Nadim Bashir – Signs of the Hour #1

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The Bible provides multiple signs of the Day of Judgment, including a Day of War, war on the Earth, landslides, and the implementation of Islam in South America. The Prophet sallam spoke about landslides, while the Sun satisfaction of the Day of War is said to be a sign of the day. The upcoming events include the Day of War, fire, landslides, and a war on the Earth. The Prophet also addressed the loss of Islam in South America, the shift from Eastern to Latin America, and the emergence of Jacob's "meditation." The importance of protecting upcoming generations is emphasized, and shaper shaping is used to avoid evil events.
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Mr. Han are 100 a little bit I mean was there was someone that was really Muhammad wa ala early he was so happy as mine was sitting with a statement of cathedral cathedral my boss of Hanukkah Ozma Illa Allah in the Quran Salima Oliver Hakeem are basically so they were silly Emily one of them listen evolium about. So inshallah we continue with our series. There is probably this week and next week inshallah we will be finished with the signs of the Day of Judgment in sha Allah. So, so far we have covered the we have covered a sighting we have covered the coming of the jail we have also covered the coming of our East Saudi is Salam Juma George and now we're going to come to some of the

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major signs of the Day of Judgment, which have been highlighted the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they're not highlighted in the Quran, but as I said, they're highlighted the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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And nonetheless, one more thing about these signs is that there is no particular sequence that is mentioned when it comes to these, these signs. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned that some things that will happen during the end of times. And so if you want to use your own imagination, as to when will these sequences take place or which order these, these events will take place? Or what is the sequence of them, that is totally up to you. Now, the first of them that we're going to cover today, because we're going to cover a few of them today in sha Allah. The very first one is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has informed us in a hadith narrated by Khalifa

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immunoassay, Allah revalued or the Allah Tryon that he came to the Sahaba of the Allah Tron whom they were sitting around, and they were talking. So the problem is, someone said, What are you talking about? And they said that we are talking about the day of judgment and the size of the judgment. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the sign or the Day of Judgment will never come until you see 10 signs. And then he mentioned the smoke. He mentioned the the gel, he mentioned the beast, he mentioned about the rising of the sun from the West, the descent of ESRD. He said, I'm the coming of Juju module. And then the province of some said that there will be three

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landslides that will take place, one of the East, one in the West, and one in the Arab Peninsula. And the last of that will be a fire which will emerge from Yemen, and it will drive people to their places of gathering now, this is what this is the sign of the day of judgment that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has talked about that there will be landslides that will take place. Now, when you talk about landslides from a scientific point of view, you know, one is that there could be a mudslide landslides are when when there is a shift in the ground, and there is a and the there the earth opens up or the Earth goes in. That is what you call a landslide. And so the problem is

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something he's he's telling us that there will be three of these that will be very, very apparent that will take that will take place right before the coming of the day of judgment. And if you want to understand this, once again, this all happens after the time of judgment judge. Now, according to one Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Hadith I'm about to share with you now was a hadith I shared with you regarding Imam Mehdi. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith narrated by OMA cinema or the Allah that ANA that he or a salaam says, there will be a dispute following the death of a Khalifa and a man from Medina will go out fleeing to Makkah, some

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people of Makkah will come to him and bring him out of out against his will. And they will swear allegiance to him between the Blackstone or the Hydra as well. And then MACOM and army will then be sent against him, and they will be swallowed up by the Earth in a place called Al Bayda. Between Makkah and Medina. Now this in itself, according to someone, and they say that this is actually in reference to one of the landslides that will take place once again, do we have any proof of that? We don't have any proof of that. This is something that has been mentioned the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then we leave it to the speculation and the theories of your own

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amount. There is another Hadith an area but as for the Allah to the iron, he says, The INS the Prophet, it sounds like he's talking to us and says that the people will establish cities, and one of them will be called Al Basrah or al Busara. If you pass through it, or enter it, then beware of its salt flat, its wharves is marketplace and the gate of his governor's you should keep to its outskirts mean that you stay on the outside the city for there will be landslides and falls of stones from heaven in it. And people who will spend the night the people who will spend the night and become monkeys and pigs in the morning now regarding becoming monkeys and pigs. We'll talk about

