Suleiman Hani – Nightly Du’aa #2

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The DUA session is about addressing the pandemic and addressing questions about the i.e. culture. Speakers mention various people, including a woman named Monica, a man named Haruna, and a woman named Kadeem. The importance of forgiveness and protecting people from evil is emphasized, along with the need for consistency and strong actions to achieve goals. The segment ends with a promise to address issues related to human suffering and empowerment. Pr steadily share their good works and encourage others to take action and benefit from it.
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salam ala Rasulillah while early he was so heavy on Allah Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who

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we are now live for the second night of the DUA session for the sake of education and motivation, inshallah Tada and we will give time for our brothers and sisters to tune in from different countries in sha Allah and of course different states. May Allah subhanaw taala accept and may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for shortcomings and may Allah Subhana Allah accept our due up once you tune in let us know where you're coming in from insha Allah Tala

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while they consult our law from Florida Masha Allah does that Muslim radical Africa males path accept from you

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it's always great to see it Hamlet the many consistent and dedicated students from the another live seminars and not just students but my fellow educators and volunteers and staff. Those who inspire their communities radical offical Toronto as well Riley consider or recommend to law to run a martial law large crowd sedan from Chicago while they consider Masha Allah

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the windy city may last for that I bless you guys and except from you excellent Hamdulillah

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we will ensure long Tada

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resumed archaeological

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Massachusetts welcome welcome mashallah, Oklahoma. I think I saw the same name yesterday, or font from Oklahoma, may Allah bless you and accept from you.

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Welcome and hamdulillah

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as it was mentioned yesterday, subhanAllah this started during the pandemic. And of course, there are many people who even yesterday who reached out to me from my community and other countries and they said, Joseph, Mohit, and for this, but is there a need for this? Is this something that we even require? And the truth is, it's not easy to assess, to be very honest with you.

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It's not easy to assess but I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it beneficial for those who are able to make it warm I mean

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Well, hello, brother Hamad all the way from India. May Allah bless you. Malawi sha Allah may Allah bless you sister I mean

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New York City Bilal Great to see you at hamdulillah masama.

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Hamlet it is up to all of you and if you end up having questions about anything regarding Europe, that's the objective of this inshallah Tada we will respond to as many questions as necessary the Smilla

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let's go ahead and get started in sha Allah Tala with the Arabic dua first and yes on some nights there will be variations of the DUA shorter longer. The odd nights inshallah Tata will try our best to cover as many comprehensive drop from the Sunnah as possible inshallah Tada welcome Nobita from Philadelphia Rubina from Singapore welcome May Allah bless you all

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let's get started the Arabic dua for about 10 minutes inshallah.

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Aloha monocle hamdulillah and Samoa Do you want to be woman fee and what I can handle enter by you almost summer What do you want the only woman fee in one I can handle and almost summer What do you want? The woman fee and what I can handle? tell you how. Will while do a curl help? What do you call her half of one Jana to help one note or help one newbie you will not help when we have made them solo Lohani he wants to learn or help was to help a lot of Monica slim when we go

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to work can what bingo hall Sumner

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fell if you learn I am hola Anna condom wama Haruna wama Asana one on one and our on will bring him in. And tenemos en de moi and Rolla Isla

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and Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in North Dakota who came on while fell on decree and a lot of you know a lot of Medina theme and Herdade wa fina FEMA na fate whatever learner theme and so on late what Bernick Luna female all point what Lena shawarma FOMO

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lead in Naka tapa Li will help me what your billboard like

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in a hula and the Luma light what are your resume and don't tell Dr. Banner what are the eight that can 100 convoyed well I can shoot

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a normal Toby he Eileen laid the stone funeral Kalaam I mean Jimmy I don't know me well hot boy one or two boy like Allahumma in a car phone talking Milan for four on a logged in account phone to him Bala for thought for a long whom in a current form to boil off or fall for and

