Are Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan helping Modi to see the Light?

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Now you have Aamir Khan shuttle Khan. These are really big names right now she was in India. Yes. What are they doing taking selfies hanging out with Modi? I mean, are they like ambassadors to the cause of trying to stop the impression is that what's going on? This is not again, I will repeat one more time. This is not a Hindu versus Muslim thing because I don't want anybody to misinterpret that. You got 8 million people's dogs or cats whatever locked up. Imagine what kind of uproar that would be the people who killed Gandhi. Now these are the people we're trying to kill Muslims. Yes, the same people. Mr. Khan and Shahrukh Khan do they do they have a responsibility as being people

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who are that popular that famous? This is this supremacist ideology, that nationalistic militant ideology against the good people? This is

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similar hamdulillah salaam aleikum greetings of peace. Welcome to the deen show. And I want people to imagine that an occupying force came over last year in your homes took away TV, internet.

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Not just that, because sometimes we need to stay away from these things anyway. But an impressive resume came over locked you in your homes, and you weren't able to go out of your house? You're stuck in there. And the siege is going on? How many days now? About 100 days? 100 days? Yes, people are still locked that we're talking about Kashmir. We're talking about Kashmir here. And yes, people are locked in since the revocation of Article 370. That has not stopped, that has not stopped. People are in curfew, curfew does get off from what we hear. But people are still in a lockdown a curfew, that means they can leave their house. There are certain hours as we understand it, that

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they can leave their house but businesses are still shut down. And basically people are in a lockdown, the communications is still to a very large extent shut down. The landlines we hear has come up. But people cannot communicate to the outside world we have heard. And we continue to hear from our contacts that people who are you know, our friends here who are from Kashmir, they're not able to connect with their families, at least the first two and a half months or so they were not able to connect even through second or third channels. Now at least because some of the landlines are up, people are able to talk but there is really no open communication, you will not find out

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what is happening in Kashmir because they still continue to be in the lockdown for over 100 days. Now most of these are not like curfew for kids like be home at a certain time. We're trying to keep the you know, kids off the street, this is like adults, this is an I did say occupying force, this is an occupying occupying these people's land. How's that work if I if I'm using the right terminology. So, so, let me take a step back here, let me give you a little bit of history on Kashmir, right. So Kashmir, since India and Pakistan, the partition happened when Britishers left India, there was Kashmir without getting into too much details of you know what happened across the

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country. Specifically for Kashmir, what happened was there was an article 370 what that meant was this as part of Indian Constitution, that people from outside Kashmir cannot buy land in Kashmir, Kashmir will have their own sort of a government which the defense has taken care of by India. And the rest of the

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matters are with the people of Kashmir. And what happened was

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100 days ago, the Government of India kind of replicated that article 370

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that is in itself is going against the Constitution of India. And then on top of that, people have been in the lockdown. If you know India is saying it's good for Kashmir then then people should be open, people should be free. They should be able to do what they need to do. And they should be happy. If If you know, the government claims that this is a good thing for Kashmir. Okay, if it's a good thing for Kashmir, let the people be out there and let the people you know, celebrate if that's the case, why are they in the curfew? First of all, revocation of Article 370 was as per Indian law, it's unconstitutional. And this is from the grandson of Gandhi. And this kind of brings up to

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another point but the grandson of Gandhi himself spoke a few days ago, where he clearly called that out that there are no the revocation of Article 370 itself was unconstitutional. Okay, so we painted a little picture just to get people because most people have no idea what's going on over there. So imagining you now you're locked in your homes for so many days like, like, people would like Eminem calm

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President of Pakistan, Pakistan, I think he mentioned in his speech in front of the United Nations that if you had what 8 million animals or bring a purse like that, people would have done something to have taken a stamp. These are 8 million human beings. So hopefully people have a better picture now and then we'll get into Who are you and your involvement in creating awareness in this effort effort now that you're doing to try to what Moe has motivated you to get out there and that's what you're doing creating awareness on the situation the reality on the ground in India and in Kashmir. My name is Junaid Junaid Ahmed, I was born in India, I moved here when I was in high school, I have.