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that some other time probably next week inshallah. But here nonetheless, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is talking about a place called Basra. Now is this the buzzer that it does exist today? Well, Allahu Allah, we don't know. It could be but the Prophet alayhi salam once again, he's mentioning that there will be landslides that will take place. Now in this hadith of course, the Prophet saw a long while you're saying once again he tells us what will happen. Now once again we talk about the three major landslides that will take place. The first Hadith quoted I quoted mentioned the description of it, but at the same time, when will they take place? How will they take

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place to watch the extent the how you know how magnificent it may be? There is nothing that's mentioned in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but we do know that these things will take place now

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The question that someone asked me last week was that if after yeah judging by Judge, because we do know that at the time when you Sally some kills the doll, many people they will fold they will come into the fold of Islam. Many people will come into the fold of Islam and majority will be Muslims. But then the question is that if the province that Allahu alayhi wa sallam says that there's a, there's a hadith, that Allah Topo Musa Illa, Allah Sharon, hello, that the province derives from says that Allah will not establish the day of judgment

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until the time comes, that there'll be the most wicked of all the people on these on the on the faces Earth. So the question is that when will that happen? And how will that happen? If everyone is a Muslim? Will they turn into Christians? Will they turn into Jews? What will they turn into? And how will they go out in front of Islam? So this is something that also has been mentioned by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that once there is good on this earth, there'll be a lot of Baraka on this earth, but then slowly and gradually, people will become ungrateful to Allah. And slowly and gradually, as you all know that wherever you have happy you're going to have baton.

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Wherever you have health, you're going to have Boulton So likewise, there is Hawk over there, but slowly and gradually the battle is going to emerge. And when they emerge slowly and gradually the people who are good that people who say Allah, Allah, they recognize Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah will take them away from this dunya there's a hadith in, in urban America, and in in Al Hakim narrated by a man or the ultra iron, that the promise that Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, Islam will wear out like the adornment of a garment wears out, until no one will know what fasting was solid, what sacrifice what set up ah, what they are, no one will understand what these things are. visi

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basically meaning that these will become foreign concepts, they will become abstract concepts. Then the value some says the book of Allah will be taken away in one night, and not one idea will be left on earth. Now somebody on a ma they say that this is not physically Allah taking the Quran, but it means that the Quran will be will will leave the hearts of people and people will not be acting upon not a single idea of the Quran mean that one I have the Quran will not be manifest in anyone's life at that time. Then the Prophet alayhi salam says they will remain groups of people, old men, old woman who will say, we heard our forefathers say something such as let your hand Allah. Okay? Now,

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if you think for anyone, if you believe that this is something that cannot possibly happen, I tell you that even today this is happening today. Where

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South America,

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there were so many Muslims who moved from the Middle Eastern countries for the subcontinent countries to South America a long time ago, when they did not spread Islam. Eventually what happened was that their children that grew up got married with other people who are not Muslims, slowly and gradually, Islam left, there are so many groups of Muslims who have been to South America and I've sat down with those groups. And they have told me that they used to go to the massages and massage were locked. And then they will see a small girl or a small boy passing by. And they will say that why do you want to go here? And they will say, Well, we are Muslims. Do you know anything about

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Islam? And then they will say that my forefather or I mean, my great my, my grandfather, or my great grandfather was a Muslim. When they would go to their homes, they found out that that was actually the fact of the matter, that their great grandfather's were Muslims. But today these people have no Allah in their life. In fact, these are people who go to church and they have completely left Islam. So many generations have been lost in so many different countries, South America, there's a history even within Europe long time ago when Muslims came to Europe, this has happened. So at that time, when this will happen again, the we should not be we should not be asking ourselves that how will

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this happen? We are going to that today. Alhamdulillah. Having said that, I will say this too, that today Alhamdulillah because of Islam, there has been an emergence of Islam again in South America. And so many people are coming again in the fold of Islam within South America, but at the same time there is a generation or two that have that have been lost and they have lost their deen and hunger today there are many older men who are who are there. In fact, I will say this too, that when it comes to the starting of Ramadan, or the finishing of Ramadan, there is one place in this world where most certainly they will either cite the moon or they will not cite cite the moon and that is

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South America. If you actually follow the moon sighting

