Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 13 with Sh. Yahya Ibrahim

Omar Suleiman
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Santa Monica and welcome to lie ever cats everyone welcome back to quarter on 3430 We are joined that handler grimy in tonight by the sheriff of human beings and kangaroos Australia happens in Alaska. Hey boy Hey, how's it going? It is a past budget over there and hamdulillah It's good to see you chef How are you? Alhamdulillah he better Kiko modicon said Mr. amatola Baba cattle it's always nice to see your bright face as much Allah May Allah always connect our hearts even if we're not together in shot love his

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light wetek fakie shift is like mafia. So chef here here is Subhan Allah for everyone that if you haven't followed the guide book, God series, then you could miss out and handed out truly a beneficial series. So please do catch up on that and sha Allah to Allah. And inshallah Tata, he'll be doing a lot more with the cane with the law. But you know, I'll just share this personally, that shift here he is truly one of the people that I looked up to most in the download that helped me understand so much about, you know, the best way to teach this message, and I'm still trying. But I've learned so much from from him personally. And he's been a personal friend that handed it off

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for over a decade.

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And someone I rely upon and someone that embodies much of what we talked about with the profit slice. I'm someone that always reaches out. And that cares for his brothers and him that number. I mean, social media here. It is truly a pleasure. May Allah reward you for all that you have done. He's also someone whose advice I saw it on the Ramadan series, so he told me to go for it. So you know, he's someone who's counsel I thought about it and handed law but I mean, because I benefited from the way he's taught see it on the past with with the profit slice, and I'm about the profits license human side, the tearful moments of the profit slice on them. And so exactly my fair share

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here for all that you've done for European and of course, before you have been for me personally in 100 model, but I mean, and I believe you guys have not shied from fellowship. Yeah.

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Yes, I saw the pride as I remember, a long time ago, in Detroit, it's like two, maybe 2000. Even before that, long time ago, some kind of law. I'm telling them you came on, but Michelle, I'll talk to him later and show me present, remember, but

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how what's important really is that it was a meeting that I'm sure was blessed. And it's it's the connections that we have that Subhanallah at times, maybe we forget, but our atha on our footprints and our words that are for the pleasure of Allah that connect the hearts that go past maybe decades, to Pamela the brothers speaking about maybe 20 years, may Allah Subhana Allah make that a light for us on the Day of Judgment, Allahu

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Allah, play Bismillah. So I'll start in sha Allah with just a brief overview of the Jews from a setup perspective, we are now in hamdulillah. But I mean in just 13. And this is a juice that continues building off of sort of abusive, and I know that would sort of use of its power, there's so much to reflect upon, you know, from sort of use, but just for the sake of turning the chapter inshallah and understanding what some of the other themes are that show up in this just through some of the sources that come afterwards, I'll move on to sort of live and sort of Ibrahim. Now, these two sources are both makansutra. So we are not switching back to many sutras they remain in Mecca.

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But these are undoubtedly in the last phase of the Prophet sallallahu radiosondes preaching in Mecca. And so the themes of the sutras as we spoke about last year and if you'll read in your companion guide, the ebook caught on 30 for 30 of course the theme is emphasizing the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada emphasizing the truthfulness of the messenger saw some of them and the tone at this point is a warning that this is sort of your last chance to do right by the Messenger of Allah sallallahu it was sent him as he's in your midst, because if you don't, then that light will leave you and it will go to another place. And Subhanallah you know the the the theme of building off of

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use if it has set up or shadow who be summoned in Buxton, the wrong amount I do that what kind of human has it you know, the fact that they put use of it is set up in a well and they did not value him and then he was purchased sold into slavery for just a few coins. They didn't value him at his Salaam. And they were amongst those that essentially washed their hands from him. They didn't want anything to do with use of it. It's not but then came to realize the value of use of it his thumbs up Hello. Then we go into these last Sutras, which are really, you know, final warnings to the people of Mecca, that you are about to lose the opportunity to have the profit slice and I'm in your

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midst, and to honor the messenger sallallahu wasallam and this is the most praiseworthy of Allah's creation and will be the most praised praise man.

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By Allah's creation right and he's going to go to another group of people that will not look at him with lesser value that will know his worth and that will take him in and that will sacrifice themselves for him and then the entire world will benefit from him solomani some and wish to attach themselves to him it his thought was some so there is a connection of how la truly to this part of use of it his Salaam and the story of use of high esteem and I'm not valuing him until he comes back to them as as a leader, right as the king of Egypt and basically here we're going to see what the prophet SAW licen him that the same people that rent him out would not value him would not

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understand his worth it his thoughts was saddam until fled to Mecca until the conquest of Mecca where he's in the similar conversation with them so then you go to sort of live and sort of brought him and I'll just point to his panel a few a few highlights because I know that we're going to have a rich discussion tonight didn't it? Tyler? Verse 30, of sorta and sort of the lines Eliza just says kidada also Naka fee on matin podhale admin copy her alma one Lita do ra him Allah d o hanaa uniko homea Coronavirus, man well homea Corona, the rock man so that's the part I want to seize on but but who I'll be who I need to, I have to add my top. And so this this verse, thus we have sent you as a

