Powerful Stories of Everyday Muslims #09 – The Story of Choice

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Our story today is the story of choice. How do my choices my everyday choices affect my life and my afterlife? In the Quran? Allah subhanaw taala informs us about a story in advance a story that will take place in paradise and experience a conversation about two friends, one who made it to paradise and one who did not two friends who are very close in this world, one who made the right choice and one who did not. And the one who did not make the right choice, try to cause the other to doubt try to make the other lose his faith. Do you really believe you're going to be resurrected? Do you really believe in an afterlife he would ask him as as mentioned in the story, and this person ended

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up not making it to paradise. The one who made it to Jenna is telling the others around him in paradise. About this front he used to try to make me doubt he used to try to cause me to be shaken in my faith by asking this question about resurrection, the afterlife Do you really believe Do you really think do you really pray? Do you really not practice in such a way because belief in God and the afterlife changes your entire life here in this world and as a result affects you your goals, your ambitions and all of society because you're working for a greater and more noble goal. You're working for your ultimate purpose, and the one in paradise looks at the one in the hellfire. And he

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says by Allah you almost caused me to be ruined as well. Your choice almost destroyed my choice. Your choice was almost a factor for me to also not make it to Paradise, but By Allah's grace, By Allah's grace, well, Lola and Irma turabi la quinta Minal Magdalene, By Allah's grace I was saved had it not been for him, I as well would have been in the Hellfire May Allah protect us all, brothers and sisters. In short, the choices you make every day affect your entire life. And we know this, the choice to study for that exam is not like the choice to study and prepare for it. The foods that you eat, affect your mind, your body, your productivity, this is well known. So make the

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right choice. The things that you read affect your mind and what you think about day and night, and how you feel and your views on the world as well. So make the right choice when it comes to what you read. A companionships that you choose. The friends that you choose, the books that you choose, the movies and TV shows affect you in so many ways, directly and indirectly. And we will see the impact of companionship on the Day of Resurrection. The friends that you choose matter, the books that you read matter that movies and TV shows, the games that you play, the person that you marry, the place you live in, the places you visit, and so on and so forth. All of these things matter. And these are

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choices you make that affect and shape your life and your afterlife and they shape the lives of other people as well. So choose the influences of goodness and you will find yourself celebrating for that in the next life eternally. Life is too short to waste on bad influences. And paradise is too great and magnificent to risk losing it because of some fun companionship in this life. And that ultimately causes you to feel abandoned on the Day of Resurrection. Hellfire is too hot for people to joke around with things that are prohibited and arrogant. Death is too close and too near for us to procrastinate making the right choices. So let us wisely and humbly make the right choices and

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may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to celebrate as a result of that. And may Allah subhanaw taala always grant us the wisdom and the environmental factors and the beneficial knowledge and the friends and the family that will help us to facilitate as well the right choices for us and for society along that