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process and how this works, or you have studied this journey in South America, and it is not just South America, but it's the oil Ummah in South America who have been established. This whole concept of citing the moon wouldn't be getting a Milan and finishing Ramadan. And So alhamdulillah there were groups or Muslims, even the WT Jamar, they went there many times. And they made a big movement over there. And hamdulillah people started learning about Islam. People started sending their kids, they became a foul, they became Alama Alhamdulillah. Islam is reviving again, once again, in South America, in Mexico in the Dominican Republic and Panama. Even if you go to Panama today, there are

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so many high profile there are so many Alama there in Panama today. So hamdulillah Islam is reviving those countries. But nonetheless, this is something that the Prophet saw someone has told us that will happen again, in the in the future right before the coming of the day of judgment. In Sahih Muslim there's a hadith narrated by adorableness. Rhodiola trein, where the Prophet alayhi salam says, The our will only come upon the most evil of the creation, another Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is the Hadees Narrated by Abu lado the Allah Tala and he says, I think Islam, Allah will send a wind now listen to this, Allah will send a wind from Yemen, softer

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than silk. And it will not leave anyone in whose hearts there is an atom's weight of faith, but it will seize them, it will seize them. Then the Prophet alayhi salam, he says that the our will not begin until until it is no longer set on Earth. Allah Allah meaning that at this time, this when that will come it will take every single person, even if you have an Adam's Wait, wait have faith and Ema in your heart. This will take these people and when these people are taken away than logically speaking, the only people who will be left behind are people who don't believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. At that time, there's another Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he says that the Hour will not come until there is no hedge until there is no harsh to the house mean that right before the coming of the day of judgment, there will be even a time where there will be no hedge taking place at all of Baitullah. And there's another Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that people will come on Hajj and Umrah to this house even after Yajima do so they will come but when this happens when Dean leaves and when all these people are taken, then at that time there will be no more hydro or OMA they'll be taking place. Now the question is, will people become Christians will be will become Jews, what will they become? As mentioned in the hadith

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of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is mentioned that after the time of reciting Assam, Allah will send a cold wind for the direction of Cydia and no one will be left on the faces earth who has an atom's weight of goodness or faith in their heart, but it will cease them and death. Even if one of you were to enter the heart of a mountain. It will still follow you and it will still seize them. Then he says then this is Hadith. Abdullah Omar Abdullah bin Ahmed, he then says that after the Prophet alayhi salam says they will remain the most evil of the people. They will be as careless as birds with the minds of wild beasts mean that when they don't have any Eman, they're not

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even like humans anymore. They will not appreciate any good or they will not condemn any evil, then shaper will appear before them because this is the prime opportunity when people don't have Eman. He will come to them and say that what the the he will talk to them and they in these people they will say to shit on what do you commend us to do you tell us what to do and we will do that shaytaan will them tell you then tell them to worship idols, and then they will they will worship idols and they will resort to idol worshipping. And this is why there's another Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is found in Bukhari and Muslim where he says it he slammed the Hour will not

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come till the woman of those move while a move a while going around Valhalla. Little Clara, this is the idol which used to be worshipped during the times of Jehovah. So this is why this is something that we do find. In fact, there's another Hadith narrated by Aisha Viola Tirana, that the Prophet Allah Islam says that the night and day will not cease until a Latin Rosa are worshipped. Now, does this mean that at that time they will worship? Or does this mean that a time will come again that people will revive a lot and other people will I will worship idols again, what the owner might have said is that again at the time or right before the time of the day of judgment, again, people will

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resort to either worshipping and this is when slowly and gradually, the time will come to an end. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala will order Allah subhanho wa Taala will order the angel who is responsible for blowing the horn to blow the horn and blow the sword as Allah says in the Quran.

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whooping cough is sued for sorry calm and vistamar wealthy woman fill out the lemon Shala from menoufia coffee you owe her off to me and Lauren Allah subhanaw taala says that first time this the sewer or the horn will be blown and that time everything will collapse and that is when this will happen and Allah subhanho wa Taala make will make everything collapse. Now, there is one more thing that is mentioned also in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is also quite disturbing to to know. But nonetheless this is in the hadith of Rasul

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allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hadith found in Musa Ahmed narrated by Abdullah if no matter the allotted time, that the Prophet alayhi salam says that the Kaaba, the Kaaba will be destroyed.

