Muhammad Al Bizry – Quraan – Opening Advice to the Knowledge Seeker – Part 2

Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the three qualities of a donkey, including patience, loyalty, and bravery. They stress the importance of being patient with things, such as wearing underwear and not getting out of place. The speakers also emphasize the need for learning and gaining knowledge through reading, writing, and humility. They recommend humility and thanking Allah for his knowledge and wealth.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah ashrafi cultiva mursaleen Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi h mine continuing with the 10 points for the knowledge seeker The first was we said a close second sacrifice. The third quality is

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really taking this but it's just a like a reminder. Such quality is a scholarship to gain knowledge you need three qualities of three different animals. What are the dog?

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Okay, what about the dog?

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Good. But the donkey we said you need the patience of a donkey. Good. Don't be a donkey. have the patience of a donkey.

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Okay, very good. The second quality you need is loyalty of a dog excellent.

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And the third

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packing of a bird.

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Yeah, because donkeys are very patient beasts, you load them up you smack to them, you hit them. Not that I'm condoning that, of course, that hammock Allah but they take on, they're willing to take one more. That's the point. So they're very patient. Knowledge needs solver. Knowledge needs patience.

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Because as we said, it's not the knowledge that hard but everything around the tired you're tired, you've got work. person you might be sitting next to you don't like them. I'm sure that's not the case here. So you need patience with everything else. It's not the knowledge itself.

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as humans by nature, we're very hasty. Allah says hola Colleen Sano Minaj saw hola Colleen Serrano Minaj and man, Khan was created out of haste. Were very hasty. This is part of human nature. We want things quick and this is something that even the FRC fast food fast cash Fast Money, fast workout fast abs, they even say fast women when I was a biller, fast cars, right. So things are fast. People like things fast. So people tend enough fast normally don't become a school overnight. No, it's going to take time and mosquito to Shabaab William. The problem with many of the Shabaab today is they want things very quickly. They enrolled in the course, they wanted to become an shakoora

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scholar wanted deployment overnight, it's not going to happen. A lot of people when they enroll, they're looking for instant gratification. They're looking for immediate results. And when the lessons become a bit longer. And the course prolongs for example, and a few months in, they start to lose that motivation. So this is where the problem lies looking at. People are looking for this instant gratification. They're looking to find instant results. Not every lesson is going to be a cracker hook. But not every lesson you're going to walk out thinking alike but I'm ready to take on the world. But sometimes the lessons are dry, especially in first, especially in masala as you know.

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They're dry and you have to sit there if this is discipline law. And even though I am had an amazing statement in his book, alphabet, the benefits where he describes the qualities of a leader and the qualities of those who have high goals. You have high goals you have high aspirations in life then listen up. He said among the many qualities you need, what's your outlook of some of your car needs to be patience? What was she she was a word used to describe the clothing you wear underneath our garments. In other words, your underwear that was shower, said to shower cassava, let your underwear the undergarments lifted, be patient only describe underwear let that be patient What's that got to

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do anything. Because you don't walk out of your house except you wear underwear. You don't walk out of the house except you have underwear on or undergarments. In other words, you have it with you wherever you go. So likewise, have patient with you wherever you go. Whether you're at university or school or out on the road, someone cuts you off or at home dealing with the wife or kids. Sometimes you can get on your nerves. Yeah.

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But you need to have patience wherever you go. And also why did he mentioned Why did he strike a parallel between your undergarments and patients because undergarments are the closest objects to your body. That which sticks to your skin. So have suffered as the closest quality to your life that we stick to you. They become known for it. Then this guy, this guy, this guy is not patient. He is patience. You give him the mastery for those with Eric. When you give someone the master. It's like really over the top exaggeration. This course is patience. You only look up the word patience in the dictionary. You see that guy smiling face right there. So that's why he mentioned OCR, aka saga

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SubhanAllah. And if you don't have your underwear on, you feel strange if you wait if you're out of place or the likewise if you don't have patience, you don't have this quality. You should feel weird. You should feel out of place you think you know I don't feel right. I lost my cool there that wasn't right. I feel bad if you feel upset, so patola

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and for every moment, every minute of it

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Anger, you lose 60 seconds of happiness. Sure. So be patient Don't get angry, then get angry. Be like the profile is so to slam. His anger was so expensive no one could afford it.