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along the mountain Nana said we're coming on holiday and putting me on Genie. He was genius. I don't even know I mean who I'm not I'm not when our own domain Kameena shuddering equally here Gee, what do you

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mean? I'm known I'm a lot more open here to all man and I'm you know that he was you know, Tana Amina Kadeem, where are you? And um you know he welcome new bene Amina she and her team Amina NIFA Allah who may or more commonly been an Apollo will be one Bill saw them been following Ben Dean. A lot of mouths open up from London mo Tito Ryan Dunn mo Tisha heard about the multigene atom one or email

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allotments really Islam or ISIS and mostly mean Allah Masada Islam was a Muslim in a lot almost every Muslim and non Muslim law fina for equally makan fee equally Monica fee equal Lima con Yeah, you will learn from Allahumma RMS Julian of saw ilardi Harbin Muslim it on long motors open Fe solid and problem at ratiometric Oklahoma rush I mean a lot of mud outside on a FEMA farm you know heard them been in law or

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whatever and you love what I'm doing and love for later

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win out more than

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what I'm alone and in learner Salta. What our quad even learn adjuster when I'm telling you one inertia feta when I'm Musa if you're on in Solomon EDA knee you know that we don't have magic how not rush I mean a lot more fit anymore meaning you know what do you want me not when mostly me you know when a Muslim out a Lufia I mean, what in Nakayama will learn us me on Kalibo morjim Odawa a lot more funeral emotes and mostly Minaj Marie Alladhina Shahidullah COVID Washingtonia wanting to be active duty so we'll learn to honor the log multi level mode Hamlin Wi Fi him waffle on him. What a criminal zulum What's their mode? Hollom Oxenham Bill, you were 31 Bernard. Well luckily he may

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not do not will be one Hautala coma you're not concerned we'll be able to Amina Dennis a lot more Hamner either. Susana Edano saw a lot of mud Hamner be acaba de la more la mer Helena Villa either in LA more either Joby Samina Lisa, what better way to call them or have no more? Either to Fotona what humming along May you go to Sedona while you're hammer Luna or having Allahumma either absolutely no football on what happened Allahumma Yeoman wildly fina being a de Allahumma believes on the left and one on one law whom a little no no you're not an odd Allahumma Bonilla none are you know turn upon when to another fee you know locomoting Allahumma until on you when I'm in full court

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or what until Kobe you want to know Boffer law in the ruca DUA and masa keen mono Dukkha Raja and hot iffy Allahu mulata for being one magic Amok roadie yeah how you yeah for you yeah for you. Yeah for you. Yeah, how you you have the human bit of magic and I still eat or sniff learnership Nana Aquila, whatever taking you know and fusina call for time.

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alarming and Luca if you heard a shoddy mobile fee her the leader didn't mobile aka fee her the sir I didn't well okay. So it will be a smell equal. Prusiner was the vertical earlier until Finola Otto Pamela olam affinity Whitey Dena Why did you want to Dina la Muffuletta de novo Ben Aquila. Delco what kabhi Raha was all you know her Marlena minha Domina law in Lucca Mooji Bertie and automatic was email fibrotic was mathematically Wallonie mettam equilibrium when foes are being Janna T one Naja Tamina Allah Amina na La Mina know Allah didn't even know I love my RTO please call bene What do you call

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about you know what Tina was you know not

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a lot more cleaner Janet Amanda but or yeah as easily or foe necessarily we can feel those in our lab you're

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not gonna be you know so the cleaner was shahada it was Saudi hanging or how's it gonna feel for Allah Muhammad Allah medallion in an RV V model VR kubina one who will also vote yeah what

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was the hub of moving I was moving along with that given I mean homeowners Cena where I live now I mean her manager who knows what I'm talking about today What lady walked off and I didn't want you to do leak on automatic AR hammer watch me

