The Spiritual Ladder – Respect And Mannerism

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa sallam bad Hoss. latonya sudo vi Hema, Allah Morocco. Two qualities are such that if any person imbibes it, he will become a leader, even if he doesn't have wealth or he doesn't have prominence, but by virtue of this, Allah will grant him honor, respect and dignity. The first is knowledge. And the second is mannerism. One of the great judges of mocha mocha Rama was a person by the name of Oasis masumi he says the secret to him being appointed to this post was as a kid his mom sat him down once and said to him, and they can be Dean Oh my son pursue Islamic knowledge for never any Allahu be kalami ha ha words struck a chord with me

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for in the Lucha de Allah urine ferrovie. Caesar, when you team up and nothing so, by virtue of sacred knowledge, along with perfect the defected and Allah will honor the downtrodden one, and precisely to the words, I acquired knowledge four will lead to Baba, I was blessed with the honorable post of serving as the judge of my karma karma. The second quality is that of respect and mannerism, when Satan are musala his Salam came to me later in this amazing journey, which man Buhari codes as well in kita balerion then say that Musa requested from Haider Hello, hello, Bianca Allah and to eliminate me Mary limb de Rosa, is it possible for me to sit in your company while

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actively so that you can teach me from the knowledge that Allah has inspired you? And by honor Quran under this idea, it is written for Allah, Allah who can be a salib. It is quite apparent from the tone of Moosa for anybody who is familiar with choice of words, presentation, Lee Kellerman, urara, who Moosa Allah Allah we mikami He means

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that Musa alayhis salam, despite his lofty position was humble. his demeanor was simple. This is humility. What do they say? And this is etiquette. This is a dub. Someone said men who were the who are gonna do well who if you educate your child with good values and mannerism, it's the biggest blow you can give to your enemy. And yet someone else said, Man, cardi B Hina, Sabu nahi. Addabbo, if your lineage kept you back, your mannerism will take you forward. And the Arabic poet said couldn't even talk about be a child to any parent. You may be born in any home. What does it add about? But acquire respect and mannerism, your unique mahamudra who and inessa be your manners your

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respect, will introduce you and make you independent of introducing yourself through your family and your seniors. We ask Allah to bless us with sacred knowledge and respect and adapt. I mean, you're allowed me