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The Prophet Allah as I mentioned, this, this is one of the sign of the day determine the Kaaba will be destroyed by a person who comes from Amazonia, by the name of Ville sway Patane he will rob it of its a dormant and will take away it's covering means that he will take off the covering of the Kaaba. It is, it is, it is as if I can see him He is bald, with distorted wrists and ankles striking with his shovel and his pick axe. So this is the Prophet SAW, while while you're some talking about that this is an is an incident and event that will take place. In fact, there's another Helene Rosa so long, why don't you send them narrated by whatever the allotted time, he says allegiance will be

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given to a man between the rochen and the MACOM. And no one will violate the sanctity of the house except for those who will be living there. When they violate it, then do not ask about the destruction of the Arabs. Then the Prophet alayhi salam says, then the Abbasids will come and destroy it, and it will never be rebuilt again. Once this the cover is destroyed by this other senior man. It will never be rebuilt, rebuilt again. They are the ones who will extract its treasures. So this is once again another another sign that has been shared to us by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now the question is that, how will he destroy it when Allah subhanho wa

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taala? Is Allah not there? Like for example, when we know the story of

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a Buddha, ha, when the Buddha when he came and he said I will I will destroy the Kaaba. And at that time, the Muslim the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I am the one who was in charge of the camels, I am the owner of the camels, because he has seized his camels. He said that you give me my camels and I am the owner of these kinds of camels. As far as the owner of this house, Allah is the Owner, Allah will take care of it. So having said that, the question is, what about that time when Allah subhanaw taala not be the protector. Indeed, Allah subhana will be the protector. But once again, this goes to show you that how much fitna and how much golfer that

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will take place right before the coming or the end of this world. And in fact, Imam no Rahmatullah has mentioned that this is happens right before the ending of this world, right, right before the ending of this world, this will happen. And that's why email no longer says that there is no contradiction when we talk about the sang the sanctity of Makkah, the sanctuary. What do we understand to be imminent? Nobody says that this most certainly will happen. Because the Prophet Allah Islam has mentioned it now. So what we have covered today is that there'll be landslides, there will be people will be I mean, the people who have any emotion in their heart, they will be

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taken away from this world. And not only that, idol worshipping will again, be taking place on this earth. And right before these, Allah Subhan destroys the earth, these will will come and they will destroy the Kaaba. Now, there are some other signs of a judgement such as, as the prophet as I mentioned, the Hadith, the coming of a beast, what kind of beast is this? What is the nature of this beast? What will he say? What how will he look like inshallah we'll cover that next week. In addition to that we'll cover the smoke also that the Prophet salallahu it was something he mentioned about a smoke that will emerge and that will gather people we'll also talk about that next week and

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also the sun that will rise from the west and any other major signs are left inshallah we will cover this next week and we will finalize and conclude this next week inshallah. And then after that we will get into the the next thing which is the birds that what exactly is the birds have and the things that will take place in the birds Okay. Insha Allah, what are some of the misconceptions? What are the the facts regarding Barsuk that we have come to know inshallah we'll cover that in the upcoming weeks and then this will lead us into the next subject, which is Jana and Johanna in sha Allah. So may Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to add what's been sent her to me Allah

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Subhan Allah protect our upcoming generations. May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep them steadfast upon Islam

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And once again always I remind you, I remind you, and I remind myself that always make the dua of Ibraheem Alehissalaam which he made dua for his upcoming generations Robina wotja Allah muslim any laka woman zariya Tina on Martin Muslim retallack What are the NAM and Sequana? What tuba Elena in NACA and to Weber Rahim is a very amazing dua made by Ibrahim Allah He Islam, not for his children, but for the upcoming generations. We should memorize his dua and make dua for our incoming generations. We always make dua for our children, we always make dua for our children, but they are also our children to our children's children are our children, their children is our children to and

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our upcoming generations what comes from us, all of them are our older than our children. Just so we make just like we make dua for our current children today. We should be making dua for our future children today because the fitness are going to get worse and worse. And Allah Subhan protect them all. Exactly. Allah Subhana Allah who I'm not sure that went into that stuff Hirokawa to be the exact Malachite said I'm already comfortable

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