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The speakers discuss the importance of the verse "has been made" in Islam for setting boundaries and achieving a long-serving life mission. They stress the need for productivity and continuous action to achieve these goals. The importance of death as a reminder of the need to act with caution and show signs and events in one's life. Consistent action is crucial for achieving goals, and the importance of regular forgiveness and monitoring global issues is emphasized. The need for regular forgiveness is also emphasized, particularly in light of global protests and rising Islam.

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in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad you want to start you don't want to stop fetal. When are we learning Manchurian fusina Women say Dr. Molina Mejia de la who fala medulla wanna yield little fella heard Jana? Why should you want La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu la sharika Why should you know Mohammed Abdul hurrah sudo yeah you're Latina otaku Allahu Akbar to party Walter Mutanda Illa one to Muslim on your Alladhina amanu top la while Tumblr on Epsom condom utterly avoid what top law in Allah hobby rhombi Mata Milan. All praise is due to Allah the Exalted the One who created death and life in order to test you to see who is best in their conduct, and He is the Almighty the ever forgiving. We ask

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Allah subhana wa Taala for his help his guidance and his forgiveness. And we seek refuge in Allah from the evils of our sins and the evils within ourselves. Whomsoever Allah guides because they truly seek guidance, none can miss guide and whomever he rightfully causes to be led astray, because they do not truly seek guidance, none can guide and we see and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from amongst those who testify, who testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace be upon him, is His servant and final messenger. Allah reminds us in the Noble Quran, what is translated as all you who believe and be

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conscious of Allah as he deserves, and die not except in a state of worship in a state of submission to Him, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst those who live a righteous life and die in a righteous state and are resurrected in a righteous gathering, Aloma Amin. Today's brief chutzpah is a reflection on the opening verse, or amongst the opening verses of a surah, which we should be reciting every night. And this verse if we were to think about it and extract lessons from Tafseer, from the actual interpretation, as well as to the contemplation we would find as believers and as human beings, that this one verse would suffice for so many matters. This one verse can help

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psychologically can help philosophically can help theologically can help grant clarity and purpose to those who feel like they're lost to those who feel like like they're lacking. This one verse which we should be reminded of every night.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Allah the hollow upon mount, while higher utterly work Whom are you neocon, sir? No, I'm Anna Wallasey, who, the One who created death and life in order to test you to see who is best in their conduct best in their deeds. And He is the Almighty the ever forgiving,

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as many reflections as possible in the short time that we have, number one, first and foremost, life and death are in the hands of God. Life and death, as we understand them, are truly in the hands of Allah subhanho wa taala. Meaning that if someone were to be protected from harm, and it looked like they were going to die, or they were given a diagnosis of a few days or a few months, and Allah decreed for them a much longer life, nobody can guarantee their death. And if the world were to gather to kill someone, and Allah was protecting that individual from any kind of harm, then that person would be protected and their life would last their life would endure. And if everyone were to

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try to protect an individual, and it is time for them to leave this world, then no one can deny the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala and none can delay it. And Allah subhanaw taala says whether you get along well enough send either a gianduia wala who hobby Don't be my time.

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Once the decree is here for you to leave this world is quick check in place this quick temporary stop, we will leave at that time.

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Number two, Allah subhanho wa Taala says right after this verse, Allah, Allah subhana wa Tim cleaver are the one who created the seven heavens, the seven heavens meaning in this universe as far as we understand them, one above the other. I want you to reflect for a moment about what we know as human beings about space and about the earth and all of the sciences and physics and cosmology.

