In Love With The Quran #19 – The Art Of Reflection

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How can you contemplate the Quran without knowing any Arabic? Remember Allah subhanaw taala tells us that the Quran is a blessing book Mobarak and Allah Subhana Allah tells us the objective of it. The revelation is what Leah did battle at so that you can reflect upon its verses. And so when you take all of this into consideration, you realize contemplation of the Quran is an act of worship. It is one of the objectives, one of the goals of Revelation, Allah subhanaw taala commands us to think about the verses of the Quran, the signs within the Quran. And of course, we know and we realize the majority of the Ummah does not speak the Arabic language, and Allah subhanaw taala would not command

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something that the Ummah is incapable of that we are not able to do. Otherwise, this becomes a difficulty upon the majority. So there must be a way to do and there is a way to do it. What are the different things that we can do? And what are some of the lessons we can take from what the Companions would hear and the turbine would hear? So a man said to Abdullah bin Massoud, he said, I recite all of the Mufasa sower in one raka these are certain types of soar from one place to another. So Abdullah, on the long run, he said, You must have been resetting it very quickly. Like there were citation of poetry. Verily, there are people who recite the Quran, but it does not go

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down beyond their collarbones. So it is a factor with the Quran, that it is beneficial only when it settles in the heart and it is rooted deeply in it means you want to focus on it. Tip number one, personalize the message. When you read the Quran, read as if every verse is addressing you and no one else every verse of command, every verse of prohibition, don't do this. Don't do that. Stay away from this. Abstain from those things. Every time you hear. Yeah, you Alladhina amanu Oh believers at nine times in the Quran, this was mentioned, reflect on it as though it's addressed to you. And when he describes the believers, ask yourself if this is how you are, when it describes the disbelievers

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or the hypocrites. Make sure you are thinking about the qualities that are describing them and that you are far away from those qualities. Um, the Rockman been out one time, while the loved one was brought some food. And then he said most I've been on mayor was murdered and he was better than me and all they could find to cover him. Shroud him was a single sheet. Hamza was martyred and he was better than me and all he could find to shroud him was a single sheet. I fear that our pleasures have been Hastin for us in this life. And then he began to cry, he began to cry. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us humility. And Robin Alfred, the Allah one was one of the wealthiest of people in

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history one of the wealthiest of believers in the entirety of the OMA. And he was worried that while he had a dunya was going to be basically a reward that he would not then get in the afterlife. Now he recited one of the ayat of the Quran, and it was describing disbelievers and I want to share something here about the story. He could not help but be afraid, thinking that he would be amongst those whose pleasures in this life consumed in this world are a sign that they would not have anything in the next slide. So read the Quran as though it's addressed to you number to

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reflect on the context of the word placement. When you read the Quran, think about the words and where they are in the eyes. Now, you may not know how to do this. This is why we listen to lectures and this is why we have classes online and offline and we have resources and books of hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala sent Musa alayhis salam to a teacher. And the teacher had two qualities. And we read about this every Friday every Juma. This teacher had two qualities mercy and knowledge, but Allah mentions mercy first, Mercy precedes knowledge, knowledge is power. And that power can give a person of authority the ability to do something wrong, or with Mercy, the ability to do something

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right meaning to be kind to others. Knowledge allows you to judge to understand situations at times, but knowledge without mercy can make you judgmental, can lead to a lot of problems and we know this and we see this in our communities. Tip number three, reflect on the combination of the names of Allah subhanaw taala, in the different verses that you read. And so, you find the reference to a lower high alcohol, Allah subhanaw taala the one the prevailing you find this combination to be very interesting one because the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah wa when the one is always mentioned alongside the name alcohol, which is like the prevailing one the ever prevailing why this

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is because the kings and the leaders of the world they only prevail and they have power due to other factors like wealth, weaponry, our

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means the people that support them. On the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala His power is himself he needs nothing else. Lisa chemically he's saying there's nothing like him. So to illustrate the uniqueness of his power, ALLAH SubhanA combines these two names and why hate the one Alpha hardly ever prevailing. These are some tips amongst others. And I want to ask you this question at the end. Which of these three principles do you try to practice the most or will you try to practice the most moving forward?