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Allahu Muscatine Lana Ramadan I've been wanting one Naja Tijuana it's coming neutronic Allah mulberry cleaner female bubbly mid Ramadan along my ID not on my gone acini Nadina wasn't mean to Medina what Jonathan Allahumma fie Myanmar Cambodia. Allah Medina if you haven't already. A lot of my taco bell Salatu was Salam Ala Moana? What? What Oh, cool. What's your dude Anna? Llama Taco Bell dua Anna in the Cantus Emirati what regarding in Naka into tau Rahim along with his opener personal Fatima wa John height or a Yeoman Yeoman of clock law. McGann played a Yamuna Yeoman at park along with jog Phaedra, Yamuna, Yeoman and park bureau of magic hammer walk me robbing a hub learner I

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mean as Virgina with the reality you know Kurata REO what Jana didn't totally you know, Mama Obinna Allah to sell Kulu BANA bada it her data were Hublin I mean, Rama in America into a hub. Robin? Tina Finn duniya Hassan will fill out your hazardous work Lena Durbin will sell you love Mother Nabina Muhammad while early he was so happy he was so now

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it is up to all of you, we will inshallah Tada, switch over to the English Euro May Allah subhanaw taala accept from you all among me

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What is one of your favorite supplications what is one of your favorite drops? Feel free to mention in the comments in sha Allah Tada Subhanallah you look at the DUA, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and you'll find that they are very comprehensive. Some of them are short, they're concise, but they include everything that we need. So one of my favorite duat and again includes everything in it and it shows our humility and our trust in Allah is that there are a lot of them in the US alone Magnus, Luca also mentioned this as a disclaimer any do I mentioned that is that we say it's from the Sunnah of the Prophet sighs I mean, he's there's an authentic hadith, or at least strong,

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acceptable Hadith hasn't or so here. It was back to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam it's a metaphor. So it's an authentic hadith it's not something that someone just made up although sometimes you can come up with your own dua the prophets lie to them his do our very comprehensive they're very concise as well and includes everything that we need

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along ministerial Camino high equally RG watching Allah we ask you for all that is good now and later the good that we know and the good that we don't know sometimes there's something good for you and you don't know it. So when you make this dua you're asking in a very comprehensive way for everything that is good. And when are we do we come in a shadow equally? I asked you a lot to protect me from everything that is evil now and later. The evil that I recognize and the evil that I don't recognize sometimes we love things, we were attracted to things or we pray for things or want things and in fact they may be harmful for us it may be evil for us May Allah protect us all. So I

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this is one of my favorite dogs because of how comprehensive it is.

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Let's switch over to the English to hot and Charlotta medical view is that McLaren yes well TM program for several hours. Actually I just drank coffee right before starting this live stream and for those who know and they do a lot of speaking coffee is not too good for your vocal cords at all. So I apologize for my exhausted voice medical field. Miss me let's switch over to the English dua.

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Oh Allah to you belongs all praise your The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is in between so to us thanks and praise. Oh Allah you are the light a note of the heavens and the earth so to us thanks and praise or Allah you are the truth Your speech is true your promise is true and your meeting is true. Paradise is true and the fire is true and the prophets are true and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is true. Or law we submit to you we believe in you we depend on you repent to you, we refer back to you seek judgment from you. So grant us forgiveness from you. For our past sins and the new those hidden and evident from all of them we repent and from those we

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forgotten while you knew. All we ask you for Paradise, the highest levels of paradise and everything

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that will bring us closer to of actions and speech and we seek refuge in You from the fire

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and everything that will bring us closer to of actions and speech. Oh Allah guide us amongst those who have guided grant us health amongst those who have granted health to protect us amongst those who have protected and bless us in what has been given to us by you. All are protect us from any evil that is decreed for you decree in truth and no one can decree over you. No one can disgrace whom you support and none can honor whom you oppose you are the blessed and exalted, Oh Allah, you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy, the Most Merciful of those who are asked the most generous of those who give a sustainer of everything you alone, every live you who hears what we do

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not hear you who sees what we do not see you who changes the universe by simply saying, couldn't me. We don't have the ability to praise you. You are as you praise yourself. We thank you for our faith, our families, our health and our wealth and we declare you to be our Lord with no deities other than you. You created us we are your sleeves and fulfill our pledge to you. We seek refuge in You from the sins that we commit. Your blessings cannot be counted Your favors, we all admit. We confess our sins and ask for your forgiveness for none forgive sins except for you.