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But his good character was so cheap anyone can get it free. That's how we should be make your anger so expensive that no one can afford an all Kumbaya. Now I can tip you over the edge for will lie at times one moment of anger will make people lose a lifetime of respect they have for you. Well, listen, brothers, I know. I've respected them for years on end. One moment of anger you think a lot but what happened to you man? I thought I knew you can do it. So he said, make sure your shower is patience. Your undergarments, literally underwear is page Oh, beautiful words. Two words. Two words, but look at the meanings. So have patience.

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Number two, you need the loyalty of a dog because they call a dog. A man's best friend. They're extremely loyal. In fact, I saw a picture on Facebook, where it had a dog dug up a grave of its former owner, former master and I just sat there extremely loyal beasts. Dogs are really loyal to him again in alpha Wade, he describes the loyalty of the dog. He said when you send out your hunting dog, it has when it catches your food. It wants to eat it. Sure, it wants to eat the food the prey that it caught, but it overcomes its own desires. its own Shahar word. Out of respect for you the master. Look how loyal it is. It overcomes its own temptations to eat the food. It's got it in its

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mouth and wants to gobble it up. But it overcomes it out of loyalty out of respect for its master you. So then he went on to say what about you? Yeah, Abdullah, once you overcome your shadow what your desires out of respect for your master? Allah

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Allahu Akbar another word. If you don't, then the dog is better than you. That's what he's saying.

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What were remarkable words, but even they'll play him again in his book, alpha wave, that's a must buy. You must get this book alpha, where the benefits. Basically the way he compiled it was anytime he came across a fat either a benefit a polo wisdom, a gym, he'll basically write it down, he came across it or he thought about it, or he heard it, he'll just write it down. That's how we compiled this masterpiece. Alpha word, it's in English, and Hamza, it's a very good read even in English. But of course, the Arabic is always the best.

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And of course, you need the picking of a bird bit by bit bit by bit. You know, it's how a bird eats. It doesn't gobble everything in one go. So you need to gain knowledge over time. Imagine what you've taken in this last year and the deployment costs. Imagine we gave that to you in one term, you'd walk out never to return to difficult. So you have to go slowly, slowly, there are steps just like a person who wants a master's degree, primary school then High School, then University College, tertiary studies, bachelor's degree then the Masters, but you find some Shabaab today, they're taking detailed books in arcada. They haven't even taken the soul and basic fundamentals of tawheed.

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They've taken the taking detailed books enough, either that or lemma are having trouble breaking down their lemma, I've had difficulty breaking down yet these brothers haven't even taken anything. And they're taking the jumping straight into the deep end upon a lot. There are steps. You know, eating a fruit before ripens will give you a better taste true. Will hastening a matter before ripens will give you a bit of experience. things take time. A lot could have created the heavens in the earth. Firstly, a lot credit the heavens and the earth and how many days six PCT he could have done in six minutes. Sure. He could have done in six seconds. It was teaching us something

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last teaching us that Allah created this dunya in a way where it's running on gradual steps process, that things have a process they have to run the course of action. So that's things sometimes people are very hasty. They want to jump into the deep end before even learning how to swim. And that's what has already said. Man rawmill Alma Joomla

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the huband Joomla have a six knowledge one go what happened lose it in one go. In my youth level, Mr. Reliable a rather knowledge is sought over the duration of many days and many nights. That's the statement of Allah Ma'am, as a hurry.

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Those three qualities that was point number three have three qualities of three animals.

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Point number four beware of overeating. Beware overeating This is now to do with the etiquette of a student of knowledge.

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When you eat too much what happens? It causes a deficiency in memory in astuteness alertness and you become lazy.

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Mashallah true.

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Among many other things, it affects you, it affects you a chef bucket, I was at

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He actually has a beautiful book called halia tutorial you learn the etiquette of his channel, Jenny mentioned this, among other things, and he even said the student of knowledge should never discuss two parts of the body. The private parts and they barely other people have to discuss this with their mates you, man, you see what I cooked last night, bro. Might not and when he later I'm going to have a monster dish. I'm going to smash it down. And I'm going to do this I'm going to do that or about the private parts or you know, I'm going to get married to this person. I'm going to do this. Now take it easy, heavy. The student knowledge doesn't speak about two matters. The private part and

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the belly doesn't speak in other words, that I speak about the desires they have added that Iran they have a haber they have moral dignity. Persons talks like that you start to lose respect for them. You know, I thought you were a student of knowledge. Certainly doesn't talk like that.

