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For our own success and our own salvation, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada created us and commands us. What is in our well being and best interest, we translated as all believers, be mindful of Allah worship Allah as he deserves, as is his right upon you, and do not die except in a state of worship. We know we could leave this world at any moment. And if our sincere desires to leave in a manner that is pleasing to Allah, then surely we must be sincere and living upon it. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live upon Islam to die upon Iman olam Omi.

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Yesterday, a family of 12 was killed with one bomb that dropped under home and it was a small girl perhaps some people saw her video 10 year old shaking and in shock in the hospital, her parents or siblings, all dead in one bomb. saw the example of some young young children that they found, or the baby that they found 18 months, entire family died. Soul survivors. You have the example of the young boy whose face was burned off because there is chemical warfare. And he's consoling his father in the hospital who's on the bed next to him crying. The boy is comforting the father and the boy is the one who was bleeding, the one who was going through this pain of the burns. You have the example

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of an entire family that was told leave your home because it's going to be bombed, they left their home and they still got bombed and killed along the way. Where's this happening? You know where this is happening? This is happening in the land that Allah mentioned in the Quran. This is happening the land that Akbar Allahu unliberated and when Rama Radi Allahu Allah and enter Jerusalem when he entered Alexa, we know the story. When he liberated with a peaceful surrender. For the first time in several centuries, he gave minorities the right to worship specifically, he allowed the Jews back in because the Christians had kicked them out, or moderately, Allah one spoke some words that were very

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important on that day. And there was a covenant a I had the assurance of aroma that included the religious minorities, amongst them, the Christians and the Jews. And of course, the Muslims who now were in control, who are going to give justice to those who are able to worship as they wanted to worship. The assurances that he gave were assurances that spread throughout the Byzantine Christian empire. They saw this as an inspiration, a place in which there is diversity, a place in which all people can worship freely, a place of Justice. Today, it is no longer a place of Justice. Today, it is a place of occupation, a place in which there is terrorism, a place in which there's brutality, a

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place in which children are killed, and it is justified. They justify a towel by saying this is a reaction. This is a response 500 children in the last few days, what kind of moral army justifies this? What kind of people around the world would justify something like this? At least we as Muslims, if we see a Muslim doing something wrong, we will say this is not allowed in Islam. We condemn the killing of children, we condemn the killing of innocent people. We do not shy away. We're not afraid to say that. But while this is happening around the world today, ethnic cleansing and genocide in some of the most evil matters in the history of the land in the history of humanity,

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we find that there is support for this. But of course, for many Muslims, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. Amongst them, the question is, why is an oxer so important to us? As Muslims, every land in every place is important in which there's injustice we care if it is an atheist, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Jew, a Muslim being oppressed here in Dearborn or anywhere around the world, and we are able to help we will help. Why we are required by Allah, we are commanded to stand with justice. In this case, there is another level to it. We have seen the overwhelming support despite the propaganda, the overwhelming support for many people around the world who are

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finally talking about to the occupation itself, the oppression of 75 years, that is a source cause of many other injustices that we see the bloodshed that we see the incidents that we see. This is a place that does not belong to those who are kicking out, Palestinians left and right, regardless of their religion, Muslims, Christians and others. This is a land that is Blissett. For us. First and foremost, this is a religious matter because of justice and because it is a blessing land. mentioned in the Quran on numerous occasions it is the first Liebler of Islam the Muslims pray towards the lochsa for over a year as you know, and then after moving to Medina for over a year meaning after

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the move to Medina, the revelation came down to turn towards the Kaaba towards Masjidul haram. This is the land in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to lead the prophets in prayer during Illustra when Mirage and then ascend

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Did this is a blessing land mentioned throughout the Quran, many prophets and messengers were either born there or were people who had gone through that place and given and conveyed the message of Allah, in addition to all of this is a central question, What can I do? Many people are feeling helpless. You're seeing people brutally killed, you're seeing the videos and children, it's not easy to watch. It's so tragic. It's so heavy. When you see this the natural responses, I do feel like this is wrong. And I do feel like I want to help. So if you have that feeling, if that is the thought, if that is the question, first and foremost, this is a good sign that your heart is still

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there. For Wallahi. We have seen and heard directly from some people who are seeing Palestinians killed, who are seeing the children being killed. And they said, I don't care, this is what they deserve. Who says something like this? Unless there's no heart left inside of them? Who says something like that? Unless there's no mercy or compassion or justice? So the first sign, the first sign that there's some hearts is that you do care. In addition to this, we recognize as Muslims, we are one body. We are one Oh, man. And I say this very explicitly for those who are very nationalistic, we do not care about geographic borders, we do not care if you are from Yemen, or