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So since then I've been pretty much out of touch, if you want to call it from from, you know, pretty much you know, living since since then living here in the United States. I did my college here. And that is why I got involved, just to make people aware. And keep in mind, I want to I want to very be very clear and specific. And one one point here, this is not when people talk about India and Pakistan, we're talking about things within India, people think it is in Hindu versus Muslim issue. I want to let you know I grew up in India, this is not a Hindu versus Muslim issue. Majority of Hindus are amazing good people want some of my good friends are Hindus. My lot of my coworkers are

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Hindus. Hindu, by definition is a very good peaceful people. Now, the ideology we are talking about here is the supremacist ideology. Taking into background, RSS, Rashtriya, swayamsevak Sangh, the RSS and its sister organizations, that is what they're introducing divisive mentality, people, you know, hatred, you know, oppression against minorities. That is the concern that is the issue that should be talked about. It is not a Hindu versus Muslim issue. And keep in mind, these are the same people who killed Gandhi, or are there voices on the ground of Hindus who are coming up? Let's say for instance, a lot of these actors out there, what do you know the cons? Are Conshohocken? Yeah. And

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how about those are those are Muslim actors, right? They are people like them. But how about Hindu actors or just Hindu Hindu personalities, people? Because it just blatant This is just blatant, blatant.

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Evil that's being perpetuated. Are there people on the ground, these good people who are coming out? And speaking out against this oppression? That's a very good question. And I have a very short answer. And I'll delve into that. The answer is yes. There are a lot of good people on the ground, there are a lot of good voices on the ground. And people are speaking up, yeah. So people are taking a stance, people are taking whatever means that they have. Now having said that, let me tell you what is happening to those people, unfortunately, because they these forces have penetrated into the political system, their political wing, is, you know, pretty much holding the government now.

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They're, you know, they have two or three other militant sort of organizations, which is Vishwa, Hindu parishad and budget okdo, which, as per the CIA report has been called as nationalist militant organizations. These organizations are, you know, are penetrated across the society. Now, there are people, there are police officers, their elected officials, there are common people, good people, there are journalists who are taking a stance, some people are able to speak other people, their voices are suppressed. Yeah. And once this is the issue at hand, that if you have good and bad at the same time, and good people are able to speak to that's part of any democracy. I think, from my

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perspective, I may think something is not good. But at least there is a debate. There is a discussion. There is you know, within the political landscape there is a discussion debate about what's happening in India is there is the other words that good people are bringing up they are being squashed. Yeah, that's an issue because the reason I'm saying is because you have a that's a huge what's the population of Hindus there? India's population is over a billion right now. Yeah. So if you have if you have

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so many Hindus there if the good people came out all of them being quiet man, they would overtake I would think there was they would overtake does evil and they would just because the people's voice would be heard and now they would have to go ahead and not they will not be allowed to go this far. Excellent. So see, that's what like, you know what I'm saying like, like, as much

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slums as soon as some lunatic does something, it's like we have to come condemn it even though it's nothing to do with Islam. But now you got people that are how many days did you say 100 100 days locked up like animals? Yeah, right, like animals and the world un What are they doing? Un? I mean, you didn't question you and did question.

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Dip? Question. I mean, they passed their their work in that that's what we are working, that you see a lot of organizations working through you and surpass, you know, asking us to take action against this. To your point, really nothing concrete has been done. Everybody is saying this is India's internal matter? Yeah. But see, Kashmir is one thing, but the rest of the India right. I'll take Gujarat as an example. Okay. Gujarat has entered the state on the eastern side of India 2002, when our Prime Minister was the chief minister of that state, a massacre of Muslims were down where 1000s of, you know, Muslims were killed. And believe it or not, on the backs of Hindus, a majority of the

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Hindus spoke against it, we're not in favor of this carnage. So this is a prime example of how when this massacre was done, Hindus came in support of the minorities, in this case, specifically Muslims. So that voice is there. Now, when the cases were opened for 2000. And after 2002, it was Hindus who are fighting for justice for these people. And really, because the of the of the, you know, massive power that they have, they were able to squash it, nobody was brought brought to account. Yeah, and as a matter of fact, the victims were blamed that it was because of your fault that you burned this, you know, train, you know, all of this massacre happened. So is this just the

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same nationalistic supremacy supremacist, you know, agenda that that came about here? And you know, what, what is scary here? What is very scary here is that