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Everything was created the seven heavens and the earth and all there is in between

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for one purpose, Leah blue Acoma you can say no, I'm gonna think about that this entire universe was created, so that we may be tested. This is a fine tuned designed universe for this objective. Therefore, the One who created this world and created you has laid out for you your life mission very clearly your purpose is very clear. We should not as believers know about this verse and know about this revelation and study and read the Quran and attend lectures and then wonder what is my purpose in life, the purpose is very clear. And this kind of purpose fulfills one of the most essential psychological needs for the human being a higher purpose a mission, we ask Allah subhanaw

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taala to make us amongst those who follow this purpose until the day that we return to Him alone that Amin

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keep in mind as well that the one who follows the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by reciting Surah Al molk, every night will always be reminded of their purpose because of this idea. So it is authentically reported that the one who recite Surah Al Mohler regularly, it's only 30, verses two and a half pages, the one who recites it every night a will come to them in the grave when you're alone, as a companion to defend you, to protect you to shield you. And on the Day of Judgment, according to another Hadith, it will intercede for you a form of shefa until a person is forgiven or entered into Jannah. And if we know this now, and we did not know this before, then let

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us renew our intentions. And our motivations are starting tonight and every night in sha Allah, that we recite with understanding Surah Mulk. And we teach our children the importance of the surah area by area, and we act upon it may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to benefit from the reminder. Number three, life and death, your life and your death are not without purpose. Your life and your death were given to you within a lot of time. So you were given this test and your test began, let's say when you entered into this world, and the accountability when you reach a certain age of accountability, but the time for your exam, the time for your test, it ends when your life ends,

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when your body dies, and your soul moves on, you have a limited time to do as much as you can for the eternal life.

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And therefore the one who knows of this realizes that it is wise not to waste time, realizes that if I have a limited time in my test, and the end of this test is unknown to me and unknown to us, then it is only rational and reasonable and wise not to waste time. May Allah subhanaw taala put bulk in our time and allow us to reassess what we do with our time especially during this pandemic. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be as productive as possible. Number four, everything around us was created for a purpose. Therefore, everything around us is an idea. Everything around you is a sign of God. The one who realizes that this universe has a purpose and it was made for our test does not

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look at the signs all around and ignore. Can you imagine someone driving on the highway and they've never studied anything at all about the traffic signs and signals and a sign comes up and says slow down as another sign says there's a curve ahead another sign it says this or that is coming ahead and they have no idea or they are ignoring it. The one who realizes the purpose of this life sees everything as a sign.

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Every cloud that passes by everyday you wake up every person you meet everything that you do, every beating of the heart, every breath you take, there's a sign in that for those who reflect signs across the universe for those who want to be reminded and signs within ourselves the sign of a ruler, the soul the sign of consciousness, which as far as materialists go, we cannot see and identify in anything else in this world. Metacognition aware that we are aware, the miracle of language, the idea of conceptual thought all of these are signs. And people are studying and trying to understand what these things are from a scientific and philosophical perspective. And yet there

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are limitations to what we know.

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Way as Aluna Can you rule they asked you about the Seoul Korea rule from an emery Robbie, you wanna ot tominaga enemy Illa kalila This is from the matters of our Lord. And we have not been given of knowledge except very little meaning except what Allah has permitted us to have and it's a very small amount.

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And for those who deny in society, the signs that are very clear the Signs of God, Allah Subhana Allah gives a promise a guarantee. So Nuri him i attina. Phil, firstly, if he unforeseen yatta yatta Allah who will help, we will show them our countless signs in the world around you in the universe and the stars and the galaxies on Earth. every grain of sand every leaf, we will show you all the signs

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And the signs within yourself mean you know this is the truth until you admit and recognize that it is the truth. Number five,

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we know that we are here for this test li Abdullah Kuma ucommerce Andromeda. And with this, we remember and we reflect no two tests are alike. Don't look at the person next to you don't look at that person that you know don't look at someone on social media and wonder why their test is different than yours. Why are their tests may look to be or seem to be easier.

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And oftentimes, these are illusions and these are perceptions. Everyone has their unique test and you will only be questioned about your test. Meaning what you did with your circumstances. We cannot control many things in our lives. And we can control our freewill, our decision to respond and how you respond.

