Omar Suleiman – What Does Jannah Mean to You? – The Day My Father Meets My Daughter

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker talks about their desire to unite with their family and see the prophets of their birth. They also discuss their first conversations with their parents and their first meeting with the Prophet. The speaker describes their first three sentences and describes their first moment with their daughter. They also talk about their dean and how they were proud of them.
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When you think of Janna, what excites you most about it?

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Um, you do with my dad again? Reuniting with your dad.

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Tell me about that.

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No, it's okay.

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I lost him when I was 13. And I think every day since then I think about

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reuniting with him.

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And all my ancestor that I haven't met and,

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and the future lineage as well, obviously

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our Prophet, sal

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I know, the other day somebody was saying that we want to do a vision board of Jana, but I don't think of the gardens or anything. I just feel like I just want to

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unite with my family and

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see the prophets of Salaam and be near him. So you see your dad and Jana insha. Allah, your job in the nominalist pazza unite to with him and ancestors, parents, children, everyone that you love.

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What's the first conversation was with your dad and Gemma? You look around and you know that you're going to be together forever now. I missed you

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need my daughter? I guess. Yeah, I think that's going to be the first introducing your parents to your children. Yeah.

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I can relate to them.

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What's your first conversation with the prophets like some

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thanking him for his sunnah and guiding us

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really being the part of the Ummah and thanking him for it. And when you meet the Prophet sighs salaam you meet your parents, your ancestors, children, grandchildren, descendants in sha Allah.

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There's this gathering of a bunch of people. And you know, it's the prophets and its companions. And it's anyone that you could meet. And you could have one on one conversation with Who are you going to talk to?

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If I can talk to prophecy, so there's no,

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I think he's going to be the one who I want to, would want to talk to. You just want to talk to him for all the time they are. Exactly. Give me one conversation you'll have with him. Think about the sentences. What are you gonna say to him when you see him? Michelle?

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I am so privileged to be here with you. I think I'm just going to be overwhelmed by gratitude. To see you I don't know.

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I have never thought about this. What about your first conversation with Allah? And Jana? When Allah calls you for your first personal meeting? Agenda? I'm esodoc Questioning meeting. What do you got to say to our last panel, we've got to shoot that he forgive all my sins, and thanking him for it. So what are the first three sentences you say to him? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For forgiving all my sins, all my shortcomings. I think that's going to be my first come first word.

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If I met him, what do you think of the gates of Jannah?

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What gate? Do you most hope to be called from?

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Maybe a ray on the aid of fasting?

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And if someone was to walk into your section of Jannah, what distinguishes your section agenda from every other section? Agenda? It's whatever you want. How does your agenda look differently?

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I don't know. That's a very deep question. How are you going to decorate your agenda? Gardens.

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Lots of flowers. Is there ever a time in your life? Where Gemma got you? The thought of Gemma got you through something very difficult? Yeah, many times. We have so much difficulties in

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many ways. Every time I tell myself to have patience, because like, you know, to be patient, is because there's the next life that's waiting, right? Because if we break down and do whatever we want, then we just can't. We just have to be. You just have to have patience. Let me ask you this. All right. Your daughter? Yeah. So that was the day of judgment, so everyone's on their own. You haven't seen her for a very long time. You got into Jana.

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And you see her running to over to about hug after a very, very long time.

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Describe to me that moment and what you're saying to your daughter

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That would be the best moment ever. I will tell her that I'm so glad you held on to the rope of the dean. And you did not deviate because you had so many chances.

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And you did it.

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So I'm so proud of you

Ramadan 2023

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