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In Alhamdulillah, Hina medu when a stir in who wanna stop

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when our the winner Himanshu Rory fusina women sejati Molina mahila hufa Mobile La MaMa yoke lil fella heard the

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word shadow Allah, Allah in llama wahoo luxury car wash had you an mo hamedan Abdullah he was Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Sleeman kathira Yeah, you're hella Dina man otaku la haka Ducati. Well mo tune in to Muslim moon. Yeah yohanna suta Docomo levy holla cocoon Min Soo wacka wahala amin has

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Weber Semin humeri Jalan kaffee wrong when he saw what tequila Hello the

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Navy he will or harm in the law How can I lay kumerow Kiba? Yeah, yo holla Dena Manu Taku la how pulu Poland sadita

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yo slip la Come on man. Villa condo Nova come

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Rasulullah who funfairs fosun Halima and my bad always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers upon our never you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify that none is worthy of worship, but Allah azza wa jal and that I will never be your son Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says worshipping slave and final messenger. I remind myself in you of taqwa, Allah azza wa jal. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes us of those who love Him, who fear Him, and will have hope in his mercy subhanho wa Taala This is the final hotbar that I get as an opportunity to speak to you on this mimbar on a Friday before we are blessed in sha Allah, May Allah give us the life and

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energy to witness the aid of Alba, ha the aid of sacrifice and of nearness to Allah. And I wanted in sha Allah just to speak about a person who Allah Subhana Allah to Allah destined to be a point source for much of the good that remains in the world today. He is referred to as the father of prophets.

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For He is the great great great grandfather of our Nabhi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but it's also the great great grandfather of musala, salaam, Isa alayhis, salaam, and many of the other prophets and messengers who trace themselves back to Abraham, or Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam, we will take just one lesson from his life that I hope you can take into your home as you leave with us today and practice it from this day forward. The thing that defines Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam most is that Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to him as being halleen, somebody who was easy going in his ability to forgive others. Now, I want you to think about that

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for a second. What made Ibrahim alayhis salaam so important is not that he had many followers. If you were if he lived in our time today, and you said you know how many people follow you on Instagram or on social media? How many people see you as a celebrated figure, it would be very little. And Allah tells us in the Quran, about him and other prophets were my alma mater, who in love Colleen, very few people accepted newer, very few people accepted Ibrahim, just a handful of his own family. But the story I want to tell you is the story of how Ibrahim alayhis salaam dealt with those who opposed him with anger, with hatred, with wrath with malice, with punishment with

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plots of even murder, and what his response was, and why it remains until today one of the greatest lessons of the Quran it's the reason that when you and I pray so that now you're not going to make mention of any other prophet with our nubby Mohammed Salim except Ibrahim as a part of your prayer, any prayer

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You make by the command of Allah and the tradition of the prophets I seldom you must make mention and ask Allah to bless Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Allah Mohammed Kama sunlite Allah Ibrahim Abraham, you don't say cameras are lighter.

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Cameras are lighter Allah Isa cameras are lighter Allah or Suleiman or Adam renewer it's only this one man logically as a Muslim you believe in Mohammed so I sell them so he's elevating our than a shadow Allah illa Allah wa eyeshadow under Muhammad Rasulullah. But where's Ibrahim? Where does he fit in?

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Allah says to our prophets, I said, when my yalova miletti Ibrahima in lemon sephia nafsa. No one takes a path, a way of life, an understanding, a habit and a practice. No one lives life in a way that contradicts the path of Ibrahim, except they are fools and fooling themselves. They may think they're doing right but eventually they are doing wrong and it will lead them to destruction. What is that path that we brought him?

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It's called a hill him. Do you know there is no English equivalent for that word? Like for me to translate the word hate him I need to write or speak a paragraph helmet means to forgive, but not just to forgive someone. It means that you have the power not to forgive, and you have the right not to forgive. And others around you will tell you how could you forgive Why would you forgive this person? Why would you pardon them, but because he knew you see good for them, even though they wished wrong for you. You are able to forgive? It's a very incredible trait to develop. halimun aware he was a forgiving person because it reminded him to return himself to Allah. He always put

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himself in other people's place. When Ibrahim was speaking about those who repose and who repelled and pushed against him. He says, Oh Allah as is in the surah that is named after an unsorted Ibrahim for many taba Annie for inhuman ni O Allah those who follow me then count them as if they are with me. You right now 1000s of years later you were a follower of Ibrahim his your eye is for you. So you say Allah Allah Allah Mohammed wireless cameras on light la Brahim, he's my prophet. Allah count me with him. For many taba Annie, a Tabby, Anita in the humidity, the one who followed me counters with me, women are funny, and the one who disobeyed me. You know the natural thing to say the one

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who who rejects me, the one who pushes against me the one who fights against me You would think the natural thing would be Oh Allah destroy them. You would think the natural thing would be Oh Allah show them that I'm the one they should have followed. Show them they were wrong. But look at the drought of Ibrahim women are signing for in nikka furan Rahim, the one who disobeyed me Allah, you Allah remain the Forgiving and the merciful.