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that 2002 Gujarat massacre, was that a blueprint for what is being planned for rest of India, and that is very scary. Now you have Aamir Khan, shuttle Khan. These are really big names, right? He or she was in India? Yes. What are they doing taking selfies hanging out with Modi? I mean, what's there there's some controversy going on there. Because they're supposed to be Muslim. And are they having a meeting saying, hey, Modi, what's going on? We got to get these people out. Are they like, ambassadors to the cause of trying to stop the impression? Is that what's going on? I think that's upfront interpretation. Yeah, I'll give you my view on it. Yeah. I think Aamir Khan and Shahrukh

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Khan these are these are good actors, right. I mean, they are very popular. If they say something that, you know, majority of India, I think they listen. And that's probably the reason they, you know, they were asked to or they themselves took it will, you know, we will not make a judgement on their behalf. But when they when they went and took those selfies, the message that they're going to convey, you know, trying to give them meaning Modi and, you know, the Prime Minister, and this thought process is that things are pretty cool in India. Yeah, nothing is happening. India is good. There are no issues with it. That's what is that what's the message that's trying to be given out?

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That's my take on it. That's what I'm working on. And the other con Shahrukh Khan Shahrukh Khan, that's the message you think that they're giving that everything is cool but but is it cool? It no it's it is not cool. That's the thing right? I mean, that depends on what part of India and this is this is where this is where we got to spend a few minutes to think about this right?

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Depending on what part of India you live you don't see any issues if you're in the southern part of India things are pretty cool. Yeah. Are they are they from the southern part? They're in Bombay, which is still okay there things are not too bad. Yeah. No, dude going state by state, you know, you have Kashmir then you had awesome now awesome. Oh, by the way, is a different major concern.

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Then Assam and then not not inside of India, the mob lynching that's happening. It's not happening too much, even though it's happening, you know, spread sporadically across the country. It's it's pretty much you know, the northern side of India, which we hear all the time. So mob lynching in 21st century and you still tell me the country is cool. I mean, tell me, how do you how do you justify that people and this is just not Muslim, mind you. There are adults that are Christians who are being, you know, oppressed and suppressed here, the mob lynching when people are being killed.

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Majority of India opposes that. There are cases when Hindus jump in the middle and stop it. Yeah. And then unfortunately, there are cases when nobody does anything and people stand and watch when you have hundreds. I'm not saying one or two cases.

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across the country when you have hundreds of mob lynching cases, how can you say things are pretty cool in India? No, it's not cool. People This is verifiable the 100 this is Oh, absolutely. This is you Google that you will see viable reports of all of this. Uh huh. Yeah. I mean, do you do you think Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan today? Do they have a responsibility as being people who are that popular that famous? Are their hands tied? I would say their hands may be tied, because look, anybody in India who speaks up I am talking about is so this is Civil Services in India. There are cases of very senior officers who tried to I gave you an example about 2002, good drought carnage.

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There was two police officers who were looking to investigate this. And they, they're not in the picture anymore. They're completely gone. So their voices will be suppressed. If somebody speaks up and somebody is powerful enough, and if they speak up, their voices will be suppressed. Now talking about these two actors, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, you know, they, they, they because they don't feel the pain, maybe their thinks thinking things are cool. Maybe their hands are tied up, you know, it could be either ways. Yeah, yeah. So the situation there also, is that you mentioned their detention centers being set up, he talked about that. Oh, God, that's, that's the next painful story

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at what's happening is on the Western State of Assam, which is next to Bangladesh. There are about 2 million people, especially minorities, and very specifically Muslims. What they're doing is they are so in 21st century detention centers. Just think about this. If you're a general, normal American living in this world, think about mob lynching in 21st century think about a detention center in 21st century. There is a construction in progress right now. I don't know what's the percentage complete right now a few months ago, it was the walls were built, the foundation was done by now. I think the this is happening as we speak. This is happening as we speak. Why? For what so they what

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they're saying is these are the word they use, I will use the Hindi word that they use, they use the word goose pedia. Goose pedia. I will try to translate that the people who have intruded in the country. So there's like these people came from Bangladesh as the claim. Yeah, wait, so it sounds like say it again.

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crispity a ghost piteous llama phobia? No, no, it's nothing. It's not nothing to do with Islamophobia, even though at the forefront of all of this is Islam.