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Oh Allah, you are alive who you are forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive us, O Allah, we beg you you are forgiving. You love to forgive. So forgive us, O Allah. You are forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive us. We seek refuge in You from a heart that is not humbled and an eye that does not tear knowledge that doesn't benefit us and a prayer not lifted near or law makers companions of the Quran or law makers and our loved ones companions of the Quran, or law, make the Quran the spring of our hearts in the light of our chests, the remover of our sadness, the repeller of our stress, teach us what we don't know of it and remind us what we forgotten. And grant us the ability

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to recite throughout the day and night. Oh Allah, guide for us our youth and bring them to the truth, protect them from influences that would cause them to be misled. Forgive our parents and grandparents and loved ones and have mercy and our debt removed from us the overpowering of people and the overburdening of debt. While Allah grant us success, and remove our stress and marry our bachelors and bachelorettes or law put Baraka in the marriages of our brothers and sisters all around the world and guide us all to tough one God consciousness and Hassan and good character within our homes and outside of our homes. Oh Lord grant Muslim students the ability to excel in

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Dean and dunya and doubts and desires repel, free our prisoners law bring them back to their family safe and secure. Heal our sick from ailments you alone are the one to cure. Oh Allah, we seek Your protection for being tested. And we ask you a lot to protect our families and loved ones in the line that you have made Blissett or law that people have an officer protect them your law and freedom of their oppression on our brothers and sisters in East Turkistan freedom of their oppression or a lot of brothers and sisters and every land and every place in which your name is mentioned all around the world. Yeah Allah removed from them their sadness and punish those who oppress them and make us

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a means of justice for them.

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Oh Allah you are there supporter you are there hope all avenues are shut for them except your door that doesn't close yeah Allah We beg you to be the greatest supporter and greatest ally. Oh Allah have mercy on our friends and brothers and sisters and everyone who requested our prayers, forgive all of their sins correct all of their affairs. Oh Allah as you've allowed us to experience the month of Ramadan. Allow us to be forgiven Allah forgive us your Allah be with us. Don't punish us your Allah. There is nothing that allows us to have the ability to pray to you with all of our sins and guilt and shortcomings and faults except what you've taught us of your forgiveness. Oh Allah you

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are the one who said let's talk not all middle committee law do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah We beg you for your mercy on law or law you are the one who said it would be Rooney a steady block and call upon Me I will respond to you your Allah We beg you as we call upon you in every line and every place throughout the day and throughout the night, in public and in private, out loud and silently yo Allah we asked you, your Allah to grant us acceptance for our DUA and to make us content with the form of acceptance that is given to us. Oh Allah make us of the people of paradise, the highest levels in our life and protect us from the fire. We seek refuge in You Allah from being a

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people of the fire, protect us, our families and our Ummah from all evil and heal the hearts of unbelieving people. Well Allah We beg you to make us amongst those who are accepted on later to audit the Night of Decree, Oh Allah, make us amongst those who are forgiven and accepted during this month. Make us amongst those who catch late that will further because we're consistent throughout the last 10 nights or Allah we ask you to marry

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signify the impact of all of our good works in our charity, and our DUA and our prayer, and the work that we do with our communities and families. Oh Allah, we ask you to guide us as parents or siblings, as children as community members, to be the best people to those around us and to make us people of kindness makers, people who follow the Sunnah and character and in rituals. Oh Allah, we ask you for all that is good. Now when later, the good that we know and the good that we don't, and we asked for your protection from all evil now and later, that you will that we recognize and that you will that we don't recognize, or Allah we ask you for happiness and healing and optimism and