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messenger of Mohammed Salah I sell them to a community that many communities had come to before and have passed away, so that you may recite to them what was revealed to you, and yet they deny our harmonic furuno the rock man say to them, he is my Lord, there is no god but him and him I have placed my trust into him, I shall return. So Pamela, the fact that these people had an issue with the name of webmap they took particular issue with our hammer, the Most Merciful, the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we seek and of course through all of the names of Allah subhanaw taala we seek Allah's mercy his generosity, and we call upon him with those names but our man right can you

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imagine some how to love that they denied a little amount they said we don't recognize a black man. And some of the scholars say this was a specific response to so hated normally

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who would of course object to a white man the name of a white man even in the Treaty of her day via say we don't recognize Oh my mama Rahim. So Allah subhana wa Tada This this is not the only time in the portal and that this has mentioned that he is a white man has Ala Moana who semia is there any likeness to him? Is there any other name like a black man? And is there anyone to be compared to a black man but here particularly, like, you know, if anything, you should you should not be objecting to this name out of all names of how you have a problem with Allah subhana wa Tada, I'll call him out. And you're saying that we don't recognize the Most Merciful search. It shows you truly how

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deviated their hearts were at this point and how lost they were. And how they were approaching the message and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the way they were approaching their Lord, and the particular things about their Lord that they were objecting to, like, you would think that they would love that their Lord is a white man and that they're being introduced to our Imam but instead they object to it. Why? Because that's not a name that was passed down to us by our forefathers, Allah, that's the name that we know, with all the idols around him in, you know, in association, the false associations and idols that we've placed next to him. But I don't know, man,

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we don't even know that name. Because our forefathers never gave us that name. Therefore, we reject that name. So somehow that shows you there, it shows you how misguided they truly were. Then when you get to Surah Ibrahim, which is right after that Subhana Allah in Surah, Ibrahim and of course, I did a whole that hedges series on the prayers of Ibrahim Isla, because every day out of the ballgame is especially once you situate it within its historical context is just full of lesson upon lesson upon lesson, it really doesn't stop. So here in Surah Ibrahim, where Allah subhanaw taala once again reminds about the nature of the message, the totality janessa Minato. Matthew nor that this was sent

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to you so that you may take people out from darkness to light that well not all of sudden I'm in rasuna. And in lovely sign he told me that we never sent a prophet before except that he spoke the language of the people that you spoke the language of the people and you tried to bring the people from darkness to light and that is your message. Here. If you go to verse 35. where Abraham it cinemas praying, what if Carla Ibrahim or Abidjan had done it hadn't done at the Amina where Giovanni weapony. And now with aufnahme when Ibrahim on a slum called out to a loss of hundreds and said Oh my Lord, make this city secure, make it a place of safety and keep me and my children away

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from worshipping the idols. I'll be in the hoonah of London aka theater. Amina Samantha and Eva in the home in me women. I'll salami faneca hold on Rahim. My Lord

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They have caused many people to go astray. So whoever follows my way is from me and whoever follows away a post to mine, then verily you are all forgiving, and an All Merciful. There are so many jumps to pull from this but let's let's start with this allies agenda, reminding them that the ultimate forefather that you ascribe yourself to has nothing to do with you because of the idols by which you are expelling his greatest descendant. Right. So your ultimate forefather is completely denouncing you and saying you are not of him, because of the idols that you are clinging to in the name of your forefathers. So Pamela, this is really powerful if you think about the context of it. On top of

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that, the fact that there are an amount mentioned that Ibrahim or Islam went to Mecca to escape the idols right, I mean, somehow alone when he went to Mecca, it was a barren desert and he had left a people of idol worship. And here you are setting up idols in the place that was a refuge from idol worship. So how how sick it is right and how distant you have become from your actual forefather Ibrahim it his Salah, and Ibrahim or Islam ascribing that anger towards the idols themselves. And then a last point I mentioned about him It seems to be in the schedule in the reality why they invited these other an end debate tickle Muharram, or banner up massage and a few that are nasty to

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him, or his upcoming sobriety and I know him as grown. Our Lord, I have made some of my offspring subtle in this barren Valley near your sacred house, our Lord I did so so that they may establish the prayer. So cause some of the hearts of the people to affectionately inclined towards them and provide them with fruits for their sustenance so that they may give thanks. Some of the scholars mentioned a beautiful thing here in regards to the turn turning point of the heads on

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that whose hearts were turn towards the people now, obviously,

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it's married it has Salaam and how Jelani has said and we know what happened with them and the tribe of Judah home that settled around them, and the hearts being inclined towards them to settle that place. But some of the scholars say that one of the Philae one of the benefits of this is that the hearts of the people of Medina became attached to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam not because he was makin, but because he was abandoning the idols that Ibrahim it has Salaam abandon and called for Mecca to be free from. So the hearts of the people of Medina where, you know, at least the people of Mecca, they did not understand the attachment of the hearts of the people towards the profits, the