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Sounds like it, but it's really because of the Kashmir detention centers and the attack on Muslims. It sounds like, I mean, it's not even on Khan, the president of Pakistan, he actually he connected us all to anti Islam. Islamophobia. It is it is. But in India is just not Islamophobia, even though Islamophobia is is the biggest part of it. It's, it's this nationalistic supremacist ideology, which is against the minorities, which is against the lower caste Hindus, which is against other Hindus who may not follow that. Okay, so it's even a broader scope, but then that this this evil of nationalism, yes, that's the driving force behind this, that's the that's the bull with the horns

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now. Absolutely. And then these days, you know, Eddie, you use the word is no Islamic terrorism, then that said, You got a green pass for everything. That's what the world is using. That's what India is started using. That's the the pretext now that's being used excuse to go ahead and justify these things. Absolutely. Yeah. That's all you That's the card now you want you want to invade a country.

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War on Terror, war on terror equals war in Islam. So this is just a pretext that people are using the smart people are waking up, I mean, waking up to that reality, because, like you, like you said, the majority of people are good people. Yes. You know, and but most people are manipulated by the mass media manipulation, and the lies that are out there being perpetuated. So we need to create awareness like this and let people think for themselves. Don't let the media and in this particular case, we don't get much news at all on the media here on what's going on. Absolutely. Not India. No, no. And then think about this. If there was a list, I'm just going to use, you know, let's say a

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good Jew, somewhere in the world was lynched just because of his religion.

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What would be the reaction across the globe? That's a good point. Think about what Imran Khan said 8 million dogs and cats. If they were in a in a lockdown. What would

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you think about that right now? Is Muslims blood cheap? That's the question and then

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Unfortunately, that's the situation we're at. And then you know, you know it, we're talking about Muslims. But keep in mind in India, even though Muslims are one of the biggest minorities which are being persecuted, the lower caste Hindus are going through the same thing the Dalit Christians are going through the same thing. So this is not again, I will repeat one more time, this is not a Hindu versus Muslim thing because I don't want anybody to misinterpret this. This is this supremacist ideology, that nationalistic militant ideology against the good people.

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Yeah, just imagine because people, they love their pets here and in our country here and people love their dogs, you know, imagine if they took that beloved dog lock them up. And now you got 8 million people's dogs or cats whatever locked up. Imagine what kind of uproar that would be. The citizens would have Yeah, but the world sleeps and the you know, I you know, I when I was in Bosnia, and many people compared it this is I got this news some time back that what they're speaking to the average Indian, they were telling me, I'll ask what's going on in India? And they know that my backgrounds from from Bosnia and they would say, what happened in Bosnia? It's slowly they're trying, they're

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trying to prepare what could potentially be a genocide. So we heard this, this word being thrown around potential genocide that could happen Imran Khan, he said, a good like, What's going to happen? When you have 8 million people when now, you know, you have caged him like animals? What's gonna happen now? You keep on putting the pressure, pressure, pressure, and then you release and now what's going to happen? Yeah, that's that's the scary part. Yeah, that's the scary part. And he he made some really good. Some points in his really recommend people see his un United Nations speech. And the term because what happened there in Bosnia, is that we came to know I didn't make this up,

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the soldiers there who were on the ground, and they saw that the United Nations wasn't doing anything to stop the genocide that was happening against the Muslims in Bosnia and Muslims simply just any human being who has submitted his or her will to the Creator of the heavens and earth wants to live a peaceful life with their creator with themselves and their neighbors. So they were writing on the on the walls, their United Nations, basically, they was putting united nothing, because they did nothing. Right. They actually helped the team they helped in the facilitation the Dutch soldiers I believe, is the Dutch soldier soldiers in helping the the mat the the mass genocide over 8000

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innocent souls in 17. You know about this? Yeah. So now we see we tried to create awareness because it's, it's seems like now you can have a greater genocide here. That's going to happen in Kashmir. They're awesome. And they did it. They did it for a few 1000 people. Yeah. And Gujarat. And that's the blueprint that we are really scared that they're looking to take it across the country. And and and if somebody there's if there are people who are going to deny that that is implants, let me quote, the home minister of India, who was the architect of the genocide in Gujarat? Yeah. The Home Minister of India has said that we will give citizenship to all religions, he took a name

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categorically of all religions, except Muslims. And they said the people who are going to have to prove their citizenship, or gooseberry as the word he used. So anybody, all or the religions, they're going to be given citizenship, the only religion he did not mentioned or going to be given citizenship is Muslims who saying this, this is the home minister of India, Minister, ominous who holds the power of the country, he's saying that everyone is going to begin Assam. So he said. So basically, just to get him to take a step back real quick, very quick. This NRC, the National citizenship registry, right? What this is, is they want to make a registry of citizens. But in

