Quranic Connection #16 – Increased Tranquility

Suleiman Hani


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If you knew that there were daily obstacles to your connection with the Quran that you were not preventing would you do something about it or your connection to anything that matters to you? One tip that many people overlook in their journey to connect with the Quran is that of the remembrance of Allah the Quran Allah morning and evening as Carlos Saba one masa. How often do you recite? Do you repeat the morning and evening supplications as well as the authentic dua for different situations and circumstances. I recommend her slowly Muslim, the fortress of the Muslim with authentic supplications for different scenarios day and night you will find yourself more connected

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to Allah and generally more likely to be connected to the Quran as well. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst those who remember in day and night Allah mommy,

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