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lysosome, who was not from their descendants, the people of Medina could not even sort out, of course at that time yet that they couldn't even sort out their own differences. How could they love this descendent of Ibrahim it says I'm so much that they were now willing to put aside all of their differences and then put their lives on the line. And that was because of that was because of monotheism because they knew who the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was, therefore to sacrifice for him it his thought was, was entirely worth it and they loved him for all of the right reasons, or better in like Italian woman or a woman or you know may have found a line and sheet in front of the office

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and that and handed in line lady were heavily added keyboarding is now ido is happy in Nabila. semirara so rahima as time goes on, to call upon Allah subhanaw taala to say, you know what we conceal and you know your reveal, and All praises be to Allah subhanaw taala who gave me this is hack, Verily, my lord hears all the prayers. And then he mentioned that I'll be Johnny more PMS slot to him into reality robina was a couple euro oh my lord enable me and my offspring to establish prayer. And oh my lord accept this prayer of mine. And then he continues to make their app for the believers for his parents for the believers and until the Day of Judgment shall take place now I'm

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going to end on this point inshallah tada because it's really powerful to see the transition. Ibrahim Eissa makes this year and we know that the driver boy he My son is delayed and that is once again a sign that Allah will fulfill his promise. As Ibrahim it is not made that day, even though it is delayed. Right after that. It seems to be a different theme, but it's not the verse right after the Dr. Ibrahim is not in verse 42. What tax burden Allah How long have you done I'm not gonna lie anyone in the room the Yeoman touch castlefield of Islam do not think that a lot is unaware of the of the volume of the evil doing of the oppressors don't think that Allah is unaware of their

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oppression Verily, Allah delays them to a day that there I shall continue to stare in horror so Subhana Allah it's a soothing to the Prophet sly someone who's being a precedent to the believers that just like Allah delayed the answer to the Dr. Ibrahim it Islam, but it will come to fruition in its full glory and you will witness that as the community of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Likewise for the oppressors don't think that they're getting off with this. A lot is merely delaying them.

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To where they will experience their punishment in its full scope. So Subhanallah it is a message that immediately transitions them to delayed from delayed due to delayed punishment, both of which are significant to the profit slice on them and to the people of Mecca that surely the promise of Allah subhanaw taala will come. And now you know the theme of the sutra was that Allah sent the prophets license to take people from darkness to light. The light is leaving Mecca and lighting up Medina until Allah subhana wa tada his promise comes to me and the light of the prophets Eliza them comes back to Mecca and from Medina the light continues to shine to the world. May Allah subhanho wa

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Taala fill our hearts with the love of towhead with the love of Allah and the love of the messenger sallallahu Sallam and bring the light and life to our hearts through that message Allah Ameen inshallah tada invite first shift Yeah, Abraham, if you have anything you want to share, but in the nighttime, then we'll move on to shift from

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Al Hamdulillah. That was a beautiful rendition and a beautiful discussion about

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the conciseness of the sutras. I think one of the things that's important to kind of note as a transitional point between each of these sodas in this particular juice, it is something that a Lima su t writes about, you know, one of his books, it's called the SRR of the teeth of the whole on the secrets in the organization or the chronology of the whole on and in sort of the rod, you see as it comes after sort of use of sudut use of kind of ends with Allah saying, and I believe 105 What can you mean a at him, you know, fist semi watty Well, adiamor Runa, Allah Wa hamana hamana doing, how many times they will see signs in the heavens in the earth, that they pass by it haphazardly without

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contemplation, and that it doesn't settle with them. And therefore, it's only appropriate that the very next sutra is going to be a soda that speaks about one of the most phenomenal signs that's witnessed by mankind when there are powerful storms which a thunder so it kind of follow through that out rod becomes, you said Behold, rod will be handy even you know the the thunder is an expression of the glorification of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the capacity that is known to Allah. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala will say well hold on let him at Dell all day. He's the one who extends the earth for you agenda fi out Alas, he made upon it mountains what and how, you know, the

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rivers that flow the water that descends the john f, he has a unique name, you know, the fruits that are pairs of all things. This is something that is a you know, a subtlety that I think that is kind of important in the transition, but it also continue through in the transition into sort of you, Ibrahim from Surah talad, where Allah Subhana Allah ends in Salta, right speaking about women in Des who are amoral keytab, that the one Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Who is the one who has knowledge of the book, he's the one who reveals it. So Sora to Brahim then begins with the very same theme keytab hoon Enza now holy like this is a book that I send to you. So there's this level of continuity that

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we find from one chapter into the whole on that requires for us to kind of look a little bit deeper. And part of the discussion I think we will definitely have to have when we speak about this section of the whole and in particular is about the use of holly his Salaam that the message in the theme of the story is one of love, both the love that we want and the love that we that can destroy us and we'll kind of speak about that later I assume. There's also the issues about contemplation and does contemplation lead to shook so it's almost about you need to come to love God through the love of others and forgiveness to others which is use of alia Salaam, and you need to love that God Allah

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subhana wa to Allah will test us and that transitions you will look around you and contemplate the phenomenon that you are and that surrounds you, and then let that come into shock. So you find that there's this heavy theme of thankfulness and sort of Ibrahim you know where even moose Ali Salaam wa ala Moosa, the homie

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in tech foetal for in Allah hi Lavanya you know, if you were to disbelieve in God Allah remains ever worthy of praise ever worthy of being acknowledged. He's the one who does not need and at the end of the chapter, most people do not show thankfulness to the near man waiting to do now I'm at Allah He laughs haha. And this is such a beautiful set of verses and a beautiful section and Jews of the whole on May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Continually connect us and in live in our hearts with its discourse. Allahumma I mean, a lot. My name is

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Joseph maloca there's a beautiful reflection and I'd like to transition to showing that continuity Subhanallah sorry, Rahim is probably my favorite store of the crime.