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And Allah subhanaw reminds us in the Quran, a very short, powerful, concise reminder, could Luna have seen the cartoon mode, every soul will experience death or departure from this world. When a blue Combi shudder you will have a fitna what Elena toward your own, you will all be tested with ease and with difficulty as a trial for you. And then everyone will go back to Allah, everyone will return to Allah. The point here is that in life, we will go through times of ease times of difficulty, even within our personal lives. And whatever you have today, it's not guaranteed tomorrow, whatever you have today, you are not entitled to it. And I know this sounds harsh, but

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psychologically if our expectation is that we are entitled to so many things in this world, then when change comes it becomes difficult. When a pandemic happens, it becomes more difficult. We are not entitled to the world or lifestyle. We had pre COVID And we are not entitled to what we have today. Things can change in a moment. What we know for sure, is that we will be judged and held accountable for how we responded What did you do when the test came to you? May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to pass all of our tests Aloma Amin, another reminder from this area, Allah subhanaw taala says, so no, I'm Allah, not actor or Amana. And the lesson here the Ebro is for us to reflect more

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on the quality, the quality of our deeds and the consistency of our actions. When you say I'm a Muslim, I worship God. There comes with that claim, a level of commitment, of truth of sincerity, that I am a consistent Muslim, will we sometimes fall short? Yes. And are there ways to rectify the situation? Yes. But as a Muslim, your objective should always be a quality act of worship. And Allah subhanaw taala prefers the quality over the quantity? How do we know this aside from us and Ramona, on the Day of Judgment, our deeds will not be counted, they will be weighed. So you might have one deed that is heavier than 1000 deeds. And this all goes back to the quality. And the question is,

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how do we improve the quality of our deeds, it goes back to your last your sincerity, that you did this for the sake of Allah, it goes back to sign that I did this knowing Allah was always watching. So I did this in the best manner possible. It goes back to consistency, that I'm always trying to do this. And it goes back to accuracy that I did this as correctly as possible. And this brings us to the seventh point, don't abandon consistency in your life. The most beloved worship to Allah is that which is consistent even if it seems very little for you to pray to rock as of pm every night before you sleep is better than trying once every three months to wake up for tahajjud try both of course

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and try to improve, but the consistent act of worship is preferred. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Abdullah bin I'm gonna be the Arsenal the Allahu Anhu Ma, he told him Yeah, Abdullah Don't be like so and so. Don't be like so and so he used to pray the Knights prayer kinda humulene, Fatah, cochlea, Malay, and then he abandoned it. Don't be like that. Start a consistent act of worship that's realistic, even if it's small, even if it's one day, even if it's two hours of extra prayer before you sleep, rather than not doing anything at all. Number eight, Allah decides what is good and what is evil son, Ramona, there has to be a criteria. So when society says

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something is good or something is evil, even if it is trending in society, it may still be from our perspective, something that is evil, it may be something that Allah subhanaw taala considers to be evil or immoral. So our criteria for knowing what is right and distinguishing it from what is wrong, is to go back to what Allah subhanaw taala revealed to go back to the revelation number nine, Lata Ramana Maharshi do not belittle any good deed. A prostitute was forgiven for giving water to a thirsty dog, a man who was forgiven for removing a branch something harmful from the road. You may be forgiven because you gave parts of a date in charity or because you smiled at your brother. We

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who focus on the quality of our deeds Aloma Amin and number 10. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned death as well as life and moat and Al higher

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Because death is the most powerful reminder, in this temporary world to reconnect you to your purpose, it is the most powerful reminder that softens a hardened heart. And if you run from the thought of death, as we find in many psychological studies, many people do not like to think about death. The only thing that's guaranteed regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, language, the thing that is guaranteed is the thing you should not run away from thinking about. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Okay, you swim and done and if so, while I'm in Lima about the note, the wise person is the one who holds themselves accountable and prepares for what comes

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after death. It is wisdom, it is true wisdom to reflect more on death only non motor Lolita fatal wound I mean, who are in a homeowner Athlete of the death you run away from, and your thoughts and practice it is going to find you. So isn't it's better for us to actually think about it and prepare for it, because it is going to happen nevertheless, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us righteous lives and a righteous death along the mean. And the last point here why he was death mentioned before life. Allah says Allah, Allah Allah moto Well,

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there are three main reasons the first, it is as though Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that this first reminder is the more powerful one. So if you need a cure for the hardening of your heart, if you're feeling lost, if you feeling like you've committed many sins, turn back to the reminder of your death, your departure not death as a concept, but you're guaranteed departure number two, some scholar said it is like the dunya and akhira death and life in this world there is death, there is a departure in the next life. It is eternal, there is no death and it is actually symbolically slaughtered according to one of the Hadith. Number three is that death is the state you were in

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before Allah created you.