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theory, there's nothing wrong with it, right? Every country should have it. But if only minorities are going to be targeted, and in this case, only Muslims are going to be targeted. We have a problem with that. If, and that's where they're saying that anybody who is not a Muslim, we're going to give them citizenship. So they're not going to be, you know, target of any of this. And then the detention centers they're building. It's only Muslims who are going to be in those detention centers. And that is on the record, anybody can Google and they can find it. Gandhi at his time. Was he fighting against people like this? Absolutely. So

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one thing I want to say now, India, this mentality, this nationalistic supremacist mentality I'm talking about, they were the killers of Gandhi. Okay. So Gandhi was the face of India the whole time. Now the people who killed Gandhi, unfortunately, are in power today. So the people who killed God

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Now these are the people who are trying to kill Muslims. Yes, the same people, same people, thank you. So they're gonna kill Aamir Khan and sugar? I hope not. But But if you're a Muslim you're a target if you're a minority if you're a Dalit, you're a Christian, you could be a target. That's the sad part. But it's got it's gotten is it gotten that bad? I'm just trying to think because usually, if you have like Hollywood stars here, they're usually not scared to speak, they'll get up and they'll support like us, you know, something that's cool to support or sometimes some are brave enough to come out. But with the we're comparing the world's most free country to you know, what,

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this isn't India, India is supposed to be a free country, which is still listen to and they have they have over there Bollywood? Yes, yeah, yes. But if I was sitting in India, and if you were to interview me like this, I think I'd be scared to say what some of the things that I said here, do people go missing? I mean, what are the some parts of India Yes, they do go missing. So again, this is where you have to you have to understand and appreciate the diversity of India, India is a large country, some parts of India are still pretty safe. To a large majority, it's still pretty safe. They're going state by state. Gujarat was the first target, they successfully did what they wanted

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to do the massacred were now people of Gujarat You know, they're not second class citizens, the Muslims, but but really they don't they don't have the same opportunities like everybody else in the country. Now. Now they went after Kashmir. The next is Assam, what is next? Pradesh, the state of up their chief minister is God help us I mean, he is his extreme beyond what you can imagine. So they're going state by state. So people in other states don't even know what's happening. They're too busy, or making their own livelihood. They don't know. They don't appreciate the funds, who appreciate those pick up. The ones who don't appreciate they're just too busy with their livelihood.

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You try to it's interesting, people tried to attack Islam and attack Muslims. But in what we have, you can equate, let's say, the Constitution in the divine legislation of Islam, and Islam simply means to submit your will to the Creator of the heavens and earth. So in its legislation, you have guaranteed rights, that no people can come across in a majority, you know, outrun the minority or whatnot, like, like we see happening here, just you got to get like this gang mentality, you got a whole group of racist nationalists. Right. And now they're coming together, and then

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they end up changing laws and oppressing the minority. But in Islam, the divine legislation that we have, you have people who are not Muslim, but they have rights. Yes. And you can oppress these people. Absolutely.

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And look at everybody, and they want to attack Islam. Exactly. And the See, that's the beauty. That's the irony of the thing. It's the beauty of the thing is the irony of the thing, let me show you what I mean by that. Islam brings all of these, you know, just simple, basic human rights to the forefront.

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I think similarly, all other religions do when it comes to the core competency. But when Muslim violates some of this, it's on the highlight other people do it, they get a free pass. Yeah. And that's that's the irony of the situation. That's, that's that's the irony, because you have this is not just this place, then you have you know, with the extreme extremist Buddhists who are doing in Myanmar, right, you have India here, Kashmir, you have all these different places, Palestine, and now the world sleeps. And it seems like Like you said, those people who are submissive to their Creator, their blood is cheap, but that's the test you know, my God Almighty make it make it easy,

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but inshallah what what can? What can people do? What can What does your organization What do you guys now? You have an event coming up also, with

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medicine? Yeah. And what can people do to help to alleviate some of the suffering some of the pain, some of the create more awareness? What What can people do? So few things here, right. First and foremost, I think what I would ask each and every person who is listening here, educate yourself, find out what is happening on the ground, get some on the ground reality. That's number one. Number two,

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have a discussion on this. Talk to your elected officials if you know, tell them because keep in mind if we all see this genocide coming, but at the same time, a genocide or some kind, you know, this kind of violence cannot be stopped from inside because they will be squashed. It has to be stopped from outside. And this is where I think what people can do is your question. I think people should first educate themselves second, make their elected officials aware of what is happening because there is so much live in the national news.

