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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield mbi Well, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even consider and cathedra from Abbado.

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My brother and sisters Allah subhanho, wa taala,

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sent Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and he called the Rasul Ali Salaam in Yama for the ummah.

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He said Gentle, gentle who look among Allahu Allah Momineen is VAs fie him Rasool Amin and fusi you year through Ali via the user key him but you are Lemo whom will Kitab al hikma are in can woman come Lulu fee the lolly movie, Allah subhanaw taala said which means

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truly And Verily Allah subhanaw taala has blessed the believers that he sent among them his Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is from among them. So it's a double blessing the Rasul came and he's not a foreigner is not some other form of life is not an angel is not something else he's also human. So double benefit

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to do what

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four things now these four things are interpreted by the professor in many different ways. But what I'm going to use now is to explain these four and maybe we just wanted it but as a process what is the process here to allow him it

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to inform them of what has been revealed to our of the Quran

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recite for them the Ayat of Allah

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were using Yuzuki him and purify them

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while you are limo Makita and teach them the book

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while haga and teach them wisdom

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now if you take these four things

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let me ask you a question especially since there are a lot of Egyptians here Mashallah. So, people know how to grow cotton right.

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If you are a farmer

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and you are given the best seed whatever it is, garden con raise one the best seed

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it is growing season the rain is going to come and you are a farmer you get the seed what is the foot and you want this fantastic harvest? What is the first thing you will do?

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You do

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what are the first thing

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so does he

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prepared who said

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those are gonna prepare the site if you sowed the seed the seed will die.

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If the soil is not prepared, the seed will perish. Even if it grows, it will never give you a crop prepare the soil

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yet to arrive it is the seed

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here is what Allah sent.

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But if you want this thing to benefit you use a key him

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repair the soil. The skier to enough's for tarbiyah to Lovelock

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cleaning and purification of the heart and the soul and cleaning and purification of our armor.

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The foundation of that cleaning and purification is other.

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And that is not only it includes, but it is not only being respectful to elders and so on.

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Other is to do justice to the thing in its place.

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For example,

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it is other

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for a place of worship which is the masjid to be treated with respect.

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Meaning its cleanliness, meaning that when Salah is happening in the masjid, no other activity must happen.

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For example, we see Salah happening here, the love of the Quran, and we have kids screaming in the back

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and they are playing and they are doing something and maybe somebody says you know there's Walton, let them have fun. You know what is actually happening?

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I'm a behavioral scientist. I have a PhD in applied behavioral science.

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I'm speaking from a knowledge base. I consult with major corporate

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organizations are insane amounts of money.

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You know, what are you actually doing that you are giving your children a message you are giving them the third idea that your game is more important than Allah scholem

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that your game is more important than worship of Allah subhanaw taala this is what you're teaching whether you like it or not, that is the message they are learning. Because children learn to listen with their eyes. They do not listen with their ears, they listen with their eyes, they listen with their experience, they don't care what you say until they see what you do. And what are you doing? You are praying but the kids are playing

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they will come and you are in your cupboard and you are lying there and hoping and waiting my son my daughter is going to make dua for me in the hedgerows. What is happening at that time your son and daughter is playing video games in the middle of the night. You are saying well you know after all these are the last 10 days or other or nights my son my daughter could not possibly be spending that time playing video games. No no no no doesn't happen. It happens. It happens Believe me it happens I have seen it happening

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your choice

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is not magic. This is other other is to dress in a way which is appropriate to the place if you go for an interview you don't go wearing a pair of shorts you don't turn up there in a pair of shorts you don't turn up there looking like something that dog brought in and then you say well you know what just a doctor I'm the one I'm I came to apply for this job you should be interested in my knowledge what do you care what I what I address like I didn't come to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. What do you what is it you

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will do not only your life right? You going for an interview you dress you do you make sure that you are presentable.

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We see people in the masjid

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and what like I've every time I think I've seen it all. Allah showed me something else. There was a time when young men used to wear trousers which used to drag beneath their feet. The trouser would be below the below the on the bottom of the foot. I mean over the hill, have the foot. Now with that trouser this guy is walking on the street and going into the bathroom. That trouser is dirty. You can see it as dirty and he's walking into the masjid, on the carpet with that trousers

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are sisters May Allah bless them. They were abayas that ABA is like though in the old days is drum screens and the Queen's would have little page girls holding up at least they had you don't have that right. So the ABA is dragging on the ground thereby is bringing half of Amherst soil into the into the muscle you go into the bathroom thereby I mean come on.

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Now, new vessels

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are young men, when they go into Rocco or sudo in alila here in LA Raju

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Yeah, people ask me this question. One man brother said yes, this guy was praying next to me and this what happened? Should I make wudu

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because what is seen cannot be unseen right?

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What is this

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your Salah is battle whether you saw it whether you did not see it whether anyone saw it or not your Salah is God think about that. May Allah bless you you take all the time and trouble you could be anywhere no you take all the time and trouble May Allah bless you and accept this from you you come all the way to the masjid you have taken the trio made although you did this that and then the first Ruko and your salaries as well finished

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Why do you do this to yourself? Don't worry about the the traumatic effects and the bad dreams everybody else will have thanks to you. But I mean to yourself itself. Why do you do that?

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I mean really,

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I don't know should I laugh or cry? Oh what I mean, this is other

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right? This is other Illa Allah Jalla Gerardo

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very important. Another one.

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You know, we have the beautiful Hadees of Armada says Ayesha Siddiqa. Lana. She said that rustlers seldom would be we would be at home with us and he would be he was a very, you know, way. Beautiful natured person. He didn't walk around with a frown on his face. So he would be smiling and laughing and joking with us and so on and so on. And suddenly he would hear the other Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and she said that he would change completely, as if he does not know us at all.

