idols, they shouldn't commit ships, they shouldn't ignore their messenger, and that there's a punishment for people who did that before to their prophets. But Allah Subhana Allah is not giving them ideas of what to do to the Muslims. They're not being given ideas of Oh kill or do this or have that. And right away it goes to clean a

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twin engine right away. So he's, it's as though we're being told this man died as a shahid. And automatically he was told enter Paradise because the shahada, the martyrs, we know this from authentic hadith the martyrs are in the bellies of green birds roaming about Jana until the Day of Judgment, they're already enjoying paradise before the rest of us. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us all shahada for his sake. Furthermore, when we look at the story we reflect, we find that these three messengers are in a very difficult, terrible impending situation, worrying about dying, being killed. Allah Subhana Allah sent help from afar part of the time. And this man came a believer, the

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only believer in that city of three messengers, one Billy

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You've heard and the rest are all rejecting what happens because they killed this one man who was a local to them and maybe they felt that there's no consequence. They ended up getting their anger diverted towards this man channeled towards this man. Rather than those three messengers. They were able to continue with their spreading of the message of Islam and other places, perhaps and Allah knows best maybe they converted 1000s of other people. Because one man because one man diverted his the attention of his people away from these three messengers, when they were about to attack them when they're about to hurt them or kill them, and he ended up dying as a Shaheed This is an honor

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for him. And notice before he was honored with Jana, Neiman and Muslimeen, he was forgiven first. So there is forgiveness, seek forgiveness from Allah so that you are amongst the honorable, seek forgiveness from Allah be purified so that you can enter Jannah in that state of honor. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us, interestingly, and the last point here, this believing man was so sincere to his people, he really cared for them. How do we know he called his people to Islam, even though they're about to kill him? Yeah. For me, he called them as his own as his own community. Yeah, call me my people. When he died. He's still thinking about his people. Yeah, later call me and I'm on I

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wish my people knew. Even Ibis of all the Aloha News says about this man. This was a man who was sincere to his people dead and alive. When he was alive, he was sincere to them, he begged them he tried to persuade them and when he died as well, are we sincere to the people we call to Islam? Do we really feel empathy towards them that we hope that they're guided? Or do some Muslims mistakenly look down on others and don't actually try to call them to stump they quickly and immediately start to attack and insult? Maybe that person could be a better Muslim than you one day? Why not call them to Islam? Why not help them be saved? dead and alive, this man cared about his people. If you want

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to be successful in data, you have to care about other people being guided. May Allah subhanaw taala put empathy and compassion of hearts and allow us to follow the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in his approach. And may Allah Subhana Allah guide us and guide others through us along that

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