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Syria, or Palestine or Jordan or America, we are one OMA La Ilaha. In the laws, what unites us, yes, at times people utilize the flags to symbolize sovereignty, freedom, justice that they want. But what unites us at the end of the day is our mission for justice is the fact that we are all Muslims. So when part of the body is hurting, another part of the body is restless. This is a sign that you are a believer, this is a sign that you feel the pain of your brothers and your sisters, but I want to give some advices and reminders. Number one, sometimes you learn from the CETA that there is nothing directly physical that you can do when someone is suffering. I know this is not what we want

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to hear. But this is the reality you are not over there you are over here. Sometimes physical direct help in the moment to shield that child from the bomb to help somebody carry their stuff as they're being kicked out of their home. Sometimes there's nothing you can do. How do we know this? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam in Mecca as sumiya And yes, it are being tortured the first martyrs in Islam, as they are being tortured, and they are minorities and you cannot fight back and there's no power. What do they do? What does he say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, someone earlier said, be patient or family of yesterday. For in America common agenda. For paradise is your promise

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it is your destination. Sometimes you'll have to remind people to persevere, to be patient to be strong, to be optimistic, because maybe there is nothing in that moment that you physically are capable of doing. In addition, you look at the first 10 years in the Meccan era when they were being persecuted, tortured, killed as well. What happened they come to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam one day the situation was so bad. And long story short, I'm summarizing the Hadith here. They complained to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said to him, Pune who Allah testin Solana Allah to Allah Halina. They said, Will you not help us or give us something to be helped

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with? Will you not make dua for Allah to give us victory and end the suffering meaning right now? Can we just stop the suffering right now? Can you do something about it? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded them because they were in need of this reminder about a person who came from before them a believer who was taken and cut in half with a saw and a person who did not leave his religion because of that a person who was tortured with metal scraping his body I apologize for being explicit. And he did not leave his religion because of that. And then he said to them, at the end of this there's a very powerful reminder. He said, Well, Allahu Allah, you to mend the hurdle on

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this matter of Islam. We're being persecuted. We're holding on to the truth, but this matter will spread how you see it other law Kibo until the writer is able to go mean son in our hug remote from Santa Ana to how the remote denial harmful in Allah fearing no one but Allah meaning what he will have that freedom that Islam will spread the truth will spread within the other one me or the wolf with the sheep, whatever Kingdom Come to start, you don't. You are hasty in what way? Usually you think if someone's telling you I'm suffering, when is the victory of Allah coming? Usually you might not think to say like, Hey, stop being hasty. What I cannot come to start your own means what I can

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no contest as you do and a nostril Allahu Akbar, you are rushing the victory of Allah that is guaranteed. That is coming soon Allah Ignacio Allah He, buddy, the victory in the supports. The help of ALLAH is nearby. But there are many manifestations of support. And so with this first reminder, with this first reminder, we take the lesson that at times there is nothing physical that you are able to do, but you are supposed to recognize there are circumstances there's a capacity what can you do in your capacity? The second, we learn from the stories of the messengers and the prophets in almost 1/4 of the Quran. We

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You learned that many times Prophets and Messengers went through hardship? Could Allah subhanaw taala have ended the hardship instantaneously? Yes, instantly, yes. And in some cases, we saw that, but many of them had to fight battles. Many of them had to be tortured. Many of them their followers were killed. Many of them had to struggle. Many of them had to strive for 950 years, and they saw their own families being abused at times and their own followers being executed. The prophets and the messengers, so we learned a lesson here, Allah subhanaw taala did not change instantaneously, every single experience every single hardship that took place, there are wisdoms for that. So you

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read surah 12 Bhuj. And the main story in Surah, two borouge. We teach our children it's very clear, a group of believers, they saw the miracle the sign that this young boy is a believer, and he believes in Allah, he's calling people to worship Allah. So they all became Muslims. They were threatened. There was a ditch as hobbit 100, the ditch that was dug, a fire was kindled. And the king said, leave your religion, or you will die. You have two choices, renounce your faith in God, or you will die. What did they do they held on to their faith, they died. That's the end of the story. Sometimes we look for a material happy ending, as though that means you are successful and

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the death meant that you are not. But this is not the reality. Allah subhanaw taala refers to them in the Quran, these are shahada and the king do we know what happened to the king? No, we do not. Does Allah tell us later on the king was punished in a dunya or something happened to him right after this? We don't have any reference to that whatsoever in the Sunnah. What does that mean? That means that this life is not the end all be all. That means there is a wisdom for what happens in this world, that some people for them shahada is what they will have and the highest ranks of Jana, but do not assume that just because they did not survive, they did not win a battle they did not