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he's completely disconnected. Because the moment he hears that out in the Name of Allah, he's with Allah.

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This is the hotshot of Allah.

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This is the hotshot of Allah in our hearts, which we need to inculcate this part of other

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user key, this gear to knifes, whatever we have

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seen as their brother or sister think about this.

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If you have spent money to establish his budget, mashallah you do not have enough of the budget

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do you want his budget wanted to be sold?

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To make maybe games arcade or something?

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Do you think, do you think you know, in this country, Muslim buy church? Right? And some of those churches, they buy them and you can think about that? If you look at the church, you said people spend some serious money building this church, beautiful buildings, architecture, whatnot, why does healing

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you think that people when they build the church, they said, You know what, let's the committee is sitting here right? For the church, and they're saying, you know, let's design this church in such a way that one day when you sell it to the Muslims, it should be good

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what the thinking like that, what do you think?

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They build the church to sell to Muslims.

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But they are selling why?

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Because they did not inculcate the love of Allah, the love of God the love of worship in their children.

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So that generation went the next generation doesn't care it's okay it's Israel. Is it? Somebody is offering a prize Excel it How does

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you think that what happened to you and me?

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Seriously, we must does Keota Well, that's why I brought I'm talking to you from the perspectives either the Quran

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nobody's Allah salon brought them Saba said we used to sit before Rasul Allah, Salah Salem in a position of the shepherd.

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And they said about the Sahaba that they would sit so still as if there is a bird sitting on their head. And if they move the body flower

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with that level of respect,

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my Malaga lovely little boy, maybe five years old. His mother is sending sending him too much is a WS sheriff to study under Robert alright.

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I'm here with Ron Alonzo.

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What does she do? SHE BIDS him.

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She puts on beautiful. So she ties a turban on his head.

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And she tells him go and take the other and the o'clock have Robbie before you take from his knowledge.

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This is the this is the advice of the mother of Imam Malik. And this became in such a way that when Monica Delano Rahmatullah when he became when he started giving he was given the Jaza to give rulings fatawa at the age of 16.

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He started formally teaching at the age of 20.

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And when he wasn't much less than a sheriff, they used to say the Allamah and the folk AHA of the Muslim world, used to say how can I give a fatwa when Malik is in Medina?

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They would say no, we cannot give go ask him.

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He wrote the he started collecting a Hadees. Eventually what became what up Imam Malik.

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He took a long time, many years people said to him, there are many other people also collecting Hadith. They are also may some people even called it more. And you are taking so long those books will get published. Who will read your book? He said I don't care. I am doing this for the river of Allah. And I will not hurry in it

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with the hadith of Rasulullah Sosa.

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Eventually when it was published,

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the Khalifa came to meet him in Medina and he said to him, I'm going to give me permission I want to inscribe this book in in gold leaf and place it inside the cover.

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And I will issue a Forman addict

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for the whole empire to say that no other book of Hadees will be taught except what that normally

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I imagine it anyone in that situation. What would you say

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to that when I made it?

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What do you want? What is it

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While he said I will not give you permission, I do not want the book to be inscribed in gold. I do not want you to give this Furman edit to say that every other book will not be taught except for this book. The Khalifa said why

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okay no god no problem. But why this? He said because if Allah Subhana Allah Allah Jalla Jalla who wishes to preserve a Hadees of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam which is not in my book, who am I to say that that is wrong

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that also is a way of the of the ravioli Salah

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one day he came to the masjid

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just before the other end of Murray would have been called. So that time is macro for Salah.

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As he came he was about to sit down to the little boy and the boy said Rasul Allah is Allah alayhi salam said Do not sit down until you pray two rakaat of the health or budget mathematics of Allah Allah.

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So, when Salah finished and so on and so forth, his students they say to me sad, it is your fatwa. And you have taught us that we should not pray and may pseudo the parade as or harass everything is over just before Margrave time for Hooroo we should not pray it is not the right time it is macro but you prayed

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you know Malik said the boy mentioned the name of Rasulullah sallallahu listen

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how can I not do that?

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He said my father is right. I'm not changing my opinion. My opinion is correct. But when he said Rasulullah said this

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sisters please

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especially in these last night's

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let us make Rooney will Allah

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let us turn to Allah subhanaw taala

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who completely useless with purity of our intentions and ask Allah subhanaw taala to teach us other. Ask Allah, Allah to teach us the way to approach him.

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He's gonna teach us how to approach

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teach us how to make dua.

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Teach us what pleases you and then enable us to do that which pleases you and then accept this from us.

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You see, I like it. purify our heart, like the farmer cleans the soil and prepare the soil, purify our heart, prepare our heart to receive the beautiful color of your self. And the beautiful teachings of Your Habib Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa he was using

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macros you ask Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala

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This is the time when Allah subhanaw taala is here he is ready to give. He says oh, the only I studied luck was privileges. What is that that like I read the unevenly Kareem when my slave asks about me I'm close to him here also Allah please tell them that

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would you move out a diary than folio study Molly will you mean OB la alum, your shadow, your shadow?

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I will give them let them asked me I will give them let them obey me, let them have human so that they will be rightly guided. So let us ask Allah subhanaw taala let us beg Allah subhanaw taala I ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you the words that he wants to hear, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make you do dua that he wants you to ask him.

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If Allah puts the words in your heart, believe me he wants to give you that thing. So ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept all your grass, ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you whatever you ask him with higher and Afia and to add to that from his generosity and grace, ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with all of you and us and never be displeased with Allah, Allah Allah will carry while Allah He was a member of the government