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Even though maybe I would not forgive Oh Allah, you are forgiving, even the one who wanted my murder, you are forgiving you Allah, even my father who disobeyed you, you are forgiving you Allah. And that's the example I want to give you.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam, his father as

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was a wicked man. He was an idolatry of the highest degree, the one who was the chief priest of the people of their land. They used to worship three particular deities, deities that they created with their own hand in terms of sculpture, the deity of a shout out they used to worship the planet, the stars, and they used to worship the concept of a fire or they used to be superstitious. So they would look at the placement of the constellations and the stars and the movements of the planet. And they would contain them as being indications of what's to come in life. And his father was gifted that he would receive these whisperings from the tray Thawne that helped him confuse people about

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the trueness of his claim that he knew the future when he didn't.

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One day as it's reported, that his father says to my son come, I want to teach you the family business. I want to teach you how to make the idols so they go out into the into the mountains to bring back

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The rock that they're going to make the idol from.

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And he says to his son, Ibrahim, this is the one pick this rock up. And there's two rocks that came from the same mountain from the same place. Ibrahim as a young boy, he was smart. He says, evety, my beloved father, why this one? Not this one? What makes this one more worthy of being God? And this one isn't both of them are from the same bigger rock why this is not this. And his father became furious.

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He could understand that his son was thinking in a way that was going to lead him from just simply following what is being told what is being ordered of him.

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And eventually, Ibrahim asked his father as in salt at Millennium

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limiter Abu mala, yes. Now whether you will see whether you can cache My Father, why do you worship What can't hear, can't see, and can't help itself for you in any way.

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Eventually, as father says, Let in Lambton tehila out of German. If you don't stop with rejecting what we are on if you don't stop questioning, if you don't stop this behavior, I'm going to put you to death. I will stone you to death. What do you mean Malaya and get out of my face? I never want to see you again.

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Ibrahim responds are less lm una la selfie ruleta says my father all I want was peace for you. And I will leave as you requested. And I will continue to ask Allah to forgive you. And I want you to pay attention to that sentence.

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His father, eventually his people in the city. Eventually, they're going to build a massive fire and they will put Ibrahim in it to try to burn him alive for disbelieving in what they believe. And as Ibrahim is placed in it, Allah orders the fire as is found in the Quran.

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Now Rue Cooney barudan wa sallam and Allah Ibrahim Oh kindled fire be peaceful, cool and easy upon Ibrahim. In fact, in the books of Sierra, it says that the ropes they tied in with with burn off from the heat of the fire, while his skin and clothing had no harm.

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And after the fire was put out, and then ended on its own, days later, Ibrahim exits from it unharmed, and they still ask him to leave.

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From that day forward, he continues to make dua for Allah to forgive that same father and community for their disbelief in Allah and for their treatment of him. Halle moon aware

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that lesson from Ibrahim is the essential lesson that you and I carry with us when we perform Hajj.

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them the purpose of you and I may Allah return is to hug you and allow you the honor of attending to the house of Allah in worship. The purpose of it is that you go out to that place you shed your clothes, you shed your attitude, you shed away this life, you put pause to your education, to your family, to your work, you put pause to everything in the world, to recognize that it's you and a law that matter and not what others have done.

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That I'm accountable to Allah aware returning to Allah, which then makes you want to be forgiving to others because you hope Allah will forgive you. After the break, I'm going to talk about three lessons that I want you to use from this moment forward in sha Allah akula holy hell that was still federal law halali Mali.

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hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad, Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh Timothy asleep lesson number one, don't ever at any moment, at any time for any reason. Don't ever raise your voice or speak in return in any negative way, not even a word but even as sound to the parents who brought you into this world or your guardians who look after you.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says we'll call darbuka Allah taboo in the year

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Your Lord has made it compulsory that you worship none but him. And second to this will while he they may ask that you treat your parents with respect, and then unending pursuit of righteousness, meaning you can never say I've done this. That's enough sand. It's not just his or her Santa. It's Santa. It's an unending pursuit of doing better and better and better with your parents. As the days and the time go by, in the end of that verse, where that level of don't even make the sound of tired of this, don't even make a sound of disrespect.

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None of you will ever have a father as evil as Ibrahim had a father.

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None of you will ever have a father who troubled him like Ibrahim had a parent who troubled him. And yet his dua that Allah records in Nakuru and robbed him fairly while he while he died, you say it after every slaughter with us in our prayers, oh, Allah forgive me and my parents, and so that you might not be confused. It's not all my parents, meaning it could be my mother more than my father. It brought him in his own tongue. He says, whoa, fill the EBI in now Who can I mean, a baleen. Oh Allah in particular, my father the most evil of those who hurt him. He was one who was misguided.

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Open your heart. When the shavon wants you to close it.

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Maintain your respect, when the shaitaan wants you to lose it.