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Beware of overheating. And look man said to me, son, yeah boonie Yeah. boonie if the stomach is filled, three things happen. Number one, wisdom is lost. Number two, your ideas dwindle. Your thoughts vanish in other words, and number three, your limbs rest from worship. I want to take a break.

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Look man speaking to his son he said I had so much wisdom You're so noble. Hello Peter. He had said Sue so noble patients.

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He was so noble that a lot of the name that entire sought after him sort of look, man. So he said if the stomach is filled up, three things happen. Number one, help me up.

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Wisdom his last two

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ideas dwindle and diminish, they go away. Three

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limbs, restaurant worship, become tired. In other words, and you'll notice when you have a huge meal, you become tired. Why?

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Because when you have a large meal, all the blood rushes to the digestive system to try and break it down. And we know blood contains oxygen, hemoglobin, and oxygen. Of course with the lack of it in the brain, you become tired, you start yawning. So that's why when you have a big meal, big, we start to feel tired. But when you have a small meal, you don't require that much blood to break it down. So when you eat too much, you become tired and it's going to affect you. That's what the element would say. occulta Kathy Ronna a character Cathy, Ron, you ate a lot. So what happened? occulta Kathy Ron, Soma director Catherine, Catherine Thoma Fatmata Kathy Ron masala Mojave, you ate

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a lot. She became tired a lot. So you slept a lot. So you lost a lot in the story. You lost a lot. Why? Because you ate too much. liquid. So yes, even food even food is part of our Deen. Yep. And main was once joking with Allah Muhammad. He said, Man, I'm so hungry. I'm so hungry, bro. He said, If shaitan gave me some tea right now I would have eaten it.

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alima mahama didn't know humble he forsook him. He abandoned him for weeks because of assignment. Because I was only joking. Take it easy. He goes as a static as the static within the mock the dean. He goes for this part of the deen.

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Why? Because Allah had mentioned that in the Quran. He mentioned in the Quran about eating a turkey but why I'm so sorry. Have you actually put that first? Allahu Akbar.

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So as you can see, food is part of the deen. But today food is not just glorified over glorified that they've even made shows programs and TV channels out of it. Well, like Master Chef my kitchen rules cut through a kitchen. Yeah.

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Allahu Akbar when I said this one of the sisters Yeah, channel 33 right. they memorize the well over glorified food so much they just obsessed with food obsessed with their stomachs. so popular you find on those channels you find, you know, a person is standing in front of the judges. The eyes downcast, the trembling, heart palpitations, nervous what's going on what happened? The verdict is passed. The chicken was overcooked, like butter sockets to milk, the AMA.

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The one their reaction. They're waiting. It's like they're standing to be judged on judgment day.

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So be aware the student of knowledge is doesn't eat too much he ate Of course you need to eat to survive in Italy but don't live to eat.

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The scholars would say and this is the final point about overeating. The scholars would say overindulgence in food can actually be the cause of your destruction in the minds. A man's heavy house. Where did they get this from? The story of Adam and Howard, Adam and Howard they were kicked out of gender. Why? Because of indulgence because of their stomachs because of food. They ate from the tree. So they said that food can actually cause your destruction. So Panama one of the seller was asked to find a suitable job. He said to know what goes in your stomach, whether it's halal or haram. The man was shocked. He said, Why did you define as general Jamal with this

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about food. He said because if you are so concerned about what goes into your stomach from halal Haram, you'd be even more concerned of what goes into your heart and mind from halal Haram, of athletes of Eman. have thoughts that Allison original, that's how important the setup placed Danny this important on food, Allahu Akbar. In fact, we gave a lecture on this was called Mastership to the sisters at hamdulillah enjoyed it. So those are some of the points we mentioned in that talk. But just to show you Yes, Jani. This is how comprehensive this Deen is even discusses food. Point number five advice for the student knowledge.