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Being that all the sources are beautiful, and they all have, you know, their their connection with one another for the general theme of the Koran or themes of the Quran. But Subhanallah there is a portion in sort of Ibrahim, that is a fiery hotspot, if you will. And that's what some of the scholars have Tafseer they translate to be a fiery chutzpah. And that is kind of the reality of shavonne and the reality of those that were weak in following shape on by following others that had authority over them or those that they looked at as Holi and worship to the degree of worshiping others, besides Allah or along with Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is in the verse number 21 and

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22, Allah subhana wa Taala talks about yomo gamma. Now, there's one thing that we should remember as Muslims, you know, that we believe in the, you know, the six pillars of human being that it's, you know, the the pillars that we, you know, may know, and Sharla one of them is the day of judgment that there will be a day that we will stand in front of a loss of kind of what data will be gathered in front of a law. And there are numerous descriptions in the Quran and in the authenticated Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, for example, he lifted up oral hygiene that were there certain body parts that were that will be lit up from mildew will be lit at that time. So the ones

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that make will do those parts will be lit in Charlottetown. So many different events that take place. So the Allah subhanho wa Taala, here is is SubhanAllah. We have to remember that Allah tells us literally about the future. He tells us the dialogue, the monologues, what's certain people will say the conversations that will take place in heaven, you stop and think about that. Like there will be conversations in heaven, there will be people speaking in *, Allah is telling you what they will be saying. And he's asking you, which conversation Do you want to have? Where do you want to be? And that's why this area is so it's so important. Allah subhanho wa Taala says here after a

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shift on a gene, what about those who didn't like me? And for college? What are they learning in a sector in that corner? in that corner, let them tap into moving on. I mean, Adobe, let me say, last month, Allah says, and they shall appear before Allah, on the Day of Resurrection, when the weak will say to those who were arrogant, the weak being the ones that were weak in their manner, the ones that were weak by following those people, such as the ones that follow through their own, for example, those who do I thought, and the ones that were the mystic being the ones that were arrogant, his stick bar comes from Kevin to be big, so to request to being greater than you are,

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which is arrogance for lack of better words.

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They will say to them on this day, because they relied on them in this dunya and SubhanAllah. That's just what happened to him. And he mentioned is that Subhanallah do I fit in this in this particular context, the ones that were the authoritative figures, the sad that the poor bought off, the ones that had authority over people and they, you know, were Thai radical, or they call the people to worship them. They had some type of force, sometimes they would force the people to a certain degree, to where the people would choose to follow them and possibly associate partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala on this day, they will call out to them the call to

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verily we were following you can you avail us anything except the last tournament?

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And then they will say support Allah?

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Carlo hidin Allahu Allah had a knock them so I know. I'm so burned out man. And I mean, he's, then their response will be they will say, had a lot guided us we would have guided you and scholars which in this two forms of guidance here that he died to their shadow tofi the guidance of showing you the way and the guidance of going that extra way low Hi Dan, Allah, Yanni he died to tofik If Allah had guided us and making the right choices, I had a neck come, then we would have shown you the correct way of going but this is a scholar, say, cousin when this is even a lie in and of itself. So I am just saying that I'm supporting that man, and I'm in my haste. And this is

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interesting here. They say after they mentioned, if we were guided, we would have gotten you guys, right. What do they say after that? It doesn't even matter. It basically doesn't even matter. We have reached this point of torment and we had an opportunity, so on and so on is equal. It doesn't matter, does it now I'm stubborn, if we were to lose our patient, or even if we were to be patient in the Hellfire, even if we were to be patient, it doesn't matter. I that get to

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that the punishment will be coming

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To use upon Allah.

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Allah brings these verses for you to ponder over and to stop and ask yourself and what I'm doing in my life on a daily basis consistently, will it get me closer to this conversation? Or will it get me closer to the conversation of

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Allah subhanaw taala continues on, and this is the hook benetti. And this is what this guy has called the hook but have shaped on this first conversation was from the week or the people that worshiped or called on others besides a loss speaking to them on this day hoping for their protection from the either and they, you know, they said we cannot do anything for you. It doesn't matter. It's over. We have to accept this punishment. Now. It's the football shaped on himself. Listen to what shape on says, what color shape on

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in the law, what are the contract they'll have to but I took them left to come. This is the first part he says. And she thought we'll say when the matter has been decided. This is what he says Verily, Allah promised you a promise of truth and I to promise you, but I betrayed you. Why did it help? So the promise of truth, in other words is the shittier the promise of truth is what Allah subhanho wa Taala has brought from Adam all the way to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Muhammad, the promise of truth is from the ads App of the Sharia. The promise of truth is anything that we know as particularly halal and haram, what has been brought by Allah how the word will help