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Okay, if I took photo Nabila, who are Quinton I'm worth and you are dead and then unlock radio gave you life. So it is the state of pre existence. How can someone then deny the truth How can then someone turn away from their purpose? May Allah subhanaw taala allows his or her for the almighty to ever forgiving. Forgive us for all of our sins, seek forgiveness from Allah He is the Ever Merciful The oft forgiving a poodle holy ha That was stuck through law he went through in the Hall of a photo Rahim.

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hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was suffering the woman Wilder in Allahu ala equatorial Soluna Allah Nabi un Latina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa Salam o Taslima My dear brothers and sisters, the last reminder from this verse, Allah says, Well, who was easily fooled He is the Almighty they ever forgiving. If you ever feel like you've fallen short, fallen off the path, and you truly want purpose and success and salvation of infinite proportions and eternal paradise. The know that Allah is in control of forgiveness, and that Allah is guaranteeing that he will forgive those who turn to him for forgiveness. Regularly we should be seeking Allah's forgiveness

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well who will as easily or for, no matter how many times you fall in short, Allah will forgive but be sincere, and try harder and try smarter not to repeat the same sins again. Allah is Allah's easel of authority, he has all power to punish his creation. But he does not he rather He offers a way out, he does not mean he offers a way out for those who have remorse for those whose hearts have awakened back to their purpose. May Allah subhanaw taala make us people of purpose and allow us to die upon it alone that I mean, as we see the different issues affecting the world plaguing the world today, east and west, locally in the United States, and globally, as well, in many lands around the

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world. We realize that with the influx of technology and media and knowing immediately, about different sources and incidence of oppression, volume, and injustice and immorality as it spreads, fascia spreading in this land and other lands. As we see these things, we go back to this one iron, we are here for a purpose. And that test is not only between you and Allah, our test as well deals with society, how will you deal with injustice is around you. Your test is how you respond when society is pushing towards injustice. When someone needs to speak up, we cannot only speak about certain matters when it is convenient for us. The person who follows the true revelation is siding

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with truth and justice regardless of the times regardless of who's on which side regardless of who we're speaking against. We side with truth and with justice wherever we are. And we know there are many causes we must address. We know there are many opportunities for us to take advantage of. We know there are many causes that require our attention, our volunteerism, our attention online, and most importantly, our awareness of what's happening all around the world. If you care about the state of the Ummah, be aware of what's happening, and be aware of what's happening and don't just complain, because this life is a test and the one who complains that there's a test is not passing

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the test. The one who takes action, and looks for solutions is the one who's making more progress. Leah blue ucommerce and Ramona me

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Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us in the aid of one another in the aid of our brothers and sisters all around the world in the aid of those who are oppressed locally and globally, and may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to pass this test and Energen in the highest levels and have mercy on us and mercy on those who passed away before us. Allah who didn't want me Nina wouldn't want me not one Muslim in a Muslim out Hola.

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Hola. McFeely YT Deena What do you why did you why did Dina hola hola yarmulke liberal colluvial Upsource a bit Cuban Allah Denecke Allah Medina What have you been our Jana sub eliminator Allah Allah subhanahu Dahua too far while alpha for when Lena Allahumma Sapna personal hajima wa jal Hydra Yamuna Yeoman el parque Allah monster in Islam or isn't Muslim in Allah Who wants a BA that was solid enough equally makan along with federal kadaga and in Muslim enough he couldn't Lima can be equally makan frequently makan ya Allah Jalla and you want a crumb? Rebecca Artina for dunya Hassan waffle Filati Hassan waffly nada banal often.

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