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This has nothing to do with the lesson itself. Read on the lesson prior the lesson. In other words, read it let's just say we're taking Hadith 11, which we are next week, read up on Hadith 11 before you actually come to class, so read before the lesson.

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When you read the content of a lesson before the lesson, it mentally prepares you. You come and you're mentally prepared, you know what's going on. And if you do listen to something in class that you already read or know then it's revision for you. That's actually one of the points that's coming up next. So it prepares you just like when a person is playing sport exercise. What do they do they warm up? Why so they don't injure their body will warm up mentally before you come to class. So you don't have a mental breakdown. You think man, that was heavy, bro, that was too deep. I'm not coming back to class, it's just too much will lie. We've seen this some brothers after one masala Hadid

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class, I said man I'm gonna give up is too much happens. So when you read up beforehand, it prepares you. that's point number five, point number six. So that was before the lesson now, during the lesson, what should you do?

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Right during the lesson.

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And of course that applies to before and after as well, but in particular, during Why? Because when you write what have you done to that knowledge,

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preserved it, you've retained it. This is actually a prophetic command. The profile is so to speak to the Sahaba how you told al

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Qaeda you do not wish to Trump to restrain something he said are you to retain knowledge trepat they said okay for yourself, how are we going to retain all that you said, we'll kita by writing it down. Because when you write it, it stays there. It doesn't go anywhere. If you're just going to sit there and solely rely on your memory. Well what happens over time, the memory weakens and forgetfulness is frequent. The memory will weaken and forgetfulness is frequent. This is what is mentioned in an earlier tutorial done by a chef buck opposite. Another amazing book. It's called the etiquettes of student knowledge. It's quite thin, actually, you can probably read it over a weekend if you wanted

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to. Very good book, you should buy this as well. You can even download it for free on Columbia Law and these types of sites

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halia to boilable alameen Arabic, Basha buck, Abu Zeid, the etiquettes it's translated as etiquettes. But really Helya is modules, gems, the etiquettes of seeking knowledge by chef books, I Bouzid.

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This book I had to read twice, that's how much I loved the etiquettes of a secret knowledge This is you have to read this book. I'm just giving you 10 point this gives you so many so much more. In English in English and Arabic, of course. So right during the lesson, the scholars would say you should write and if you don't have anything to write on right on your shoes. They How does that work? Because back then, especially they had shoes made out of wood and leather. Just like today you have shoes matter deliver. But back then especially wood. Even when I went to Egypt, I saw sandals made out of wood that was just one wooden plank and just like a * top. So if you walk in me

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like this, yeah, well, like I saw how to take a photo of it. I still got it. I wasn't a selfie, but take a photo of it. So yeah, back then you could write easily on that stuff. And as you know, today this live on you can run them. And if they're nice, and they're white, you can easily run on them. Yeah. But no one will do that. Exactly. He almost had a heart attack when I said that.

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They said, If you can't run on your shoes, then run on the wall.

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This is again in halia to Taliban just make sure it's your wall.

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And so every time he did it, he would write on the walls of his prison cell. And among the many things he wrote was a letter to his mom.

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He said if I had wings to fly to you, I would have but I'm retained I'm in prison. He is upon law, and where did he die?

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in prison. And that's when they went to take his body. I found all this stuff on the lojack for entertainment.

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So writing is one of the best ways to retain knowledge and you'll notice in a few years time you look back on your notes and you think Allahu Akbar, I forgot this. we ever had that. It looked back on the note. Try just look back on last year's notes. Now after you write,

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constantly revise it, that's the next point point seven

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revision is the mother of memory. It's the mother.

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revision, revise your notes. So what you can do make it a promise to yourself. Make it a promise and obligation on yourself. After every lesson, I'm going to go home and just read it. Even if it's just a quick skim over the notes, with your coffee and cake, no problem. sit there and just read it. Sit on the balcony, sit at the front. Make it interesting. So it motivates you. Maybe even do it with your kids. If you have do with your wife if you have one. Do with someone and that's very important. Because when you revise you will memorize it consolidates it. And that's why you've noticed, like a lot a lot of the machines when they're quoting a Hadith, bang, bang, bang, they're just like,

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they're reciting Surah Fatiha. Why? You think Allahu Akbar. It's like he just looked over at five minutes ago? No, he's constantly revising it, or constantly teaching it and that's the next point, teaching.