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survive in the moment that they were not successful. Don't ever assume that or that Allah is not aware of what the oppressors do. When Allah tells us very clearly what types of an Allah Allah feed and I'm not I'm going to bloody moon do not assume that Allah is unaware of what the oppressors do. In nama you a hero whom Leo woman touched philosophy, he loves song, he delays them, he delays meaning their punishment for a day in which the eyes will be staring at horror, their eyes will be staring in horror because of the punishment that is coming to them. Do not assume that Allah is unaware. And the third point here is what can you do personally, aside from advocacy, which we will

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address aside from striving, which will address what can you do between you and Allah? subhanho wa Taala remember this? Yeah, are you Hallerin Ermelo all believers 89 times in the Quran? Yeah, you have Medina, um, you know, pay closer attention

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in terms of Allah Hi. And so,

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if you give victory, support to the religion of Allah, Allah will give you victory. What does that mean? In turn, surah Allah starts with you. In turn sort of law means you practice Islam. In Tunsil. Allah does not mean that when something happens, you complain, but you yourself are not a source of baraka and tofield for the OMA that you yourself are committing so many sins, that perhaps some of your sins are harming the ummah. Vahagn facade who feels better you will Buhari Bhima cassava to aid in US corruption spreads in the world and the land and the sea. Because of what people have done the EU, the UK on Beragon that iamu People will taste a fraction of their evil a fraction of the

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consequence why there's a reminder when there's a hardship in this world for you or others, there is a very clear reminder that I know whom you're gonna go back to Allah, the unknown we have to go back to Allah and our brothers and sisters in the bazaar in an amazing example, because the massages are being bombed and demolished, and they are praying Fajr on the rubble, they are still praying frigid on time, we are living in a land in which we have this freedom. And many Muslims are not even practicing their Islam. Many Muslims are shy to be Muslim. Many Muslims are embarrassed to wear hijab, many Muslims are embarrassed to use their real names, whereas the Islam and the victory and

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the support that we are talking about starts with us. And this does not mean just very bad to that people. See, this includes your character, in some sort of law means you treat your family with good character in some sort of law means behind closed doors when you are at home, that you honor your parents, you honor your wife, you honor your husband, you honor your children, that you are a person who is reflecting the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in some sort of law means every time you say Allahu Akbar, with every Salah and after every prayer in the event and the format throughout the day, that you are living upon it that Allah is greater than my desires, my enemies,

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my weaknesses, my fears, my anxiety, Allah is greater and deserving of our worship Allah is greater and he is perfect. So we turn to him in Tunsil La Jolla on Sadiq Khan, as a reminder for us, that one of many ways to help the Ummah is for you to turn back to Allah. This requires us to have

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Some striking one brother, yesterday we were talking about this, he said, I feel so embarrassed that I'm looking at what's happening in many countries around the world. And they literally don't have food, they are being bombed, they are being attacked in different countries. And he said, and I'm finding myself struggling to just pray Fudger I'm finding myself struggling to just pray the five prayers on time. He's like, and I'm talking about how the Muslims need to be strong and defend their homes and be physically strong as well. And he's like, I can't even get up for vision. In tongues, Salahi and softcom. There's a reminder for us to be grateful for our loved ones. Be grateful for

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your family members, be grateful for your health. Be grateful for your freedom, and your ability to worship and living in a country in which you have the freedom of speech to speak on behalf of those who are being silenced and Wallahi. Even in this country. If you speak on behalf of those who are being silenced, certain groups you are not allowed to defend if you defend them, you will find the backlash, you will find people talking about you You will find the propaganda machine, you will find yourself being quote unquote cancelled, losing potentially a job or losing yourself on campus, you will find this is the reality today. This requires us to be even more resilient. This requires us to

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be stronger, but also to be wise to be strategic. When we talk about what's happening and Philistine. Don't ever remove the reference of shahada when Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that this life is not the end all this life is a test whether or not blue one come with a blue one NyQuil test, you meaning people be tested in different ways. Be che immune unhealthy when Jewry when x liminal and worldly when unfussy with thermo right. Some of you will face in this life fear and the loss of loved ones the loss of food, the loss of agriculture, well this shoot is solid in in every single Quranic context, remember this Tafseer lesson in every single passage of the Quran where

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hardship is mentioned, Allah mentioned something for you to hold on to something comforting something of resilience something to keep doing. So you have starting anew with somebody was Salah turn to prayer and perseverance. You have duat mentioned the Quran you have afterlife mentioned the Quran that there's a reward as well. So all of these reminders cause us when we share news with our loved ones with community when you spread news on social media about what's happening, share one reminder as well make dua share one reminder, educate, raise awareness, share this video. So you have something of optimism, of action of resilience included with it, our brothers and sisters who

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died a Shahada. We don't worry about them where they are now we don't worry about where they ended up. They are in a much better place than we are. But it's those who survived who are facing injustice. Because those who die and they hold on to their Islam. The men are Aika come to them and they say what Allah Taha for what Allah has no but as for those who survive we remind them and Allah remind us what are telling you what to do not to be sad, do not to be sad, do not to be sad. The sadness in the corners always emphasize is something that you do not want to do. May Allah subhana wa Tada have mercy on our brothers and our sisters in grant justice and relief and may Allah

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subhanahu make us a source of justice. ask Allah for forgiveness. He's the oft forgiving the Ever Merciful Julio Pfotenhauer, that was stopped for a while do not confess stop you don't know who will have a photo Rahim.