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that some scholars say the word they'll help some scholars say as well is that day that there will be a day such as the day that is going on now the Day of Gathering yomo piano. Well, I took them left to come and I promised you but I lied to you. And then listen what he says here after that. When Matt Kennedy I nikuman, Soltani Illa and the outcome faster jablotron Lee, financial Mooney wallow and pusaka

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Subhanallah shaytaan says here, I had no authority over you except that I called you and you responded to me. So blame me not blame yourselves shaped on only calls you and tries to entice you to do something wakasa mahoma in the local man, I mean, and now see him, this is what she thought at least the to add them on a salami call them and he said really, I'm an advisor, I'm not going to force you. You know, I'm going to me like I'm a NASA Hey. So she thought we have to look at where is that column shaped on in our lives from individuals. And sometimes that was swept in shoveling with sweat and harness the whispers that are in the * of human beings, it's left to stop and

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evaluate it to the best of our ability, with the reality that we will fall short. But how conscious are we of that reality? So she thought of saying, look, I just called you, man, I'm just trying to provoke you to do something. And you answer, don't blame me blame yourself. This also shows that there is a level of responsibility for the human being first, there is reward or punishment. Shaytan continues on and he says

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Matt and I met it'd be mostly taken with Matt and Matt and me mostly clicking with Matt and Toby mercy Leah. And Nika thought to be a short term won't even cover in the volume in 1111 any and that's just what he says here. I cannot help you nor can you help me. Man, it'd be most really cool man to be mostly here. And this is interesting the word most lately

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because mostly comes from Sarah and Sarah. Sarah Hart literally is to screen. In the Hadith of the Prophet SAW son, when he talks about when the baby is born, he talks about the surah screaming, he said, I am not going I am not the one that you can resort to basically, that the screaming that you are that you will be having in this day of judgment. And there's plenty to talk about that there was a sounds of people screaming in the Hellfire, that screaming will resort to nothing, I cannot help you, nor can you help me. And then he says here in nikka phonte I deny your former act and associating as a me as associating me as a partner with Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is

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mentioned in other chapters of the Quran, where in the chapter of hustle for instance, for the mecca for recording in me buddy mink in a half aloha Bella anime when the individual displease Satan will say to him, verily, I am free from you, buddy on mink, verily, a harmful La Bella anime I fear, my Lord, rugby la Allah horrible alameen Allah, the Lord of the island mean. So look at this kind of law that shaytaan is freeing himself from any responsibility on that day because he knows the truth. And then he says, in the law, the meaning of my loved one and individually there is a painful torment for the volume room. And we have to remember the word volume is the opposite of Adam. And

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one is for question. One is taking something that belongs in one place and putting it in a place that it doesn't belong to be and the worst type of womb is as Luqman told his son in the shortcut lagoon of

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That should polytheistic practices and polytheism in the heart the belief that Allah is like his creation is the worst form of placing something in its improper place and that is born. So this is the hook of shade on but remembering In conclusion, we should be adamant of always looking at the satanic elements that may be around us that can affect us because we don't want to be the ones that will be gathered. Hearing this clip from shaytaan knowing that there's no return and then the one that we relied on is turning away from us. They allow us to kind of look down and make us of those that trust in Him ultimately, to where we will be with the ones piece will really matter coffee rain

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we will be facing each other go to for her Danya will be facing each other and Jen on velvet couches where the fruits will be should just be coming down auto for her Danya the fruits will come down and you just pick them as you wish me last month Allah bless us all so long as I can like any chef or coffee my last pants I never allows to hear that horrible shape on and my last prototype allow us to be of those people that you mentioned when the night

00:31:07 --> 00:31:08

shift you're here to follow

00:31:11 --> 00:31:28

Subhana Allah it's just a beautiful gathering and discussion of enjoyed thoroughly everything Mashallah that Dr. Abdullah has shared and yourself Dr. Oman and if I just can go back to how I kind of formulated my thoughts.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:38

So Pamela we're in this section and reading in our total we prayers and it becomes important kind of to go a little bit deeper and I thought I'd just give

00:31:39 --> 00:32:19

a little bit of depth to the ending of the story of use of Allah His Salaam see the story of use of ease if you were to sum up the chapter it's about love it's about the good love and the bad love and Subhanallah all of us one of the things that is consistent in our life is seeking love and that's why Allah subhana wa tada you know have the Do I have you have that would Ali Salaam that would be made by our prophets I send them was Allah in the SI Luca hoback. Oh Allah I asked you for your love them Are you a book and the love of those who love you? Because there are those who love other than Allah, you don't want to have that greater association with them than those who have a greater

00:32:19 --> 00:32:58

association with Allah, which Allah Of course condemns in Sorrell. tillbaka are you Hey, buena, hunka Bella, there are those who are so infatuated with a false sense of love, that they love the things these people these individuals, these materials in a way that only Allah should love. It should be loved, when Latina am and shadowhawk vanilla, but those who believe are those who are more severe in love. So this story of love is the story of the prophets, I sell them. But it's the stories of the prophets before him and centralized in the story of use of which is accidental causes the greatest narrative. So ensue that use of you see so many illusions of relationships that are

