Muhammad Hoblos – You Still Are Waiting to Change Your Life

Muhammad Hoblos
AI: Summary © The importance of history and shaping one's life is highlighted in the upcoming return of Islam to the United States. Visitors are encouraged to not be too busy and not give up on their health, relationships, and health. Visitors are also encouraged to take a risk in joining a camp and make friends with their older brothers. Visitors are also warned about a prerequisite involving a walker and encouraged to take serious seriously.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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we start first and foremost by praising the king, the master sustainer, the creator of the seven heavens in the earth, the giver, the taker, the maker, the breaker, the one who watches everything, the one who sees everything, the one who has information about everything that what you see, and that what you don't. We send peace and blessings upon His Beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our master, our teacher, and our beloved prophet.

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My brothers I see a lot of beautiful young faces

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and we're back

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We're back at the camps

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I asked you my brother how much change in your life since the last camp

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I'm starting to see regular camp faces and on one of

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my he was this gathering

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it was this camp that changed my life for good.

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The boys to have I think the footage when I went to my first camp, I was clean shaven, single doing the hubbub during the harem living the life and I went to one of the camps in kilda beach I remember

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and I sat in one of those gatherings

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and from that day, it changed me forever and Charlotte Allah

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my brothers are seeing a lot of young faces men

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many faces who within themselves they think you know what brother I got a long time to go then

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I'm young but I'm young

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brothers I've had the most interesting five weeks of my life

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I've buried almost eight brothers in the last five weeks

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of which were under the age of 25 all of which were under the age of 25 years old.

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And I didn't die because I was sick.

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That didn't die because you know what? He had some illness that doctors couldn't work out no perfectly fine boys.

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One law he one of them. One of them 18 years old, built like a tank we actually had to bend his legs when we put him into the ground. He was so big we actually couldn't fit him into the hole we actually have to bend these legs to get him in there

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under the age of 25 and asked me how many of them prayed

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none of them

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how many of them were familiar with Quran

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none of them

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this this is what the people around them are telling me

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this is what the friends are telling me.

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My brothers you sit here hopeful thinking I have a long life.

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What gives you this hope my brother

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go to the cemetery below. Please. I urge you to go to the cemetery

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and read the tombstones.

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But Gone are the days when you know we're lucky I remember growing up that's belong to a

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man who's done hires and all these kids are now married. And you know he's got grandkids, he's seven years old. He's cracking a white bead. Those days are long gone.

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You know, I'm 30 now.

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And for the most part of my life, every funeral I went to was in the old section of woods cemetery.

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In the last few years, we filled up that one plus two new sections that they gave us and we're already halfway through the new one that they gave us.

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And 70% of these people that are buried there 70% under the age of 35 years old

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and yet we're still running amok in this world

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we're still running amok

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my brother's life is serious man I hate to break it to you I'm lucky

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you know I can sit here and give you this nice beautiful talk with the Indian background dancers a flame Hindi I can do that for you inshallah, and make you feel good. You know, brothers to me, brother, why have you become so busy, Misty? Why don't you speak about the mercy of Allah. Then Allah give people hope.

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Sometimes hope in the wrong

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hoping the wrong hands can actually destroy the person.

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One of the great companions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I believe it was Marvin jab and I believe it was him.

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On his deathbed

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helaas last days in his life

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he speaks between him and Allah.

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conversation between him and Allah.

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He says, Yeah, Allah, you know that I lived my whole life in front of you.

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He says, Allah, I live my whole life in front of you.

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And now you're on my deathbed colors. I'm dying. I'm going, I'm leaving.

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Now you're alone. Even if I wanted to do something I physically can't say you're alone. I'm asking now. Now I'm knocking on the door of your

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your love now I'm knocking on the door of your mercy.

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He says I lived my whole life in what?

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In theory,

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but now, a lot of us have reached an age where even if I wanted to do something, I can't. I'm too old. I'm too fat. I'm too brittle, or too sick. I actually can't get out of the bed. Now we are now at this moment of my life. I'm knocking on the door of your mercy Allah and asking that you have Rami upon me.

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I asked you my brother sincerely. Did this companion not know the verses of Rama

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now he knew it.

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But he knew my brothers that his life is serious. But there's you only get one shot.

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There's no coming back.

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There's no coming back. You only get one shot at life.

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The choice is yours.

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The choice is yours won't lie. He will like brothers brothers on lowering them into the ground and the faces around me are crying and family is breaking down and people are in confusion. One night it was an accident one night he wasn't supposed to be there. But But he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is rubbish.

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It's rubbish.

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My brothers in Islam there's no such thing as wrong place wrong time.

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Do you know what you're saying? indirectly. What you're saying is I made a mistake when I was a belay.

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No, my brother he was at the right place at the right time. And that's how Allah subhanaw taala wanted to take his life so I asked him my brother How will you be when Allah subhanaw taala takes your life

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Why is it that we're 20 and 25 and 26 and 30 and we still feel like we're young. But what made you young

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brothers you have one shot at life one shot there's no coming back. You can't come back to fix things up.

