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AI: Summary © The segment discusses various challenges faced by different people during the "Art of Islam" period. These include a challenge to bring in a woman named Miss Lee to a meeting, a challenge to make a plan for a solar team, and a challenge to reveal a plan to the Earth. The segment also mentions the rights of people on the mountain and the potential for " handy rooms" on the mountain.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala salaam aleikum applied catalysis zazzy we're committed to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 day 28 so and hamdulillah one of the things that in fact we'll be living with in this blessed month of Ramadan We've been living with and since it's the month since it's the month of the end, but

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I really hope and pray that

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that as we have built this habit already in Ramadan that not after Ramadan we you know, go back and put it down on the shelf to get dusty and wait until the next time I've done that. So Ramadan it's just like a training school whereby we go and try to get connected No, come close to Allah subhana wa tada to the to the CMR to the Quran, you know with regard to the N or N is columella the words of Allah subhana wa tada and ready to head who cheriya am Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen us to this point and the entire mankind from incent gene in fact you know when it was revealed Allah subhana wa tada you know made challenges made challenges you know the tongue of the Prophet Mohammed audio

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setup the challenges came in three parts the first challenge as the as it's in the reporter in salt it's a lot and it's like number a number 88 Allah subhana wa tada says all the wisdom in the world

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to be missed you have

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to not be Miss Lee wallow can

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say oh Mohammed if the incident Jin mankind from intern Jin if they were to come together to bring one I have to make one I have one verse one chapter and they assume that we missed it. So the first challenge was one I have the right maybe not one I lost sometimes in fact in this chapter in this challenge was to bring something like

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like the full and if the incent gene all mankind you know ends and also gene was to come together to make something like that and they will not be able to make it then Allah Subhana Allah tala bring back the challenge and you know, make it me he made it out to a lower challenge. He says subhana wa tada insult hood number 13 out of 11 minutes straight on your machine. And yopu NAFTA they say that this was forged they say they claim it was forged.

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Mmm yep una de la palma to be ashy. sorry miss lee Mustafa.

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They said it's been forged so tell them to forge 10am or to bring 10 foot as the first challenge was the full core and the second challenge went down to only 10 is only 210 verses then came the third challenge in select units I never 38

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um Yep, oh no never thought Ah

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well, to the solar team Miss Lee weather oh man is

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in town saw the thing.

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They say it's been forged.

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Tell them how Mohammed fer to now bring one solar one versed. The solar team is the one sort of one chapter like it's miss the most Orion woman is tatata mundo de la and go call upon whoever you can from those other than Allah subhana wa Tada. If you are truthful. So the first challenge was the full course. And the second challenge came 10 songs from the Quran. And the last challenge was one, even one soul which they couldn't make. This is the challenge of Allah subhanho wa Taala has made you know for mankind throughout history, my brothers and sisters, as they said, uncommon law kalama lies the words of Allah subhana wa tada if Allah subhanho wa Taala was to reveal it upon mountains,

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the mountains would would show would would humble themselves down to Allah subhanho wa Taala as a last resort to hush up and number 21. Now

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Jabba de nada ieta who saw the letter ita hace mucho Sati I'm in hacia till

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if this plan was to be revealed on the mountain, la ATL, Harsha and matassa admin hace la y mountain mountain is the strongest structure on earth. And if the strongest structured on Earth, if the plan was to be revealed on this on the mountains that are either harsh and the Quran will will will come down humble himself down Hashimoto Satya Nadella of the field of Allah subhana wa Tada. Even though my brothers and sisters would have assured

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me I'm sorry.

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Even the mountains would have whoa sure if this plan was to be revealed on them, but it was revealed on us human beings with hearts.

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A mountain would have pusher How about our hearts? mountains with rocks would have crucial How about our hearts my brothers and sisters but do you know that this court and have rights upon us has many rights upon us? What are these rights? We'll share them with you tomorrow Sharma who tada until another episode of Rocky Ramallah 2014. I say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.