00:32:58 --> 00:33:45

positive and negative. There's a love of a father for his son. But there's a mistaken love for young sons to their father that makes them have a hatred for their brother. See, if you kind of look at the previous Jews that leads us into this. There is this treachery and betrayal of use of based on love. His brothers love their father, they want his attention, but they betray their brother, the wife of Al Aziz, she has a love and a seeking to fulfill her desire that leads her to treachery. There's the love of desire that the women conspire against us of that leads to tragedy. And what must undo love and negative love is as a positive love. So Allah then gives us the righteous love

00:33:45 --> 00:34:30

the moral love, in comparison to that which is immoral. And therefore the next set of verses that you will see throughout this Jews are the things that are meant to endure endears us and bring us closer to the true love that we seek with Allah subhana wa tada with society that we live in with those who love us and those who do not love us. There are always levels of capacity that we seek and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to add up to make us from those who are enduring in love and loving of others and compassionate towards others in a way that is pleasing to Him. The most high patients of course, in love are one and one in the same. Having that level of patience and endurance, if you

00:34:30 --> 00:34:59

can, you know, kind of reflect with me in your own most huff at a later time and Charlize you sit with yourself and you read this chapter, as we move out of sort of use of you enter into sort of a rod, which is thunder and sort of the rod has this 10 recommendations that Allah Subhana Allah makes for us, and this is from verse number 19 to verse number 23. And when you kind of look through these verses, I want your heart

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

kind of open to them and I want to, I want it to be something that is activated that you and I can make concrete choices about how we can draw closer to Allah because Allah gives you this map, which is the book of Allah, this guidebook to Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah says FMA and mo and NEMA on Zilla la cam and Rob Bickle help come in who are ama? A lot ask a rhetorical question Can the one who knows that which your Lords revel that this is your Lord's revelation to ye Mohammed's I said them? Can they be compared? Can Can they be made equal to the one who is blind to that truth and reality to the one who is unwilling to contemplate that contemplate that reality? In ma et avec

00:35:43 --> 00:36:32

Kuru, those who are mindful those who are contemplating all Al Bab will be the people who have reason Now the word loop in the Arabic language refers to the heart, there's probably their sub or there's, and there's no this and babbit It's a cognitive function in a higher order, it goes beyond the normal faculties of life. And this sort of one of the secrets within it is a law speaks to the conscious world that's around us. So the mountains have a consciousness your shadow is something that is making sujood to Allah tala and Walker ha, as we will, as we will, we will mention, but Allah gives us these 10 things and he says, These are 10 things that are done by those who have

00:36:32 --> 00:37:18

reason and those who have an understanding that is a higher level than just simply their cognition, and their mental states and minds and levina you funebre Atilla These are people who honor Allah covenant, La Ilaha Illa. Allah the statement of Arrowhead is the one with the hot, strongest handhold that you and I must always hold on to, and whether you are a sinner or a righteous person in whatever state you're transitioning through in life. Don't ever ever, ever let go of that covenant that you've made to Allah, that our worship none but you I will never have devotion. Never have a sense of love that goes beyond what should be the love that I have for you. Oh Allah, even

00:37:18 --> 00:38:00

when it's darkest moments in my life, that the light always remains the pilot light in my heart of tawheed of the kenema never dwindles when a young Kaduna, nice meet up and never make that break that pledge. And that reflects then in their treatment of others when Latina Elsie Luna man, Mr. Allah will be here. They are those who maintain whatever ties Allah has ordered the ties with your family that ties with your community that ties with your country that ties with the believers the ties with those who pay your salary, the people who you'll have obligations to that you you are a person of substance of ethics and morality. You'll see Luna Ahmad Allah who will be here and you'll

00:38:00 --> 00:38:10

find out why show no button and they have a devotion. They have an all in front of their standing of their Lord way a heartfulness shoe

00:38:11 --> 00:38:55

because they are strict in their fearfulness of the day that they will be judged. They are considering that there will be a moment where they will be accounted for when levina sabado ippity law our watch here on him. There are those who endure with patients, whatever life throws at them, whatever other emerges to them, that their prosperity leads them to their sujood and their adversity leads them to their sujood that whether they are elevated and celebrated or whether they are made to be humbled by the command of Allah and maybe downtrodden in the estimation of others, that they always are ascending in their humility to Allah subhanho wa Taala there is a level of subdue and

00:38:55 --> 00:39:38

patience and deliberation that they have in their consideration with Allah Eva de la wedge here a beam because they seek the face of their Lord the face of Allah that we will be able to gaze upon and jetnet infidels that the prophets I seldom promises us. You know it is seeking the pleasure of Allah but that greatest pleasure you and I will have in getting that is another Isla wedgie or be him to be able to gaze upon the Countess the face of our Lord subhana wa tada what are called musala. So for that reason, it motivates them to stand in their prayers and May Allah allow us to stand in the night after fulfilling the five obligations. May Allah give us a standing in the nights