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hope and to be a source of optimism and hope for others in our lives. All while we ask you to bless us and to cure us and to aid us in our physical health and our mental health for all of our brothers and sisters around the world. And to guide us to the best resources and the best sources of healing and prevention alone. I mean, oh Allah we ask you for consistency after Ramadan. We asked you for consistency throughout the year. We asked you your Allah to aid us and assist us and surround us with reminders and allow us to act upon those reminders. So that we are not worshipping you only Ramadan but throughout the year your Allah help us to continue taking steps towards you. And to make

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us a means of guidance for others guide us your law and guide others through us. Yeah Allah as Ramadan is coming to an end we asked you Allah to bless us in the remaining days and nights to accept from us to grant us strength to sacrifice what we need to sacrifice for your sake of time and energy and rest yet Allah we asked you and we beg you yet Allah for many more years and many more Ramadan to come. Oh Allah bless our Islamic institutions and guide them to good works and forgive them for their shortcomings and protect them from people have doubts and divisions internally and externally to our communities. Oh Allah, guide our Islamic institutions and guide our scholars and

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guide our Imams and guide our teachers and guide our community members guide to see our law to be people who are supportive towards the truth and advise one another in the best manner possible, guide us to the best of character will not guide us to the best of character to law that is to the best of character, Oh Allah, and allow us to see the truth is truth and to follow it to see falsehood as falsehood and to stay away from it. To protect us, our families, our communities, our institutions, from the tricks of the devil from the traps of the devil, and from the traps of those who are used by the devil is to divide us and to create doubts about those who are doing good work

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so Allah, we ask You for sincere hearts and sincere actions here Allah purify our hearts and rectify our actions. Oh Allah. Keep our hearts united as one and guide us and forgive us, O Allah. O Allah, we ask you to accept a little more accept all Allah except for there is none who accepts prayers except for you. And our final supplication is that all praise is due to Allah all of the world's all our send your peace and your blessings upon your messenger Muhammad and all who follow Him until the enough times along the Amin Aloma AMI,

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Salah Hamada nabina, Muhammad Juan early he'll be here tonight.

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Joseph McClendon, to our brothers and sisters for tuning in. Yes, we started this two years ago hamdullah. We're doing this again, to see if there's still interest. And to be very honest with you, there is of course, a very strong opinion that as we are in the kind of post COVID world, that there is no longer a need for sessions like this. This is kind of what I've been hearing for many people. However, for those who are able, even if they are few in number, those who are able to benefit from a live dua by being inspired or making dua or thinking of something you did not think of before, or just seeing how do i is made for educational purposes, that's why we're doing this. And so if you

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benefit from this make dua for all of us make dua for and motive Institute and the organization's doing these works, the staff and the volunteers and for all the students and attendees and for your brothers and your sisters. And inshallah we'll continue to do this so long as people are requesting it and benefiting from it. And if you think that others may benefit from it, spread the word, Inshallah, tada, we want this to be as beneficial, especially in the moment, especially live as beneficial as possible. So I asked a lot to accept from all of you for tuning in and those who watch this later as well. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to reward you. Does that make sense to all of you

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about UCLA, chico? I pray that your days and your nights of Ramadan are going well, and for your families and for your communities. Keep one another in your DUA and the angels say and the same for you. The same for you. May Allah subhanaw taala reward you out? Does that Muslim guys better coffee calm, have a wonderful night or day depending on where you are. And we will see you tomorrow at the same time in sha Allah to Allah 3am Eastern Standard Time for the 25th night of Ramadan for us here in the Eastern Time Zone an odd night and in fact, the foundations of the strongest opinions of later to call it they start with the final seven nights of Ramadan. So 23 onwards, we are all

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regardless of which country we are in. We're all experiencing that already.

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So take advantage sacrifice you'll rust leader in sha Allah Tada May Allah accept them all you deserve Mulherin Subhan Allah Hamdi Gesha do Allah you know in the end are still futile kotoba Lake wa Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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