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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was Safi woman Awada. We live in a land in which we have the ability to help those who are suffering and those who are silenced all around the world. And yet some people are afraid. So they will remain silent. But the reality is if you have a platform, if you have the ability to say something, whether in a small group, whether as a response to someone else, whether online if you use social media, and you do not. It's as though you're watching an injustice, and you don't care about addressing it about the honor of our brothers and sisters who are defending Mr. The upside. Those Palestinians who have had resilience for 75

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years, many Muslims here and all around the world would not be living where we are living. If there was no invasion and occupation, we would probably still be in Palestine. This is the reality many Muslims perhaps here as well would have had the access a long time ago to go and pray in Masjid in Uppsala. May Allah subhanaw taala grant all of us that. Do not be ashamed to speak up and defend the truth. It is more shameful to remain silent. It is more shameful to feel afraid. There are parents out there who are telling us right now, the children and the parents are sleeping in one room. Because if the building falls and everyone dies, they don't want a sole survivor from the children.

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They're afraid. And there are other parents telling us the opposite, that some of them are putting their children in different rooms or even with relatives, because if our building drops and we are bombed and killed, we hope somebody in the family will survive. There are mothers and wives and daughters and sisters who are sleeping with their hijab sleeping with their clothes. Why they're thinking most likely we will die tonight and if we die, we don't want to be exposed as the rubble is being removed. The children there are telling us we are praying six prayers a day.

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There's no way not to pray janazah in a place like this, the oppression is real, the occupation is real, the violence is real. We cannot feel ashamed because of the propaganda machines. We cannot be afraid because there's so much emphasis on condemning this or condemning that we condemn violence, starting with 75 years of violence, starting with what's happening right now, starting with the killing of children. And of course, the reality is, there are many people who will not make it to pass this week. There are many brothers and sisters and Mufasa, who will not make it past this week, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make it easy for those who survive, to grant them Southern, to grant

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them the willingness, the ability to continue, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept those who die as Shahada. And to make us a means of justice. You are not required to see the result of liberating Philistine or any other land from injustice, you are required to focus on the effort, you're required to do your part, don't say, it's too big of a problem. There's too much we're doing. There's too much of an opposition. The problem here is that we already are putting ourselves in a place of defeat, Allah will judge you based on your actions, your commitments, not necessarily the results. And the most beloved of people to Allah, or those who are most beneficial to others have

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been nursing in Allah and federal homeliness. We have, of course, a reminder that we need to keep our trust in Allah, that sometimes even Muslims here are asking questions like, what's going on? Why is this happening? You need to put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala, like the previous nations who are shaking, like the Companions, who are shaking like the prophets and the messengers who are shaking. This is part of the wisdoms of this world, the test of this life. But it doesn't end here. There is a promise of Jannah, there is a promise of success, there is a promise of reward, there's a promise of justice as well. So whatever you can do strategically, wisely, to raise awareness,

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whatever you can do to support the many causes the many organizations that are addressing this matter, whatever you can do to go to and attend events in which people are collectively with every single voice making a difference. Yes, sometimes some events are more impactful than others. The point is not to criticize and tear down the the progress that many people are putting forth. The point is that for the first time in American history, politicians are telling us firsthand, we have never seen this much support at the federal and political levels. Yes, it seems overwhelming in the opposite direction. But if you will remember, just 1020 30 years ago, it was not like this. For the

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first time people are finally saying there is an occupation, there is an invasion, there is brutality. So what can we do? Every voice makes a difference. Every single person who's part of addressing an injustice will help in some way and what's on us is to be sincere. What's on us is to commit what's on us at the very least is to make dua morning at night and not to stop making dua for every drop makes a difference. And of course, there are many organizations that are on the ground in Gaza, and others that are outside of Gaza, waiting for the the borders to open so they can support. There's an organization here so support as much as you can, there is going to be an assault on a

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fundraiser as well give as much as you can. This is unfolding before our eyes right now. Do not hold back from your brothers and your sisters. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant them justice May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for all of our sins, may Allah subhanaw taala make us a means of justice and guidance in the world. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us a means of protection here and all around the world may Allah subhanaw taala allow the land of Philistine to be a land that has no oppression no occupation alone in which there is justice and peace for all and may Allah subhanaw taala utilize us wherever we are