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

that goes beyond the month of Ramadan. May Allah allow us to make that you know, ahead of ourselves that we enduring in those late hours when the night in your streets is at rest but your home is enlivened with your remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, what I'm fearful minmetals of now home, not only do they look inward

00:40:00 --> 00:40:26

They don't just stand in front of their Lord and head The * with everybody else. Everybody else needs to look after their own family, their own selves, know what and supple minmetals off now whom they spend from that which they have been provided initially by me. And that spending initially is a financial determination, but that in fact that a person does. It's with their soul, it's with their energy, it's with their time, it's with their knowledge, it's with their,

00:40:28 --> 00:41:08

you know, advice that they gave, it's with the patients in the one who has rebelled against the truth, that they mentor along the way. Simran were alania they do that in serum in secret in private counsel. And notice how Allah speaks about the infousa It begins with a secret inward attempt in your heart. You know, the prophet speaks about the seven categories of people who will be given protection and shade on the day of judgment when none other will be shaded. And other them is a person who gives in their charity with their height right hand with such secrecy that their left hand doesn't know. Now, of course, that isn't, you know, a denouncement of those who get public. You

00:41:08 --> 00:41:47

You shouldn't be giving publicly as well as giving secretly but your left hand doesn't know meaning you're not holding your wallet and counting through the water bills you're gonna you're gonna give charity to it's a reflex where you saw somebody need you put your hand in your pocket and you gave and you don't even know how much silver and why lania and there is a wisdom of giving it openly giving it outwardly letting people know that you've given because for every one who follows your example inspired by your example, you gain the reward of what they provided in that which they followed you in the good conduct way under our own Nabeel Hasina Subhan. Allah and they respond way

00:41:47 --> 00:42:30

Adela una bill has sanity say there are those who respond to evil with good that they push back. They don't learn from the aggression of others. They don't learn from the obscenity of others they don't follow at tit for tat approach. They're not those who have this mentality which leads to extreme zoom if you said well I'm going to give it back to you You gave one I'm going to give you two in return this was never in the guidance of our Navy is something Allah How do you ascend limbs over all call to the truth. He was one who always taught us whether or not bill has entity set Yeah, they pushed back with a measure of good that was lesser that was greater than the evil that they

00:42:30 --> 00:43:15

have experienced, always lesser than whatever hostility was shown. This doesn't make us weak and doesn't make us mean can doesn't make us walk the earth that we are pushed around downtrodden people run in all over us. But what it does do is that it centers us that we make decisions that are not built upon reactions, but built upon a strategic objective of what is pleasing to Allah and will attain a goal that I seek to attain in this worldly life. Allah ik it is for these people. Level maraca down, they are the ones who will have the ultimate abode and success in general. It's a powerful statement. One of the areas that I think cannot be overlooked in sort of arrived as well is

00:43:15 --> 00:43:58

the area where we make sujood which is a number 15 where I will in Lehi, as you do Memphis Mr. T will order to Allah bow down in submission all those in the heavens in the earth and I say brother Yeah, there's a lot of people walking there, they're not bowing down to Allah. So Allah makes it clear to everyone. Whether they do it willingly or unwillingly. There are moments of Hannah law, my dear brother, that you will be willingly turning yourself to Allah subjugating yourself to Allah surrendering to Allah understanding he is the master and you are the one who is the slave. He is the provider and you are the beneficiary. He is the one who is the judge and you are the one who is

00:43:58 --> 00:44:44

about to be judged that you stand in front of the King of Kings as a pauper with your hands outstretched, there will be moments in your life and circumstances where that reality is true. And that can be by your choice, or it will come whether without your choice due to the cadaver that will definitely make all of us at one point or another everyone who walks the earth, cattle ha know that they are submitted to the will of the Almighty Subhana Allah to Allah, lovely lad to look at this beautiful statement. And as well with them are their shadows in the mornings and the evenings. See the shadow that trails me in the morning. And as it's getting time to sunset. That shadow is a

00:44:44 --> 00:44:59

reflection that is coming from my physical existence. And Allah Subhana Allah wants you to know that whether you do it physically or not know that everything that surrounds you that radiates the life that you've been given. It's good

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

It's bad, it's ugly, it's happy, it's sorrow, everything in it, know that it is in the command of Allah and that even your shadow has a place in its worship with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah on a non conscious level.

