Paradise #12 – The Conversations in Jannah

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philosopher Panatela tells us about the people of gender turning to each other and asking questions. Well Kabbalah about whom Allah boggling yet people of paradise turn to each other asking questions reflecting talking about what they're talking about this life right here. So in one of these scenarios in Sudoku board, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about a particular discussion, follow in Hakuna comm Luffy Lina mush weekly they will say to each other before this before Jana we used to be in a state of all of Allah subhanaw taala or some fear as well as the afterlife with one another in the midst of our families or our people. For men Allahu Allah in a while I'll find out about some so

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Allah graced us and protected us from the torment of the Fire in Coonamble called Luna de rue in who who will battle Rahim, we used to make dua and call upon Allah alone in the previous life. And truly he is the most kind, the Most Merciful. Our mother I shuttle the Lohana. She one time was witnessed by her nephew, he came to say salaam to her, she was witnessed making do out using this over and over and over and she was repeating these ayat and crying, he went to the marketplace, he came back and she was still reciting this feminine Allahu Elena will walk on the moon, that Allah has saved us. And he protected us from the punishment of the heat of the afterlife. So when you think about

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that scenario, you're connecting to an app of Quran. And you realize that memories evoke sadness. Sometimes, you realize there's renewed joy, sometimes you recognize there's obedience to Allah through that memory. But at the end of the day, perhaps remember this, some of the gatherings of this world today are going to be memories you talk about tomorrow, these are going to be the reflections that people in general will talk about. Do you remember when we went to the Islamic school together? You remember when we just met for a conference just one time? Do you remember that person that interacted with you? And the only times you met were in good gatherings? Do you remember

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when he used to make dua as a community? Do you remember every Ramadan that dua used to make in the last 10 Nights? Do you remember? And so at the end of the day, the people of Jana are reflecting and their reflections on the acts of worship are ones of gratitude, not regret. You want to be someone who appreciates working hard, you want to be someone who looks back and says I have no regrets. When I fell short, I came back to Allah. We still call upon Him, they will say and Allah is the most kind, the Most Merciful. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from us and grant us the highest levels of jinn.