You Don’t Have To Attend Every Argument You Invited To

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I came across a very profound quotation in the English language which goes as follows. You don't have to attend every debate you are invited to. You don't have to attend every debate you are invited to just like I say, you don't have to download every PDF you receive or every club you receive. What kind of insanity? No extra shake in Jeddah Allah Allah Allah, Allah song some people just like to argue this is just part of their nature. In fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioning the 21st Jews wamena nassima yuja nephila, Hebei, element Walla Walla, kitabi Mooney, some people just argue without any leg to stand on, no academics, no intellectual

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background, no you know, study no research or anything they just like to argue. So what did he mean Shafi Rahim Allah say to us in this regard, pardue socket, avocado Cinta people said to him, You are silent yet nasty things have been heard against you. So among Shafi Rahim Allah gave the following reply call to another home I said to my friends, in nl Java neighbor, we shall remove taho sometimes responding to such provocation opens up a can of worms was some time j healin. Oh, akhmat inshallah foon and actually silence against the provocation of a fool or an ignorant is a source of dignity. wolfy Awan Lee Sunil really is LaHood. And probably it's the only way to preserve your dignity from

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the provocation and the herds of foolish people. I remember my beloved teacher, one saying to me, don't get into an argument with a fool. And then he said, The reason for that is a fool has nothing to lose, because he doesn't have honor in society, but he will provoke you into vulgarity and you will tarnish your reputation. So to preserve your honor, don't retort with him. Will he evenly sewn in real the slideshow? And then he goes on to say, I'm going to Tara and also the talk show where he saw me don't you observe a lion like the majestic Walk of a lion just the presence last week I was going to a lion Park and you see it just makes its presence and that fully grown main lion with its

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me just the silent presence of a lion captures the or and the attention and also the dosha within your saw meter. Well caribou your Salah hammary wahoo, Anna bajo and flip the coin and on the reverse side is the dog that is barking away and nobody is intimidated by the bark of a dog. So rather be a silent lion and people honor and respect you than be a barking dog. Someone said in the English language. It is better to be silent. And people think you to be a fool than speak and confirm it.