Quranic Connection #15 – $0 Vs. $100 Trillion

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If you were offered $0 for studying one book for 10 years, and $100 trillion, for studying another book for 10 years, which option would you choose? When it comes to your life in general priorities are important for everything others why sometimes you become distracted with something a very low importance or no benefit at the expense of something greater focus on the Quran and realize the value of the Quran and your life will change in this world and in the next life as well. There's no comparison this is not $0 versus 100 trillion. This is $0 in terms of distractions of a dunya versus something that is priceless and allows you to enter Jannah and as well to be happy and successful in

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this life. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the light and the mercy of the Quran Allah Allah Amin

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