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That's how you also memorize teaching. But before we get on to that, let's finish one more point about revision. The seller would say about revision, learn arogya keytab and selesa. Murat. I have boo LA and Accra, Salah takuto. For me to revise one book three times, it's better than reading three different books. You may see the thinking but reading three different books is far more better a lot of knowledge. I said no, to revise the same book three times is far more effective. Because you read a book once you might retain 50% you wait a second, what's gonna happen? you retain more Yes, you might retain 73rd time 90. The more you read, the more you consolidate the knowledge the

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more you stays with you really three different books, you may not take hardly anything from each book. In fact, they may even confuse you. Maybe confuse you. That's what the seller said about revision. And the next point as we said, point number eight. If writing knowledge and revising it is not going to help you memorize 100% teaching 100% the scholars would say about teaching in Atlanta can Nikita Atlanta Martin O'Hara

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when you teach it's as if he learned a second time will lie. It forces you to memorize the Adela. You're going to teach this you revise it, you get the notes and you look at it and then you teach it and you teach it a third time. fourth time it stays with you and ask the teachers here the teachers who teach the Shabaab and the young kids doesn't help you memorize helps you memorize so

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they're looking around, they know who it is, but it helps you memorize

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and that's why

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I Shaykh al Bukhari Imam Al Bukhari Allah Allah Al Faqih

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in his time as we know Allah remember though Holly he was a scholar in his own right yeah, he knew the scholarship of Alabama Buhari one day he went to IGN as a pro This is a remember though he he went to a janessa pray funeral pray and he sees and remember Buhari there. So what does he do? He couldn't help but go over to him and asking about the narrations and they highlighted the hidden defects of the power law. He couldn't help himself it's a janessa pray number two Allah Allah He What about this hadith is romantic. They couldn't help it he couldn't help it. He said when I was asking him these questions lol they the realm of lol hidden defects is extremely difficult as the

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brothers no who did masala holidays and only a few master then wrote about he said he went through there a lot of the Hadith like he was reciting called hola had

00:23:28 --> 00:23:41

just went through them Allahu Akbar no doubt he had a gift from Allah but it was because he would revise and teach revise and teach so he just went through them like resigns with the Fed out and I remember though Holly just you can imagine the look on his face

00:23:42 --> 00:23:50

as that's why he took advantage even at the funeral pray you can imagine any if there was a funeral plan level of quality was there wouldn't you go and ask him of course upon

00:23:52 --> 00:23:55

so he became jealous really quick after that. I remember though

00:23:59 --> 00:24:03

there's one more point I was going to mention about teaching maybe maybe come to me, inshallah.

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Number nine. Next point. next piece of advice for the knowledge seeker

00:24:10 --> 00:24:12

is humbleness.

00:24:15 --> 00:24:19

This is extremely important. humbleness, a total

00:24:22 --> 00:24:58

knowledge of Allah once it enters the heart It should soften the heart not hard enough. You find a lot of brothers unfortunately not so much as sisters but one of the brothers when they start learning all these my shoulder no one here all we know if you brothers are hamdulillah is goodness. Brothers they start learning and because they start learning they want to put other people down. I know the mess Ella you don't. Knowledge isn't just about slapping brothers with fatawa and making thick fear and have dfcm but rather it should humble you. Yes. That fear and type D is part of the deen it's part of animal region adopted as part of the deen but it's done with a soul. It's done

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with principles like that.

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It has, you need to first to do to create to create is you need, firstly, to fulfill the conditions, shoot and then

00:25:08 --> 00:25:10

remove the obstacles and millennia.

00:25:11 --> 00:25:33

Then, after a person knows these the conditions and the millennia, the obstacles then a person may do and even after that's still not enough, it's not enough for the scholars and the people of knowledge. So humbleness is extremely important, because perhaps a large region may forgive their ignorance, but not to arrogance. And that's worse. brother's arrogant, he thinks he knows it all.