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And the media, you don't see any of this. It's up to the individuals to educate themselves, and then promote this pluralism, and the, you know, the secular country that India wants was, so the card that they're using now, because to get away with this, you have to have some strategy and some, some, some words that you're using, you know, some pretext. It's all that these are these people are are threat, they're terrorists, what are they showing up? That's exactly what they're saying this, this is a threat to the country. And which, you know, the one of the key things that we do is we build coalitions, we work with other Hindus. We work with Dalits, who are, you know, the lower caste

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Hindus, we've worked with six, we've worked with Christians, and we work with Brahmins, the higher caste Hindus, their majority of them, like I said, are good and we are working with them. There are several organizations that we are working with, kind of trying to work and, you know, promote this pluralistic culture that India, you know, should be and has always been, until, you know, recently, and this is the work since 1925. When RSS was established. You're seeing the fruits of it come in the last 656 10 years. That's where if people educate themselves now, people, you know, find out the facts. And that's where I think the results you will see in a few years now you asked me, you know

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what an individual can do right if you're in the Chicagoland area. We have an event coming up November 16. With Maddie Hasson, please join us. So this event is November 16 at 6pm at Shalimar banquets. Well, a few more questions before we conclude, tell us so Imran Khan, the the president of Pakistan, he, he came out in his speech and first he addressed he addressed the many things and then he he finished it off, I believe with the Kashmir issue in India. And that and he talked about he talked about Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. He gave examples through his his history of some of the noble things that he amazing things he did. He He cleared up some

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misconceptions. And he liked what he did, because he went to the root of the problem. And this is the people being anti muslim, anti Islam. And then he also talked about the potential war between that can happen that will spill over. And that's my question to you what's going on now? What Pakistan and and India is Pakistan? Do they? Are they a strong force to be reckoned with? If Is there a possibility for them to collide? Look, any country with what nuclear power I think is a power to reckon with?

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Now take the politically note the nuclear power out of the equation, even then those two countries regardless of who wins, who loses the destruction in the region will be beyond what minds no first us here, everybody's gonna it will affect the entire globe? Yeah, I mean, the the repercussions the results could be damaging to the entire world. I mean, this is in the best interest of the entire world, to bring back India to its core values of pluralism to its core values of secularism, because if India and Pakistan collide in this case, and now the forefront issue, there is Kashmir, if Kashmir issue is not resolved. And there is a collision, as you said, the progressions repercussions

00:33:27--> 00:33:30

would be beyond what mine can imagine, because of the modern day.

00:33:31--> 00:34:15

You know, weaponry, both countries have. You had the president of Pakistan who was trying he's made it clear that he never wants to go to war with anybody. he's a he's a man of peace. And he was trying to extend that hand of peace to the President of India. And he talks about how they took that as a sign of weakness. Yeah, right. And they even I believe Trump tried to mediate to mediate, and they wanted no part of that they didn't come to the they didn't want to come to the table to make that happen. Is that right? Yes. And what we need to understand there is this government, this ideology feeds off of hate. If there is peace with Pakistan, then they lose their government goes

00:34:15--> 00:34:20

away tomorrow, because they're economically they're doing really bad right now under this government.

00:34:21--> 00:34:57

You know, the the previous Prime Minister of India, he took India to new heights. I mean, he did a lot of good things. He was the finance minister prior to that. So from from an economic perspective, he took India to new heights. I mean, he did a lot of good things for India. All of the work you see being unknown right now even though you know some people have this ideology may like to think that India is growing because just because you know, what's happened here in in Houston, howdy Modi event, right? When when Modi comes here, you know, you see all of these activities happening and people think that Oh, that all things are good.