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Keep your tongue quiet. When the shaitaan wants you to let it loose, restrict and manage your anger when the shavon is breathing hate into your heart.

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second lesson, learn about the history and the life and the noble life of the prophets and messengers of Allah. The more you go deeper into the story of Ibrahim which all of you know all of you have read all of you have seen cartoons about.

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The more you hear of it, the more you know of it, the higher you honor, a law because of what you are taught through the whole ad.

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And third, and finally,

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remember, it is division that separates people from each other and ultimately from Allah. That when you have hate in your heart to another person, and are unwilling to forgive them Subhana Allah, there's some people they will say, well, llahi I'll never forgive him. I'll never forget what he said. I'll never forget what she did. She can ask me 100 times and apologize 1000 times, I'll never forgive them. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, Allah to hit buena Yellowfin Allah who is one of the most powerful verses in the Quran, and I end with it is in salted nor somebody insulted the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and her father when he heard this, he said, that person said that about my daughter, but the wife of rasulillah his whole life, I've been supporting him financially, that poor man who every month I give charity to How dare he after all the kindness I've shown him after everything I've done for that evil person, he speaks like this of me a lie. I swear my god I'll never give them another thing again. So Allah reveals and when I tell you all on fogli minko was sad don't let any one of you who has been blessed with good

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that they should restrict giving charity to those who have wronged them just because they wrong the

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FAFSA was for who forgive allowed to hit buena Yellowfin Allah who like him, don't you want Allah to forgive you?

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And always if you put a lot first, Allah who will put you first. If you raise the word of Allah, Allah who will raise you, if you let go of the word of Allah, if you follow the sound of the chiffon, if you make another things and other people more important than the word of Allah in your life, if you disrespect yourself, your name, your culture, your family, your tradition, your Islam, Allah will humiliate those who have not honored the Quran. May Allah Subhana Allah open our hearts to learn from the life of the prophets and messengers of Allah. Allow us to follow the examples of hidden and and fraud and mellifera towards others in seeking

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Our mellifera with Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Allah is Al Islam Odin muslimeen what are the other other Deen along Medina Mar hammer Rahimi Allah nine now Allah the cricket worship cricket watch Nevada take her there was a little heavy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the law How am Ikeda Julio Sol Luna Allah NaVi

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Johan Latina am and also new Allah He was suddenly motors Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdi Karasu Lika. When a beginner Mohammed and Nabeel omiya Allah, he was he was a living tasleem and cafe kathira. We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala protects our staff and our students, our parents and our teachers, that Allah Subhana Allah leads our board and management in principle to that which is pleasing to Him, turns us all away from that which it's sinful, that Allah protects all of our students, all of your families until you return to us in the next term with happiness and health and strengthen your heart and bodies. While suddenly Allahumma salli Majid wa barik ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa aka Miss Salah

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So tarrazu wackadoo Humble yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala come to attention in quite quickly so that we can begin our sauna.

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Immediately after the Salah, we will ask our primary students to head to their classrooms in sha Allah so that they can gather themselves and get themselves ready for our 145 departure. All primary students are to go back to your classes get yourselves ready and be dismissed by your teachers. High school students stay behind with me until I dismiss you in sha Allah we will send you then to your form teachers and then dismissal from there. Still

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love meeting you and you have to

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Humble yourselves to Allah subhana wa Tada. Keep your eyes fixed in the place of your sujood empty your heart of distractions. Bring your body to stillness. Focus your attention with Allah. There's many things to be thankful for fill your heart with sugar and thankfulness to Allah.

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Allah who echo

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Alhamdulillah Bilal Amin.

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roffman, you're watching Maliki a Wilmot Dean. He can Abu he can a story starring Ignacio Palmas de bien sera Polina and Nam tala himani real Magoo. biale him wala bawley

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wherever Paula Ibrahim are a big hurdle Bella Mina,

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new Bernie Bernie nabooda

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McAfee Kathy

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biani now whom in many women now saw Niva in Aqaba fool rocking

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up Donna in scan to mirror the reality the word in release our in depth at Cal mojarra Rami Rob burner or benali Opie masala f

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meenan Sita huie Eli him we're also home. What also for home Mina, Marathi La La ohmygosh Guru are up panna. Cotta Allah mama no fee, no lien. I have Allah He means shame you feel all the way love is

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Hillary, Bernie. Barry is my ILA is

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in Nabila, semi or do

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Rob biryani moqui masala tea, Laurie at all Rob Danna water Cabell

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robina ofili while you ollie de meanie nice oh my aku Moon is

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Allah who acaba

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semi Allah who neeman hamidah

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Allah Who?

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Allahu Akbar

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Alhamdulillah hora de la mina rough manual Rahimi Maliki I will meet Dini he cannot he cannot study enough also your apology mustafi sirop Altadena and Nan de la him while you're in Malibu Viane him morally ah

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but in the hole Allah who I had a larval slum added lemmya lead wala mu lead, while Amelia Kula who co one had

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a lot more