00:25:34 --> 00:26:18

So this is extremely important. The scholar said the one who gains knowledge should be humble. And they gave the parable of the fruit bearing branch in a branch of the best fruit, what happens to it? at Lowe's, yeah, due to the weight of the fruit. So as you are gaining, not in weight, you're gaining in knowledge, you should also lower yourself due to the weight of knowledge. So when you do that, that's when just as these trees bearing fruit, you will gain the fruits of Adam and that is humbleness. And the parable of the arrogant one is like smoke, smoke, it puffs itself up. In reality, it's weightless. It's got no value. Or you ever seen people when they see smoke smoke in

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their pocket?

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It's got no value. It's got no value. So likewise, the person who is puffing themselves up they it looks like they all that all show. No Go. They're weightless. And what happens to smoke afterwards? disappears. You're homeless, they vanish. Like these people like adoring others, the haters see what happened to him. No one knows about him. And the only reason we know about him is via the people that were hating. Look at that. So when people are hating on you, they're jealous. They're arrogant. Don't worry, he does it again. I hate the lion doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. You'd be aligned my brother Dharma, these people. So this is how a person should be. Be humble, be humble.

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And don't think it's lowering my status. No, no, no. Because the humble one is like the reflection of the stars on water. You know at night, you see on the surface of the water effects of the stars. You look at the surface of the water, you look down you see the reflection of stars, but they're not there. Where are they in reality, stars are high in the sky. What was the humble one? He seems lowly Look at him. By reality where is he is high with Allah azza wa jal. That's the humble one, the like the reflection of stars on water, they seem low, relatively high.

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And finally, the final point I wanted to share with you.

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And finally, the last point, last piece of advice I wanted to share with you for the sake of knowledge and that is to thank Allah for this knowledge after you have been granted it. Thank

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you want more knowledge after you've gained some thank Allah, he'll increase you. Allah says in Surah, Abraham is seven, let in Chicago tome that as he doesn't come,

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if you give thanks. Thanks for what a lot didn't even mention it. thank Allah for any blessing, any blessing, whether it's blessing, knowledge, health, wealth, family, if you do that law, not even as either law as either Nikon, the lamp photo kid and as he then none of that none of tokat double promise double guarantee from Allah. Allah could have said sahzu comb that would have been enough, I'm going to increase you because Allah is the most truthful in speech that would have been sufficient. But a lot gave you a double promise you're doubting last surely 100% is going to increase your in that. When you're blessed with something you want more of it. And you want Baraka

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in it. Just thank Allah for it. thank Allah for giving you knowledge or giving you a blessing or giving you health or giving you any blessing, thank Allah who will surely increase you to Panama and increase you in what Allah said lousiana commits Nikita also mentioned and Nikita Fiedler moon, the macro is wide in scope. Allah will increase you in so many things in so many things. So you may thank Allah for this blessing but because of that, Allah bless you in so many other things. Allahu Akbar, like no hallasan and what did he tell these people?

00:29:20 --> 00:29:59

Back home in Ghana or Farah? One with a lot of jealousy for you. If you he said ask a lot for forgiveness. Firstly, he will send upon your reign. While you can be unwilling what burnin also he will also give you an increase in wealth and money and wealth here and well. Isn't money. Wealth isn't money. That's no code in Arabic. No code is money. He said Um, well, firstly, it's plural. Mal is his wealth, wealth here. What is wealth by definition Arabic, Mal, is kulu My accessible Valley in San William liko. Everything that a person obtains

00:30:00 --> 00:30:12

owns and that is called Mel so you could possess land real estate cars money so many things houses Yeah, that's all on demand he didn't even say manage it um well in plural.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:33

Look what Allah will give you if you just want what do you do? It's just for backup let's just make his default. Just as therefore Look what look at the generosity of Allah. So here likewise Allah just said thank me and I'll increase you increase me in what Allah everything everything because if not by him said Allah loves to give more than you love to receive.

00:30:34 --> 00:30:49

It doesn't love receiving love when the brothers give me gifts even if it's a vicious cycle O'Hara Nakia hasn't right we all have to receive a lot of love to give more than we love to receive. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us among those who are truly thankful Amen. So panic alone or shadow in the

00:30:50 --> 00:30:52

midst of fear Okay, one or two bullet

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