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

So that's where the

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

That's where I think this whole ideology the whole this mentality feeding off of hate in India will be taken aback if there is peace with Pakistan. I don't think I don't think the current government would want that. What about the was a 13,000 young boys who are abducted from their families in Kashmir? That is correct, wasn't it? By the way, his name was Manmohan Singh. Sorry, I just slipped my mind. But yes, there are 13,000 boys who reportedly are missing. There are reports of 1000s and 1000s of women being raped. So these reports are out there. the feminist movement were the were the are they coming through for their sisters? They're now in Kashmir. No, nobody speaks Because see,

00:35:43--> 00:36:23

India is denying that. Yeah. And and the reports that are coming out of India. The the mass media is really not good. A lot reporters from here on the ground to come in? No, sir. There are no reporters no international tells you right. As soon as soon as that happened. you close the door from people coming in? Yeah. Now you know that all these things? Obviously, why don't they want them in? Yeah, there are no international reporters allowed international politicians, elected officials wanted to go to Kashmir, they were not allowed. Now, somebody will immediately counter this. How do they counter that they did allow, actually in white some far right.

00:36:24--> 00:36:28

Politicians from Europe, eu and then they took them to

00:36:30--> 00:37:06

Kashmir, which is my opinion was a blunder mistake, you're actually showing to the world, that you are this exact same supremacist mentality, when a normal American politician wants to go there, you're not allowing them from you politicians from UK try to go there, you're not allowing them. And then you're going to handpick who you want to take there. That I think it itself is a proof that you are a supremacist organization, are there a lot of Americans from politicians from here speaking up about it, and there are a few, there are a few who are speaking against it. And they they they, they, you know, if you if you were to hear the in October, there was a congressional hearing, and

00:37:06--> 00:37:47

they they questioned India again, as to Hey, what is happening, and as an outside country, I think that's to the extent they can do. And, and I think a lot of politicians are bringing this up. And the way I hope each and every elected officials here brings that up, especially the ones who are part of the, you know, foreign policy. But so people might get confused and say, hold on, if it's so bad, then why is like a country in the Middle East, you know, giving awards to someone like this president if he was doing something so bad, you know about the EU Absolutely. And then this is this is the irony of the situation again, right? Our own elected officials, they don't care for the wider

00:37:47--> 00:38:28

Muslim community, they don't care about human rights. For them, it's about their seat, it's about their personal games, about their business with India, they don't want to impact their business with India. So they they are basically, you know, following along along in this whole narrative, and they're not taking the stance, and that's where when your own leaders are like that, we have nothing or no other choice, but except to ourselves stand up and do the best we can, which is, you know, kind of educate people around us. What do you think would happen if we went on the streets, to divine Avenue? Even a divine Avenue? Yes. And we asked if a lot of Hindus over there, if we ask the

00:38:28--> 00:39:11

average Hindu, their take on what's going on in Kashmir, what do you what do you think their response would be an average into I think, keep in mind, the their thought process would be that if you if they are educated enough to understand that this was the Indian Constitution, I think they will clearly say that Indian constitution was violated. Now, if you were to ask an average Joe, who may not know the background, the fundamental, they would say, hey, it was part of India, India's saying there's one article we're going to remove. But if you look at the background, there's so much more to it. So I think I would say depends on who you ask that your response would be different

00:39:11--> 00:39:51

somebody who is like I said, the grandson of Gandhi, you know, he himself being a Hindu clearly said, the voice of the people of Kashmir was not taken into account, which was at the fundamental at the core of Article 370 that any decision that is made for Kashmir will be based upon the decision taken by the people of Kashmir. Yeah. Gandhi being known for his nonviolent protests. He had such great things to say about Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. He was reading his history and then when it came to an end from whatever he he read, he was talking about how, how he wished that there was more that you know, and he prays he was actually praising Prophet Muhammad,

00:39:52--> 00:39:53

peace and blessings be upon.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

You know how India is known. I'm using that example. Because India across the globe is very

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

Due to this not violent, peaceful secular country, which is at risk and and i hope people's within India and outside India can stop this sacred.

00:40:11--> 00:40:19

So, thank you very much. I think that you know, this is something that for us, all of us you know especially

00:40:21--> 00:40:32

here we have so many blessings to be grateful for and you, you start to see the different tests that are going on and we can make dua for our brothers and sisters and these parts and they reminds us to hold

00:40:34--> 00:41:12

tight to the rope of Allah to the creator to be committed to our Deen you know, because if we try to find solace and peace and anything anybody else than the creator that heavens in the earth, and I mean, that's what we're going to have big issues so we need to be, you know, back to the basics. Come back to the base of the deen hold on to the deen and know that this life is short. Yes, transitory is a test and inshallah we pass and get to Jenna inshallah. inshallah. That's where the real home is. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. On the way back, and thank you guys for tuning in. You go ahead, subscribe. If you haven't, check us out on our Patreon page. Also, we can

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