00:45:14 --> 00:45:58

A beautiful tract about this is le mammal Badawi. And, you know, at some of the great imams when they were speaking about this idea, they say, you know, the mountains have a consciousness, the skies have, they have a, they have a level of awareness, but the shadow is a reflection of you What is its consciousness and they said that because it reflects all the other conscious, conscious things that surround us, you and I as Muslims, we believe that the place that you make sujood on the earth knows you. You believe that the mountain of ohad loves you. You believe that we are loved by it and we love it in return. You believe as Allah says in Surah, a Doohan that the heavens weep when

00:45:58 --> 00:46:44

there are righteous and they restrict their tears for the immoral. Allah says that at the time of the destruction of Pharaoh, his soldiers and his ministers fomat Becca tally hemos sama, the heavens shed not a tear Subhan Allah, everything around you radiate, where you said, Behold Radu be handy, and therefore the beginning of the surah is powerful that the thunder that it is an expression of the glorification of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. I wanted to end by speaking a little bit about sort of the Brahim and sort of the Brahim as our beloved chef, Dr. Abdullah, you know, he spoke about that momentous statement. And that chutzpah that is given that Allah foretells and foreshadows

00:46:44 --> 00:47:30

the warning, through a warning of it of what will be said to the people limb up with the AMA, when the affair has been settled. But I wanted to just highlight that in sort of Ibrahim, there is you know, for moments where a law speaks about the importance of understanding truth, and the weakness of falsehood, and Allah Subhana Allah shows that the portal on by an elbow and who will help the Quran is the truth. While we're hula hula, it is the revelation of Allah subhana wa tada and that it is meant to establish the truth and this is the beginning of sola to Brahim from verse one to verse 13 keytab on Enza now illegally tokkuri gymnasts I mean a voodoo magic Eleanor, this book was given

00:47:30 --> 00:48:13

to you, Mohammed commanded for you to, to assist to be the conduit of good that through it, you will lead people from the darkness into the light. The second important statement that relates to the truth that there is a blank that the mushrikeen will always gravitate to and that you must resist it. As much as the Quran is the truth. It has an opposition and it has a people of opposition. And there are the people of the Quran and there are the people of the shavon and you need to make a clear choice which camp you want to be and there's no gray area that you know I'm going to be half here half there fullier are your healthcare pero la Abu there's no compromise in this, that you must

00:48:13 --> 00:48:31

know who your who your Lord is. You must make Allah you know Rob buenas, He is the Lord the Creator, you acknowledge him as most people are, walk the earth acknowledge him, but you must also make many kidnaps the king of mankind in your life, who is the law giver whose laws you seek to honor and to

00:48:32 --> 00:48:53

fulfill in your duty to him. And then this will lead you to allowing yourself to be the one who has taken a lot as ILA. He knows the one that is the only one worshipped by you as a recognition of your humanity and your need of surrender and submission to him. And Allah gives double a daughter of Allah who Allah gives examples

00:48:54 --> 00:49:38

about those who fall off the path and go towards a disbelief in you know, they say we have a doubt about God. Pilate also loom aphylla he Shaquan fell to the summer it will all How could you doubt the magnificence of your Creator when you look and gaze upon the creation of the heavens of the earth. That's the second section of soroka Brahim, from verse 14 to verse number 17. This The next section where Allah speaks about truth and its revelation, he's about the people of truth, and the people of falsehood, and that this extends in this life and into the next life. And we were shown an example of that by Dr. Abdullah there is the camp of the people who will be stood before Allah and

00:49:38 --> 00:49:43

they will be gathered and they will be led away and there will be gathered the camp who enter Jenna

00:49:44 --> 00:49:59

you know, and it will be said enter into Jen that remain in it forever. May Allah make you and I have a little help. And this is from being of Evelyn Belton. And then finally there are those who choose the path of the prophets and the path of Ibrahim anybody

00:50:00 --> 00:50:44

hemophilia Salam is the one who was given that great status with our BSI sell them to be the example of tawheed of what it means to be a true believer in God even when you are isolated and alone. And we live in a in a time of distinct distinction and in strange moment where you know as Muslims were distinct with our practices distinct with our behaviors, distinct with our relationship with Allah, we pray that Allah subhana wa tada continues to bless us in that regard Allah whom I mean, met Allah all of us all without portal and Alavi and assist us all in that which is good and enliven our hearts to the truth and lead us to its light and protect us from the darkness is that surround does

00:50:44 --> 00:51:22

that qumola fan of Dr. O'Meara and Dr. Abdullah for inviting me for these few minutes with you may Allah allow you to continue to do so much more good for your communities and abroad? Exactly. Look here for the beautiful reflection show here here. We have to wrap up now insha Allah Allah but we pray that Allah subhanaw taala last benefit, please do benefit from Sophia has guidebook to God series, download the ebooks, the ebook encore and 30 for 30 as well as the David in the 90 Tada and please do consider supporting gifting Institute this animal bond inshallah by donating at the link below, Zach killifish if you're here for joining us, in the early hours of Australia. Does that

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sound familiar to chef chef Abdullah? Chef Dr. Abdullah, my beloved brother chef Dr.

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loove in shall be

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the doctor the spirit is.

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Everyone wants to want to cut the alarm about a cat said Imani.

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Imagine a parent. Imagine their teenage child comes over and ask them a thoughtful question about Islam. Like does Islam really punish thieves by cutting off their arms? It just seems so barbaric to me. Imagine that parent feeling stuck knowing that there is an answer but unsure how to articulate it in simple words. Imagine that parent has a resource. It's an animated video that breaks down the concept in a way that's easy to understand. Imagine how that team now has access to answers and how the parent can build an intellectual relationship with the child. Know that you no longer need to imagine through the animated videos you clean has made it possible for difficult questions to be

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answered creatively by breaking down large concepts into simple bite sized information.

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