Which Scholar Should You Follow?

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Many people ask the question and rightfully so, who is a true scholar and which scholar should we follow him? I'm sure if he Rahim Allah define a true scholar in the following manner in Al Fatiha who will Fatih who before Ali, lay sell for tea who may not be a true scholar is one whose knowledge is not limited to his verdict, but rather complemented by his actions. Abdullah bin Amaro de la Hama said a person cannot occupy a respectable position as a scholar hatherleigh Yasuda, mencoba, unless he does not harbor jealousy for those above him, whether you're determined doona who he does not look down upon those beneath him, while he does he will

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arrange a seminar and he does not seek a prize for his knowledge, two quick reflections from the incidence of the noble companions of the Allah and who was in a gathering with other companions. When somebody from amongst those present released when and pass guess on or the learner got the stench, and addressing the individual responsible for the odor said to him, stand up, excuse yourself and perform ablution generally Allah will intervene. And he whispered in Amara Viola whose ears, would it not be better or would it not be better or better, yet, that was the old pomo jamea to request everybody to make a fresh Voodoo and save the individual from embarrassment Subhana

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Allah, so you don't know Masaya the Noblesse of terbutaline he used to mention that often I would observe Omar and Armando the Allah and Obama in a robust discussion on a particular ruling that an onlooker would say legitime, Ronnie Abba, they do will never reconcile. But when it came time to leave and separate and pathways for my yesterday attorney in law attorney, he will actually they did so in an amicable manner. When I didn't know the allowance and who was asked to define a true scholar. He said, four qualities define a true scholar, but the first quality earlier the Allah and one said, Man, let me open it in nurserymen Rahmatullah The one who does not make people despondent

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of the mercy of Allah. And that brings me to the answer of the second question. Which scholar should you follow? Follow the one who feels Doom for himself. You're doing Mr. Otto kulu boom watch Ella and is optimistic of pardon for others, and keep a safe distance from the one who's dispatching everyone to hell and reserve in paradise for himself and his cronies. Masai Mara, Kihara Felton a DOS Reiko cafe kaha a cafe he just now I'm subcool muscle ma