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Please my brother will lie I'm begging you not for my sake for your sake make it right men

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make a right my brothers will love you I look into the eyes of the people in front of me and I know we've had a rough past we've been down some bad roads. We've gotten off to a bad start but this is the place to make it right

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maybe some of you came here because your mind forced you maybe it happens maybe some of you came here because he's what he's been doing is airing for the past six seven weeks and I just need a break maybe that's why you're here

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or maybe you're here because you know how my mum and dad they never let me go anyway so at least if I come under the disguise of again I can run a Mac maybe that's why you're here

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and maybe some of you are here because you know what I used to be on Dean for a couple of years while I haven't shown my face new ima I feel bad. Maybe if I go to the camp I can say face. I don't know. Whatever the excuses. You came with one intention. This is the time to change that intention.

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This is the time to change that intention. Your Allah we're here for your sake.

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You're like me because I'm sick. You know what this place is my brother's. You know what this gathering is? This is the hospital.

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This is the hospital.

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Why? Because we're all sick.

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When you go to the hospital, not everyone has the same sickness. There's the junkie

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There's the one who broke his arm. There's the one who's mentally sick. There's the one who's physically crippled.

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Not everyone in the hospital is sick. There's the doctors. There's the patients. There's the family. There's the visitors. This is the hospital.

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And we've all come here to put our hearts before our lives of a judge.

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We're all here to make boba.

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Here, there's no status in this room. We're all equal. We're all sick. Some of you probably don't pray. So you're looking at me thinking by this guy's got to be there to his gap. What sickness does he have? One lie there are sicknesses in this heart my brothers and I'm not being humble. Not being humble. Don't ever think that shaitan will allow you to then think that you know what when I come on, Dean shaitan Halsey No, no, no, there are sicknesses in this heart. There are sicknesses that don't show on the outside but only Allah knows them on the inside his pride this year the showing off the sneaky I'm better than this person and better than we all seek

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This is the hospital and we've come in to fix this and as brothers we need to support one another

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I'm telling you what I was telling you before this camp changed my life

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before I came was in oh five Ahmed was in oh five my first game I think was in Oh 5.04 I can't remember I five and oh for

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some of you you've been coming to Cannes for a while now. And you're thinking yeah, you know what? This camp you will only get out what you put in

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this is

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when I went to my first camp under the new brothers living you

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praying together while I lived and I never knew any of this

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but I've seen something special

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and in my heart was in my heart I wanted to be a part of it

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I wanted to be a part of it

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so I made friends with Flan and made friends with Flan and I met the chef for the first time I need to

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but I was hungry

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and then what happens

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the brother sits me brother You know we have the army

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Yeah, we have this downward group you can come in you can join us

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this camp will not change anything if you're going to come to the camp and go home let me break it to you now or lucky let me break it to you now you will have fun yeah you will taste something nice but you're going to go home empty handed

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this this is the place you make decisions

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I make decisions when I go back this is what I want

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so I went back met the boys one came became another third fourth one lucky from that day to now I've never ever missed the camp

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never missed the camp.

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Why? Because the heart wants what

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the heart wants and then from being in the environment.

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camps became goodbyes began taking taking the boys out became dollar became Jolla changed my life.

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And this is what we want my brothers

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This is what we want.

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You want to die in this environment. You wanna die like this?

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You don't want to die. Why he will lie will lie.

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when brothers come up to me imagine all right, brother, it's dying. No Salah, clean shaven.

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In the state of Xena one brother was actually in the state of sinner.

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Yeah. And that his friend comes up to me with tears in his eyes. Is this the brother? Is he going to genma

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my brother if this is your understanding of the

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law he you're in a walker?

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Yes, mongkol Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Jana Yes. But there's a prerequisite my brother.

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If I say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah but I don't believe in angels is the agenda for me.

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I don't believe in Quran is the agenda for me.

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I don't believe in Hellfire in Paradise is the agenda for me. That this is my call Allah Allah Allah Allah.

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No, my brother. No, it's not that easy.

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It's not that easy.

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So my brothers I don't take too much of your time. This is why we

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don't waste escape

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that waste with foolish talk and you know what?

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know if we're hanging out we're here to speak about Allah

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I want to hang out with those brothers who are older than me. I want to speak to those brothers who are involved in our I want to get involved otherwise we'll let you my brother you're just another face in the crowd

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you're just another face in the crowd

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and we don't want that man

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but don't you want to stand before a more on levels?

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I don't understand what like sometimes I look at faces But aren't you hungry for it?

00:15:31 --> 00:15:32

That you want genma

00:15:36 --> 00:15:39

maybe I'm not become an extremist. But you don't you want

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that you want to see that sooner one

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that you want to run to the companions

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that you want to meet him that you want to say I made it but I made it. I made it russula says I love to see my brother's he mentioned rasulillah standing with Sahaba says I love to see my brothers Sahaba looked at each other said a prophet of Allah your brothers he says No You are my companions

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my brothers are those who will come after me they will believe in me though they've never seen

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that you want to see that sort of Allah

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so cello my brothers This is it. But like these are the camps.

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These are the capes you need to start thinking from now. When I go back What am I doing? So usually the boys have the spoke when at the end of the camp and they will do it but you you inside of you if you want levels think now

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come to the brothers come to live the camp the bass come to whoever is telling brother please man I want to I want him but I want to be involved.

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So inshallah Tyler, I asked her every single one of you, you take these next few days serious, and we're lucky I'm telling you, I'm telling you. This changed my life. The man that stands before you, I can confidently say I can confidently say it started from a camp.

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It started from a camp. So the balls in your court. So panicle lahoma. Shut one day.

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